Gross mismanagement of quizzes

Gross mismanagement of quizzes


Once, about 20 years ago when I was at uni, we were one of two teams tied for first place, and there were two teams tied for third. There were single question tiebreakers to determine the placings. We lost our tiebreaker. Then they gave the second prize (a bottle of aftershock) to ... the winners of the third place tiebreaker. There were only two prizes! We got nothing but injustice! It still hurts.


Oh my god. That's a crime.


We came third place once, and the team that came second was much bigger than the max allowed size - like 12 members instead of 6. So they gave our third prize of a place bottle of wine to the second place team as well as their own prize because there were too many of them to share a single bottle. Livid?


In university I went to a pub quiz and we had the question "In Star Wars, what is the name of Darth Vader's ship?" So my team turned to me (as the token nerd) and I put down the two correct answers - Advanced Tie Fighter and Devastator (depending on whether they meant his fighter or his Star Destroyer). Answers came out, and they had the answer as Death Star. At that point myself, and half a dozen middle-aged blokes the other end of the pub, burst out with rage at the inaccuracy of the quiz.


I was at one once were the question was ‘Who was the director of the original Star Wars Trilogy?’ The answer they wanted was George Lucas which led to quite a disagreement when we pointed out that he only directed the first one


Note to quizmasters - don't do a Star Wars question unless you *really* know your stuff. Star Wars fans are among the most detail-oriented fandoms out there.


Or they think 'who cares' it's just a stupid movie for kids. Write an inaccurate sport question though and you end up with your tyres slashed in the pub car park.


This makes me so irrationally angry and I wasn't even there


Ten years I've been telling this story, still upset about it.


There's so many valid options too, the perilous, the executor, the devastator, as well as an unnamed Venator class, and probably more that I don't know of


Yep! Though as they said "In Star Wars...", which could just refer to the first movie, I thought I was playing it safe. Didn't realise I had to play dumb, too.


Make sure you never let it go, because I certainly won’t.


What about the Executor though? That was his flagship as well.


I was worried they might only be referring to the first movie, since older folks tend to refer to it as just Star Wars because that was its title at release.


You have no idea how much that throwaway remark made me sigh. I watched Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back at the cinema in Bradford next to the Alhambra, there was an interval with ice cream being sold, a disco ball threw multi-coloured dots of light around while the Cantina band music played in the background... Oh no, I'm now in the "older folk" category.


But that's a fully operational battle station!


The rest of my team argued that it had engines, therefore is a space ship. I pointed out that it didn't belong to Vader, so still isn't his ship.


A fucking pump station has engines, that doesn't mean it's a boat


Something something handlebars and grandma


Eh, I'm pretty certain it's a moon.


Could you not have also put the Executor? (Or was the question only about episode 4?)


It wasn't clear, because they just said "In Star Wars..." without clarifying whether they meant movie or series. So I stuck with ep4.


The Death Star(s) are Battle/Space Stations, not a ships, anyway. But now I too am now irrationally angry.


"what is the only man made structure visible from space" I felt the rage building immediately, you cannot see the great wall of China from space, it's a long held myth, but knew this was going to be the answer. I very reluctantly put it down. Never been so unhappy to get an answer right.


Ha something similar happened to me a couple of years ago. I can't remember the exact question but it was like "After English, what is the most spoken language in Singapore?". My mate started writing "Mandarin" so I had to stop him and say "just write *Chinese*", lol. Guess what, quizmaster didn't accept Mandarin at all which caused a few outcries around the room.


"Ugh these idiots, there's no country called MANDAR" -Quizmaster


I'd put "the International Space Station".


I see why quiz masters would hate you.....


Had a flags round recently. Was the only team to get the Nepalese flag correct. Filled with confidence, I call out "Nepal" as the answer. Quizmaster looks at me with stern glee and says, with the confidence of a cat dumping a half-dead mouse on your pillow, "It's Bhutaaaaaan!" I have never lost it so hard.


Those flags are nothing alike... Did the quizmaster not think to use Google image search


He hamfistedly mentioned the fact that he an MBA in two (awful) jokes throughout the evening, so I assume he thought he knew all he needed to.


> the fact that he an MBA in two (awful) jokes throughout the evening This sentence destroyed my brain, though it may be the heat. Are you saying he name dropped his MBA degree in two shit jokes? Because that might qualify him for a PhD.


?? That’s so weird to get mixed up, considering Nepal’s flag is the only one that is not a rectangle.


I know! He stood by it as well, the pissflap.


No matter how many times I see this, my gut reaction is "Switzerland's and Il Vaticano's are not rectangular either", then I remember that a square is still a kind of rectangle. You don't want to be the guy who starts with "Technically..." but even moreso when they come back and out "Technically..." your "Technically...".


And a square is a type of rhombus, and a rhombus and a rectangle are both type of parallelogram. You clearly know this, but in terms of shape names, it is a hill that some people want to die on that a square isn't a parallelogram.


All shapes are technically just low-fidelity circles.


It's pretty well known amongst fans of trivia because of this fact. Amazed anyone doing a pub quiz could get this wrong!


Never ask the question "Which is the only country with a dragon on it's flag?" because you do not want the definition of what actually is a country to come up in a British pub quiz. Otherwise, they might also just forget Bhutan exists.


As a Welsh person I will now stare quietly at you as you ask the question.


I’m a reasonable man, but I would be losing my shit and flipping tables over in this situation.


Had this twice in an aviation round. Two separate questions on when was the first Concorde/747 flight. The answer to both is 1969 but the quizmaster said it was wrong and gave different answers in the 70s. I googled it and everything to prove I was right but the oh no the quizmaster is always right. I didn’t spend 3 years studying aerospace engineering to be corrected on planes by someone who calls everything a jumbo jet ffs


>someone who calls everything a jumbo jet ffs A plane is for smoothing wood


> A plane is for smoothing wood A plane is for a shared existence upon


I remember a multiple choice question once that was along the lines of: Former Formula One driver Nelson Piquet hails from which nation: A) Spain B) France C)Argentina To which most of the room announced he is in fact Brazilian. Quizmaster wouldn't have it!


Happened to me years ago,but still seared into my memory.. “Where was the first Atomic bomb tested?” “Alamagordo “ “no, it was Los Alamos” short of going home to grab my copy of Dark Sun, there wasn’t much I could do, other than point out that testing the Bomb in Los Alamos wou have destroyed the Lab that built it.


The Trinity site is at the White Sands Missile Range. The AFB is near Alamogordo, but that's about as accurate as Las Cruces. Los Alamos is still way off the mark, obviously, might as well just say "New Mexico" at that point.


I had this year's ago and it still bothers me. Music round: name the song and the original artist. Note: *original*artist. Quizmaster: *plays famous *cover* of a song. I asked to double check: "do you want the original artist for the song, or the artist playing it in the sound clip?". I knew both, but he said "original artist", kinda dismissively. So, I put the original artist, and lo and behold didn't get a point because he was looking for the cover artist as played in the clip, and he refused to admit he was wrong.


Had the exact same fight over Make You Feel My Love. It’s a Bob Dylan song. I own the record. But apparently I’m wrong and it’s an Adele song. Absolute nonsense.


'Wrath' isn't a deadly sin but 'Anger' apparently is. Fucking smug quizmaster bastard.


My husband still quibbles over being told that Roald Dahl wrote Chitty Chitty Bang Bang rather than Ian Fleming.


Yeah, everybody knows Roald Dahl wrote You Only Live Twice, smh


What gets me is when the rounds are completely imbalanced. You'll have like 4 rounds worth 10 marks each and then randomly the music round is worth 100 points because they've asked a name as many 'x' question and suddenly the 8 point lead you gained in the other rounds is pointless


I did the student union pub quiz precisely once at uni and my team lost because of our shocking performance in the 'do a sexy dance in front of the quizmaster's table' double points round.


wow that's gross as hell


one my dad got a while ago was "what was the largest man eating dinosaur"? i'll give you a few seconds to think. and a few seconds to reread the question and think again. apparently, the answer was t-rex.


It's funny because even if you assume man-eating means carnivorous that answer is wrong!


Don't get me started. I've stopped doing pub quizzes due to the infuriating inaccuracy. "What is the current name of the country formerly known as East Pakistan?" Our team were the only ones to get it right (I used to live in Bangladesh) but the quizmaster accepted one team's answer of "Punjab" and another of "Kashmir" as "they're both in the East of Pakistan". That wasn't the fucking question! (A few years ago now) "How many characters are you allowed in a tweet?" Girl on my team is *adamant* it's 160 "as that's how many you're allowed in a text". Nice logic, but the answer is 140. I get overruled by the team, then she's all smug as the quizmaster announces it's 160. He gets shouted down by every other team who have the correct answer, and suddenly "both are allowed". Fuck that.


> and suddenly "both are allowed". Fuck that. Might as well go 50/50: "Computer, please remove one wrong answer and one right answer, leaving two wrong answers behind."


'Both'... Why not anything then. If the answer can be either or then I can just write down the word custard 50 times and win the quiz right.... Its so much more annoying than it warrants but...it does annoy nevertheless.


> He gets shouted down by every other team who have the correct answer, and suddenly "both are allowed" Went to a Harry Potter themed pub quiz, the quiz master had a complete muddle of questions that had different answers depending on whether it was from the film or book universe. Near enough the whole quiz turned into "both are allowed".


I was at a Potter quiz a few years ago and there was a whole to-do about vanishing cabinet vs vanishing cupboard vs vanishing case. Annoyingly, all answers were allowed.


Vanishing cupboard is I guess at least forgiveable but still wrong but vanishing case? That's not even close.


I once took part in a quiz where the quiz master asserted that the original writer of "Stairway to Heaven" was infact Rolf Harris, and to this day I have no idea what led him to this conclusion.


In the 90's Rolf Harris sometimes performed a version of Stairway To Heaven and when introducing it would sometimes come out with some guff about his being the original version. Obviously everyone watching realised it was a joke... everyone except your idiot quizmaster who took it as gospel.


Question : "According to the bible, who cut off Samson's hair?" Answer : "Delilah" Us : "A servant of Delilah" QM : "No, it was delilah" One of our team was a lay minister at the local church, had a bible in his glove box. DESPITE bringing in the bible, and literally reading chapter and verse to the QM, he refused to give us the point. We never went back.


You just reminded me of QM: "The three wise men who visited Jesus, what were their names?" Me: "According to what?" QM: "The bible." Me: "Ez points for noticing a trick question then, they aren't given a name or a number in the bible."


I don't know why this tickles me, but the image of a minister getting a Bible and reading the specific chapter and verse to a pub full of people, not to try and save their mortal souls, but to win an extra point on a pub quiz is fantastic.


Twatmaster: Now remember you must get the *full* titles of these films correct! What is the name of the Star Wars film released in 2016? Me: Rogue One A Star Wars Story! Nonce: Star Wars Rogue One! Twatmaster: Star Wars Rogue One is correct! It's their emphasis on getting the film names correct and getting it wrong that got to me. I don't participate in work quizzes anymore.


I had a question recently, "How many countries in Europe end with E?" The answer: 3 (France, Ukraine, Greece) Their answer?: "One. German-E"


They forgot Ital-E, Hungar-E and (more controversially) Turk-E


I mean either way you slice it, they fucked up pretty royally. It was factually incorrect. By their own "joke" logic, it was also incorrect..


If I had a quizmaster pull that shit I would be *incadescent* with rage.


\*inca**n**descent Figured that's appropriate... in a quiz thread.


One of our local pub quizzes was run by a guy who got all his questions of the internet without knowing anything about them himself. Can’t remember the specific name now, but my favourite question was when he asked: where was John Smith born? And three tables called out: which John Smith? He didn’t know, but he was a sensible sort and just gave everyone 1 point for that and moved on to the next question.


I would assume the pirate the Mel Gibson animated fictional character is based on, not the brewer. However, despite being a guy who enjoys the history of piracy and of the first voyages to the New World, I only know the answer for the brewer, Leeds. I worry that makes me an alcoholic more than a history graduate.


My first thought was the UK politician.


My girlfriend was once charged with picking up some beers on the way home and bought me loads of John Smith's. I kicked off and asked her why on earth she thought I would want some of that crap and her response was "Well you always had a few cans in the cupboard at your old house" "THEY WERE ALWAYS THE SAME CANS. NOBODY EVER DRANK THEM. THEY WERE THERE FOR YEARS" was an honest mistake.


Q: what is the primary component of dust? I wrote on the answer sheet "it's mainly just outside dirt and fabric fibres. Skin flakes is a myth. Google if you don't believe me" Of course the quizmaster said it was skin flakes anyway and we didn't get a point. My mrs goes off on one all the time about people who cheat by using their phones in the quiz but tbh, I'm not sure it makes a fucking difference because half the time the answer isn't the real answer anyway. It's something the quizmaster half heard while drunk a decade ago and thought 'that sounds *just* plausible enough for me to do no extra thinking or research' I swear there's one team at my local that's like in on some big grift. You win vouchers for the pub if you win the quiz and they get 100% EVERY TIME. Like, even when the answers to some questions are made up internet bullshit and some are factual and esoteric as hell. Maybe nothing to get upset over but also I am deeply upset by all of this. I'm prepared for politicians to lie to my face.... But not the pub. Not the lovely pub.


One of my mates used to be a pub quizmaster. He would do four pubs a week with the same quiz. The landlords from the first quiz would turn up to one of the others and 100% it


Oh come on, what cheek. Such a grift


Could be worse, my mum was a child actress and there was a round about the movie she was in, we apparently got every question wrong. Even the one that was specifically about her. Fuck quiz masters.


What were the correct and ‘incorrect’ answers?


Bare in mind this was about 3 years ago so I don't remember the \*exact\* answer, but I know one of the questions was regarding the date of the UK premier, the UK premier that my mum actually attended, which also coincided with her 14th birthday, and we were wrong apparently. I'm pretty sure my Mum knows when her 14th birthday was.


I gave up on pub quizzes after we had rounds on topics like the "healing effects of crystals". We got stuck in a loop of two teams winning and hosting until everyone else stopped playing.


That should be the easiest round ever - "literally none" for every one, don't even need to listen to the question.


Pub Quiz or Pyramid Scheme?


Why the hell would anyone host a quiz if they weren't 100% sure of the answers? If I had multiple people stand up and tell me I'd got it wrong, I'd cringe my liver out and have nightmare fodder for the next 20+ years.


Depends on the type of error really. Factual errors are pretty unforgivable. Many questions however can have poor phrasing that opens the door for other interpretations. That's a bit more common and easy to fall victim to if you're tine pressured.


I once had a tie breaker and it was a task - who could eat a lemon the quickest. Between myself a girl. The girl starts peeling it like an orange, whereas I, being a cretin, eat it all including the skin. Just chomping away at it like I’d never seen food before. I’d eaten it before she even finished peeling hers. The quiz master says “she wins because that was impressive to see your commitment but also horrific to watch”. Not even mad, my disappointed face was funny as hell apparently according to my mates when he said this. Edit; typo


Was [this](https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5d06d8691cfbfe00012dc69f/1595592327538-BDXBGNJ0XSI71AAYKTYQ/ke17ZwdGBToddI8pDm48kNApIv3dtokTYS3R6dn2mkR7gQa3H78H3Y0txjaiv_0fDoOvxcdMmMKkDsyUqMSsMWxHk725yiiHCCLfrh8O1z5QPOohDIaIeljMHgDF5CVlOqpeNLcJ80NK65_fV7S1UatgcUMDj9L5lN6c_61PC7OQDpI0QU4CPI1kxNE9QSbHlFRJyttio-7HzB697Z5BjQ/simpsons-lemon-memes.jpg?format=1500w) your disappointed face?


Didn’t realise anybody was there taking photos of it. Well played


My mates are film geeks, and one week it was a sci-fi special. There was a team who were the editorial team of *Sci Fi Geek Wank Monthly* or something, and my mates won the quiz. The SFGWM team asked the quiz master if they could check their papers. My mates still won.


I was in a team made up of work colleagues for a Marvel quiz. We won, beating one team consisting of Marvel YouTube channel who were adamant we cheated after finding out most of our correct answers came from 21 y/o female lab tech, as she didn't look nerdy enough to be a real fan


This is how our family zoom quizes died. Who was the longest serving British monarch? Everyone - Elizabeth the second Quizmaster - Nope you're all wrong, it's Victoria. Well it doesn't matter if Liz is now as I said "was"


By that definition there would've been a couple who was the longest serving one before the next...


Had a similar one, what colour is cobalt. Kinda outthought myself, I was trying to expect what answer they'd want since most people would say 'Blue' since Cobalt is famous for compounds that are vivid blues but actual, elemental cobalt is just a metal so looks like any other metal - silvery grey. Of course the correct answer was blue, because why else would there be a colour called 'cobalt blue', sigh.


If this thread is anything to go by, the obvious/everyone-knows-it answer that is actually wrong is usually the answer they want, it's not a trick question just a stupid one. Also in re cobalt, that always makes me think of a lyric from Sisters of Mercy's Ribbons: >Her eyes were cobalt red >Her voice was cobalt blue


The problem is they throw in questions where they have answers like that to do the 'Gotcha' hidden answer that people don't think about so it's a constantly a frustrating game of guessing how much the quiz runner actually knows.


Picture of Tony Robinson as the sheriff of Nottingham in Maid Marian and her Merry men. Name the character? Quizmaster: Baldrick. That's been eating me up for 20 years


Isn't it Sheriff of Rottingham? Edit: Actually, just realised that's Robin Hood: Men in Tights.


I once had the Director of X-Men be Jesse Eisenberg according the quiz "master" and when challenged about it actually being Bryan Singer they decided that no, the question must have been based around the Animated TV show instead which would have made Jesse Eisenberg 9 years old when it came out and they still refused to accept they were wrong.


Wait are you serious, Jesse has never had ANYTHING to do with X Men how on earth did they get that that wrong




Well now you've got NORFOLK'S MADDEST MAN!


It's the same with any topic really, and it's just indicative of not enough research. I get the impression a lot of quiz masters just grab some questions off the internet or put down some facts they think they know without actually checking through questions.


I was a quizmaster for years. My rule was if you could show me a decent reference online supporting you, you got the point. I accepted Wikipedia. We also gave a clue to one of the questions away on Facebook each day. And one day, someone decided to edit Wikipedia to give everyone the wrong answer for the clue.


It's the worst when the quizmaster doesn't accept being corrected, too. Or if they then offer a "compromise" of accepting both answers...


I once had a question where both answers actually were correct. The quizmaster asked where the 1940 Olympics were supposed to be held. I said Helsinki, he said Tokyo. We were both right. Dick still didn't give me points for it.


Had this many times over the years. One question, what is the name of the dog in the Muppets? Answer of course is Rowlf, apparently not it is Ralph according to the dopey quiz master. Another one was If A is Alpha and B is Beta, what is R, me being a smartarse said Rho, him being a dumbarse said no it's Romeo, someone got their Phonetic and Greek alphabets confused.


Sometimes it does go the other way. The question was "who wrote Hansel and Gretel?" I asked, "the story or the opera?" Quiz master gave me bonus points for knowing the answer to both.


I had a tie breaker that was "name as many Star Trek captains as you can." I said "in order or just shout them?" The other guy said "It's ok, mate... You win."


Brilliant bluff!


Very good call!! Though sadly it wasn't a bluff. I am that nerdy and could do it by series release or chronological.


I honestly wish I had that level of knowledge about *anything*.


Ship captains? Officers with the rank of captain? Just the main captains of each tv show?


Main. Pike, Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Archer, Janeway was the list it turned out. The other guy said he knew 2-3 of then when we were chatting after.


Sulu, April, Georgiou, Lorca, Riker, Saru, Burnham, Jellico. Are we doing mirror universe and implied captaincy too?


In a pub quiz years ago the question was "there are 267 types of what in France?" the answer was "cheese" we put "arsehole" and won a bottle of wine.


What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? Well, do you mean Brothers Grimm or Humperdinck.... AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!


I remember a quiz in student halls where the quizmaster was adamant that Hitler became leader of the Nazi party in 1933.


I thought that as well, until I read your comment and looked it up... 1933 was when the Nazis actually got into power, right?


It was indeed. I think we put 1924, which I'm not sure offhand if it's the exact year or not, and we weren't sure at the time either. But we knew for damn sure it wasn't 33! We half wanted to argue the point, but we were also massively in the lead and has never managed a win there before so kept it friendly.


I was once at a movie/games quiz in my local and the question was asked "How many 1st generation Pokémon are there?". I know for fact that there are 151, which includes Mew. The quizmaster's answer?... 150 You can bet me and my party kicked off for that one.


London Circa 1995: In Bram Stoker’s book Dracula, where in England did Dracula land? My correct answer: Whitby Quizmaster answer: Whitley Bay These being the days before phones, my protestations that I grew up 5 miles from Whitley Bay, which is completely bereft of Dracula attractions and memorabilia, and had visited Whitby just weeks previously and marveled at its Dracularity fell on deaf ears. Whilst typing this was somewhat cathartic, I don’t think I’m quite ready to let it go. Perhaps at the 30 year anniversary.


I had a debate with a quizmaster before lockdown. The question was "How many of Henry VIIIs wives survived". I didn't know the answer, so I thought I'd get the point on a technicality and say none, because they're all dead now. He wasn't having it.


That's hillarious. If it helps, Divorce, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived. So 3.


I'm Henry the VIII I had 6 sorry wives, some might say that I ruined their lives.


Horrible histories was my childhood.


We entered a quiz which had a question about which German “invented” the fitness exercises centred around balance, control and flexibility. Had a brain fart and forgot about Joseph Pilates Wrote “Herr Robics” as a joke Won a round of drinks for the team. Edit: Gold for which I am most grateful. I wish I could buy you all a round of drinks. Edit 2: more Gold. Humbled.


Identify the picture round. It was a profile picture of a 4x4 in silhouette (and a poor quality colour copy). I put down the answer as Ford Maverick. Quizmaster’s answer was that it was a Nissan Terrano. Politely pointed out that they were the same car. Quizmaster ‘pointed out’ that weren’t. Pointed out Wikipedia article that said they were the same car. Quizmaster still ‘pointed out’ that they weren’t. Arse


Alan Partridge has entered the chat.


Ha! I'm still upset about a quiz question on a national radio station from 20+ years ago. Q. Who invented the personal computer? A. Bill Gates. Aaaarrrgh! Damn you Henry Kelly!


We had a neighbourly quiz like most people in lockdown. One of the questions was; “Where are the three sisters located?” I knew the answer, I’ve been, Glencoe in Scotland. Turns out the quizmaster was thinking of the three sisters in Australia and I was wrong. I then stated what an obscene question that is and you may as well ask “what number, between 1-100, am I thinking of?”. Furious.


I've only had this once, luckily. It was at university in the student union bar, and the question was: "who is the only British prime minister to serve four separate terms?" I was a history undergrad specialising in British Victorian political history. Easy as pie, that's yer boy Bill Gladstone. But no, the answer came back as Benjamin Disraeli. Who famously served TWO TERMS. I corrected the quizmasters and they said they'd accept both Gladstone and Disraeli as answers. I was shaking with rage.


I had a similar one; "Who lead the Parliamentarian forces in the English Civil War?" "Thomas Fairfax" "Oliver Cromwell!" "Cromwell was General of Horse, Fairfax was commander-in-chief" "We'll accept both" Fucks sake.


I got very angry when our quiz asked about the first three subjects mentioned in Sam Cooke's 'Wonderful World'. I wrote "history, biology/science, French... I assume bio and science are lumped as one subject, even though mentioned separately". The quizmaster said "science, French, maths". Which obviously got me out of my chair shouting. Maths aren't mentioned til the second verse, and they call it trigonometry and algebra. After a heated debate, the quizmaster allowed me to sing the song to the entire pub to win the point. Which he thought would shut me up, but then he had to listen to me drunkenly butcher that song over a bad mic!


>Allowed Let's not kid ourselves here. You'd been preparing that performance for a lifetime. And rightly so. This was a firm victory.


Back in the days of tape recorders I went to one with a fantastic music round. He'd clearly recorded them from the radio and each one began with the DJ introducing the song


My church used to do quizzes. I had to point out a few times that they had the wrong answer, usually when it came to art, which I studied at university. 'No, I'm afraid Rembrandt did not paint Girl with a Pearl Earring...'


I really love writing zoom quizzes at the moment, and it's surprisingly difficult trying to phrase a question in a way that the answer is both 100% correct and completely unambiguous in phrasing. I've even seen national newspapers get their answers wrong. It's particularly annoying when writing geography rounds, because there are some really weird pitfalls you can fall into. Questions about populations of cities or lengths of coastlines pretty much go straight out the window. Even definitions of continents are so controversial that it's difficult to write objective questions about them. Most of my quiz writing sessions end in very long Wikipedia rabbit holes.


But why miss out on the opportunity to have the fractal nature of coastlines explained to you by a slightly drunk person?


Technically that just means that "infinite" is always the correct answer.


>or lengths of coastlines There's literally the [Coastline Paradox](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coastline_paradox)....


A disclaimer of "According to Encarta/CIA World Factbook/whatever" is probably the way to go for some things.


Harry Potter quiz night: QM: What is Moody's first name? Us: Alastor QM: Correct answer is Mad Eye! Us: #[email protected]?#&!!!!!


Oh that’s just pathetic. They even call him Alastor in the film!


We had one a few weeks ago: express 67% as a vulgar fraction. The answer they wanted was 2/3, which is obviously incorrect. We put 67/100.


As a vulgar fraction it's "about two fucking thirds".


I had that with the question: When did the Roman Empire collapse? I said 1453, the guy says it’s wrong and it’s 476. So I said, that’s the western empire but the east survived for another millennium. His response was that the Roman Empire never split up so it can’t be 1453. Guy doesn’t even know it split in half, if I had told him that it was once quartered i think he would have had a stroke.


The only question I ever submitted to a pub quiz was “in the TV show Doctor Who, how many actors have played the character credited as Doctor Who?” That question annoyed everyone.


Even if you just had that as 'how many actors have played The Doctor', there's just no good way to answer that. Even the nerdiest of "Whovians" won't get that right, since *well acktchooally* you'd need to include Joanna Lumley and Rowan Atkinson.


I ran this question past my most knowledgeable Whovian friend who took a few minutes to get it right, so I knew I had a question that would stump pretty much everyone.


Also Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant and Richard E Grant. Thank goodness for that genuinely brilliant special. And do you include that guy who thought he was the doctor because a cyberman broke in half or whatever? Because that would make it delightfully obscure.


Christ, I got a mild headache just trying to come up with that number.


Some of the early Doctors were credited as Doctor Who, although the character was never referred to by that name in-universe. The correct answer is, from my very brief research, six: The first four Doctors (Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, and Baker) were credited as "Doctor Who", and the first two Doctors of the new series (Eccleston and Tennant) were again credited as "Doctor Who" until Tennant asked for that to be changed. The other Doctors (and Tennant after the Christmas Invasion) were all credited as "The Doctor". Wikipedia has a little section about this [here](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Doctor_(Doctor_Who\)#On-screen_credits). Ninja edit: I've just realised this is the question you submitted, so you presumably knew all of this, in which case that's a malicious question and I love it.


You are correct! And even if every incarnation was credited as Doctor Who, they’d still probably get it wrong as Richard Hurndall played the first Doctor in The Five Doctors after William Hartnell’s death, so there’s one more than most people realise.




We did a pub quiz where one of the questions was Who said the line ‘never trust everything you see on the internet’ The answer was Abraham Lincoln because they’d seen a meme of it. We were livid.


Wait someone actually fell for that meme?? 🤣🤣


I hate when they screw up book/ movie answers too. Harry Potter questions are notorious for this. They won't specify which answer they want (ie from the book or movie) but usually only accept the movie version. I argued with a quizmaster once over I believe the location of Harry and Ginnys first kiss. I said the common room (book accurate) and was told I was wrong because it's the Room of Requirements (movie version). Get out.


I attended a quiz with a Game of Thrones theme (Remember when Game of Thrones was a social phenomenon able to do that?). Well they asked a question, what was the name of Robb Stark's wife, and they *did* specify *"in the books"*. No problem, in the books, I'm not 100% anymore, but I think her name was Jane Westerling. They *only* accepted the answer Talisa Maegyr, who was the character in the show, who did not feature in the books. They specified it was in the books, we, as a team, asked them a second time so we were 100% sure, and she said "Yes, the books, not the show". However, her friends put 'Talisa Maegyr' as their answer, and that was the only answer that got points, despite being specifically wrong.


At that point, I'm pretty sure you're allowed to burn down the pub and use the quizmaster's skull as a drinking vessel. It's in the magna carta, probably.


Even if it isn't they'll probably still let you have it.


Ah GoT quiz. We had one that asked a question about Peter Baelish and they only accepted Littlefinger. But later on only accepted Peter Baelish and not Littlefinger


I did one back when lockdown was just a month or two and it'd all be normal again, there was a big uproar about Pluto not being a planet anymore


We had a gaming one asking specifically about a game character featured in a video game. The answer was a particular Sonic the Hedgehog game but the quiz master said just any mention of sonic was fine. It was the equivalent of asking what specific film was oddjob in and someone just saying ‘James bond’ The music round was a big joke as like 5 answers were accepted.


I can’t do pub quizzes anymore for this very reason, especially when the quiz master refuses to accept that he is wrong.Worst offending question IMO is when they ask: * **What is the largest desert in the world?** The answer is the **Antarctic desert.** Without fail however, every single pub quiz I have been to, they will only accept the **Sahara desert** because that’s what they were told in primary school back in 1964. Every single time. * Then you have questions where the answer is the Union Jack but they will only accept Union Flag because **“It’s only the union jack when it’s flown at sea”** not it fucking isn’t, both terms are acceptable in you psuedo intellectual. I personally blame Doctor Who and Rose Tyler for this one. * Or when they want **“full answers only”** but still only accept an abbreviated one, albeit slightly longer version than the common one, especially true with films. ​ The Last one I ever did was in my first year of Uni, ‘spoons pub quiz with my flatmates, had examples of all of the above riddled throughout as well as; **“What character did Christian Bale play in the 2009 film, Dark Night?”** He would only accept the answer of “Batman” and would not accept Bruce Wayne as an answer. Would have won that one in if they marked it correctly, came third in that one in the end which only won us free entry into next months quiz, no thanks.


I had someone try and convince me that San Marino doesn't border Italy, because they didn't think of that one when writing the 'how many countries share a border with Italy' question. Their justification was that it is surrounded by Italy so it doesn't count as a border. It's only a border if they meet but not all the way around. When asked why the Vatican was an allowed answer they decided it was time to just move onto the next question. And they had the gall to say I was trying to bend facts so that my answer fit. Sure, it was me doing that.


We once had the question "what does a folivore eat?" to which we obviously answered "foliage" only to be told it was wrong. Never been back to that pub since.


The worst quizmasters are the 70+ year old ones who can barely print a picture round out, let alone use the Internet for questions, and are age-biased anyway. Music round? Not a single question about any artist or music later than 1970. Sport: which England Rugby player... "oo OK then let's go"...played for England in 1962. Oh ok then. If they do ask a question that is more modern and pop culture, they're wrong, because they know nothing about it and can barely turn a computer on. *And* said quizmaster and landlord complain that they're not attracting a more younger crowd.


We had "What American state capital shares its name with a London train station?" "Houston"


The last pub quiz I went to had the question "What colour is the captains chair on the enterprise" "which enterprise?" "yes" What a sack of dog toss


I once had a quizmaster ask "which city is Romeo and Juliet set in?". Me: "Verona." QM: "Nope. It's Florence." I argued, since the literal opening narration contains the line "in fair VERONA, where we lay our scene." Denied. "Quizmaster's decision". Bullshit. I was robbed.


I host a pub quiz from time to time. I double and triple check some answers to try make sure this thing doesn’t happen. I usually laugh it off and change the points around.


I bought a music trivia quiz and was playing with friends when the question was “what’s the name of Nick Cave’s first band” - now, I’m no Nick Cave fan, but was aware the answer was Boys Next Door; the card said The Birthday Party, I lost the point. I’ve brought this up once every year or two for the last 12 years.


I feel your pain OP. I was once asked what NOLA stood for in a quiz, I said New Orleans, Louisiana. He said the answer he was looking for was New Orleans.


Did an online quiz during lockdown. Last round was Disney films (not my forte) and it gave decades and you had to name a film from that decade. Okay, I think I can guess at that. No, it had to be the film the quizmaster was thinking of, not just any. What sort of quiz round is that?! I didn't do another.


We were once asked "In which English-speaking country is the city of Joon-din?" I eventually realised it was New Zealand, and she was trying to pronounce Dunedin. We were the only team to get it right, as no one else could understand a FUCKING WORD SHE WAS SAYING.


Question : what is the capital of China. My team's answer : Beijing Quiz master : no Peking. All of pub with an IQ over 7. WTF. Quizmaster : I've never heard of Beijing


Who sang the song Walking In the Air in the film The Snowman? Apparently the answer is "Aled Jones", the bloody hell it is! Got me thrown out of a quiz that one did. Aled Jones indeed. The very notion.


At the quiz I used to go to regularly, there was once a question that one of our teammates was unbelievably suited to answer (he had just completed a PhD in that very subject). No other teams were close, but the quizmaster's answer was wrong (although it was what came up in the first link in a Google search, but not if you dug any deeper). My teammate pulled up his PhD thesis on his phone and showed it to the quizmaster who eventually accepted that it was right, giving us the one point needed to win.


I’m really sorry, but quizzes aren’t for fun. I was once hissed as by a group of teachers in a quiz for knowing the collective name for a group of bears. It’s intense. The benefit of quizmaster having the final say is an attempt to keep a lid on it boiling over in to outright violence. I share your pain.


Man, sounds like you need to make a quiz entirely composed of factoids. "How many spiders does the average person eat in their sleep each year?" "For what crimes was punishment via The Iron Maiden approtioned?" "Why must you help baby birds that have fallen from the nest?" "How many years does chewing gum, if swallowed, stay in your stomach?" That'll shit everyone up. No idea if you want the factoid answer or the factoid rebuke. Bonus points if you present all answers as 'the blue whale' or something else nonsensical.


I went to a quiz where they brought the wrong answer sheet with them. Was chaos.


“Who was James Bond’s secretary? That’s right, it was the pacific island nation of Vanuatu!”




I remember there was a quiz in school, and one of the questions was "How many amendments have been done to the Indian Constitution?". I had read that fact just the day before, so I confidently said "104". Wrong The answer was "Over 90".


Yeah I was watching a thing and the question was what is the longest place name the quizmaster said llanfairpg in wales whereas it is really taumatawhaka quizmaster then proceeds to justify his answer by saying taumatawhaka isn’t English don’t think he knew llanfairpg was welsh


Jesus Christ do they not have punctuation in Embry?


They don't want to wear their keyboards out too quickly so save the punctuation for typing the commas in their house prices.


Round, Guess the film from music... They play the imperial march from the empire strikes back. People give the answer as star wars... The place nearly burnt to the ground..


In the same way that anyone who wants to be a prison warder probably should not be let anywhere near a set of keys, an awful lot of quiz masters / mistresses are not fit for the role. The corollary being that the likes of OP need to step up.....


I had one where it was 'Where does Beluga Caviar come from' and the answer the Quizmaster tried to give was 'Beluga Whale'. There was practically a riot.


Of course, the beluga whale, famous for nothing if not hatching from eggs.


We had a rugby special just before the 2019 world cup. Guy was from a quiz company so had no idea about the questions. Q: What stadium did the 2015 greatest upset between Japan and South Africa take place? Me: It's the Brighton community centre, I'm a huge Japan rugby fan! A: Gloucester Stadium Me: "Sorry mate that's wrong - that's where Japan are playing their warm up game against Russia". QM: "Sorry quiz master's word is final" Me: "But...it's called the Brighton Miracle, there are gonna be documentaries about it! It's one of the most talked about things in rugby!!! LOOK ON GOOGLE!!! This isn't even a technical name thing"!!!! QM: "Nope sorry, I don't write the questions or answers maybe you're thinking of a different match" Quiz ended up a draw and we lost the tie breaker! I've never forgiven that man, and I never will.


One my mum told me about was "Which king of England died in 1066?". Of course, the answer they wanted was Harold Godwinson but my mum did kindly point out that 2 kings of England died that year, the first being Edward the Confessor. EDIT: Rewrote after I realised I had misremembered the details.


Q. What is the closest star to us? A. The Sun Quizmasters answer was of course Alpha Centauri. And they couldn't accept that the sun is in fact a star! Quizmasters answer is final = quizmaster is a douchebag


My quiz team was once threatened with being barred from future quizzes after we were asked “What colour is The Simpson’s car?” and we replied with asking which one. Homer or Marge’s?


Question: "Who lit the fuse in the gunpowder plot?" Everyone has heard of Guy Fawkes and what he tried to do, so obviously it's a trick question. Because of course, no one lit the fuse and that's the whole point. But no, they wanted fucking Guy Fawkes.