Being about as likely to see Alan Turing in the street as on a £50 note

Being about as likely to see Alan Turing in the street as on a £50 note


Not accepted in his time. Not accepted at Aldi.


Aldi is the only place I ever saw one being used, the cashier joked it was funny giving £20 notes back as change.


I am worked in a hotel years ago as a porter. Expensive place. A guest did one of those "laugh about a relatable problem together" sort of things where he complained how all you get out of cash machines is 50s. Uh haha yeah, uh yeah big problem.


...cash machines can dispense £50 notes? I’ve literally never seen one do that, even when reasonable sums have been taken out 😂


I went to get £50 from a cash machine years ago and a solitary note came out.


Huh! I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever held a £50 note, haha!


I had one once, from Argos when refunding an item for someone. I then went to pay for my purchase with it, and they wouldn't allow me to do so. You just gave me the note! It's stayed on the counter the entire time.


I had something similar with an Isle of Man fiver. A fast food place gave it me in change without me realising. Returned to buy something else a couple of minutes later and they refused to accept it.


Yeah let's be clear they had tried to give that away a few times already, you were just the sucker who took it 😋


Oh yeah, I know. I don't take them now at all.


Funnily enough I had that happen in my then local pub (in the Isle of Man) except with an English fiver (which was apparently an old one out of circulation). They did take it in the end after I complained I'd got it in my change from the last round I bought about 20 minutes earlier.


I used to have a habit of defusing "Scottish banknote disputes" in pubs by offering to exchange them for Bank of England notes. Nearly got banned from my local for doing that in about 1999.


I don't get it, why were you nearly banned?


I got rupees from a corner shop once. The guy handed me my change I noticed a coin was different and asked him what it was he just started shouting at me I couldn't spend that in his shop and to get out.


Bet he swaps a pound for a rupee every 3rd customer and most people don't even notice until days later


Pretty common to see £50s in London tbf. A boss of mine gave me a small advance of £100 in 2 £50s. I wasn't happy to accept it at first. Coming from the North it was the first time I'd seen one Blew my mind when I first saw a 100 Euro Note


Saw a Scottish £100 note today, thought it was a joke at first!


TIL there's such thing as a £100 note, and it's Scottish! Working on festivals, whenever we got close to the border Scottish notes would be a bane on our lives Not because we wouldn't accept them, but after a certain point you can tell a real note by touch and sight, Scottish ones needed fully checking (festivals are notorious for fake notes) At least 20 times a day we'd have to explain to someone we're not doubting you, it's just we don't handle them enough so we have to properly check


As a child I went about pretending to use the ATM as you do while my mum drew out some cash. After hitting a random amount of buttons £50 popped out, needless to say I was ecstatic and showed my mum since being 4ish it was like a gold ingot fell into my hands. She made me hand it in as "it could have been a old ladies" The dumbest lesson ever I remain but the life lesson of don't flash your cash was installed young If the bank shot me a sly 50 outta someone's account it would be up to them to reimburse whoever's money it was in the first place, in my eyes I was given a gift and then had to return that shit. Back in the 90s too, I'd totally have bought a ps2


Good luck buying a PS2 for £50 in the 90s.


Especially since the PS2 wasn't released until 2000.


He didn't say what kind of PS2, though. The IBM PS2 came out in 1987. You couldn't buy one of those for £50, either.


true or a PS2 keyboard, would be a nice one for £50.


> the ATM The what?


It's a fancy term for a 'hole in the wall'.


“ ‘ole in’t wall”


Some used to do £5 notes. Haven't seen one for about 5 or 6 years. But I've used a couple.


A cash machine that does £50 notes? must have been some place were it couldn't be raided.


Just centre of Edinburgh. I've had a 50 out once years ago in Aberdeen.


Nowhere near fife then


I was once at a hotel for a comedy night being hosted there. I went to the ATM in the lobby to get some cash for drinks. When I got to the screen with the "suggested amounts" they were like, £100, £250, £500, £1000. I've never seen that on a cash machine before or since. Needless to say I was not staying at that hotel...


Usually starts at 10 and goes something like 10 20 50 100 200. Not seen 1000 but if you're in the right bit of Edinburgh they might cater to a different crowd.


This is something you see in some "scammy" ATMs tbf, if you go to Czech Republic some ATMs (a particular brand that I can't remember the name of) will give a suggested amount that's close to the average monthly wage. The exchange rate sucks and they're programmed to show different options if a foreign bank card is used than if a local bank card is used. Not saying this is what you experienced but could be something similar to catch tourists out? Could also be you were in a hotel that catered to people who considered these amounts to be chump changed TBF...


Got some once from an atm in St James's in Central London. I was kind of annoyed tbh


At my university union shop, we used to always get people come in with £50 notes trying to buy a single pack of chewing gum. It was clear these were fake so we were under instructions to refuse. Now I automatically assume any £50 I see is fake.


Used to do this all the time when i was younger and had ready access to fake notes but would do it with 20s, anyone trying to do it with a 50 really hasn't thought it through, hard enough getting somewhere to accept a real one


Could they be foreign students trying to exchange their £50 notes into actual usable currency?


Given that they were all, to a man, Eastern Europeans older than the age of 50, it's more likely they were part of organised crime and money laundering, trying to turn fake money into real money.


This it the 1st comment thats made me actually laugh out loud in a long time. bravo


/s Aldi is a German company right?


Run for Prime Minister. That was brilliant.


But worth ten Churchills


I bought a bag of pick-n-mix from our local cinema, but staff refused to take my £50 note. In the end I had to pay with 2 twenties and a tenner.


Did you enjoy all three bonbons that you got for that?




When I first read this i thought what they aren't the same joke and then it hit me.


I've worked in retail for nearly 8 years and I've seen probably less than thirty £50 notes the whole time.


We saw them a bit in pubs, usually from tradies who were getting cash in hand. Always have to do the whole “aw don’t you trust me” bit whilst you check it in front of them.


"hurrr hurrrr, I just printed it this morning"


"You should use that pen on Barry's wife's tits"


A pen wouldn't get all that. Gonna need the spaff lantern.


"Careful, ink's still wet"


Odd then that my mate (whilst at school many years ago) printed his own Thirthy Two Pound note. Yes, Thirthy, not Thirty. He made a spelling mistake. It had a picture of the queen in a highly stylised form. Totally obvious it wasn't kosher. ... it was happily accepted at the local greengrocer.


I feel like the Thirthy is easier to overlook than the two


It is a big flex too to order a big round of drinks then slam down a fifty. As what is the barman going to do, pour them all away?


It's not a big flex, it's so common to get 50s from a job as builder and you know they ain't taking it to the bank to cash in.


I've seen the glee before, but maybe that is just the end of the week feeling. Put it this way, they could make some nervous dude ordering a single lager shandy find a different note or jog on, they won't do that to Barry and his mates.


As a barman. If they paid a £50 I used to just grab it an put it in the till without even a second look. Never got a counterfeit, and it was totally worth it to see a bloke be like “Yeah, that’s right that’s a fif… no look at it and make a big deal about it first so my mates/coworkers/bird can be impressed!!!”


Standard currency in the building trade, nifties are a pain to get rid of


“Thanks for the tip, now are you paying with card or cash?”


Good luck with that!


I used to see them a fair bit, worked in a tourist-y town though, and it was invariably people who’d come in from abroad with them. Hell, my sister was working in China for a few years, and when she finally decided to move back, her employer “gifted” her a load of money to say goodbye, and it was just a fat wad of £50 notes, because it was easier than exchanging a load of Yuan.


Whilst working at a uni in China us teachers would have to go to the bank once a year to convert money or send money home. Every year without fail they would give us either £50 notes or €500 notes. I can see why these notes are called Bin Ladens. Fun times depositing it in the bank back home and explaining yourself.


I work retail in a (usually) very touristy place. We get 50s all the time. Super weird having these blokes come in, plonk their coat on a sofa and go try stuff on in the fitting room for half an hour. Then when they come to pay they pull several wads of a thousand each out from the same coat pocket. They don't care or maybe realise that someone could have nicked it. Very odd. But outside of work I'd see 50s only as a gift from my Granny at Christmas. And my mum would always insist it goes straight into my savings.


People routinely underestimate or just plain ignore the very real threat of petty theft / crime in the UK.


I saw quite a lot of £50 notes when I was working at racecourses but loads of people get them from the bookies when they collect their winnings, now working in a pub it’s much more rare


Live abroad and came to the UK late 2019. Of course currency exchange/ our stockpile of pounds were all in £50 notes. Every single person looked at me as if I had grown a second head while handing them out


They hand them out to foreigners as a joke. This is seriously the only place you ever see them. Mother in law came over from Iceland, waving them around like a fucking drug dealer. How much is the taxi? Would you believe it exactly 50 quid. She managed to use one in the chippy after the staff went into a huddle to examine it, and when we went back there was a big sign up saying they DO NOT take 50s.


There was a customer somewhere I worked who paid exclusively in 50s and when he opened his wallet it seemed that was all he carried. Mystified me for a while (was he laundering money extremely slowly or something? Showing off?) until someone told me he was very fond of gambling, so I guess casinos are another place you'll get paid out in 50s.


Being non British why is 50gbp such an issue? That's like 60-70€ right?


It practically clears the till of any useful change. It's a big note so if it's fake you lose a lot. But the main issue is that nobody really sees them, so we've got no idea what to look for to identify a fake. It's this big red note and it's immediately suspicious. Supermarkets often take them, but smaller shops won't. Anybody regularly doing sales of over £20 or so will pretty much always have a card machine. Don't want to make yourself too much of a target for armed robbers.


I've never understood the idea of 'it clears you of useful change'. Sure if it's the first customer and all you have is small change. But once people have payed with 10 or 20, you can use those for change (and you most likely wouldn't use them for anything else, so it's not like it's a loss). Let's say I'm paying for 15 using a 50. You give me back a 20, a 10, and 5 in lose change. If I had paid with a 20 then you would give me back 5 in lose change. Are you really going to miss the 20 and the 10 for change later? What are you using the 20 and the 10 for change if not for 50s?


Once your store is known to accept £50s, you get everyone in trying to break them. Worked in a supermarket in a university city, and we'd literally get groups of international students coming in to buy a bottle of water each and pay with a £50 each. By the third one I'd explain they'd have to borrow change from their friend because I literally didn't have enough money in the till to give their £48.62 change anymore. Suddenly none of them wanted their water anymore Fair enough if you're doing a shop that's over £20 and using them, but people take the micky


Had a similar issue with a coach load of Geordies once when they stopped off at my Co-op on the way back from Old Trafford. About 30 odd of the buggers buying a four pack of Fosters at £3.99 and each one paying with a twenty. After the first five or six I ended up shouting to the rest of the queue that we were now almost entirely out of change and to pay with a smaller note or correct money. The next guy fumbled around and paid with a tenner but the one behind had a twenty and the one after him slapped his twenty onto the counter and had a right smug grin that still raises my blood pressure nearly 20 years later. I asked if he had anything smaller and he said no, so I said OK and grabbed a load of change bags and gave him his change in bags of 2p and 5p coins. After arguing with me for a minute he miraculously found a fiver and paid with that. The rest of the line saw this and started to find smaller notes too... For the record, this was a small co-op (formerly an Alldays) which only had two tills and despite me being a supervisor could not open the floorsafe to retrieve any of our cash drop pods to fish out fivers. We had to keep 50 in our till, once it got to around 100 we had to do a drop back down to 50 in case we were raided.


Alldays! Wow, haven't thought about them in a long time. The one near us was Circle K before, and is now Co-op.


Yeah a blast from the past, I've still got my bright blue and orange polo shirt and fleece jacket somewhere ;)


You have to also remember that till floats rarely exceed £100, tops. Usually excess 20s are put into another slot and most cash payments are with tens and twenties freshly drawn from the cash point outside. You'd be surprised how fast you run out of fivers, and coins of 20p and above value.


Historically, they're (in my experience) one of the most faked notes, and have a bit of a reputation for being fake. But now, the £5, £10, and £20 notes are all plastic (paper £20s are still a thing, but much less common), so because the £50s are the only ones that haven't changed from paper, fakes are much more common as they're the ones that can be easily printed Edit: didn't realise that the plastic £50s have just been released, but the paper ones will still be in circulation for a while




They are the size of a beach towel


Yeah I also went suprised through this thread, paying (when the sum is reasonable) with 50€ or even 100€ notes is nothing 2eird in germany, and the most forged were 20 as far as I know but still noone had any problems accepting stuff. If you came around with 200€ or 500€ notes, that's where people turn their heads as they are so rare (wasn't 500€ even discontinued last year or so fellow european invaders of this sub?) And I think I have seen 200€ notes way way less than 100€ and 500€, dunno why. But I have 50€ notes regularly sooo this all was interesting to me here xD


It’s the same reason in the US many mom and pop shops don’t want anything over $20.


I love the idea that all employees go into the back room to debate about whether to accept £50


I don't know if this applies everywhere, but the store I work at a supervisor has to check and self-serve won't take them.


Probably because you were just handing out fifties willy-nilly. I’m working retail at the moment and I tend to sigh and huff when someone hands me a 50. But only because that means I now need to call for a supervisor to come and check that the note is real before I can accept it, and that could take a while before one actually decides to show up. Either that or they’re the first customer of the day buying a £3 item with a £50 note when the entirety of the till’s float at the start of the day is exactly £47. Then the customer is going to get shirty with me when I ask if they have anything smaller. (100% true story)


Oh I’ve just had a flashback to that time one of the closing shift left a £50 note in the till because the manager told him to leave £50 in the till. No other notes, no coins. I opened the till to make change for my first transaction of the day and was poleaxed


Some people take an instruction as an excuse not to think at all about what they’re doing or why they’re doing it.


Or they did it for shits and giggles. I would absolutely do that once for the sake of it.


Tbh I can’t decide if it was malicious compliance or if it was someone misunderstanding the instructions because English isn’t their first language. Could go either way


They could also just be thick as pig shit. I could see myself doing that when I was a teenager.


I totally get both of those points. It's just that I hadn't been in the UK since I was young enough to not pay for shit myself, so I didn't realise they were so rare, lol.


Yeah, that's fair. And no doubt we'd all get the same reactions in any country if we turned up to buy cheap things with their largest denomination notes.


Not Europe, in Germany they barely blink when you pay for a beer with €100 in my (by now kinda outdated) experience.


50 GBP is not even 60 euro. This is absolutely a British thing only. Spending a 100 or even 200 euro note is a non-issue almost everywhere in the EU.


In the US too. This is blowing my mind how everyone just takes it as a matter of course that they can't spend 50 pound notes anywhere. Like if it was 500 that'd make sense, but 50?


It's a cash usage thing. Here in the UK most transactions are done by card these days. Transactions done in cash are usually less than £50 I know the US is still very cash heavy, and has been slow on the uptake in card tech. We've had chip and pin everywhere for yonks, and contactless is pretty much everywhere now.


Shit's still free... always has been.




Transactions of that sort of size are almost invariably done on a card here. Indeed, even before the Plague Times lots of much small transactions were done on card too.


I’ll pull an uno reverso on you sir or Madame. Live in the Uk, went on holiday to France. Matey thought it would be funny to get pretty much all his spending money in a single €500 note. Needless to say, it was not funny after going to multiple supermarkets on a Sunday trying to find a manager who would accept it for us.


Same, when I was studying in the UK all my relatives lived abroad so whenever I got birthday/christmas money it was always £50 notes. I ended up totally giving up trying to use them as actual currency and just deposited that at the bank because people would look at them like I've given them a post it note with "FIFTY MONIES" scribbled on them with crayon.


>plague tokens At least the new notes can now be [dipped in vinegar](http://smhccg.org/village-history/the-boundary-stone/)


Also, you can't fold the fuckers.


They’re a fucking nightmare to put in a till, they slide all over the place. Way harder to organise and count


We use a weighing machine to count money for cashing up and stuff where I work, and the new notes just slide straight off


I feel it’s a good example of something designed by someone who’s never had to work with that item in their lives. Like they’ve obviously *paid* for things in cash but have never had to sit and count a grand in tenners you can’t keep hold of. Sometimes I think maybe they should just ask someone who knows what they’re on about. We’d all have said “don’t make them bloody slippy”


Other countries have been using them a few years (like Canada) and the UK decided "hey that's a good idea". Never mind the slipping or sticking together (it's either one of the other)


Conversely, I used to work for a company that counted cash. Literally all they did. I didn't work near the actual money handlers but got a tour of the vault as part of my induction. It's mad seeing so much money like that. Someone handed me a brick of £20 notes that was no bigger than a couple of bags of sugar, but was worth £50k. Anyway, they get a LOT of counterfeit notes in and a lot of time is taken up by checking notes for validity and dealing with the fraudulent ones, there's a lot of paperwork involved because whoever sent that bundle of money in isn't getting all of it due to the fake notes. When I was there, the £20 note was about to be released and I specifically asked if they'd seen any counterfeit £5 or £10 notes yet. None. Not a single one. Then I got handed a stack of fake £20 notes.


Is your point that the new 5s/10s had already come out and weren’t fakes, or that people are less likely to fake lower denominations? It’s kinda hard to tell, although that might just be me being dim to be fair. Even with the old notes no one seemed to bother faking 5s/10s because they weren’t worth enough, and at the other end no one seemed to bother faking 50s because no one accepts them without thorough checking. Saw some truly awful fake notes get accepted sometimes though, there was a fake 20 behind the counter that had someone else’s face on it. Like elvis instead of the queen


Sorry, it's definitely me not being clear! You're right, £20 notes are definitely the most faked but we definitely got fake notes of all denominations (including £50's!). It was more a statement that at the time we hadn't seen much/any fakery of the other notes. Now that's probably as much down to the simple fact that most places still accepted the old notes so why would you bother trying to fake a new type, but all the same it's still indicative of the main purpose of polymer notes - to prevent forgeries.


They can also stick together so you miscount, at least the ones in Canada do, I've not had much experience with the new notes since I've been back here


Moved to the UK a few years back. Of course the money changer from back home gave me mostly 50s. Was so scared when the cashier at Tesco called security on me. Lol


Back when I worked retail I saw a bunch of fifties. They weren’t super common but not totally unheard of either.


I work in a pub in a rural area and we get quite a lot of £50 notes, as farmers and other businesses around here primarily deal in cash.


It’s ironic to me how there is debate about 1p and 2p coins becoming essentially obsolete, and that they may be abolished and have prices rounded to end in either 5 or 0. Yet £50 notes have remained in their current position. Surely it should move in one direction or the other?


The £50 has been in continuous use since 1981 after they had stopped following the war. According to the Bank of England inflation calculator, on its release in 1981 the £50 was worth the equivalent of just under £200 today, so it’s easy to see how they were so unusual before, but kids will buy a pair of trainers for that much now.


> but kids will buy a pair of trainers for that much now. Sure, but few people actually carry £50 notes. They're not in wide enough circulation, and the reality is for a £50 purchase you're more than likely to use card.


Get rid of all your 1 & 2p’s and other shrapnel at the self serve tills. Don’t need to worry about counting it out yourself or annoying a cashier making them count it all out.


I do this and yet I still see people in the supermarket depositing their coppers in the coinmaster machine. What's the point in giving them 7% when you can just put them in the self service tills and pay for your shopping with them.


The day you get one you know you’ll hold onto it for the fear of the dreaded situation trying to spend a £50 note. **Oh a £50 note, I haven’t seen one, is it real** **we don’t accept those do you have anything smaller** Or my favourite *I’ll have to call my manager to verify this i’m not authorised to accept it*


Try spending Scottish notes in southern England.


On the inverse, I remember seeing an Arabic bloke in a Bentley trying to spend US dollars at a service station near Glasgow, and getting increasingly arsey until the cashier loudly yelled “IF IT ISNAE STERLING, AM NOT TAKIN IT PAL!” Bentley guy just stormed out, left his cheeseburger behind.


I'd have given him a filthy exchange rate, pocketed the yankee-dinar and paid on my card.


Damn that’s next level, I worked pubs a lot when I was younger and the amount of times I heard customers (especially Scottish punters) screaming the words “but it’s legal tender mate, it’s sterling”


>What’s classed as legal tender varies throughout the UK. In England and Wales, it’s Royal Mint coins and Bank of England notes. In Scotland and Northern Ireland it’s only Royal Mint coins and not banknotes. >There are also some restrictions when using small coins. For example, **1p and 2p coins only count as legal tender for any amount up to 20p.** Shits confusing


> We don't accept Scottish notes due to increased fraud > Euros accepted, €1 = 50p Really.


The Scottish notes are obviously a different design, so money counting machines are unable to count them, meaning they require a separate deposit which is extra hassle, so loads of businesses don't bother. Nothing to do with people being racist against Scottish which is usually cited as the reason, which I suppose it could be in a few examples, but mostly it is just because it isn't worth the hassle.


I've had trouble passing Northern Ireland notes (especially Danske Bank ones, because everyone knows that Denmark doesn't use Sterling) and Isle of Man notes, but no trouble with Scottish ones.


I remember a guy paying for a large round with a Scottish £100 note at a bar I worked in. Had to ask the manager on that one because I could have been looking at the Shroud of Turin for all I knew.


You think that's bad, try changing Scottish notes in Morocco. Man, that was painful.


Same with the Northern Irish notes. Then again ours like to do their own thing with their colour scheme so we end up doing a double-take quite a lot anyway. Example: Danske ("dan-ska") Bank £10 - Green Bank of Ireland £20 - Green Danske Bank £20 - Blue The £5 note, literally every other issuing bank - Blue


Even better than that, Northern Ireland actually had [a polymer note back in 1999](https://media2.allnumis.com/98/5-pounds-1999-8th-of-october-millennium_98_93154d6b2c43f0889L.jpg)! It was a £5 northern bank note to celebrate the millenium. I remember trying to spend one in England in 2004 and the merchant thought I was trying to pawn off monopoly money. Not only had he not heard of the bank, but the note was clearly fucking plastic so it must have been fake. As soon as I opened my mouth to my Belfast accent he backed down a bit, then accepted it I think more out of Novelty than anything else. He didn't even put it in the till, he just held it up to the light, squinted a lot, then pocketed it.


A NI note flummoxed me, first time I had to call a manager over to genuinely ask if it was actual money or not, let alone real. It looked a bit like monopoly money and I didn't even know NI has their own notes! Thankfully the customer was good-natured about it, and my manager had seen them before.


At least y'all *properly* color-code your bills… Value | Color ---|--- $1 | Green $2 | Green $5 | Green w/ purple $10 | Orange w/ green $20 | Two-tone green $50 | Green w/ pink $100 | Teal


Or Northern Irish notes. Grandparents and in-laws send cash for birthdays in the card, basically have to go straight to the bank, and even then explain its "legal fucking tender!" One of the only times it would be better to get vouchers.


>The day you get one you know you’ll hold onto it for the fear of the dreaded situation trying to spend a £50 note. Honestly, the time that I had 50s, I didn't actually have any issues spending them. No weird questioning, no sideeying, nothing.


Ahh spending in posh places I see are we haha jokes


I think I actually used 1 of the 50s to buy a carton of milk at Tesco's, partially because it was the only cash I had on me, and partially because I wanted the note to be broken.


Yeah chain supermarkets rarely give a fuck.


I got one from the bank to put in my mates wedding gift card. It was actually the women at the bank's idea as well.


I've seen more 500 Euro notes in my life than £50 ones! I think the only time I've ever seen one was when my mum was visiting from abroad and the bureau de change gave her £50 notes, which of course she had trouble using. It was a bit of a surprise to her.


Interestingly while the 500 Euro note is still valid, European banks are no longer issuing them (since April 2019) because it's believed that they are mainly used for illegal transactions and moving large amounts of cash illegally.


Yeah I've heard that and I'm not surprised to be honest. It was always a weird thing to see 500 Euro notes anyway and it was usually said that they were mainly used either in Germany which seemed to be much more cash-oriented, or for illegal transactions in the rest of the eurozone. I personally had a bit of a "fear" of them, especially since, as a part-time retail worker back then, that one note would have represented nearly the equivalent of a whole month's pay for me.


At the place I worked at, we also had a Post Office desk in which banking was done. That was the only place I ever handed out or took in 50s. We had a special checking machine to ensure they were even the right weight before I started having to look at the material to distinguish counterfeits. Yeah, bit of a meaningless gesture to put the lad on a note nobody really uses.


Really? I work in a large supermarket and we see them a fair amount. They’re normally handed over by the same people who lick their fingers to separate the money and then get upset when I tell them I won’t be touching licked notes.


Uggh people still do that?


Yup. You’d be surprised how many people actually complain that they can’t, or get upset when you won’t take it. And surprise surprise it’s always the ones without a mask on.


I worked in a museum gift shop for a few years and saw a fair few fifties from overseas tourists. We were allowed to accept them but always dreaded seeing one because usually the customer was buying a £3 fridge magnet and making change was a nightmare.


It’s £47. Glad I could help.


I met a shopkeeper on a university campus who sold stationary to students. Every September when the new international students arrived, they would buy pens and paper pads with their £50 notes.


Stationary what?


I remember once a child tried to buy a 50p postcard with a £50 note right when we'd just opened. I remember trying to explain that my entire till had £50 in it so unless I emptied it onto the counter I literally couldn't take the £50, which was particularly hard as they didn't understand much English...


How was it that much more hassle than a £20 out of interest? Unless you got several a day of course. Shops huff and puff at fifties but surely they aren't doing anything else with the twenties in their till other than taking them to the bank. Would have thought the odd fifty would save a bit of room if anything.


It was a small gift shop and we only started the day with a £100 float. If you’re having to give one of the first customers of the day basically half of the money in your till as change, it causes issues further down the line. Plus we were always short of tenners and fivers as it was and had to swap between the tills to help each other out, which is a real pain when you have a queue forming. That problem was always worse if two people had paid with a £50 note that day! They money the museum made at the end of the day was the same, it was just a pain for us as cashiers. I’d rather give £17 in change than £47!


Tried to buy a McDonald’s meal with a £100 note. Just about gave the poor girl working a stroke once she realised not only was it a £100 note but it also was a Scottish note.


Try being paid in 50's. Having a few 1000 in 50s is shit


I've worked retail and never seen a £50!


I used to work on a checkout in Sainsbury's. 800 hours on a checkout. I saw 2-3 £50 notes.


The only time I’ve seen a fifty pound note is in the hands of a tourist catching the bus, and I’m behind them in the queue.


I had a few Fifty’s over the years even had a One Hundred note at one point


£100? That must have been a Scottish note.


yeah it was


I remember in the 90’s a jewellers in Kirkcaldy had a display in the window with some bit of “tat” sitting with a £100 note wrapped around the base it was on, there were people stopping to look at it too. Fair enough you don’t use much of them in real life. Then I met a lad who was trying to chat up girls in the Aberdeen student Union by boasting you only get served drinks in London if you were flashing £100 notes. Knob!


I have seen one £50 note in my life. Instead, they should have a statue of Alan Turing in every city.


Or just one big statue of Alan Turing you can see from every city!


[Remember Me?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYURxfaTdpY)


The cruelty of the old pharaoh is a thing of the past! Let a whole new wave of cruelty wash over this lazy land


Until then, [Sackville Park](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Turing_Memorial) in Manchester


My town. Big up Alan Turing and Manchester physics University repping on the global scale.


£50 are for drug dealers, tourists and very occasional Xmas presents from rich relatives. Not for us ordinary folk!


I work at a bank, and we see them about twice a year. Old grannies take them out before Christmas for cards, and young people bring them in a week after Christmas. They're both a nightmare, old people don't remember how to do banking, and young people have never been in a bank before.


So nobody uses anything over £20? Sorry for my ignorance but I was 12 the last time I was in London. In 1996. The use of $100 bills is fairly wide spread in the states. Some places either won't have change (robbery prevention) or just won't accept them but the cash machine will spit them out anyway. They are mostly a pain in the ass but you see them plenty.


When I moved to the UK for my studies a few years ago I exchanged about 1000 euros to pounds. They handed me mostly 50s, and it seemed normal at the time, since we use 50 euro notes regularly. When I settled in the UK, the only place that would accept them was the bus station (monthly tickets). It took me a year or two to spend all my 50s!


I remember when my parents came to visit and they wanted notes to use at the shops. Getting £50 notes and actually using them was near impossible.


I occasionally got one when I was paid in cash by a venue for DJing. They were always taken to the bank and paid into my account as a lot of shops just don't want to take them. And I can understand that - too many fakes and losing all the change in your till doesn't make them attractive.


I remember the last time I saw a £50 it was in a chippy when I was about 15. that was 21 years ago. Thats how rare they are that its one of my forever memories.


This thread reminds me of the time I used a CHF1000 (Swiss Francs) note to pay for a round of drinks in Geneva. Being Switzerland/Geneva the bar person did not even blink. At the time CHF1000 = £700.


And now almost £800! The Swiss have no problems with large value notes, most ATMs dispense 100/200/1000chf notes.


Nevermind a £50. I've not seen actual cash in about a year.


I never understand why we bother with the £50 note, shop dont like people using them unless it for a big cash purchase and they were well known to be forged. I don't even think I have ever held one.


They are generally there for casinos or companies who hold large amount of cash. It's not designed for retail purchase but possible given it is cash.


Funny thing is they aren't commonly forged, as people are way too suspicious of it. More likely to see a dodgy £10, £20 or one of the (old style) pound coins.


I moved to the UK this year and deposited my savings which was in £50 notes at the bank. I was wondering why it took long.


Try being a taxi driver, charging an £8 fare. You’ll soon see the £50’s come out.


It's nuts, I work in a butcher's and I see a ridiculous amount of £50 notes each day. Will be very excited when I see one of these new ones.


It would have been his birthday today.


From my time in the hospitality industry it was only ever foreigners that had £50s. They must give them out at FX places abroad. Now that I say it, FX places here do have a habit of trying to give you 100€ and 50€ notes. Try buying an RER ticket at CDG with a 100€ note.


This post has just brought back an epic childhood memory for me: When I was about 9, my mum needed to transfer some money between two banks and it was going to take days so instead she withdrew cash from one bank and walked it over to the other bank to deposit that day. I don't know how much it was but it was multiple thousands. The cashier gave it her all in fifties and I was in awe of this stack of bank notes, staring with my mouth wide open. Mum handed me this big wodge of cash and said "wrap your hand around that, stick it in your pocket and don't let go!" I got to carry the money across the road and into the branch of the other bank. Felt so important. Looking back, my mum was an absolute fool to trust me not to accidentally drop them or something! But we made it in one piece and I got to feel like I was super rich for a whole 2 minutes.


One of my mates always used to carry a £50 in his wallet thinking he was class. And I don't mean any £50, it was the SAME one for years, he never spent it. Pillock.


What a great tribute, now we can accuse anyone who refuses to change them of homophobia!


I used to work at a petrol station and we got £50 notes all the time given to us by the too rich for their own good business owners in the area, they'd give us these ugly af notes when they've spent like £8 in the shop and then refuse to give us any other form of money when we mention that they will clear us out of other notes, I fucking hated that place and those customers


Its alright, with inflation going up you’ll need a barrow full of fifties just to buy a loaf of bread! 😜


It’s not like Europe, when you get fifties in your currency exchange and you think “how am I gonna spend this? No ones gonna take this?” Then you remember your in the French Alps. Not a problem spending that.


only place i've seen 5s is at a casino


On course bookies?


Hang around Chinese tourists or students. They often can’t shift their £50 and €50 notes.


I've worked retail for a few years and saw £50s all the time before covid (we don't take any cash now). Also saw 3-4 forged £50s. We had a £150 float so it wasn't usually an issue, quite often they were from tourists, or from particularly rich bastards who refused to carry smaller notes (literally a woman spent £80 and paid with 2 50s and when I went to give her a £20 note she said to just keep it...)


TIL £50 notes exist. I use the ATM that gives me £5 notes because £10 is too much for me.


Turing about to do a whole lot of coke


£50 notes are almost exclusively used by drug dealers on snapchat.