Veso about to go 7th Element.

Veso about to go 7th Element.


Veso confirmed that some Corpus do that facial pattern with their facial hair and I'm not sure which is weirder: facial hair or tattoos


Right? I went back on the video a couple of times *just* to confirm that his patterns are hair, not tattoos. It's a pretty neat detail.


I always thought that they were tattoos. I still haven't fully processed the fact that the corpus get up in the morning and actively shave to look like that.


They might have shaving machines that just do it in a couple of seconds with lasers or something. Think the Jimmy Neutron intro but with facial hair.


I still can’t get over how detailed his face is in the trailer


His face looks more human, than Ostrons'.


It wouldn't surprise me if the ostrons look weird like that thanks to inbreeding. They're a *really* small community, especially considering that they're stuck between the Grineer, so the amount of travelers leaving and coming are little to none (travelers that are ostron - I know that there's people from Fortuna there, but uhh, I don't know if they can even reproduce). I'd be shocked to learn if their family tree is anything but a wreath.


The Ostrons actually form a big community that spans the entire System with their floating markets. Cetus is just one city (although it may be the only terrestrial city). Given that Cetus was explicitly founded as a place for all those without family, clade, or clan, it's likely very genetically diverse.


Really? Where is that confirmed? Is it in one of those cephalon fragments? But yeah, I figured the ostrons aren't *that* small and I mostly said it out of shitposting.


The [story of the founding of Cetus](https://www.orokinarchives.com/thousand-year-fish) contains most of these details. It's found in the fragments on the Plains of Eidolon.




Poor guys spent generations living next to Eidolon Chernobyl and eating exclusively mutant Space Tower meat. That cannot be good for you


Well you see, predators have their eyes forward looking to track prey. Prey have eyes on side of their head to track predators/surroundings. Ostrons are prey confirmed.


Excalibur kid is at least half Roswell Grey and you can't convince me otherwise


I love how corpus and greenier face look so better than the operator and the ostrons Hence orokin face is the best one


Operators look alright, it's just a bit of a chore trying to find the face combinations to make a decent looking one. At least, I think my space kid looks good.


I gave up and just put the Norg mask on mine. They look great now, lol.


The operator looks completely fine, its just customizable so it depends on you. Although I had my face bug sometimes. I dont know what the fuck is up with Ostrons though, that kid in the New War had his eyes so far apart it made me laugh


It’s clearly Alabama kid


Came here to post this. You can really empathize with his struggle at this moment. He's really starting to question whether the "profit at all costs" mantra he's known his entire life is really the best way to live.


Is that the Eurovision guy with the weird song?


Yeah, Vitas. Apparently, he’s super popular in China.


Communism (he is from russia)


1. What? 2. He's Ukrainian 3. Russia hasn't been communist for 30 years.


Honestly super impressed with how Veso's face looks in his intro tidbit. Kudos there


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You mean Veko


I always thought it was paint on their face. That hair is nasty.


Wait till you see their cor-pubes... I know I know, I'll get out.


and here i thought those were tattoos since the beginning of time.


If you guys haven't Googled Vitas (Russian opera singer dude in bottom frame) you got to do so.


Veko? Vesto? Vesa? Yaya, praise profit.