"Do you have a problem with paying your workers a living wage, John?"


John sure does have a problem with that.


Just look at his face, the *poor* man is in shock.


If Joe was anything other than the president, he'd be decked on the spot.


John is *gettin' UPSET!*


$15 isn't even really a living wage. John's *still* against it


Right? The discussion started years ago and cost of living is still going up, so $15 is already not enough.


Just as planned


It doesn't matter what the wage actually translates to, the fact that it's rising is an OUTRAGE! /s


How dare you accuse me of socialism?! \- John, probably


From the looks of him, yes, yes he does.


maybe he should pay better wages and then learn to live within his means? when did owning a business give one carte blanche to live like a rockstar?


He just needs to stop going to Starbucks and eating avocado toast.


Stop going to avocado toast, eating bootstraps and pull yourself up by your Starbucks.


Stop toasting your bootstraps, pulling your avocado, and bucking your stars.


Strap your toasty avocado, pull your stars and buck your boots lazy millennials.


Strap your bootless self to a bucking avocado if you want them stars son.


If this generation would just buy more homes and diamonds everything would work itself out.


If this generation would just pull themselves up by their own homes and stop eating avocado Starbucks diamonds then they could afford their own boot straps.


Excuse me? What about pulling what?


Don't you tell me how to spend my Friday night


I want this on a shirt.


Here you [go!](https://www.rushordertees.com/design/?design=NTg0NzkzMg==&utm_medium=share_link&utm_source=share_link&utm_campaign=share_link)


Mellenials are ruining the economy by not drinking coffee or eating toast. Reeeeeee!


The biggest mistake Boomers and the establishment made was to tell Millennials they were ruining capitalism by not having children, not buying homes, and refusing to work for shit wages. What Millennials heard was that by refusing to work shit jobs, refusing to support companies that pay shit wages, refusing to get married, buy a house, start a family or move out of their parent’s house, they could kill toxic capitalism once and for all.


Why did rage against the machine start playing in my head while i was reading your post?


There is no other capitalism that isn’t toxic. It is by design toxic.




No. Don't. Stop. Ruin capitalism.


Willy Wonka to the bad kids vibes


Honestly I bet alot of Millennials would love to have kids and own a house But yet they're paid like shit, lets be real Boomers don't expect us to have a house and kids they expect us to willingly be their slaves and be happy about it


They don't need to kill capitalism we just need to force the 80 year olds to finally hand power over to the younger generation which is also at the age that they should be handing power over to the next generation. Whether you're a politician or a business owner every generation should be handing power over when they reach retirement but that hasn't been the case. We have people that were born in World War II running the government right now. What possible ideology could they have that is still relevant today?


As millennial, we aren't going to get handed shit from the boomers. They let politicians mortgage our future and will continue to do so until we show up in the primaries to vote consistently, election after election. If we don't then we're gonna be crushed under foot by the boomers.


I want to be super duper clear here that it's not millennials doing this shit. It's the zoomers. Millennials have been the biggest fucking disappointment of my lifetime, as a millennial. The reason why radicalization is happening so rapidly today is because the zoomer kids are in their twenties and losing their minds over how fucked the society is. Millennials created the hustle culture that zoomers are trying to tear apart.


X'ers made the Hustle culture desperate millennials had to adopt. I think it also cuts down the old/young millennial line. Born early to mid 80s, these millennials had no hope but to eat the shit of multiple wars, a plan ruining recession, and slowly realize that they were never meant to win. Also it's just a bell curve of disenfranchisement that is trending to universal disenfranchisement. My mother, a young boomer or old xer, is raging at the system finally - not in a rabid Trumpian way (blaming others for the system not working right) but in blaming the system as it exists.


Can the X'ers, millennials and zoomers join together and start solving some of these problems. There are also some sympathetic boomers that's got to be enough people right?


Yup. Just don't expect much help from people at first. You need to prove to the Xers who care but found a niche to raise a family in, to help them unlearn the destructive aspects of the society they had to adopt to survive. Millennials and zoomers seem like a perfect alliance.


>You need to prove to the Xers who care but found a niche to raise a family in, to help them unlearn the destructive aspects of the society they had to adopt to survive. Makes me think of back in the nineties when I was working a respectable, white collar, government job and couldn't afford to move out of my parents house. I was seeing the housing bubble grow and saying to my friends that shit's messed up but they all just blew me off. This has been going on for decades at least. I don't know what would make them break short of a long term general workers strike. The setback to that is it would take workers being willing to genuinely impoverish themselves on a grand scale for a long time until it makes a big enough hit to the economy that employers are calling on the GOP to raise the minimum wage to something truly livable or, for the country to get so fucked up that more people are willing to abandon the GOP and vote for liberal representation and leaders. We would need numbers and statistics like those of the Great Depression of the 1930's to get the kind of groundswell needed.


People are still calling anyone younger than them "millennials" while the oldest millennials are now 40. You're absolutely right that gen Z isn't even trying to play a rigged game.


My own personal theory is that millennials are the generation that caught the most flak from the bullshit standards that boomers and old Gen Xers set, and as such they're a little too beaten down and demoralized to get radical immediately. Millennials that tried to do everything right found a system with wildly inconsistent outcomes, and found surprisingly zero sympathy from the older generations despite being told by them that effort is directly proportional to reward. Outside of the youngest millennials, they mostly just kept trying to survive in the fucked system, because eventually you stop complaining when your requests for change are constantly met with indictments of your own failings. The other half of the theory is that is Gen Z saw this happen to the millennials and concluded that they'd have to grab whatever happiness they could, system be damned, and it's *infuriating* the boomers and late Gen-Xers.


Hahaha, that's exactly what would happen. "Millennials are killing Starbucks!" And boomers that shit on Starbucks would eat it up. Damn millennials, always running everything!


Millennials: "We're facing financial hardship." Boomers: "Well, cut out the daily latte and stop eating avocado toast." Millennials: "Great idea. Will do." Boomers: "MILLENNIALS ARE KILLING THE COFFEE AND AVOCADO TOAST INDUSTRIES!!!!!!!111111"


He needs to get a second job.


Starbucks and avocado toast will trickle down!


The point of capitalism is to let ownership determine compensation for labor. It's really a lateral move from feudalism, but most of the old kings and queens didn't have the kind of propaganda organs American robber barons command. Our society is hardwired to fail at self-examination when it comes to the unchecked avarice of an economic elite willfully engineering widespread poverty, mass incarceration, *for-profit employment-based health insurance*, race-based immigration quotas, perpetual war abroad, etc. I appreciate we didn't always have all of those horrible institutions, but the "good old days" of previous generations were also systematically awful in their own ways. It's just that we *never* took economic inequality to -this- extreme before.


What you say is right, but we did have an equal level of income inequality before...in the 1920's (maybe like 2% more, a chart shows just slightly more but about the same)...up to the stock market crash of 1929. Then...as the entire economy collapsed due to the rich running amok, paying very little in taxes, and doing pretty much whatever they wanted, while most lived in Tennements or as poor farmers somewhere....people finally woke up and voted for massive tax increases on the rich after the great depression. (the 90% tax rate on the rich was started as a result of the great depression soon after...in which...we then had free public education for decades and our most prosperous economic prosperity...from the mid 30's-late 60's...until poor Repub fiscal policy for many decades slowly reveresed it all starting with Nixon to Reagan and going from there for decades again. But anyway, we have about the same income inequality now, as in 1929, it was the rich running amok back then as well, from 1900's-the crash... with crazy oil and rail road money..while the majority..were extremely poor. Its not the first time. and history will correct itself in one form or another. (either people slowly....wise up and vote better...sortof maybe happening (?)...or...something worse/more direct if that does not happen.) I hope the first one, and that might be happening, also as old boomers die off...thier dumb ideas die with them and younger people are much more progressive and a majority favor socialism. So...we are heading in the right direction, but...with great pushback from Repubs so the progress is slow.........


This time we don't stop at unions. This time we take their property.


You can't vote your way out of capitalism any more than you can shop your way out of it. Especially in a a system where bribery is legalized. The only way out is by starving the octopus. Work as few hours as you can get away with. Buy as little as you can. Re-use, repair, repurpose, and recycle. Grow as much of your own food as you can. And share resources with your community. Profit margins are razor thin right now, even for the largest companies. Even a slight reduction in consumption will put massive pressure on the system.


Profit margins are razor thin for the largest companies? Jeff Bezos just rode a dick into space. And then thanked us all for paying for it


Yes, Bezos and his fellow sperm rode in their space dick. However, Amazon's profits largely come from AWS. Warehouses run at about a 1-2% profit margin...at most. It might be less now (this info was from 2016/2017)


I haven’t looked into this so I’m just speculating. But is it possible these companies look less profitable than they are because they’re trying not to pay taxes? I mean executive compensation would affect profit margins but doesn’t mean the company is in danger of folding.


Well, the coming market correction and economic downturn will be absolutely sublime in its magnitude. Not sure anything will be fixed but it will be amazing to witness.


I wax optimistic as well, but back then they had strong leftist parties and movements and unions in force. That was destroyed after WW2 and has not been rebuilt. So while they were there for us back then, they aren't now.


And yet people continue to come to this awful country to achieve economic independence.


The great Carlin once said that they called it the American Dream because you had to be asleep to believe it


Saint George, the voice of generations. Greatest stand-up philosopher of the twentieth century.


Because the alternative for most people is continuing to live in a country that has been so thoroughly economically exploited by the US and/or US corporations that they would be even worse off there


He could get a job! I'm sure he could find a great one.


Somewhere around the time that it stopped being shameful to be greedy.


And button up your shirt your fuckin dweeb, you're at a presidential town hall.


Maybe he should actually work for a living instead of exploiting others to do it for him.


He should learn to code in his spare time.


Maybe he should start making his own coffee and not upgrade his phone for a couple years you know.


No shit! They think to go immediately buy a Ferrari instead of paying their people. Now its the whole system with middle management getting a bonus for keeping wages low and productivity up. Middle mgmt just the Sheriff of Nottingham


Fr my boss lives in an 800k house in an expensive area but I had to threaten to quit to get paid $17 per hour


The tweet: https://twitter.com/AudreywantsaNap/status/1418216553724608517 [A reply](https://twitter.com/cink62/status/1418737216180871178): > This guy’s Thunderdome restaurant group got $7.8 MILLION in the paycheck protection program. The debt has been forgiven. The fucking nerve! (Edit, also: I didn't post this as Biden propaganda, but because I applaud these kind of honest, open conversations with our bosses.)


> The debt has been forgiven. This is one of those "do not ever forget this" things. PPP loan debts are being cancelled, erased, they don't have to be paid back.


So student loans must be next. Right? Edit typo


The Anakin/padme meme: Right?? Right?!?!


Biden won't do it on his own and it will never make it through the current congress.


It will never make it through any Congress for at least twenty years. Gotta have the boomer congressman die first


So all I gotta do is just not pay anything towards my student loans for 20+ years? Deal. Not like those loans have helped me to make enough money to pay them back anyway


Just pay absolute bare minimum since you can't outpay the interest rates and move on with your life.


The key is that they can't garnish wages if there is no wage to garnish... checkmate Edfinancial


This is the way. I'm in "income based repayment" and since I'm perma-poor, that means my calculated payment is $0. Yeah, they're still accruing interest. IDGAF. If there's even a prayer of getting them erased within the next 20 years, then I'm gonna keep not paying for as long as I can.


Or get voted out of office… unlikely to happen given the effectiveness of smear campaigns. Even those that are completely antithetical with the values people assign to politicians of either party.


A lot of people seem to forget that Biden isn't liberal, in nearly any other developed nation he'd be considered a conservative


God I hope so!


No silly. You were supposed to use those protected paychecks to pay off your student loans. Following the Paythagoras Trickle Down Theorem, it's as if they forgave the student loans outright.


B-but if you take out a loan you have a moral obligation to pay it back! You signed for it, pay it back!! /s


PPP was ridiculous, and doing it only 10 years after the Wall Street bailouts is only asking for people to go back into the streets and protest. Massive 'loans' that aren't actually loans, with no oversight or requirement that they keep on employees? What could possibly go wrong? Other countries at least made sure to have a pretense of oversight on their stimulus programs (showing that you had less turnover, keeping on employees,...). Part of doing business is accepting the risk that sometimes things might not work out, even by circumstances outside of your control, but in the US, apparently that risk isn't acceptable any more.


They just threw that money all over the place. Gave it to fake companies and shell companies. A couple million here, and there. And of course the big ones to companies that didn’t need it or deserve it. That was just trump seeing a way to steal a lot while we were worried about dying.


We had someone to watch over the PPP fund. Then Trump removed the dude in charge of keeping track of the fund


Doesn't seem like Biden is in any hurry to reinstate that oversight and maybe claw some money back.


This needs to be imposed over that SUPERBAD template saying: Small business owner: 'that was months ago asshole--' Aud + Woman Yelling at Cat lady: PEOPLE DON'T FORGET!


Oh my god


In Australia we have a similar thing. Businesses that laid off workers have seen profits increase due to government welfare while casual workers are being forced to skip meals.




It’s a lot scarier than that. Tons of businesses and industries are only viable because they have labor, and lots of labor out there doesn’t pay living wage, which $15/h isn’t even close to in a lot of places. Anybody who had full time employees making less than a living wage participated in the exploitation, right down to the small “mom and pop” shops.


Yes. This. I've seen so many people say recently, if you can't afford to pay your employees a living wage, you can't afford to be in business, and honestly, I agree. When did we forget that one of the many responsibilities of businesses is to take care of their employees? I've seen a trend to dehumanize people who don't own a business like they're somehow inferior. This logic makes no sense, not only because having the economic privilege or advantage to be able to start and own a business doesn't make you better than anyone else, but because not everyone WANTS to own a business. The concept that moving up at your job is somehow the purpose of life is capitalism propaganda at its finest. There are tons of people who have no desire to be the manager, for a plethora of reasons and have even less desire to own the business. Take me for example, I honestly think I would like to run a business today, but only a specific kind of business in one specific industry that I personally am passionate about. I do not want to be the manager or CEO or owner or anything like that at all at my current job. I can't figure out why on Earth I'd ever want to get deeper into an industry I have the opposite of interest in. 🤷‍♂️


I quit and started my own business last year. I don’t have employees, my gf and I do everything. We can’t afford to pay people enough, so we simply choose not to and get the work done ourselves. Maybe one day we will get there, but we don’t want to get there on the backs of exploited workers


Good on you two. Best of luck!


Wage theft is larger than all other theft. Business owners are just the petite bourgeoise.


Wow. I hope Hell exists for these people.


Best start believing in Hell, comrade. *You’re in it.*


This feels more like Limbo to me, but who knows…


It is said that Earth is a straight-up prison planet designed by a being called the Demiurge. The Demiurge isn’t a deity, but It sure thinks It is. Human beings *actually are* Deity in microcosm, but we sure don’t think we are, because the Demiurge has tricked almost everyone into rejecting their own divinity and worshipping It instead.




Yes, it is friend. Ayn Rand plays the piano, Paul Ryan the flute, and our shoes are shined very strongly, many people are saying.




hang on a second "small business owners" have been more than happy to keep paying people a wage that didnt scale with inflation for over a decade and now they are being asked to pay a somewhat livable wage because a few left wing politicians woke up and noticed the fucking wage had not moved in that long and were supposed to feel sorry for them ? fuck that and fuck the politicians for allowing this shit to happen in the first place.


Over 3 decades. The tipped server minimum has not gone up in my entire working lifetime and I'm 45.


Still is $2.13 an hour. HTF are people supposed to survive on this?


Beg for more tips. Fuck this system


Try being a line cook, even in a semi upscale restaurant... usually min wage starting pay and no tips... back in my younger years (10-15 yes ago) us kitchen guys were envious of the lucrative waiter pay. $200-500 a night is why their base pay was $2 an hour


Sure at a real restaurant. I've worked in kitchens, switched to FOH, moved into Fine Dining even before I left the industry. In fine dining I could make a few hundred a night no problem. At a place like a Bob Evans or a Chili's you're lucky if the 8 top that ran you ragged for 2 hours and pissed off your kitchen leaves you 5 dollars. Coming out of a shift with $100 in tips would be impressive and you probably suffered the entire time.


Yes, a “fast-casual” restaurant probably isn’t going to attract a high tipping clientele- or tipping clientele… the kitchen staff is going to be pretty low paid too I would guess. Maybe waiting tables shouldn’t be a commission based job anymore- Here in SF some restaurants have experimented with a no-tipping policy, with other charges and probably higher prices added to be able to pay wait staff a “living wage”, healthcare, 401k plans, etc,. not sure how that’s working now though. People need to at least spend some of their youth- or more- working in a restaurant to give an appreciation of how it works when they dine out later in life…


Getting rid of tipping culture, which is a holdover from the Great Depression would be #1 in my opinion. Tips can become something that you give for excellent service instead of something you give because you know the server relies on it to pay their bills.


What bothers me is there ARE people that feel bad for them. And even worse 15 an hour still isn't livable in my area! Unless I wanna straight up live in the worst parts of the city, I have to hit around the 17 mark just to afford to pay rent and have enough money for bills AND food. Yet I'm suddenly seeing a lot of places in my area drop down to 13 an hour or the ones who are offering anything worth a damn want 3 degrees and 300 years experience. Otherwise they low ball you.


This is the correct take away from this. Government could have fixed this at any point but chose not to. Not Clinton. Not Bush. Not Obama. And obviously not Trump (lol). Biden is only doing this after some careful political calculations.


Barely. We’re literally pulling teeth trying to get the bare minimum.


Less than the bare minimum. If minimum wage had scaled with inflation and the increase in productivity, it'd be around $24/hour.


I mean to be fair the minimum wage continued to go up under Clinton and Bush. I remember it going up from 5.50/hr to 7.25 under the Bush admin, getting that raise was such a fucking highlight for me like it immediately improved my life. I had no idea that was going to be literally the only one. I was 15 then, I am 30 now.




And as long as the votes he needs are progressive votes, that’s fine


Don Lemon: But how will this homely 39-restaurant owner pay for his mansion? He might have to live in just a 2-floor house without an elevator and only 3 bathrooms. He's struggling like the rest of us...


They would still pay us in company money if they could.


I owe my soul to the company store


I'm so glad Biden basically told this dude "get over it and pay a living wage".


But Biden doesn't support a federally mandated minimum wage hike.


i have a pretty deep voice so this is a go to karaoke song for me


I used to work for a Sign Writers. I was coerced into working half my hours not being paid money, but instead in [Bartercard](https://bartercard.com.au/) credits. When I quit he took it as a personal attack.




In Minecraft


This is a cute little come back and all, but are we just going to ignore the fact that we don’t actually have a $15 federal minimum wage? The Biden admin and congressional Democrats could have made that happen earlier this year, but were unwilling to overrule the fucking parliamentarian. As if that ruling means more than the tangible benefit an increased minimum wage would have on so many people in this country. Words are nice, but without action they are just performative. Until Biden actually backs up the “he’ll just have to pay a $15/hr minimum wage” with real action, he can go get fucked right along with this John asshole.


Oh, that's just the tip of the iceberg of what Biden could but isn't doing because of insert excuse such as "the republicans" or necessity for "bipartisanship" OH WAIT, didn't the democrats just HAVE to win in GA so that they would not have to work with the republicans anymore? Also, $15 was the minimum wage for 2012, since they've taken so long, we might as well forget the $20 that we should be fighting for NOW and just go ahead and get ahead of the curve by calling for $25 or $30/hr with annual adjustments for inflation and none of this were going to implement it over a 75-year period BS.


I feel badly for all the people that worked so hard in Georgia just so that the democrats could do nothing with power.


unfortunately doing nothing with power is sorta the whole point of the democratic party


Because they won’t get rid of the filibuster. The republicans during the last two administrations were hell bent on filibustering every single bill and making sure they didn’t even come to a floor vote in the senate.


Also because of the ratchet phenomenon. Republicans turn the discourse further right, democrats prevent it from moving left.


I hope someday they get their 2000 dollar checks.


Biden is a right winger, don't know why people think anything other than that


Exactly. Y'all need to stop pretending that the president is being held captive to some other agenda. The reason the Democrats don't pass most of the progressive shit they campaign on is that *they don't actually want it.* There's a few exceptions to the rule but they number too few to make a dent.


Get fucked John!!!


Ours not a labor shortage. It's a wage shortage.


By paying any wage below a decent living wage, you're asking the government for welfare to pay your employees. Nobody working full time should be forced to get government assistance, but many are. We all bear that cost.


guy is rich af, he can afford to pay.


[John enjoys tennis, golf and skiing, as well as enjoying time with his family and friends](https://twitter.com/Avonan/status/1418720063633469442/photo/1).


Did someone look up how much he got in PPP 'loans' yet? Edit: [I just did](https://edition.cnn.com/projects/ppp-business-loans/businesses/thunderdome-restaurants-llc), $5 to 10 million. Yet the man can't pay a living wage. Honestly, these town halls are bullshit if the viewers and politicians aren't briefed properly. It shouldn't be hard to say: "this next question is from John X, who owns a restaurant group with a turnover of $XXX million dollars and got a PPP loan of $10 million dollars and somehow still sees himself as a small business owner.", before letting them ask questions.


"small business owner"


Maybe he's only 5 feet?


Maybe "small business owner" refers to his pecker?


Our system is broken beyond repair. I hope Norway invaded and takes over. They have a pretty good system.


Rich asshole gets to actually ENJOY time? Damn.


...an all around great guy!


In my experience, people like this don't really enjoy anything other than making money. They bring their work with them when they travel and they get anxious when the activity their family dragged them into is dragging out.




I don’t want to work for assholes who show they are asshole business owners on social media. It would suck to work for this fucking guy. Fuck him.


Biden then went on to not do anything to support workers. Aside from announcing his support for the Amazon workers who - may I remind you - lost their bid to unionize. Getting paid a living wage is the minimum. That's selling 5 hoaggies for your school. Getting a union is your right to take the whole regime down with you. 1) Some action from the white house would mean a lot more than thoughts and prayers. 2) $15 an hour was the asking price 20 years ago. It should be at least $25 now.


I kinda winced when he said wait staff get paid 7-8 dollars + tips. Like, in what universe? My dude doesn't know how tip wages work.


Different states, different laws. In NY minimum tipped wage is 7.50, regular minimum wage is 12.50. It's even higher in the city.


LOL it’s 2.13 here in Texas as long as tipping makes it $5 and hour.


How hard is it to view this situation in terms of supply and demand? Like, really. These guys own businesses based on that crucial economic concept and yet they fail to grasp that wage labour also run on supply and demand. It's moronic and entitled af. If no one is buying / taking jobs at the price /wage you're setting then you're not in equilibrium. Fix it or go out or business when someone else comes along to meet the demand for the product / jobs you're offering.


If you can’t afford to pay people a reasonable wage to do a job to generate profit for your business then you don’t have a business you have a Ponzi scheme.


I would love to know what percentage of small businesses are just Ponzi schemes that take the money from the SBA.


hahah. look at his fuckin face. you know that fuck has like a mcmansion, two trucks, and boat. anybody know his name?


John Lanni. You are pretty close. Worked for the group. Covid was hell. They even tried to sweep some cases of sick employees under the table.


"Maybe you should just pay a living wage" -the man who could literally just make it illegal not to


I’m not a huge Biden guy, but… nice. Get fucked, John.


John looks like he's experiencing the invisible hand of the market.


Are you wearing enough flair?


[Office Space](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7SNEdjftno) is the friendly version of this sub. (Not explicitly anti-capitalist.)


Fuck John


Make it $25!


make it 40 fuck it, give workers control of their workplaces


"If you can't afford to pay your employees a living wage, you can't afford to be in business."


So make minimum wage 15-20 an hour then and quit just talking about it


This is so great haha


Wait I don't understand. Who's the good guy in this post? $15 is nothing for minimum wage.


Americans think of business owners like the gods of capitalism. They “create” jobs 🙄


Lmfao fuck Biden, fuck stingy cheep greedy assholes, fuck our broken system.


Coming from Biden this isn't the dunk you think it is.


But that means he wont be able upgrade his benz next year!


Look at how perplexed he looks lol


He's right, but telling small business owners to fuck themselves, while opening his asshole for large businesses, isn't a good look. It should be laborers first, small businesses second, large businesses never. Not large businesses first, everyone else in a knife fight.


We just had two more people put in their two weeks at my job yesterday, and apparently our boss called his boss and told him that they need to start paying people more or something since "everyone is chasing money." It's kind of hard to survive making $9 an hour ($9.50 if you count our commission check we get once a month) and when we find a better paying job, we fucking jump on it. It's not a bad place or a bad job, it's just they don't pay well when we could literally go to the fast food joint across the street and make at least $3 more an hour.


The $15 minimum wage that Biden opposes?


ahh i remember when i believed in biden too and didnt realise he was just a less extreme trump who lied in order to get in office


At the start of the second lockdown in the UK, my old boss was on BBC London whining about how hard it's been for pubs to stay going during the crisis. Her and her brother who owned the place were drug addict idiots, and some of the most unpleasant people I've ever worked with. You love to see it.


MY OCR read this as \>Joe Biden tells a small business owner that his industry is "really going to be in a bind for a little while,” and goes on to say that if he wants to h1re workers, he'll just have to pay a $416/hr minimum wage: ​ This is the way


> $416/hr minimum wage Reasonable.


15 per hr? My floor keeps going up.


eat your bootstraps


$15/hr minimum with the way healthcare is is not enough... at all... And the ACA is so bad that small businesses literally have an almost impossible task to pay that AND give full benefits under the ACA... Now if the gov't would just unfuck itself and do single payer and mandate $20/hr minimum wage it would cost less for everyone... business, taxpayers... everyone...


Hey buddy, nobody wants to work your shit job for shit wages so STFU.


Maybe he should stop buying avocado yachts and pay a living wage


lets not suck the senile rapist's dick here, if he rly cared about paying 15$/h he would pressure his own party to vote to make it a federal law and ignore the fucking parliamentarian.


You can see the look on dude's face, "How am I supposed to get rich running a tiny business if I can't pay slave wages?


As if the burnt out geriatric knows how to fix the economy.


John looks flustered that he has to treat his workers as humans and not wage slaves. Oh John, how fucked you must feel.


Fuckin tool. Button up your shirt and wear a tie.


I stand in solidarity with oppressed workers. Fuck John.


a small business owner of only 39 restaurants! i don't see why you guys are so hard on john! he's in serious jeopardy of having a few shut down and only being a small business owner of 35 restaurants!


You should be able to live off minimum wage. End of story


If you work for this guy now? Quit if you don’t make 15 an hour. All at the same time walk out and leave everything right where it is. Tell John you will all come back to work for 20 an hour. The trick is to all walk at the same time at all locations. Fuck guys like John he is the problem.