The final boss of LinkedIn

The final boss of LinkedIn


Oh, this is just awful. Let me put work on the same level as being with my newborn. These people are a cancer


"Wait, you didn't sit in the delivery room responding to emails while your wife was screaming and asking you to hold her hand while giving birth? Lol, sounds like you need a healthy work life balance" This is straight up psychotic


I refuse to bring children into a world that longer has a future




But most definitely not okay


Living to work smh


I just found the post on LinkedIn and I am so happy and surprised that people on the comments are telling him what a bad take it is.


Social media is often used as an anti depressant, trying to make one's own life feel not so depressing as it is in reality. This is why people share more pics rather than stories. Then when it backfires, like a bad photoshopping, the witch hunt and the cancelling no-life mob comes from the woodwork, and will crush you.


>taking a peak at my baby girl I hope this man suffers the fate of the protagonist of “Cats in the Cradle” by Harry Chapman so hard later in life.


I don't know what happened to the protagonist but I know whta will happen to Mr LinkedIn if he thinks he can take a peak at educating his child.


That song always pulls at my heartstrings


What a fucking knob


This is the opposite of a work life balance


I strongly believe the 2 big reasons the way we live is still here today is because 1. we're indoctrinated at a young age to believe we have no other choice. 2. That if we struggle hard enough for just long enough we can have a taste of the good life which rarely comes our way. These are some of the greatest lies we have in our society.


As the daughter of someone who was a workaholic most of my life and couldn’t even get through a dinner or lunch without my dad’s cell phone going off I can without a doubt say this is pretty damn heartbreaking. Social and financial pressures aside, sucks that the kid is coming into this world already a second priority.


The fact that he feels the need to look for affirmation online is... telling... It's like he is begging for someone to tell him: wow, your life is hell, I will get you out of here.


If I pretend that I like being a slave ,then another will eventually have to replace me and I can benefit off more exploitation /s


This is just absolute cancer. If for this guy "giving the best to my family" means just glancing to his newborn baby before working again then I just feel sorry for the kiddo. The sad thing is, I see quite a lot of similar things out there in the wild. Things like this are expected of people, not every time but its common enough. Only now with internet are these things ridiculed as they should. At my work one of the clients was boasting how a software engineer took a week of holidays but ended up working on all of those days. How you can boast with something like that i dont know. Its just surreal


Sad. The hump can't even realize that this was HIS time. Unpaid, I'd be certain as well. What's worse is if he ever gets laid off, gets fired, the company folds, or he is disabled or dies, he'll still never get that moment back. His boss will replace him, forget about him, or send a nice flower arrangement and card to his family. Then replace and forget about him. None of that extra work will have mattered.


If you can’t take a few days off to be with your newborn without working, that’s a serious problem. Work is not on the same level as your baby being born.


That poor woman.


Imagine valuing your fucking job over your wife having a newborn child. Disgusting


So cringe i had to pour acid on my eye to make sure i was reading correct


Dude’s a shill and doesn’t even know it


Taking a peek at his baby girl is probably the only “parenting” he’ll be doing because he’s too busy working.


He's been brainwashed in to thinking this is a good thing and then posted it on LinkedIn... Smh


Please tell me this guy is being sarcastic


In my previous job I worked with a guy whose wife gave birth in the morning and he was bragging that he was in the office by lunch


"I can't remember the exact details of my first child's birth or whatever but our Q3 profits were in jeopardy so"


This makes me want to drown.


Imagine thinking work is your family.


Gotta love how he does not consider one second that the reason he can do this is thanks to his wife who is not "WFHing". Just imagine having a child and you think about posting on LinkedIn


I know in my heart that he isn't, but I hope this guy is low-key taking a public shot at his employer.


What a pathetic existence.