Struggles as a medic

Struggles as a medic


* Tag that I'm incoming * Run over to the guy so he sees I'm getting closer * Pop a smoke grenade * Dive though a hail of bullets to revive him * He skips * I get killed * FUUUUUUUU- This happens far too often.


It’s the worst when they cling to life waiting for medics to come revive them, and there is a support camping right next to their location. Mowing down every medic that comes to help.


I know this pain. :(


All the fucking time dude. I swear they do this on purpose.


There’s this perk that I HIGHLY recommend. It automatically deploys smoke on a target when you tag for incoming. It’s nuts...


Yeah lemme just get 5 syringe kills real quick


Is that what you neeeded? I don’t remember doing that... are you sure?


Not for Concealed Rescue itself but for Hasty Retreat, which you need to unlock first to do the second part of the assignment. Don’t worry, in theory you don’t *need* to get 5 syringe kills. You can just win a round of Rush! Just have to find an active Rush server first...




I jumped into an empty server for rush and when i left i got the win


The syringe kills are much easier than it sounds, and I had a blast when discovered that by charging the syringe for at least one second it one shots everyone. Just wait behind a corner or a door and poke them


That sounds ridiculously useful


It is


How do you tag?


Spot them




It is the exact same mechanic as spotting an enemy.


I don't know how to spot an enemy and this is first time I ever hear about. How do I spot an enemy?


Google for the platform you play in. Spotting is a core battlefield mechanic, as important, if not more important than shooting


Already googled that! Thanks! If this wasn't discussed in this thread I would thought enemies light up when someone on the plane spots em, what a dumbass I am 💀😂


Now that you know about it you'll be frustrated at how little it happens. Spotting wins games.




Me reviving a medic, 10 seconds later i die in a safe spot. The medic i revived: ight imma head out.


I feel you, being medic is hard and weird how you think


Bonus struggle: I spam the crap out of the spot button, so sometimes I accidentally tell someone who died in a rather heated place that I'm coming to revive them even though I know I'll most likely end up dying too, but I try to get them anyways cause I feel bad lol.


Holy cow, I do this same thing.


I know what you mean. I accidentally do the same when I spot. An easy fix woulda been if you press q on them again you cancel the incoming medic text.


I thought I was the only one


Same here


Dude it's not a real medic experience unless you're diving down taking fire from snipers and machine guns and then just as you're about to revive the guy, they skip anyway.


I know not everyone does this, but in my experience, medics don't ever revive when at safe areas, but always in dangerous areas


There’s no glory to be had in safe revives.


Haha very true 😜 You can actually get a lot of players back up in dangerous places with smoke grenades. And get out alive too. Deploy the smoke between the downed teammate and enemy not on top of the teammate for best effect


Concealed Rescue is arguably one of the strongest perks in the game because as a medic it gives you one free smoke grenade on a squadmate's body (note: squad not team) every 45 seconds (so you can have smoke plus also a normal grenade, or effectively 3 smokes). If someone runs in and suicides themselves like an idiot at least you can use it to "deploy" smoke on the enemy, or in a tactically appropriate location (often the middle of a killzone or lane). I use it all the time even if I have no intention of reviving (and will apologize on voice). This statement is going to be a bit of a hot take but personally I find it very easy to shoot out of smoke and much more difficult to shoot into it *unless the enemies are spotted* (shooting doritos is piss easy and if there's no other cover you're toast). I also think that it's pretty easy for enemies to get "out" of the smoke cloud, or to move side to side enough to break line of sight with the smoke cloud, so a smoke grenade on an enemy position or down a lane sometimes doesn't hold them back well. I know it's completely "wrong" with how smokes are supposed to be used but personally I would rather throw smoke *near me* (not on but near) on some convenient terrain that will let me get into cover a bit and then use the cover from inside the smoke to attack at midrange (medic/sniper/etc). So like, throw it behind or slightly to the side of a trench or crater and play at the very edge of the smoke near the lip of the terrain. That way I'm in cover, and I'm the one who controls when I'm in or out of smoke rather than them controlling when they're in or out, so I control the tempo of engagement better. Maybe I have just spent too much time in my own Concealed Rescue smoke clouds and gotten used to it. But I think smoke near you is often a tactical asset too, just like smoke on enemies or down a lane. And with Concealed Rescue smoke is basically "free", it reloads itself in 45s anyway with no effort on your part, so the tactical cost to spamming it is very low - just hit it whenever it seems potentially useful, if you can stay alive through the engagement it will be recharged by the time you hit your next engagement, without you even having to reload or anything. Try to pick a good time and place to pop it of course, but it doesn't help to hold it back, it's very low cost tactically. Just don't make the mistake of mixing up cover and concealment - smoke near you is usually concealment and if you just stand there in the open leaving tracers back to your position the smoke isn't going to help you much (and will probably hurt). But it's great if you need to scoot out of a killzone or if you otherwise have cover to play around in (or are even, perhaps, trying to rescue that downed teammate). You just exploit nearby smoke differently from smoke on an enemy. Also, *actually* popping smoke on squadmate to rescue them can also be exploited once the enemy realizes it - smoke magically going off becomes a signal that a medic is about to enter that area, so you may want to consider voice chatting rather than marking them sometimes. It's still very useful of course but bear in mind the need for cover/etc, it's still just concealment and if you're dorito-spotted without cover you're toast, it's a little extra cover not a magic damage shield if there's three dudes staring you down with LMGs/rifles. You still have to play in the zone controlled by your squad. Also, try to get out of the habit of just marking everyone who goes down, if you do that, because it'll waste your concealed rescue smoke (if you do it on a squadmate). I guess though that I've never seen a direct comparison of how obscured I am at the edge of the smoke, vs how obscured the enemies are to me. Maybe the smoke effect is deceptive and my ass is just hanging right out. Oh, also, if you're on operations on some turd of a map like Galicia and your team is total piss with no real coordination, sometime "smoke wizard" is a viable class - medic, bandages, smoke grenade launcher (x4), smoke grenades (x2), quick heal, flak, and concealed rescue (if there's anyone at all who you can squad with who is pushing, it's another smoke x1). Just make sure that everything is smoked at all times, try to resupply (grabbing a support's kit and dropping it for yourself works), and remember you get 6 more smokes if you respawn. If you're losing anyway maybe it will help a little. If your team is viable, regular revives are too good to give up the needle for the grenade launcher but if you're getting mowed down over open terrain sometimes you just need to do the needful and Smoke Wizard can help those baby turtles cross the sand into the ocean where they can move more freely.


Nah Galicia is a decent map. I agree that it is certainly easier for tumour team to get stuck if uncoordinated, but the same goes for every map, especially FAO Fucking Fortress when we have 3 arty trucks. But Galicia when it gets up and running which is quite often ime.


Yes now that you mention it, that's true, I can often see enemies from inside the smoke but not the other way around. That makes smoke even better. Some good tips in your post I read all of it. I hink there are some YouTube videos of smoke grenades for sure. People test everything.


Good advice.


There's points in it for sure, but nothing beats the thrill of going full on commando into a cloud of smoke while bullets whiz by you from every direction and saving a teammate.


Points don’t get you into Valhalla! Just kidding, they may. But absolutely! Most of the time my man goes right back down and me right after. But once in a great while…


Witness me!!


Shiny and Chromium my boy!!!!


I gotta get on that concealed rescue, thanks! And I agree with that you everything said regarding smoke. I have recently started to use it with the assault kit and a shotgun. It is good at allowing me to close the distance in mid range engagements.


Seeing someone die vs seeing a dead body in the distance I have an instinct to run towards the freshly killed because I fear they’ll skip


i love reviving people out of the air as soon as the grenade ragdolls them.


Some of my best games as a tanker is when medics keep reviving people right in front of me. Have to take the time and thank them in chat.


Both of them will make salty reddit posts about how medics don’t revive


Sometimes I skip then see a medic pop up and I do feel so bad


I love spotting someone who is 20+ meters away, only to be within 5 meters and they skip


5 meters is the length of exactly 49.09 '20 Tones Blues Harmonica For Adults, Beginners, Professionals and Students(Silver grey)' lined up next to each other


I fucking hate you (;


*i'm switching kits!* (to medic b/c that asshole never revives lol)


Honestly I wish they never let people skip in the first place


I wish they didnt make the respawn system how it is. The option to revive is noce but, especially in bf5, gameplay gets slowed down so much by simply respawning. Bf1 not so much, but still


The revive timer is necessary to keep the game moving. Operations games get stalled enough how it is and if there were no revive timer then tickets would drain within a fraction of the usual time.


i don't care. i rev ALL


i probably make my team do worse by the amount of stupid revives i do. If i see a dead person i will (try to) revive


Getting a revive in the middle of a bunch of chaos is super satisfying


As a regular medic I see this shit all the time. - I will always ping if I'm going to revive you, like every medic should - if you die in a relatively safe place, expect me to run in guns a'blazin' to save your ass - if you die in the middle of a damn field, skip and respawn ffs, don't shit on me for your poor war choices - sometimes I'll revive you in an area that seems safe, but an enemy shows up last second and kills you just as I revive you. No, that wasn't on purpose. Yes, I have played as a medic before. IF I TAG YOU, DON'T SKIP FOR GOD SAKES. This has been my ted talk.


100 points is 100 points.


What about the guys that hold revive when no medic is around them, then as soon as you get close they skip? Like do people not know the difference from left or right?


I have no sympathy for most medics, almost every match I die and there are 4 or 5 medics in range and they don't revive me... Sometimes there are like 2 medics within 3 metres and they don't revive me :(


Top Drake is saying no to "skip revive" Bottom Drake is saying yes to "doesn't skip revive"


it couldn't be any more confusing.


Yeah it took me a minute to figure out




sometimes there will be a few people behind a building and the dude will ask for res


The risk feels much more rewarding when you can revive people taking an objective, and they can keep up the fight.


If just there was a difference in reward when the one recieving lives longer than say... 3 seconds. Revives can be a joke when the scoped 1917 that killed you is still aiming at your face when all of a sudden you lie there alive again...


You gotta earn this effort, son!


If you die in an open field, I am using my spot action on you to deploy a smoke screen so that your sacrifice is never in vain.


To be fair I can wait forever for a medic sometimes with no luck but the fuckin second I skip, a medic come into range and I feel like an asshole


Does a medic without syringe still pop up as a nearby medic when downed????


Just noticed that I'm that asshole. Sorry.


Hate it


There’s this perk that I HIGHLY recommend. It automatically deploys smoke on a target when you tag for incoming. It’s nuts...