What’s your one mile and three mile time?

What’s your one mile and three mile time?


Mile 4:55, 5k like 17:45. That was my peak from 10ish months ago, former track athlete. Went from 175 to 190 on a nice lean bulk, rn i do probably 19-20min 5k and 5:20 mile.


I was gonna say no fucking way on 4:55mi.. but thats collegiate competitive. Former track. My best was 6:30 but I was 6’1 210lb and a much younger man


The mile record at my middle school was 5:01. The national high school record is under 4 minutes lol. Guessing you didn't run distance


top tier D1 (stanford, oregon) you need sub 4:10 mile, sub 9:00 2 mile. Less strong D1 will need around 4:20 and 9:20. No, I was made of meat.


Eluid Kipchoge ran like a 4:20 minute mile pace for an entire marathon. Top runners are so insanely fast, it’s hard to even compare them to other athletes. Their VO2 Max is just through the roof.


No it’s doable but you have to work REALLY REALLY hard it’s also not sustainable for much longer than a mile, I never was fast enough to get it that low but when I was training for a smoker I got it down to 5:30 maybe MAYBE 5:15 one time if I recall correctly. But also i kinda trained specifically for that, first I got comfortable sprinting a quarter mile, than half and so on until I found maintain a sprint like pace through it and for spurts even pick it up further, that’s hit was hard and I threw up multiple times but it was fun


4:55 isnt even collegiate competitive lol. I ran a 1:56 800m when i went 4:55, never was an insane endurance guy just long legs and strong heart. D2 competitive for us was around 4:15-4:25 sadly


Read above comment


4:55 mile is totally doable. In the Army it was common amongst the faster dudes.


The 220lb guys?


How tall? A one mile run is a sprint…




6:30 is weak af


I played Rugby. Didn’t run track.


Oh you’re a girl it’s ok then not terrible


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Your name, you’re a girl right? The 6:30 makes sense


You’re not even a boxer lil’ man, get back in the swimming pool.


Average anywhere between 3-5 miles, 3 times a week at a pace of between 7:30min to 8min a mile. Boxing about two years, just training and sparring.


17 min mile, boxing for 7 weeks. I’m highly out of shape and have taken up couch to 5k.


Doin better than me. I take 26minw to complete a mile. And it's interval running. Lol


Haha I feel you. It starts as like…1 min run 2 min walk. I’m definitely not running that full 17 mins yet.


Doin better than me. I died trying to run a mile, and the stopwatch kept ticking.


When I was in highschool I tried out for soccer without training at all. I trained in the beginning of the year but I stopped in the first quarter of the year so all the cardio I had gained was no longer there. Anyways the first thing we had to do for the try outs was run from the high school to the middle school around the building and back to the highschool football field and I nearly passed out doing that. I didn't want to be the last one finishing so I pushed my self so hard. Once I made it to the field I saw like flashes of blue and felt light headed. And the coach was like" alright warm up is done. Let's see your offense." And I was like fuuuuck. Haha


It won't take long brother. I'm 55 and took up running not too long ago, doing a slow military trot and trying not to take any breaks, took about 15 minutes. A month or so later I'm down to about 10. I was doing the c25k but I thought the jump was too big around wk 5, for some reason they have you going from 3/4 of a mile to a 2 mile run with no steps in between, and I decided that I would just start running 1 mile 5 days/wk instead and it's working out pretty well. You don't have to hurt yourself, just take it slow and easy and run at a pace you can maintain and still enjoy the run. If you push yourself hard and hate it, you won't stick with it.


I dont live in a super safe neighborhood so just skip rope nowadays. Definitely a lot more entertaining


1 mile 9 min 3 mile around 29 mim


1 mile: 6:34 3 miles: 21:30 Boxing for 6 years. Running regularly for 1.


1 mile is 7 min,my 3 is around 25


mine was 6 minute and abt 20 min for 5km b4 i got injured and had to stop running for a while. now its 7:30 and abt 27-30 min for 5km




Yo we the same weight and been boxing for the same time


Reddit fight card, here we go!


It takes you longer to run one mile than an additional 2?


Yeah im confused too lol, i think he meant that when he runs 3 miles he goes at a 10/11 minute per mile pace


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3 miles is 4.83 km


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thanks :)


3 miles is 4.83 km


sorry if I was unclear. 3 mile is my medium roadwork and I try to pace myself more for the longer run. My 1 mile days I try and run faster to account for the shorter distance. I’ve never been a runner until boxing so I alternate distances to avoid splints. Might be all in my head, but anecdotally it’s worked so far.


That makes sense. I also have a problem with shin splints. I heard tibia exercises help get rid of that by flexing your foot up. Saw it from the knees over toes guy on YouTube. Still trying it out though to see if there will be any noticable improvement


Dunno if this is universal, but the best way to avoid shin splints entirely is to make sure you're not heel striking. You need to land midfoot/forefoot. Worked for me.


Thanks for the tip! I’ll incorporate it.


1 mile= 8 minutes and 30 seconds. 3 mile= around 30 minutes


1 mile is 5:52. Don't have a time for 3 mile.


No idea for 1, my 3 is around 25


17 min 5 k. Idk what that translates to miles, sorry mate


6min for 1 mile, 26min for 5k. I am 20 years old and have been boxing for 13 years.


Do you plan on going pro? How many fights do you have? 13 years is a long time


No I won’t be going pro. I started boxing and wrestling in India when I was 7 years old and I fought amateur bouts there. I moved to America and fought in amateur bouts here too. During high school I started Muay Thai and BJJ and competed in MMA for a while. My original goal was to got to the Olympics, but since I moved out of India I didn’t want to join the American team. At moment I am preparing to fight in golden gloves as a Welterweight, hopefully I can go to the national championships. I am also in University studying Pre-med so it’s really hard for me to box and go to school. Officially I have fought well over a 100 boxing fights and 13 MMA fights.


1 mile 6:50, 3 mile ~22. Been boxing for 3 years but all of the conditioning has come from half and full marathon training.


I never really measured it, but a few weeks before one of my fights, I ran a 19-minutes 3 mile, and I definitely feel like I could have gone faster. Around the same time, I'd run a 5:45 mile to start workouts when I couldn't get to the boxing gym. Both of these times were on a treadmill.


I been boxing for 10 years. Never timed or measured or anything, just run until I'm right that's enough.


4:30 mile and sub 15 5k but I was a former XC/track & field athlete getting scouted by schools. Boxing for 4 years.




In boxing running is often used to stay light on your feet as well as fitness. That's why a lot of boxers run with ankle weight and why boxers like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson ran with boots on because when you take the weight off you feel a lot lighter.




I disagree, seems like extra work that could be used to better your technique. So I’d say skipping, running are the best option outside the basic stuff for boxing. Simple solution for the pain while running don’t push through it listen to your body it’s not sparring or fighting


Thanks for the input, but if we‘re discussing things outside of main training from a cardio conditioning perspective, then how would spending time on these as opposed to running have a negative impact? I do agree on skipping, one of the number one forms of training cardio for a boxer. Your advice on pain is very good, I think for most people that‘s enough. I should have perhaps suggested swimming and rowing, as they more effectively train the muscles necessary for boxing (back, core, legs, shoulders) than running (however running may be slightly better for calves, but this can be combatted with kettlebell calf and tibialis raises and skipping — as you suggested). Canelo is known to do lots of swimming, it‘s one of the best impact free ways to train bone density and rowing/swimming are the best ways to increase lung capacity. The body takes a beating in boxing, for anyone like me with surgeries or old injuries from high-impact sports like skiing, running regularly at a high intensity is a bad idea and the same gains in bone density can be made with low impact skipping. Running on concrete is bad for your spine, it causes impact to the facet joints which then compress the IVB discs in your back, if doing lots of crunches and sit ups as most boxers from old school gyms do, unfortunately, despite the fact that there are better, safer, and more efficient ways to train without putting yourself at risk for degenerative disc disease, disc bulges, and herniations. Running has a place, but shouldn‘t necessarily be the go-to IMO. It does, however, depend on the body and individual. For bigger guys with lots of muscle and bone density who jog and don‘t sprint, it can be great. As well as for people without pre-existing injuries, but long term, if we‘re talking remaining healthy into old age — not a great idea. Steady progress without injury will do better in the long run than quick progress with injury. If you‘re competing, you should be focused on maximising gains while minimising injury, that includes repetitive movements that cause microtrauma. Function>form.


Hmmm I get your point, sounds like you have a lot more knowledge than me when it come to body mechanics. I like to focus on the old school methods of training when it comes to boxing, but from what you’ve said I might have to do some research


6:52 mile


When I run a mile I also throw my combination so my time higher then normal. I run almost everyday would you want a clear time for just a run?


My miles are shit


I run as well as train (been training about 2 years). So I do 80/20 split. 80% easy runs at 10.50min miles (4-8 miles 3x a week), and 20% pace runs at 8.50min miles (3 miles once a week). Roughly. But I'm a shorter than average woman about 59kg so don't compare yourself too closely.


7:30 sec 1 mile


1 mile 5min 3 mile about 23min


Shadow boxing is like arm jogging. :0


I’ve only ran one miles and haven’t attempted a three mile my best time for the one mile was 6min 24seconds. Been boxing from home for about nine months and joined a boxing gym two months ago.


I don't know miles but I run 4 kilometers around 20 minutes.


It’s been a while since I’ve timed these things but my 1 mile was 5:45 and 3 mile was 20:07. This was the same run, so that first mile was really fast (for me) and then I slowed down significantly. I’m 29 and have been boxing off and on for 4 years.


1 mile: 6:09, want to break into 5 mins. 3 mile: 21:36 10k/6.2 mile: 46:55


When I was competing in the amateurs my mile time was about 6:05. Run stairs and run sprints and get your mile as fast as you can and add a second lower intense mile.


At the time was some years ago (I was injured working out) Boxing 3 years 205lbs (grr you kitchen for no abs) 1 mile - 7:47 3 mile - 27:30~ I never used to run before boxing so this was pretty crazy for me haha.


When I was much lighter, younger, and in better boxing shape about a 7 mile and 25 5k. Ran 5 miles in 45 at my peak. Now about an 8 mile and 35 5k


5 miles is 8.05 km


Best mile 5:12, right now probably about 5:30. For the three mile my best is 18:30, right now about 20:30. Had a high ankle sprain and couldn’t run for a month. Sucks getting back I use to be a beast. Hopefully I’ll be back to my peak by October.


12 minute miles… Boxing coach said I need to cut that in half. I got a long way to go but the journey is what makes you.


mile about 7:30 but my route is 3.5 miles and i do that usually just under 27 minutes. but it has hills and the way back is 50% uphill and with hills so if it were flat i think i could probably do it in like 24-25 minutes


Average 1 mile: 6:00-6:20? (Fastest is 5:51 but I haven’t been aiming under 6 min often) Average 3 mile : 21-22 min. 165 lbs/75kg. 5’11”/180 cm. 25 years old, been boxing for about 3ish years? Just started focusing on cardio this past year tho.


[My Run PRs on Strava](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HA7-UWaSvu87uaVQo85RkPYt3bJYGY7D/view?usp=sharing) 4:02 mile


Not done 1 mile in a long time, so can’t comment on that. 5k time was down to about 21 minutes at a push.


Just over 10 minutes for a mile. I haven’t done anything more than 3k in forever. Been boxing 3-4 years, but I don’t run nearly as much as I should. I sometimes toss it in after 12-15 rounds just to build endurance, but my last run was months ago.


1 mi: 5:28 3 mi: around 20 min. Tbh I never go all out on 5k because it’s rarely worth the soreness


My 3 is around 27m, I don't know my single mile. I've got a lot of variance on my run unfortunately, I haven't been training very much lately.