OP on r/Apexlegends claims his account was terminated for stating that one of the characters was gay, Dev reveals he had been a much more naughty boy.

OP on r/Apexlegends claims his account was terminated for stating that one of the characters was gay, Dev reveals he had been a much more naughty boy.


This is like the third time I saw some Apex player cry about their unfair ban on the subreddit and a member of tbe dev team member shuts them down with receipts.


I'm amazing that people still fall for this. Like 90% of the time, people are lying about why they were banned. You think they would learn by now not to trust people on the internet.


> Like 90% of the time , people are lying about why they were banned. This general reasoning is why I barely believe anything on the r/AMITheAsshole . That subreddit basically started as a cool premise but it’s literally just people whining about how they were “so screwed over” and wanting validation. I wish that sub had life devs who can pull up receipts of the OP’s being lying sacks of shit


Thats another sub that have a premise completely changed. It would be nice for a sub like "I was wrong here? Please let me know what you guys think". Instead, its more like "validate me". And people who use the sub properly are often shamed (because of course, they are assholes), and the holy humble angels on earth ("I said I couldn't hang out with my friends because I had volunteer work, AITA?") are praised to no end.


I saw one where a guy ate all of the sandwiches at a party and most of the comments were relatively wholesome in explaining to op that they were the asshole and had a problem. But otherwise yeah, people are pretty bad at using that sub correctly and helping the asshole op's see why what they did was wrong.


It wasn’t that he ate all the sandwiches, he ate like, a 4 foot long sub meant for multiple people. It’s honestly the best post to have ever graced AITA


And like the main issue was that he didn't so mich eat it but from his own description just like absorbed it within seconds like fucking galactus.


Lmaoooo thank you for this description I definitely needed that to start my day


Holy shit, his chain of comments is getting better at each step.


I think the best has got to be the guy with anosmia who, against his passengers' fervent wishes, drove along a road lined with factory farms on a hot summer day.


Oh, if you can find a link, that'd be amazing lmao


[Here you go](https://www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/m1qbgf/aita_for_refusing_to_take_a_longcut_and_driving)


A classic: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/ca7bdz/aita_because_i_ate_more_than_my_share_of_a_6_foot/


Oh party sub guy. Right up there with O'Douls guy for lacking in self awareness.


It was funny watching that sub go from interesting to boring and stupid fake stories in such a painfully predictable way


> It would be nice for a sub like "I was wrong here? Please let me know what you guys think". That's what made me so excited about AITA in the first place. I have autism and anxiety so I get the fun double whammy of "I can't tell if I'm doing social interactions right so I will assume I did it all wrong and now I'm going to torture myself with it." So having a reddit where I could (in theory) go and ask people "hey did I fuck this up?" was a relief to me--even if they said I was an asshole at least I would know! But then I went on AITA and realized what it is.


That sub also isn't too fond of us autistic people.


I think the trouble is the sub just got too big, and the stuff that gets to the front page tends to be the ridiculous stories like "I abandoned my girlfriend on top of a mountain, AITA?", but the ridiculous stories all have a painfully obvious answer. Common everyday disagreements where both parties probably could have behaved better don't really draw the same kind of attention. I think you can still see that kind of stuff if you sort by new, though.


I think it's definitely because it got too big, but also I think it seems like it's all validation because people there rarely, if ever, actually upvote the assholes. I mean, I upvote any post there that I think people deserve to see, which is what others should do, but people don't want to give karma to them for whatever reason. Plus, people also forget a lot that ESH, NAH, and INFO are all also valid judgements on that sub and there are a lot on there that I personally would judge as one of those rather than one of the other two.


I really used to love reading AITA, TIFU and Malicious Compliance until a few years ago. Most of the posts on these subs seemed to be organic and plausible. Then there were multiple instances where OPs were caught fabricating parts or the whole story and the juicy bits of drama that would get posted here. Nowadays, i rarely browse those subs since most of the posts seem like creative writing submissions. Maybe its just that im not so gullible anymore!


Let’s be honest it’s probably just the last point


I dunno when it happened, but TIFU is essentially a fetish fiction sub at this point


Absolutely. The writing always grosses me the fuck out as well. Grown ass people writing fuck ups about sex yet they always make it sound as innocent and childish as possible Like fuck, you're on the internet, you don't have to make up euphemisms for your dick.


You don't think that guy who jizzed in his pants at the dentist because a woman had breasts was legit?


Don't forget to toss the relationships sub in there too. Used be a very active user and eventually a mod there because I genuinely tried to take things at face value and help people, but over time it was clear how much was just creative writing exercise (also, some terrible mod practices, like locking a thread simply because it got popular)


I like MC, some of the XL ones are so obviously fake though


Same with Relationship Advice. Basically every story on there now really isn’t believable. Its a shame as I used to enjiy reading both subs, but now they are both creative writing subs tbh.


My (F22) husband (M57) of nine years has become emotionally distant. We have three kids and he beats me. What did I do wrong?


I used to enjoy the schadenfreude of the relationship advice sub (they *always* assumed the SO was cheating and told OP to break up!), but now it is seemingly infested with pedos secretly writing out their wishlists/fantasies (or possibly worst nightmares?) and normal people reacting with paragraphs of rage to said “creative writing”.


I don't believe AITA et al because they're creative writing subreddits where none of it actually happened. Kids whining about bans at least actually got banned.


The majority of people voting in that sub don't understand it. They are reading it as "am I justified in being the asshole", not "am I the asshole." Combine that with people thinking that compromising is bad, and trying to get along with your neighbours is also bad, and you have a subreddit of voters who have never gotten out of their parent's basement.


It was a decent and entertaining sub before it essentially became a creative writing and "this trans person reacted in a way that only a conservative strawman would act when I misgendered them" kind of sub


The precise moment when that sub started to suck this much was when they eliminated the no validation post rule.


Oh my God that subreddit. It's all petty disputes or "Am I the asshole for getting my friend sent to prison? He's a serial killer and I caught him chopping up bodies. I reported him to the police but he's saying I'm a bad friend now. Was this the right move?"


With that sub biggest issue is that you only get to hear one side of the story, you never know what kind of shit other side has to deal with. There was one story with a guy (I think he was like 18-19 in the story) asking if he was an asshole for leaving his younger step-sister on the side of the road because she was rude to him while he was driving her (they were fighting over what music to play in the car, I shit you not). I legit couldn't believe that sub saying he was not an asshole, leaving his fucking younger sibling on side of the road??? Because a teenager was acting up?? Okay, that sub may be a trigger for me.


Oh man some of the stories there. Like One dude who was like my wife's brother was stuck on the stairs trying to go to my deceased son's room so I left him there for hours, my wife is mad AITA? People were like No and I was like 'Okay the brother in law has medical issues, IF he died there you couldn't tell the judge' Well dude is an asshole. 'Sure he shouldn't have gone and tried sneaking into your deceased son's room for whatever reason I forget but leaving a sick person trapped on the stairs unable for them to get up is fucking dumb.' And thus people argued it was perfectly valid?


When i am bored, i go on steam's forums and look for people trying to appeal their CSGO vac bans. Somehow, no one ever cheats - it's always a mistake from valve, a skinchanger, a virus, a hacker that took over the account...


I'm not allowed to have my own cell phone so my dad forced me to use his phone number. My dad has a steam too and uses the same number. today my brother used my dads account and cheated and now my main account is VAC banned. It's true and here is proof, my father will now write too: Hello I'm the father and what my son says is true, he did not cheat, it was his brother on my account. Please unban him valve sincerely the father Pls unban


my live-in nanny did it she's very sorry :(


That sounds hilarious. Have a link?


It's always that their brother was doing it on their account.


Honestly at this point if I see someone whining about a ban online I’m more inclined to think they’re lying about something than believe them.


Why they were banned from video games. Or fired from a job.


People forget Lyte Smites. Yeah Lyte turned out to be a psychopath IRL before someone comments something, but the smites were good.


It's like the people at work who cry about getting a speeding ticking and how "they were only going 5 over," when in reality they blew through a school zone with a tail light out


A friend I had back in highschool got his main wow account banned for doing some illicit stuff with ingame gold I think, and legit payed a dude to write support tickets with sob stories to get his account unbanned every day.


It happens all time on /r/Warthunder too, people claiming they’ve been banned by “nazi mods” for something dumb and then a dev pops in to say “no, you were banned for shouting racial slurs in game chat”


Remember that guy that cried about getting banned for hacking so someone found his username and watch a bunch of server replays, turns out he was hacking.


They never learn lmao People always saying they get banned for posting something in the weird in-game social chat, turns out they were being awful in actual game chat as well. Sure, the forums may have an issue with censorship, but there are an equally large number of people who rightfully earn their bans


They really never do. One of my favorite past times is watching cheating/hacking discord servers implode when anti-cheats begin detecting their "enhancers". I remember seeing one person absolutely incredulous that they were banned, as they were being "legit" by only using mild settings on their cheat. That one was beautiful.


It’s always really funny because when you run into them in game they scoff at you when you say eventually they’re going to get caught for obviously hacking, but when they actually get caught they cry and snivel like children


This also happened to a D2 player (bakenGangsta) who got shutdown by a community manager for cheating/hacking: https://twitter.com/bakenGangsta/status/1410035764759572482 AFAICT This guy was also fond of being a toxic shit in game while promoting "clean living" in his public persona


That shit got funnier when that turd stain Lucky got involved trying to back him up saying nonsense like "put Baken on a lie detector test", etc. It's like that Look at My Lawyer, Dawg, I'm Going to Jail meme.


Lucky try to pay your child support challenge (failed!)


I've seen a couple on r/Warframe before too, always a good chuckle when one of the team brings the receipts


Damn that happened? Kinda sucks, I remember watching some of his YouTube vids and thinking “dang this dude is good”. Now I wonder how many of those clips were just him hacking to get flashy kills. Well whatev, glad he’s gone if he was that much of a shit stain behind those vids.


Used to happen in league all the time until those posts got banned


Ahhh, Lyte Smites. I miss those posts, I loved the drama of posters crying about their undeserved permaban before getting shut down by receipts.


To be fair, toxic people in League at least tend to out themselves because they're all fucking morons, seeing as bans for chatting always give a chatlog and for whatever reason they all just love to share it.


It's been quite a while since I've even come close to touching league, but I remember they used to have the community tribunal for reports, with there being an entire subreddit dedicated to some of the heinous ones. Some gold came out of that.


Rip tribunal. It was hilarious but super slow. The automatic system they put in season 8 works so well.


Completely disagree. I got told to kill myself and called the f slur by a person in one of my more recent games and they are still playing after I reported them


Only the first report triggers an instant feedback report. So he was very likely reported multiple times, another report hit the system first, and so that player got the report. They have *extremely* rigid language filters. If you type out a slur, it's go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. No you cannot appeal it. When I report someone for a slur, I get the feedback report within the hour and I very frequently get said reports because, at this point, reporting for slurs is muscle memory so I do it very quickly.


It might take a few days but the tribunal took weeks


The automated system sucks. It never bans legitimate inters and bots.


I haven't seen a bot personally in like 7 years. Inting detection is harder but it's not like the tribunal could tell anyways


Yeah I remember reading another Apex drama when someone lied about being unfairly banned while on the same team with a cheater. The subreddit has been bamboozled many many times and they still fall for it.


It’s a shame it happens a lot, the community for such an open game seems to be really closed. It’s why I don’t interact much with the main subreddit despite being the game I’ve played the most these past 2 years since launch


"Ooo, a new shooter with very high production, let's check it out" *Get teamed, immediately shouted at for not landing in the correct spot then abandoned to die alone.* My entire apex experience, week one too so I can't imagine it's friendlier to noobs now. It was what made me give up on online games that require communication.


Wait until you hear about the people crying about Reddit bans.


>OP then goes into damage control by deleting all of his posts and comments To be fair, they always send an email that basically baits this kind of stuff by saying "you were banned for the following message" instead of giving them a more vague reason, or a detailed explanation for why they were banned.


It’s the same thing with legit every competitive game forum. Toxic psychos come crying to the community about being banned like they don’t know that the devs have chat logs. I remember it happening a bunch on the overwatch sub too


Reminds me of it being so common on r/2007scape that you’ll probably see the top comment on every sob story being “Upvoting for the Jmod (Jagex Mod) smackdown.”


Then suddenly all that reasonable skepticism gets thrown out the window the second their favorite youtuber has 40+ accounts banned for bug abuse / crashing servers.


There was similar case with Dota 2 and some guy complaining about being banned for unfair reason. But I think you can (or you could) see what words players used the most in chat and that was public, and someone got that blokes info and dude's most used words were all like insults (r-word, that horrible word for a gay person, good deal of calling others dogs). Heck, I know ton of people irl who complained about their League of legends bans, but I knew for a fact they were fucking toxic shits.


>That’s one of the messages I was shown. You’re still leaving out another though that got a strike on your account on March 31st. Hint: it includes a word that starts with the letter N. OP got merc'ed by a Dev and it's glorious.


I can't fucking believe someone would lie on the internet to get sympathetic allies.


Wow, the gamer word. Who could have guessed




Is it really that hard not to say the N word?


Yes. As a Gamer, it’s honestly ridiculous the way society expects us to control our urges like that. One could argue we are one of the most unfairly treated groups in the modern world. Next time, please think before posting something so insensitive.


Oh man I hope people see the sarcasm in this post




I was recommended this sub from GCJ so i would have to agree


This oppression of gamers, forcing them to not shout racial slurs at everybody, is the worst form of oppression any group of marginalized people on this planet has ever suffered! For a gamer, calling somebody the N-word is like breathing. Telling them not to do that is like telling the sky not to be blue, or telling a gamer to not tell women to go back to the kitchen, or telling a gamer to not say the F-word.


the moment you used gamer i got it lol


Not at all, but people who say it do so on purpose. Nobody drops a written racial slur "by accident"


Fun fact, multiple japanese players have been banned from Apex for using the word "nigero", which means "run away". Whole different story than this guy though.


Nani ?


Darn JoJo references


Ara, ara. *whatever, uwus rise up




>Nobody drops a written racial slur "by accident" Unless you say it a whoooooole lot in private


I mean. I can't speak for other people but you're right. I've never had it slip out. I've never accidentally said it hell I've avoided it in songs I sing/rap to in my car. like fuck the excuses people come up against this thought don't make sense to me.


I'm convinced white people are so into rap because they think "singing along" gives them an excuse to say the nword. I mean rap is legitimately good music but white people get extra salty when you point out that it's probably not a great idea to sing those lyrics.


I hate that this even has to be said but why do white people get so offended by that shit? Just Don't say a word. You can still rap and enjoy a song without needing to say it. Like my ma said "There's no reason for you to ever say that word so don't."


You don't even have to sing the word either, I just throw in a friendly "Neighbour" don't know how much that passes but it's better than saying the actual word


My friends and I had a running joke when Lemon by NERD with Rihanna came out of substituting that word when she says, “it’s Rihanna, (blank)” with all sorts of fun cowboy lingo: “it’s Rihanna, pardner”


It's Rihanna, Deputy!


I've been using "brother" but maybe neighbour is better.


It adds a very Ned Flanders touch


I mean I'm not gonna sing those lyrics in front of other people, but not singing them when alone seems like overkill. You realize nothing has ever actually stopped white people saying it to themselves, right?


Really? Cause everytime I say it by myself a SWAT team breaks down my front door and beats me senseless while calling me a dumb cracker racist and then they piss all over my furniture.


I'm convinced you're right. I deliberately avoid rap that uses "too many" cause I do like singing along and I'm definitely not trying to do that one.


I sub in the word “neighbor” so it doesn’t break my flow.


“Ginger” has the same syllables, same letters in a different order and you get to make slurs at soulless redheads. Source: am soulless red headed ginger.


Oof, watch that hard 'r'


I'm white. Whenever I sing along with a rap song I just replace the n word with a context appropriate not-slur. It's really that easy lol


I replace the n-word with "person" whether it fits or not. I know it sounds stupid but I'm a geeky white dude rapping so I might as well lean into it.


person is my go to most of the time


> Nobody drops a written racial slur "by accident" Unless it was a heated gaming moment /s


I'm not saying this to discredit your point because I agree with it. But I did have a coworker type hard r in our work chat once on accident. They were asking how to "jigger" something, as in move it slightly. And just kinda missed. She deleted it as soon as she noticed but me and the other dude that saw it were in tears laughing so hard.


I had a friend do this - they meant to type "bigger and better things" but n is right next to b. They were mortified


This is my deepest fear with typing anywhere, that I'll hit N without noticing and hit Enter automatically.


Samr here, along with triple-checking "kind regards" for a rogue T beforr sending.


It kinda reminds me of people defending Pewdiepie for saying it "in a moment of anger" and therefore he didn't really mean it and it's okay. Idk about yall but I can't say I've ever yelled a slur in a moment of anger. It kinda already has to be in your vocabulary for that to be the case.


Haha "no see, it's okay because he was just so distracted that he momentarily forgot to self-censor his raw genuine thoughts!"


It just might be, if you grew up thinking it was just a normal word like "idiot" or (dare I make such an argument) "retard". (This isn't an excuse, just a possible explanation.)


That's fair. Thats a word I still use.


Kids need to be edgy


I love it when ppl try saying they got banned for one thing then the developers come on and they’re like, bro you said some fucked up shit that you aren’t including in this. Meanwhile the threads like, OmG hOw cOuLd tHeY bAn sOmEoNe fOr uSiNg “gAy” Then try giving examples of how using it certain contexts aren’t bad, like that’s how that word is being used in the chats lmao dude we all fucking know y’all ain’t saying happy gay pride month or you’re one friend is gay and you accept them. Y’all are using it as a slur most likely with the Nbomb right after it. Game chats aren’t exactly known for civil discourse and non offensive chats


Right? I am 100% sure that Apex doesn't just auto ban fo the word gay. It's in my freakin' user name in game.


fyi, OPs account isn't deleted. He's just deleted every single post. Guess the premium from the 3 million awards he got is too nice. lol


Oops sorry I’ll correct that


The first rule of r/leagueoflegends: don't believe **any** post that says "I got banned and didn't deserve it."


I do miss Lyte Smites at their finest.


You know, I once got banned and didn't deserve it (literally got my acc hacked so someone could cheat on it and carry another person on duoQ). A message to the support and waiting for like 1 day got me unbanned, because I actually had decent proof/ deniability that I wasn't the one cheating. Almost like bans that are legit wrong are easy to fix without needing to shout into the internet to get support from randoms...


>Don’t use chat you can get banned for the dumbest things this is prob the 5th post Iv seen in two days about bans. Stay.off. Of. Chat people. The fact this has happened multiple times goes to show some of these people don't know how to shut their fucking mouths.


Whenever I see a post like this in r/wow, I keep the tab open. 98% of the time some Blizzard employee comes in hours later with receipts. And I just love reading the aftermath. I dont know why people still do this. But it is funny.


I reply to people who talk shit in video games all the time and say exactly what this thread details, "now when you get banned for being a piece of shit don't forget to go whine about it on reddit"


From the permabans-are-cruel-and-unusual-punishment corner: > They could have been young, and a 10 year ban is not slap on the wrist, if they are still racist then they will be banned again. But at least you gave them the benefit of the doubt. --- The prisoner emerges into the daylight, blinking and disoriented. A set of clothes is perfunctorily thrust into his arms. He checks into the local Facebook Netcafe. No gaming machines. Quizzically, he inquires at the front desk. "Oh, nobody's had those for years," the clerk says. "You just connect any of these to Amazoft's BezoBox online service! Here, I'll show you." She waves a cryptic wandlike device in front of a RokuFlix Dumb Terminal and he is logged into the service. There it is, the game he hasn't played in ten years: Apex Legends! With tears welling in his eyes, he checks the waitrooms. He doesn't recognize the handles. PUGs are crap, he thinks, but it's better than ten years of hard manual exile out in the prison courtyard. He joins a game, and finds he can no longer play. He's forgotten almost everything he leaned. The game's updates have nerfed his favorite tricks. Everything is a step behind, a shot off target, a gank he never saw coming. Eventually he logs off and stares mutely at the blank screen, the afterimage of the words "LOL L2P N00B" seared into his retinas. He thinks: "They said they'd ban me for life... and that's exactly what they took."


I’d watch that Twilight Zone episode.


Sir this is a Wendy's






You know what they say: get busy gamin', or get busy dyin'.


I love this kinda thing, I don't fully understand though, like OP knew he'd gotten previous warnings, so what did he expect would happen?


This has happened in the past before and OP most likely thought that if it gained enough traction and riled up enough people his account would get unbanned


He did gain enough traction, and clearly if the only issue had been the one he told people about he might have gotten unbanned. And it's a funny surprise and some karmic justice to have a mod from the game go "this you?". But....he knew it was him right? That's the part that baffles me, it ain't a surprise to him, the fuck did he think would happen.


OP wanted Reddit to validate his feelings of victimization so he could go on being a racist POS, safe in the knowledge that Le EA is the ones who were wrong.


> I have a bad habit of letting people have it. I get temp bans but no perma ban so far. I miss being able to talk shit in online FPS games. Now everyone is a sensitive little bitch so we can't say the word "gay" in a game about murdering people with guns. Murdering people with guns? Yeah that's all cool. Say a bad word? BANNED! Good lord.


The "evil feminazi sjws are trying to impose their communist gay agenda and reasonable people like me will be thrown in concentration camps" narrative he is trying to spin is just painfully obvious


Is that an actual quote? If so, these people are literally a parody of themselves. That shit is GCJ MW2 lobby meme tier.


Meanwhile, I'm just over here not being an asshole and having the word gay in my Apex username. Some say I'm still unbanned to this very day.


Not true, you mean to tell me that if one behaves decently he won't be banned? Pfffffft, we all know that conservative voices are being SILENCED by big gaming


“I miss being able to talk shit in online FPS games” As if you can’t now. You don’t get banned for light trash talk, you get banned for cheating and slurs. As a black person who likes playing games without constantly getting called the n word and having to block people: cry me a river.


>As if you can’t now. You don’t get banned for light trash talk, you get banned for cheating and slurs Yeah, it's just that a decade ago a certain word with R and a certain word with F could pass without being considered slurs, and THAT's what these people miss using.


Those two words were definitely considered slurs a decade ago, I reckon.


Meh, specifically on niche internet communities, like dunno, a CoD lobby.


I'm trying to imagine a kid playing war on the playground at recess with the other kids or someone in a LARP battle using this response, and it's cracking me up.


>You’re still leaving out another though that got a strike on your account on March 31st. Hint: it includes a word that starts with the letter N. i hope it was nincompoop.


I've never seen nincompoop spelled out and I'm not sure if the spelling or way it sounds is more funny.


I think it was probably n’er-do-well.


whoa whoa. fucking reported for hate.


I wonder if he was [calling everyone naggers.](https://youtu.be/jdY89tENgmM)


Thought you were gonna link to [words that sound like slurs, but aren't](https://youtu.be/aQTJl2bwoZQ)


All I think of is Negus Ne·gus /ˈnēɡəs/ nounHISTORICAL noun: Negus; plural noun: Neguses a ruler, or the supreme ruler, of Ethiopia.


Can be translated into "king of kings" or as the title "emperor". The Negus was the ruler of the ethiopian empire after all


God damnit why didn't I think of that


He was banned for trying to awake the ancient chaos god Nyarlatothep


> Oh sweet summer child.


As a regular there, that was glorious and should’ve been expected. This is not the first time someone has appealed a ban, just for the company to lay the facts straight.


I've seen it happen on so many subs. RuneScape, WoW, League, it's so common at this point I don't know why anyone believes the OPs.


Rip RIOTLyte


If I had a nickel for everytime a cheater/asshole made a post about the devs banning them for a corrupt reason I’d have 2 nickels which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it’s happened twice.


So it’s not the same but it runs with the vibe of this feed. I work for an insurance company and I rarely defend the company but my friend called me up raging that they were dropping and it “WAS FOR NO REASON” I told him I don’t defend the company ever but they can’t legally drop him so something else happened. He mentioned he added his wife. I told him not to do that because she had 4 accidents and a suspended license due to said accident. People tend to leave out the embarrassment of why bad things happen to them Edit: a word


Yeah. I use to work for a health insurance company. The horrible industry would hardly defend it if my life depended on it. A lot of people get fucked over in ways they couldn't anticipate. But there were also some things people would say where you're like "Okay either you'd be able to sue us for a lot of money or you're not telling the whole story." And guess which one it usually was.


They're always such cowards, literally can't admit to saying something bad.


Big "by my parents told me I'm the smartest!" energy from the poster


> shit you just owned me with your facts and logic. >Mind telling me how? >Sure listen to Jordon Peterson Just listen to hours of our propaganda messiahs instead of simply using “their” as it is intended to be used.


And why can't they spell Jordan?!


Yes. Inject this straight into my veins. I need my fix ever since Riot Lyte left League of Legends and Lyte smites weren't happening on the regular. I live off of the tears of "But I didn't do anything" gamers


Someone else in this thread said it still happens on wow forums




lmao every single time with these "i was banned totally unfairly!" sob stories


I work in games and 9.9999% time any “unfair ban” is someone that is usually very naughty. “I got banned because I beat a dev in a match”. No billy you said the n word 40 times , that’s why.


Yep this has happened in the past. Whiny bitchy subreddit exacerbated by the fact Respawn and streamers get a bad rap from noobs. Some dude posted a sob story about being unfairly banned by Hideouts, respawn's banhammer, simply at the behest of Lulu, a streamer who was killed ingame by the OP. Death threats, simping accusations flew around. Turns out, OP was knowingly teamed up with a cheater and has evaded bans in the past. Hideouts was abused and it fucking turns out he did his job swiftly and correctly the whole time


No ones talking about the people arguing over the joke about underaged sex?


That's doesn't even make the news anymore on reddit


It’s hilarious though. A guys pointing out an actual pedophilic joke and getting downvoted for jt.


I didn't personally dw you but saying that people are being pedos on reddit is like getting the teacher's attention because your classmate was looking out of the window


What joke?


“If there’s field on the grass, play ball”.


> I've seen so many posts in here from people who were "unjustly" banned, only to find out they were justly banned. This is how it always is. Someone claims they didn't do anything (or anything really bad) to get banned. But they did.


I've never seen one "I was unfairly banned" story that didn't end up being bullshit


I was banned by the Donald back in the day for being trans, then later on i asked of o could come back and they said sure and never banned me again, great folk over there back then.


I'm sure "sincerely the father" was legit.


I never played League of Legends, but I know that they had this legendary admin on their forums who would shut down players who claimed they were unfairly banned by posting their chatlogs, which were always full of slurs and insults.


Ah, the Jmod smackdown but Apex flavoured.




Things don't always work as intended, is what be meant. Accidents, as rare as they might be, do happen.


What's sad is before the dev come in, all the dumbass other players rally behind him and make some fucking dumb comment on chat and chat modération... I hope they feel stupid.


It’s crazy how a lot of these assholes get shit for being assholes and turn around and play the victim


The dev responses in that thread almost make me want to play Apex Legends. Damn corporate advertising