Dunks are the worst part of basketball

Dunks are the worst part of basketball


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>I would so much rather see someone hit a deep three, or a contested hook-shot, because these are not common occurences?


because they take more talent imo.


For dunks, you have to drive past the defenders and properly allign the jump and angle of descent to make it successful. It takes as much skill if not more.


No way. There's a reason 99% of NBA players dunk during games, and 15 players have a career 3pt field goal PCT of 40% or higher.


The reason they dunk is for a higher chance for a 3 pt play. Yeah 15 players have a career 3pt PCT of 40 percent or higher because it's an insane percentage. Luka pulls up from deep all the time even though his career avg is 35 percent.


Luka is also a top-10 player in the NBA because he can do more than just dunk. Dunking isn't impressive at that level, anyone can do it.


> anyone can do it. Yikes


Tony Snell, Joe Harris, Joe Ingles, Seth Curry, Bobby Portis and many others can shoot from deep. They aren't top players in the NBA. Many can dunk but not everyone has the basketball IQ to get open and actually pull off the play. You're generalizing that everyone has a high enough vertical and is tall enough. Sure you see starters do em all the time, but how often do you see bench warmers do em?


You’re just wrong. I feel like you’ve never played basketball lol


I mean this subreddit is for hot takes, so most ppl probably think I'm wrong. I have played basketball tho. Had 4 or 5 friends play in high school and we would play all the time together during summers.


> There's a reason 99% of NBA players dunk during games Have you ever watched an NBA game lol


fair enough


I can make 3s, I guess I’m as talented as them


Some dunks overpowering one or even two opponents are really impressive tho. And they play a psychological role too, they make the crowd and teammates go crazy, and demoralizes the defender dunked on.


You’re just mad that you can’t dunk hahaha And literally nobody goes crazy over a simple 2 handed throw down or half baked tomahawk which is like 95% of the in game dunks. People really go crazy when good shot blockers get dunked on and rightfully so Like if Luka crossed up Kawhi took him to the rack then put his nuts in his face in the next few days wouldn’t you go crazy? Dunk contests are about as lame as 3pt contests and whatever the hell the skills challenge is suppose to be. The new ASG format is pretty cool though. Based on what zoomers think about 90s and 2000s basketball (which I’m guessing you are), you most likely wouldn’t rather see a bunch of contested hook shots because those usually came after 10 seconds of backing someone down followed by 5 more seconds of pivots and fakes


We no can dunk, but good fundamentals


in general the NBA fucking sucks. It's boring af and you can't tell just how talented and gold these players actually are. The concept of defence literally doesn't exist it's just one guy runs to the other side of the court, sometimes he scores sometimes he doesn't, then the opponent does the same thing. It's fucking terrible. College basketball is way more entertaining to watch


Wholeheartedly agree :)


Eh. Deep threes, yeah, sure, hitting them consistently takes skill... but they're not contested so you may as well be watching someone sinking shots in the park. A while back on r/dataisbeautiful someone posted a graphic showing the top 200 shot locations in regular play... and over the course of years it went from all over the court except from just inside the 3-point line to - last season - the only places people were shooting was either at the 3-point line or right next to the bucket. Not one of the top 200 shot locations was anywhere else. Nothing in the post or the top of the key. So little variety. Bleurgh. edit: it was linking [this tweet](https://twitter.com/kirkgoldsberry/status/1217109175894831105?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1217109175894831105%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.redditmedia.com%2Fmediaembed%2Feop849%3Fresponsive%3Dtrueis_nightmode%3Dfalse)


I don't know if I should upvote or not. I agree dunk contests are lame. But a nice dunk like Aaron Gordon's against Portland on Saturday oh'lala.


3pters are the most boring part of the game imo.