Where to start with Neil Gaiman or Terry Pratchett?

Where to start with Neil Gaiman or Terry Pratchett?


Here's what I can offer... Good Omens gives you a taste of the funny side of both authors. It's the only Pratchett book I've read, but my husband has read all of the Disk World series and loves them for their fantasy and wit. Neil I've read just about everything except for his kids books, I've only read a few of those. Where to start depends on what you're looking for, because they're all his and different at the same time. American Gods was the first one I read and I love it. It's big and heavy. Fantastical and real world, with great characters and mythology. Anasi Boys plays in the same mythological field as American Gods, but less heavy. If I could only pick one between the two, I'd pick American Gods. Neverwhere is an absolute favorite with humor and suspense and a new world below to discover. Stardust as a book is better than the movie. It's lighter, more of a fairytale. Norse Gods is a great collection of short stories that flow together perfectly and give new life to the myths of old. Trigger Warnings is also a great collection of shorts that I really enjoyed through audible. Gaiman is the reader and he's awesome. The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a sweet and frightening growing up story and I loved it, but not everyone did. I read it in one day and I've gifted 4 copies and made my book club read it. Neil has said its the closest thing to an autobiography he's going to do. The Sandman graphic novels are also awesome, although I didn't read them, I listened to them on audible as well during some road trips and really enjoyed them that way. The voices are done by great actors like James McAvoy and Kat Dennings, as well as Neil.


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Both with Good Omens


_Good Omens_ was written by both of them together! Might be a good start. I personally didn't like it but it is very popular so you might like it yoo.


Apologies for the format, I'm on my phone. For Terry Pratchett I'd suggest "Going Postal", "Guards, Guards" or "Mort" to start with. All three give good introductions on some main characters without overwhelming you on the amount of characters introduced. Going postal is about the postal service and the news and love and ego, reinventing yourself and things and the importance of community, and heroes who don't wear capes. Guards, guards is about... Well.. the guards of the nights watch and dragons and power structures (Vimes is one of my fave characters). Mort is about life and death in a very light-hearted way, and work and passion/ambition and sticking up for yourself. Though I loved Unseen Academicals, there are a lot of characters to keep up with in that one. I'd read that as a second or third book. It's kind of about the psychology of groups of people. I have no affinity with sports or fashion, loooooooved this book! I guess you could start with any one of them, though "Small god's" is almost a stand alone. You will miss a little background with all of them, but you probably won't notice until you read the next book. I also see that as a plus. It means I get to go back, reread and feel like I'm reading a new(ish) book! (Also leaving this post so I can sneak back and read what others think is the first Neil Gaiman I should read (loved good omens!))


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American Gods!


Good Omens is written by both. Most start Discworld with Guards Guards.


Guards Guards for sure


There are three main plot lines with Terry Pratchett - The Watch, The Witches and The Unseen University. If you have any interest in theatre at all, you should start with *Wyrd Sisters,* backtrack to *Equal Rites* and continue to *Witches Abroad* and then the Witches in order of publication. If you like standard sword and dragon fantasy, start with *Guards, Guards* and then the rest of the Watch books in order. The rest I would approach after you've dipped a toe. There are some amazing books in Pratchett's world - happy reading.


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