Bin collection day. Somebody stole my bin. Again.

Bin collection day. Somebody stole my bin. Again.


instead of spending £20, you can buy a £5 Bluetooth tracker. stick it under the bottom of the bin and then go out with your phone and track it down. once you know which house it is, you can start planning revenge...


Yup, and remember the bin is still the property of your local council.


Wait and watch who is stealing the bin, then find out where they live and glue their bin lid shut.


When someone stole mine, a new one, I went down the back street looking through the gaps and saw it in someone's back yard. So I kicked the gate open and took it. Fuck 'em. It's not like they made an honest mistake, my door number was spray painted all over it.


I watched my bin on cctv falling into the back of the truck. They replaced it for free after they denied it could possibly happen…and I asked if they’d like to watch the footage with me


Mine had the lid removed, they replaced it after I had to call in a couple gurkhas to drag the fucker out


I've seen a few bin lorries driving around with bins still attached to them, maybe they're taking them. You could always do the age old trick of covering your bin in garish stickers, so no one else would even want to touch it.


They do that as a way to get rubbish that isn’t in a bin into the truck. E.g., If somebody leaves out a cardboard box full of recycling, they get it into the truck by putting it into the bin they hang off the back, then the hydraulics lift it and tip it in just like any other bin


Just scrawl ‘peDo’ on the next one and no one will touch it again


£20! It’s £60 where I am……


Ours were free a couple of years back. Seems a bit cheeky asking you to pay for it, when it’s the council that decided to muse these types of bins and it’s the council that requires you to put them out in the street.


If they didn’t charge for a replacement no one would steal them 🤔


Our council doesn’t charge for a replacement (at least, they didn’t a couple of years ago), but ours still got stolen.


We lost 2 in a short space of time (luckily before they started charging for them). The next one we got, I engraved our house number on with a soldering iron. Never lost one since.


Someone stole ours. I got some paint and painted my house number in massive numbers on every side of my bin. Yes I’m petty, no I’ve not lost it since.


Try filling it with horrible and smelly stuff, that way nobody would want to take it!


Like rubbish?


Better yet cube a few potatoes, seal them in a jar of water for three weeks, then pour the liquid on the bin. Do not inhale.


My preference is a bottle, 10 fresh chicken turds, a rotten egg and a little piss, fill the rest with manky water from the chicken House, shit absolutely reekd


Well yeah you don't want it to be anything too good just in case they still decide to nick it


Just put numbers on it next time


You have to pay for a new one? When it’s the council that require you to leave them out in the street? That’s not right. When ours got stolen a couple of years ago, they sent a new one over about 3 days later, and advised us to paint the house number on it. Neighbours had them stolen too (Why? Why do people steal wheelie bins?), but none have been stolen since with the numbers on.


Just leave the black bags on the path


Just pinch someone else’s. That’s what I do. I have had 3 so far.