We have the illusion of freedom

We have the illusion of freedom

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Folks really refer to Biden as a communist with zero irony. Amazing


I only vote dem cause they're not theocrats


Pretty much, we are forced to vote for greedy religious nut jobs or just greedy nut jobs.


Fascists or neoliberals. I hate them both, but I’ll take the neoliberals over the fascists any day.


They both suck and I want a third option. Until that time comes I am going to vote for the group not full of treasonous racists.


I voted green, you can too.


Then you voted Trump.


No. That's the line of reasoning that will never allow for a viable 3rd party candidate. There's a reason both sides make this argument; there's nothing that both parties agree on more than keeping that from happening


Yup. This logic is the dems and Republicans making sure we never get a third party. People mouthing you voted for trump are eating the system hard and are just as much part of the problem as bipartisanship is itself.


It's also a completely valid line of reasoning. If you vote 3rd party, that's one less vote that Republicans need to win. It is exactly the same effect as voting republican.


Or you could just not be a democrat. Id prefer to consider people who think along the lines of, " you are either with us or against us" to just be brainwashed little drones of the system. I dont agree with the democrats. They aren't my party, I'm a green.


Oh honey no.


You will never have a third option by choosing the lesser of two evils. You have conformed into the status quo, and complain, while hoping someone else will come along and make a different choice for you.


Oh honey, yes.


Voting for a third party has the exact same effect as voting for a Republican. Don't do it.


Bah go the sheep.


There are but they suck




‘America’ is bought, paid for and controlled by corporations


Yay America....


Please donate to my grift.


Why we dont have legal weed or universal health care or cheap drugs.


This is absolutely the case. They are two sides of the same coin bought and owned by the elite. I am always amused by people saying that they are not the same. The republicans are just the obscenely racist, corrupt and crazy side of the same party. The democrats always try just so gosh darn hard to get stuff passed for the people but just can't because of those darn Republicans. Every single time. But they both make money for the elite and they make a lot of money doing it. By keeping us focused on Republicans vs Democrats they turn politics into a sick football game rivalry and distract us from the fact that the system is working fine for the people who count. Stop cheering for your damn "team" and hold them all accountable.


Democrats fail at being good, Republicans succeed at being evil. That's not the same thing.


I don't think that is true. You only need to look at voting records and campaign contributions, as well as fairly recent history, to see that democrats talk about being good but rarely push through any legislation that actually benefits the average voter in this country. That isn't a coincidence.


People in the US don't realize that our left wing party would be right wing in most other developed countries.


They are separate branches of the same right-wing party.


Bull. The attempt to portray Dems as being just like the Republicans is an attempt to obscure the fascist nature of the Republican party. If you can't see the difference between them, you are purposefully avoiding seeing it.


The democrat party is shit, but the republican party is way shittier


Where are those kids in cages AOC took photos crying at? Where is the universal healthcare they push? Where are the talks of free college like they speak? They promise different things while delivering us the same bullshit the republicans do when they’re in office.


At the moment there is a huge infastructure package that the House passed. It has the typical hard infastructure, but also soft infastructure such as internet, and childcare. It's gonna die in the Senate because Republicans are filibustering everything. They are gonna filibuster immigration reform, voting reform, healthcare reform.


Filibustering should be equivalent to being silent in a debate class. If you have no valid arguments against the topic the other side wins.


What do Republicans promise? What are their policies for healthcare, immigration, and education?


They promise “smol guvument, gunz, and Amerycun Prospurity” what they actually sell is racism, bigotry, and this false image that all of their followers are temporarily embarrassed millionaires being held down by everything that disagrees with the Red Team ideology.


No. How can you look at what is going on in congress and say this. They don't have a magic wand, but they have passed major legislation to help people and are work hard to pass more. If they can get the reconciliation bill through, it would be historic legislation.


How can we eat and sleep in our beds at night knowing what our country is doing to people at our borders? I didn’t say they didn’t help people. But you’re either decent enough not to cage immigrants like animals or you’re a tyrant. There’s no in between on that stance. You can’t be a force of good and violate human rights.


So, you are saying that the politicians/politics of a capitalist society are controlled by Capitalists. Who would have thunk it?


bOtH sIdEs Remember which party perpetrated an attack on the Capitol? You know, one party? One *specific* party? The party that was not the Democrats? Yeah, that party. It's like being in 1940, looking at the US and Nazi Germany, and deciding that you're not going to support either because "tHeY'rE tHe SaMe". One is mediocre at best and bad at worst. The other is fucking horrendous.


No it's not, because the Democratic party covers a spectrum of positions. That's true for some members and untrue for others.