These two will never truly understand the absolute chaos of events they set in motion the day they tried to scam Jimmy

These two will never truly understand the absolute chaos of events they set in motion the day they tried to scam Jimmy


Maybe they'll have a cameo in S6. They've ditched their skateboards for walkers. Those ungrateful idiots get mad when they see Jimmy.


They’re definitely still skating


I'm hearing Lalo saying "biz-natch" a few seasons later.


The Tuco I know would've skinned them alive and let the buzzards eat their eyeballs.


"You're the worst lawyer ever!" "Hey, I just talked you down from a death sentence to six months' probation. I'm the *best* lawyer ever"


Facts. They were totally ungrateful! Jimmy tried to teach them how to scam better, they fucked it up and chose the wrong car - an innocent mistake I know but still a mistake - and then they ran their mouths to Tuco which is ultimately what made him want to kill them. I get that they didn’t know who Tuco was like we did but still, you can’t just run around calling ppl’s grandma “biznatch”. And even without context, Tuco gives off a pretty intense and intimidating vibe - not the man to be rude to. And then in the desert after Tuco let him go, Jimmy risked his own life negotiating for the lives of these redheaded douches that 100% got themselves into this situation, they end up with one broken leg each which is very mild for Tuco, and they STILL don’t understand the gravity of the whole situation. Oy.


You are forgeting somthing the are scammers they dont really care about anything that doesnt give them money


Extremely flawed argument (and spelling 👀). Jimmy is also a scammer but he cares about more than money.


Im dutch okay my dutch is way better than english


Your English is better than my Dutch, buddy.


but there you were, you go blah blah blah, and they walk out of there. ...actually they wheeled out.


I kind of want to see them come back in season 6, just for the sake of the show going full circle. Maybe them getting their legs broken inspired them to turn their lives around. It would actually be kind of a nice moment knowing that Jimmy saved them and that he is capable of doing good.


i bet we see a re-appearance of these two as customers of nacho's. Broken leg = pain pills = pain pill addiction, and nacho was selling oxy-80's....


If they have a genuine condition surely they could get them from a legitimate source on prescription?


no, a broken leg would give them a short, limited supply for post operative discomfort and then they'd get cut off.


Depends how bad the injury was surely? Didn't Tuco say the bone was sticking out for at least one of them? Might potentially cause long-term pain problems, or they could at least pretend it does


idk man, back then doctors were a bit more open to prescribing opiates for stuff liek that. These days they're extremely stingy because of the DEA crackdown that happened due to all the pill mills selling oxycodone like candy.


I learned from this that no matter what transgression has occurred, never insult another man’s abuelita.


Wow, my favorite scene in the entire series. I just re-watched it a few days ago. I didn't realize that if this didn't happen he wouldn't have had Nacho birddogging him and everything else that followed from that.


I would have felt awful if they did get killed though. Would not have deserved that


Obviously no1 deserve that man


Not even Hitler? Or people raping kids before killing them?


Being completely honest If It was my decision I would never kill Hitler or child rapers... Keep them in a confinement, torture them for life.... You see death is probably an escape for cunts like them so that's the 1st thing they look for once they fail..these ppl shld be Fed human shit for life and tortured by any1 who wants to


Becoming a monster handling monsters. Sounds like a great idea.


true, jimmy wouldn’t be a friend of the cartel. but walt.. he might have still been in it??? maybe i’m wrong tho


Yeah, I dont quite think this situation *directly* lead to everything.


"How is your lovely abuelita?"


This looks very remeniscent of merry and pippin in LOTR


Starlight Express 🤣🤣🤣🤣


I mean, they did get their legs broken.


They both have broken legs. I don't think Jimmy understood the collateral damage of what HIS actions led up to.