The epitome of everything that is awful

The epitome of everything that is awful


But he has nice white teeth and holds a Bible when he speaks.


70% how you look, 20% how you sound, 10% what you actually say or do. So if you look the part and sound great you're 90% of the way to scamming millions from the vulnerable. Source - I'm tall w a face like a henchman and a deep voice. People keep asking me to help guard their secret base :(


You've not answered my headhunter's emails Mr hammers, I was wondering if you could head my super secret security team in my quest for world domination. If you could be at my super secret under ground lair at the south pole for an interview this Tuesday at 9 am that would be great. Refreshments will be provided. \-Patton Oswalt probably


I love Patton Oswalt. Oswalt leading a world takeover makes me think of his Mad Max "fuck the sad boy" bit.


Now I really want to see a movie where Patten Oswald plays himself taking over the world. Twist ending: he actually took over the real world.


He attempted to take over Miami in Reno 911 the movie if that counts.


Ha! Nice. Only seen a few episodes of that show so I wasn’t aware. Though given how Miami is falling apart now, it’s a smidgen less impressive than it would have been a month ago. Seems like anyone taking over could just say “I will prevent your condos from collapsing while you sleep at night” and be golden for a mayoral run. (Note there’s nothing about daytime collapses. Still an evil takeover, after all.)


hahaha me too. Seems like such a nice guy he'd be a perfect world dictator plotting in secret with a white cat..


"Go ahead, I don't give a fuck. It's already like a tube of circus peanuts back there".


Fucking incredible bit. “Yeah do me right in the dirt button, Mohawk. I don’t give a shit” LOL


Dear Dr. Bastard, I hope my response finds you well and operating at full ruthless efficiency. I will be at the designated location at the appropriate time, assuming of course that this will be the start of a world wide adventure spanning months and requiring my particular set of expert skills to dart the operatives at the pole, retrieve the drive with the next set of coordinates and crossfit my way out of Antarctica on the quest to prove myself worthy of your team, by discovering the true location of your base and the associated site known only as >![AKTION13F14].!< The interview will begin when I tap you on the shoulder from above.


Ok, I thought we could roast some hot dogs, maybe have some drinks, but that's good too...


kenneth copeland looks like the reincarnation of the devil though, not sure how can anyone stand him he creeps me out and he said some awful things.




I feel so embarrassed for him watching that. It's just cringey all the way. Also since it doesn't work, isn't it God's way of saying "you don't represent me"?


That remix they made of that clip is hilarious


Yeah, that dude is really weird. I wonder if he used to be good then all the money and power made him into a freak. It's a form of celebrity and when people get wealthy and famous they get weird.


No, he was worse, he's one of those uber-entitled people who just push until they get what they want.


> he said some awful things *Awful things his audience fully believe.* I know what you mean, possibly you need the fire and brimstone mentality installed at birth to fall for someone whose face is pure radioactive hatred.


He looks like a villain. It's like God himself just wanna make that message really clear lmfao


The fact that he has that constant Cheshire Cat smile regardless of what he is saying should be the tell that he’s a conman to anyone not completely gullible. Greasy greasy pseudo-Christian scumbag


Can You guard my secret base??


I have turned down literally dozens of offers with great benefits from ruthless and dedicated supervillains across the globe. Finally the right lazy-eyed psycho has risen to power. I will *only* guard your secret base.


Kenneth Copeland is the exception I guess? Cause he looks evil, definitely sounds evil, and still gets all the money and fame.... Maybe... just maybe... Overly religious people are incapable of thinking rationally and are inherently terrible judges of character in addition to just being hypocrites? Idk that's just ~~historically set precedent~~ my opinion though, I guess.


I'm a fuckin doohhnnnutt


If you can do a Russian accent, I think I might have an offer that you can't refuse.


Exactly what I’ve said about Gavin Newsom!!! It’s all about nice teeth abs a great smile with that great hair. Both men are crooks and complete frauds!!


oh how I wish I could take a plier and pluck those pearly whites out one by on... ​ I mean *cough* yeah, bible man.


Remember that one time Joel Osteen helped the poor instead of himself? Yeah, me neither.


If Christians actually read the Bible they would see him for the charlatan he is. It’s evil and disgusting, even by biblical standards, *especially* by those standards. This man is fine to do what vile shit, but Obama was the anti-Christ because he’s a black man


Well, to be fair…Obama DID wear a tan suit. /s for those who need it.


Literally was going to make that reference but decided my comment was too rambling already lol


And we all know Jesus wouldn’t have put Dijon mustard on a hamburger for Chri……..His…sake.


Of course, most people forget that was one of the original eleven commandments, which is why it is normally dropped down to only ten. But that was one was one of the most important, which is why it was such a big deal with Obama. /s to be on the safe side.


We do and we see a lot of the other charlatans as well. I personally try not to guess who's saved or not but oftentimes the people that go to these churches are about as Christian as the apostates they choose to follow. "Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ Matthew 7:21‭-‬23 NIV




I disagree with you on both counts. Firstly super churches would still exist, abusing th church and religion for money and power is nothing new. You can look at pagan Rome for a great example of this. Secondly there is absolutely nothing in the Bible that conflicts with how Sunday services are run. "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20. Now if your talking about the different traditions and liturgy that each Christian sect follows then your getting into territory that nobody has been able to agree on since Paul wrote to the early churches. As long as the Nicene Creed is accepted by the church than that Church can reasonably be expected be "Christian". This is like telling Sunni Muslims that if they followed the Quran than their services wouldn't exist.


To be fair I think most Christians see through his bs as well as the bs of any preacher touting "prosperity gospel" unfortunately there are too many desperate people and idiots out there


The dude's face screams weasel and people still give him their paychecks.


And he’s even holding the Bible right side up!!


The people who follow Joel Osteen are some of the dumbest people on Earth. He knows this and takes complete advantage of people who don’t know better and are desperate. It’s sick. I know he doesn’t believe any of the shit he preaches because of he did, he’d be scared shitless of burning in hell.


Oh ok he's fine then




The real suckers are all the people who blindly and foolishly keep giving their money to Joel Osteen. All they've done is help Joel Osteen get rich!! Damn fools, **quit giving your money to Joel Osteen**!! Quit giving your money to these **unscrupulous charlatans**. No preacher/pastor worth their salt needs a multi million dollar mansion or a private jet or several multi-million dollar mansions or several private jets!!! **FUCK JOEL OSTEEN!!**




He's a cult-icon and a very talented one. I bet could probably get like 1/4 of his followers to drink cyanide kool-aid if he wanted to.


Oh please. Like *that* ever happened before…


Lightning doesn’t strike twice…..right?


Most of the people in jonestown didnt know they were drinking poisoned juice. It was a mass murder suicide


They knew. They could see people dying around them as they were forced up to drink it. But you are very right that there was mass murder there: some were forced to take the poison, others were shot. People usually don't realize that not everyone at Jonestown willingly died. For anyone who wants to learn more, there's an excellent book, "The Road To Jonestown" by Jeff Guin. Also, you can read diaries written by a woman living at Jonestown. Edith Roller kept extensive diaries which are a bizarre and spellbinding peek into the cult. https://jonestown.sdsu.edu/?page_id=35667


I really, really want someone to make a high quality, multi-season true crime drama about Jim Jones. Like narcos or true detective but the Jonestown cult.


It's absolutely spellbinding. I live in San Francisco, and I am amazed at how Jones was a powerbroker here. All the politicians used to go to his insane services. And it's not talked about very much, apart from people glibly referencing "don't drink the Kool-aid."


I live in sf too! Have you ever read season of the witch? If not it’s an amazing book about all of the craziness of SF starting around the 60s. https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/Season-of-the-Witch/David-Talbot/9781439108246


They knew! They practiced this process many times leading up to it.


What about flavor aid


Sorry TV said to and the kids never call.


Can I get an AMEN.


> The real suckers are all the people who blindly and foolishly keep giving their money to Joel Osteen. All they've done is help Joel Osteen get rich!! While true, that's just blaming the victims for falling prey to a scammer.


I knew a guy who started a gofundme to pay for a plane ticket and legal fees so he could fly to Texas and punch Joel Osteen in the face. The guy disappeared from social media so I don't know the outcome, but given that I didn't hear about it in the news I'm guessing it never happened.


Shit I woulda gave him every cent I had! What's his number? Is there a video? Can I punch him too? Can we ALL punch him? So excited at the possibilities! Maybe there is a god after all....


I’ve never punched anybody. I’ll punch Joel Osteen.


If Osteen ever mixed with ordinary people he'd get punched often.


I'd start with Kenneth copeland. [Look at that face](https://youtu.be/AUdKwTGFU2g). Jesus.


This guy genuinely freaks me out


oh man I don't think I'd touch him. Clearly victim of cooties. I'd have to wear gloves and a mask I guess, but yea, now that I take a second look a few to the face would be a good thing


This guy gets the baseball bat.


Yeah that guy needs an ass beating more than most


Also Kenneth Bragnaun or whoever that fucks name is.


You mean Kenneth Copeland?


That’s it.


don’t you stop that tithing!!


You might be thinking of actor/director Kenneth Branagh, although I'm told many people would also like to deck him as well so I don't know if that helps or not.


I have. It's no fun. Unless it's Joel fucking Osteen. I'd probably have to fight passersby that want a piece, the ambulance guys, the cops, the dude grabbing a six pack, the nurses and doctors.....


> Shit I woulda gave him every cent I had! I'd be careful it wasn't another of Joel's grifts. Was his name 'Ol Joesteen


Which means he grifted a bunch of money from other people. Sounds like a skill he might have learned from Joel Osteen.


I would have fully supported this “Mission”


I seriously don't know how anyone with even a passing knowledge of the Bible and Jesus could buy this prosperity gospel nonsense. It's the exact opposite of everything he preached.


I had a conversation with my Father In Law once (he's a great guy but a big believer in the prosperity gospel). He had all these recordings of Creflo Dollar in his queue, and my husband and I were kind of horrified. So we talked to FIL and came up with an agreement that if I watched one of his Creflo sermons, he would watch a sermon by a preacher I liked at the time (who spoke out against that kind of BS). Husband and I sit and watch through the whole thing, looking up every verse he mentioned and making notes about every awful lie he told. He actually barely mentioned the bible, and when he did, he took the verse so far out of context that one time he actually made it sound like it meant the exact opposite of what it meant. Went to his computer, downloaded a couple of sermons for him to choose from from "our" guy. Then went to talk to him about how bad the Creflo sermon was. He just kinda laughed it off and didn't seem at all bothered by any of it. Kept saying "It's all biblical!" Even when we were showing him evidence that it was not. Anyway we asked him the next few times we saw him if he ever listened to the sermon and he kept saying he didn't have a chance, until he finally just said he was never going to listen to it, he just wanted us to listen to his. I love my FIL but that's the most angry/disappointed I've ever been in him.


That is the epitome of willful ignorance (not to mention being rude and disrespectful and manipulative.) Like damn.


A deal is a deal. I know what would be playing at my house before FIL got any pie at Thanksgiving.


Wow, that hurts and it's so hard to try to remain respectful at the same time. I'm sorry man, props to you for trying though.


Thanks, I just hope some day he can see through it. These prosperity preachers are just...evil.


They truly are, what they're doing shouldn't be allowed


Religion and education are inversely proportional.


Ahh yes the first step to getting rich, taking out a loan of more money than you'll ever really need in your lifetime that you don't have to pay back. Why didn't i think of that?


He’s not alone. A lot of chain restaurants did that at the start of the pandemic but didn’t increase the pay of the workers or anything :/


I just read somewhere that a company got a 10mil ppp loan (which is supposed to be used for rent, employee payroll, utilities so the company can stay afloat), then sold off their plant and moved manufacturing to mexico. So they're getting rid of the need to pay anything the loan was for, while moving production to a cheaper location out of country and keeping the loan? That's sooo greedy and fucked up. Edit: company was Freightcar America i believe


It takes money to make money and when you have money you can pay people to find loopholes to exploit. Any penalties they could face are years away and with proper investment it literally would pay to abuse the system. My red flags were as the bills were drafted almost every member of government had a company chartered, if they didn't already. Plus as the payments started going out the crypto bubble massively expanded almost like all that money was treated as an enrichment scheme or an investment supercharge, not building back up a broken middle class. The money was never for you and I, they were doing just fine half staffing and asking for patience as "no one wants to work."


Just so everyone is on the same page, PPP loans are not getting reimbursed or cancelled, and the government has basically ghosted everybody who tries.


Yes they are…..


idk Dave the CPA, but some random redditor said they weren't being paid back so it must be true.


Right. They were only forgiven if you could prove that a minimum percentage, I think 60%, went to employees to keep them on the payroll. If you can't prove that, then it's just a business loan with a good interest rate.


Superpastors are a blight on this world


The epitome of a false prophet. Warned about in religions everywhere.


This sentiment is SO underappreciated. I'm not even religious, but people that worship any religion really need to understand that this happens way too often in most faiths, and what really matters is the moral fundamentals of their teachings.


[Paula White](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BtKLbypphM) needs a compilation not tidings...


> what really matters is the moral fundamentals of their teachings. And what is that, exactly? Every sect of every religion thinks they’re the true one bringing their religion back to its roots. It’s all vague and undefined so fundamentally it’s all up to whatever interpretation gets the most effort put into it.


Jon Oliver's ongoing coverage of this sort of thing is epic. He even set up his own church to highlight the stupidity


Wtf is a superpastor?


Like a Velocipastor, just not as cool.


Hilarious movie


It really was a great movie!


My favorite was the car explosion. THE BEST CGI!


mine is the stripper sidekick.


A super pastor is someone like Kenneth Copeland who is extremely rich and use things like private jets and expensive $350k cars while most of their audience can barely afford a $10 donation. They go on television and preach and do their sermons, but they're evil people who reject people seeking shelter after natural disasters, as an example. Truthfully someone I am going to be glad to see when I'm in hell.


Anytime Kenneth Copeland is mentioned I post [this interview](https://youtu.be/9LtF34MrsfI) in case someone hasn’t seen it. He is truly a strange duck.


What a freak. Ugh, just gives me chills. You know he's banging world class hookers via a mountain of dick pills. Snorting cocaine off the world's best bleached buttholes for our Lord n saviour hallelujah amen.


It's for christ. It's understandable.


Its like that harvest festival fool. The low-rent southern California version of Peter Popoff. He tried to rip my friend off once for the hooker delivery while snorting a pile of coke. GREG LAURIE. tell your friends.


Not very good with context clues, huh?


Is there a single one that is a good person?


Religion is a blight on this world.


Say it louder.




Dont forget his 10.5 million dollar mansion.


“Watch out for false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are voracious wolves. You will recognize them by their fruit. Grapes are not gathered from thorns or figs from thistles, are they? In the same way, every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree is not able to bear bad fruit, nor a bad tree to bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So then, you will recognize them by their fruit. Matthew 7:15-20


You shall know they by their fruit & Osteen's are rotten.


Where is Dexter when we need him?


He and his wife are grifters. Christianity has been hijacked by these kind of liars. It’s disgusting.


>Christianity has been hijacked by these kind of liars. Christianity was started by these kind of liars. Nothing was Hijacked, this is what it always was.


That’s a lot of ignorance talking. Early Christians freaked people out due to their sacrificial giving and non-violent lifestyle.


There was a whole ass move away from catholicism because of this. But when people think christian, they only think catholic.


But my fairy tale is better than your fairy tale and my zombie will beat up your zombie.


Do your research… this is one of the most wrong things I have read today.


Amen same with all religion


He “says” he’s a Christian…he isn’t….at all in any way or form. He teaches something called the prosperity gospel which basically says that you will always get what you want no matter what


If you have to broadly advertise to people that you’re a follower of Christ, especially in the manner he does, you’re doing a lousy job of following Christ.


Woah , my mom has been watching him my whole life (more than 23 years) and honestly I notice her behavior when she prays she’s just asking for things but does nothing… how did you find this out


The crazy thing is if he had just opened his church doors to those desperate people, he could have rode that until he died. It would have deflected a lot of criticism. Not saying it would have made him a good person, but I thought he was at least a smart grifter.


It’s ok the irs can’t audit him because it’s cheaper to audit the poor .... this is according to there official statement


Total “cheese ball at the yacht club”!


This guy is SUCH a lizard. I watched him once for a few minutes and I felt violated. I don't understand how people can send him money and why?


Same. I legit felt molested.


He knows. Is calling him a false prophet really an insult if he isn’t even Christian?


Yup. Now post this in the Christianity subreddit and let's make popcorn!


r/dankchristianmemes would %100 approve of this meme


Didn’t a previous incarnation of that sub get taken down for extreme homophobia and going around harassing people to try to convert them?


His profits sure aren't false


If Satan was a real being, Joel Osteen would definitely be one of his employees.


if ever there was a violent overthrow of the rule of law as a result of a global catastrophe and we all reverted to a post-apocalyptic subsistence existence with the only currency being brutality, a laissez faire attitude to the right to life and possibly beatrix potter figurines - the first fucker that would be cast headfirst into my gladiatorial pit wherein the unfortunate would be forced to fight for their lives against hideously mutated insectmanmen while wearing little more than a pair of tight whities, their unshakable faith in god above and a pointy stick, would be Joel fucking Osteen. what a fucking cunt.


But the issue isn't him...he's one of a long line of these types. The issue is the dumbasses that continue to fund these assholes.


My father in law is one of those dumbasses. He is a very well off piece of racist shit. I think he thinks that if he gives the church a ton of money all his sins will be forgiven. Um, try living a good life by treating others with dignity, respect, empathy, and basic human kindness and it would be so much cheaper.


Reminds me of this scene from the Sopranos. [Paulie visits the priest](https://youtu.be/9f46mFkjOKM)




lol...that probably sounds like too much work to this con's followers. Why be a decent human being when you can feel superior to everyone around you by just handing over your money and remaining sanctimonious and hating everyone that's not exactly like you? What's that saying about fools and their money? Honestly, if you can't see the obvious grift...its only a matter of time before you're scammed by someone else anyway...so I'm not sure that it matters.


The issue isn't him, it's the people he scams? Are you sure?


PPP loans covered salaries for his employees while the church was closed. He pays personal income taxes, but likely rigged so that the church provides tax free benefits. He pays himself well off those he grifts, but more likely the car was a tax deduction from a church member.


Has anyone else noticed that he looks exactly like Martin Short circa The Three Amigos?


I think Dr. Phil got a $ 7.5 m PPP loan. I don't recall hearing that his show ever went off the air during pandemic. Hmmmmmm


Phil (not even a dr.) is an exploitative scumbag who makes money off of showing people’s personal struggles to a worldwide audience and making them into fools, then sending them to abusive “reform institutions” that give him kickbacks for every child he sends over to be abused.


Doesn’t matter if you’re liberal or conservative, Joel Osteen exploits evangelical Christians to get rich and then turns people away in a crisis. That is awful no matter how you cut it.


Its the American Gospel, the prosperity movement. There is two good movies on it on Netflix. American Gospel: Christ Alone (2018) and American Gospel: Christ Crucified (2019) Trailers: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDW19ItmZXQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDW19ItmZXQ) [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XH2p6Q3u5s](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XH2p6Q3u5s)


PPP loans causing all this inflation. It was just a scam for the already rich to get free money.


Drive past his church once a week. Always spit on the grass. Not easy because it's on the passenger side.


You forgot to mention that he is not practicing Christianity! He uses it as a leg for his crippled view on it. He teaches that all you need in the end is money to be "good". This is not, at all the way Christians are called to act. All that you stated is bad enough but add in that he is claiming things Christianity never did. He is a crook, a liar and a thief. We cannot let him get away with any part of what he is doing, expecialy for the fact he is falsely portraying to the rest of the 🌎 what God is about.


he teaches ‘the law of attraction’ under the guise of christianity. this has absolutely nothing to do with being good but instead, it is about projecting good fortune for yourself. it is also know as “the secret” in secular circles. the concept is similar to imposing the placebo effect on one’s self. Wayne Dyer used a similar approach in the 80s and 90s. He lost some credibility after his 3rd failed marriage.


He has to pay taxes on his income. Now if he moves that income into investments he can pay less in taxes. No issues with that. That being said, Joel osteen is absolutely a hypocrite and even most Christians I know think that and don’t like him.


His flock of sheep is more like a herd of cash cows to fleece


Confidence is key, and Olsteen has no lack of it. I wonder what kind of narcissist it takes to be THAT bad.


I worked at a group home and one of the clients would get a weekly allowance of 25 dollars. He was very religious and would try to send 20 dollars each week to either Joel Osteen or Peter Popoff. I showed him many times that they're fakes and they just want his money but he never wanted to believe me. I tried showing him actual religious charities he could donate to but he didn't want to hear it. It's absolutely disgusting how these televangelists take advantage of people.


No, the profits are very very real


The vast majority of Christians don’t like Joel Osteen, and it takes a lot of almost every Christian to dislike a mega church “pastor”


That is not true about the church. It was also flooded


Why the rage? He's just a smart business man. ​ .... Pretending to be a man of God.


Don't hate the player, hate the game. He may be a false prophet, but those profits are real.


People can in fact hate both the player and the game.


When did god become obsessed with a profit/loss spreadsheet and Italian sports cars?


If you look at The Vatican, I'd say roughly 1600 years ago? Probably even before that though. Religion has always been a tool to dupe the gullible.


Oh, so when the clergy got involved. Right. As soon as one dick decided he knew what god meant, everyone else got fucked over, literally, in the case of altar boys.


The "clergy" created god. There was no god without fucking people over for the benefit of the clergy. It's the whole point.


*Nah, man, god's real. He just gave up on humanity centuries ago and we're like the toys a kid leaves in the toy box because the newest toy is way cooler. Some alien race is benefiting from god's attention right now. Out there, there are hundreds of other planets in the same situation, but unlike Toy Story, Andy ain't coming back for us.* - Joe Rogan (probably)


Surfing channels I came upon this guy. Watched for a couple of minutes. There were hundreds of people in the audience. Who the fuck follows this shit. Antivaccers and Trump supporters? Boggles the mind.


Exactly. Ya know... Morons


The common clay of the new west


The cognitively susceptible.


Hi, vaccinated Trump supporter here. Joel osteen is a piece of shit. Just wanted to give you your daily dose of “you generalizing people is wrong” and remind you when you generalize like you’re doing now, you’re most always going to be wrong. Thanks!




Let’s all thank /u/quik2505 for proving your theory correct! 👏👏👏👏


Well there you go. Trying to demonstrate the power of evidence to a Trump supporter. They don’t like that.


Trump is a traitor and obvious Russian asset. Anyone who supports him is either mentally inept or a traitorous piece of shit. I hope you get what's coming to you.


LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is the saddest comment I’ve read all year. It’s over. Get a grip!


I don't want to be anywhere near where him and his followers are going, after this life! Makes me feel so proud to be a Satanist! Hail Satan!


Average xtian


Guy is smart. Hopefully he burns in Hell because he’s a piece of shit, but he’s winning right now that’s for sure. I just can’t believe that he has so many ppl that pay to follow him. What’s that say about them.


He doesn't believe in heaven and hell is why he does this.


I respect one aspect and that's his approach, he doesn't hide his shitbaggery. He's all about the money and says so. if you fall for it, it's your own damn fault. "Jesus wants you be insanely and selfishly rich." works for him and many others.


When you're a profit, not a prophet


Theres no such thing as a false prophet because prophet's don't exist.


If those followers could read they'd be very upset.


Churches are by far one of the most corrupt systems in the world. They take money, avoid taxes, give false hope, and so much more


There’s a reason prophet and profit sound the same


Hey but he is a Christian and that makes everything better


I worked for the private security company that monitors his homestead and business for the past 25 years. I worked with the scheduling during the Harvey flooding. A lot of the guards had to abandon their posts at that time for obvious reasons. The information circulating about that particular event was unfair and untrue. I talked to the guard scheduler to find out who was at that site so we could relay the info they seen there back to the owner of the company who was the only person who was speaking to him directly. It was their first hand account and advice that because of the water damage inside and there was no air circulation and no electricity or running water, to let the doors remain closed until at least power and water could be restored. They maintained their post around the area to keep the public out of the building for the reasons that were stated by the guard. When power was restored, and I can’t recall if it was by way of generator or what and it took someone who had the keys for where that was to access it, they opened the doors to the stranded and began cleaning the water damages at the same time. A lot was going on everywhere at the time. I had guards stranded in their homes, at various work sites around Sabine and Cameron - so I couldn’t focus on just the church, but that information about just keeping the doors closed was only half of the info and was also misleading. That’s all I wanted to say.


My god people, learn how taxes work. Tell me how Joel Osteen doesn’t pay taxes?


The church does not pay property taxes at the rate a private business does. The money left over after expenses isn’t taxed. The profits on their investments aren’t taxed. He can live in a multi-million solar “manse” the the church buys and drive car the church buys without either the church or him getting having to use after-tax money used to buy them, etc.


Criticize the dude all you please, but at least stick to facts or logical conclusions. Every god damned reddit thread about him is filled with the same bullshit. For a site that was so worried about fake news when the orange idiot was in office, so many falsehoods are perpetuated about reddit's pet topics that it doesn't seem much different. * Neither he or his creepy looking wife draw a salary from the church (since 2005.) * His money comes from book sales and is taxed normally. (Caveat: They are probably reimbursed for church related travel expenses which wouldn't be taxed. A relative drop in the bucket to someone worth more than $100 million.) * He bought his house(s). * He bought his car. Two minutes on google were enough to loosely verify this. For that matter, 'Joel Osteen' didn't get a PPP loan. Lakewood church applied for and got the loan.


Ayyy, someone here is on the trolley. To add to what you’re saying: even if him and his wife drew a salary from the church, they would pay income tax at a normal rate. Had he not bought his house and it was a church “parsonage”, the IRS would be very quick to count the rate over a reasonable rental rate as income to Steen (again, taxed at the normal rate). Same thing with if the car was purchased by the church for his use, he would be required to either reimburse the church for personal use or include that as income.


I think you’re missing the moral outrage here. Osteen’s income comes from book sales. Osteen sells books because he is the pastor of a mega church. You can legally separate the two ventures, but the one comes from the other. No one wants a “Live your best life NOW!” book written by an average Joe. It seems really shitty that Osteen has made MILLIONS off his church, but as soon as the pandemic hit, his church was bailed out… by the feds. My tax dollars and yours kept Osteen’s staff paid so Osteen wouldn’t have to dip into his own very deep pockets. Put another way, Osteen has no problem asking parishoners for tithes to pay his people, but when times are tough, he is not willing to pony up his money. He’s a hypocrite and a piece of shit.


I've said it once and I'll say it again, every time you see a headline/meme that says something absolutely unbelievable, 95% of the time it's either an exaggeration or outright false. This transcends politics in many cases but on Reddit it usually ends up leaning a certain way. I've become so jaded with all this fucking outrage bait as a result of this and pretty much ignore all of it.


Ah yes, the classic “have to sort by controversial to find the truth on Reddit” scenario