Death Korps of Krieg here

Death Korps of Krieg here


Just popping in to throw in a reminder that fleet power has no influence on bombardment damage. It's calculated by fleet size, up to a max of 100 (so 100 corvettes, 50 destroyers, 25 cruisers, you get the idea) You can have 100 corvettes with t1 lasers and they will bombard faster than 10 tricked out battleships with giga cannons and neutron launchers.


That... is news to me. And is frustrating. It only took half an hour of real-life time to bring the planet down to something my troops could handle. And at this point, I have won the game. However, I did not input an "end" date, so how do I bring the game to its resolution, now that all AI empires are my vassals? Or is the game incapable of ending?


If you integrate all your vassals, or otherwise become the only empire left, it will trigger the victory screen.