Today is July 4th which means it's..... Sunday. It's only Independence day in America, we don't celebrate it or are we interested in it, so stop posting about it on British subs AMERICA

Today is July 4th which means it's..... Sunday. It's only Independence day in America, we don't celebrate it or are we interested in it, so stop posting about it on British subs AMERICA


today is my swiss aunt's bday as well :)


HBD to the Swiss Aunt


thx a lot - will tell her


Alles gute zur Tanteli!


merci vielmals ✌


that is a Swiss holiday, not a British one /s




Think we should all elebrate that instead honestly.


^^ possibly. our affection towards america is there but limited


Tell her g'day from Australia please :)


thx 👍 will do !


Tell her, "I said hope you enjoy your day."


Happy Cake Day to your Swiss ~~Roll~~ Aunt


Thanks for reminding me… I have a jam and clotted cream Swiss roll in the fridge.




It’s mine too! Your aunt has a good bday


happy bday to you ! wisely chosen ;)


Happy birthday to your aunty!


thx ✌


I’m an American living in England with my Brit husband. I call it Independence Day, he calls it, “The day we kicked you out of the empire.”


You did find the absolute worst way to make tea. In a harbour full of salt water..... Of course we booted you out.


You know, some Americans use the microwave to make a cup of tea. After hearing about this i just couldn't suffer alone...


My neighbour heats water in a mug, in the microwave, when he makes instant coffee but goes full on loose leaf with a teapot and strainer for tea.


I seen a American make tea in the actual kettle, then Wondered why it boiled over


Do they leave the bag in whilst it boils or just lob the milk, water and sugar in boil that, then dunk in a tea bag and swill it round the milk water?


Sorry... What.... Say syke right know!


It's how some of them boil water. They don't know any other way. It's quite sad.


At least they didn't put the milk in first.


Had to be done. Now they’ve turned to sweet tea, which is equal parts sugar and water and absolutely atrocious. Side note: When my husband moved to America with me 8 years ago he told me how the milk, eggs and butter didn’t taste as good, and I though he was full of shit. Like an egg is an egg, right? False. British versions are far superior, I said it.


Milk and butter I understand but how can the eggs be different?


Better quality chickens and less battery farming. Agriculture in the UK and EU are superior to the US by a long way.


Yep, what they all said. Worse conditions, shittier feed, poor regulation.


It's that our supply chain is smaller and far better. Our standards are higher and our standards for animal living are second to none. Improving the life of the animals involved improves the quality of the food they produce for us.


Different breed of hen, different diet for the hen, eggs washed and refrigerated before you buy them - any or all of these


I've found British lettuce to be incredible as well lol


Agreed, most produce is better. The only food I really miss from the States is real BBQ and good Mexican food.


Of course they'd go to sweet tea, we told them that salt water cold tea was a dumb idea. Bloody people.


It still hurts, all that waste


My wife and I, as two Americans in England, go with "colonial treason day"


Happy treason day, ungrateful colonials!


Treason day!


When I moved abroad, they had an independence Day (theirs was 17th of May) My workmates asked me when the British independence Day was, and I asked "from whom? Half the world has an independence Day from us, if I celebrated all of them I'd never be at work."


And who did we fight for independence from? The Normans won and since then there's been basically nothing.


I don't understand it all myself. Something about Will Smith and aliens?


It's also my mum's 61st birthday and she is just the kindest soul, that's all we celebrate 4th of July for.


Happy birthday to your mum! Are you doing anything special?


Aw, thanks! :D She's going with my nan and my dad to spend time at her brother's for a few days (he lives a few hours away) as a treat. Last night we went over for a special meal- at her request my brother in law made the starter, dad made the main and I made the dessert, it was delicious! She was a very happy lady, she just loves being surrounded by family.


Did you know that if you celebrated every "Independence Day" from the British Empire by the average, you'd be doing so roughly every 5-6 days in the year? * [Source](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_that_have_gained_independence_from_the_United_Kingdom)


[Here's a handy video from RealLifeLore with it visualised.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snukwrLhu8Y)


If you look at some of the countries, you’ll notice that “independence” isn’t really that independent. Welcome to the new leaders, just like the last ones! Only these ones aren’t people from afar making decisions, but those who live here and colluded with them. That’s why the B word was particularly stupid. Like quitting a club that gave advantages and now having to go out and work harder to get fewer advantages. Not that I’m equating that with independence, I’m just saying politicians gotta politic. Whoever is in charge, isn’t doing it for the people.


There's nothing in the streets Looks any different to me And the slogans are replaced, by-the-bye And the parting on the left Is now parting on the right And the beards have all grown longer overnight I'll tip my hat to the new constitution Take a bow for the new revolution Smile and grin at the change all around Pick up my guitar and play Just like yesterday Then I'll get on my knees and pray We don't get fooled again Don't get fooled again, no, no Yeah Meet the new boss Same as the old boss


Dunnnn dun dunnn


So... only once a week then? Shame... I like parties.


Want more? Claim Iceland too then. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invasion_of_Iceland


>Independence Day You mean Traitors Day?


Your flair gives me heart palpitations


But it is correct, and I have the emails from McVitie's to prove it. Apparently they float the biscuits over a river of chocolate, akin to Willy Wonka, which means the chocolate is indeed on the bottom of the digestive.


It’s so obviously on the bottom though because the text is obviously on the top of the standard digestive and the text is still visible on a chocolate digestive


Couldn't agree with you more mate.


But when you open the packet the chocolate is on the top?!


Well... is the chocolate the top or bottom of a Jaffa Cake? It rests on the bottom, and since the chocolate application thing is similar between Digestives and Jaffa Cakes, the chocolate is *technically* on the bottom.


Top of a Jaffa cake for sure


Then why have they photographed them upside down for the [packaging](https://imgur.com/a/FBXpfbP)?!


Same reason some people take pictures of their butt instead of their face. Thats the bit they want to show off.


I've started eating digestives chocolate side down since reading this a while ago and it's so much better. Instant chocolate. I know I'm a heathen but that just adds to the excitement.


Wololooo, glad to have converted you


This is the kind of world shattering investigating vice used to conduct. Our whole understanding of the world has been a lie


As someone who used to work with chocolate as their profession that doesn't necessarily mean it is the bottom of the biscuit. It's just the most efficient way to coat one side neatly. We had a couple of products where we would coat the top this way. You are right though, apparently the chocolate is the bottom of a digestive.


My world has literally turned upside down


Of course it's on the bottom. Do people think it's on the top??


Absolutely, a year or two ago I started the debate and posted the emails on this sub and people were outraged.


But don't you taste food top to bottom? Or is that just something that my brain made up?


Yeah but you'd want the chocolate directly on the tongue right? So it makes sense they construct the biscuits that way


Reminds me of a quote from my favorite novel Shogun. “Isn’t that rebellion? Yes or no?” “Yes. But there are mitigating circumstances. Serious miti—” “There are no ‘mitigating circumstances’ when it comes to rebellion against a sovereign lord.” “Unless you win.”


Toranaga is absolutely brutal when it comes to getting exactly what he wants, his internal monologue addressing Anjin-san at the end of the novel is still chilling.


Agreed. I like how Toronaga refered back to this very conversation as the moment Blackthorne won him over with that answer "Unless you win." He recognized a kindred spirit. And we had no idea at the time that Toronaga (the great puppet master) was secretly planning his own "rebellion." I re-read this treasure every few years. Love it.




You won't regret it. It's a doorstopper though. Might take you a few Sundays to get through.


When we get smug comments about the war of independence I like bringing up that we won the rematch (War of 1812).


We should celebrate the day we got rid of those traitorous heathens!


I thought Independence Day was April 7th


Isn't this a post about independence day on a British sub?


While we're moaning about this, can I mention that Halloween has elbowed Guy Fawkes night out. :(


To be fair, my dog much prefers halloween, lots of strangers coming to the door for her to bark at and do the “fearless guard dog” routine, rather than said image to fall apart on Bonfire Night as she is utterly terrified of fireworks so does her best Scooby Doo impression…


It was like 5th of November on my street last night after the football


Halloween is way more fun




I'm happy for the independence , can you imagine having to have any responsibility for the trash fire that is modern America , no thank you


> trash fire ** rubbish fire


Imagine how hard it would be for the British government to manage USA at its current state. It would be like managing the north. Neglect it enough to make them inferior but help them enough to make them shut up and vote for you.


As a Manchester Man, this hurt. Spot on. But hurt


"Managed decline".


I doubt they will be able to speak to the manager. I doubt the queen would be sympathetic this time.


As a Northerner , ouch 😂


As a Londoner I did not like the way the government blamed the north for the rise in cases before Christmas when everyone who went drinking at on a weekend in London did not socially distance outside the bars and blamed the variant for it.


Wasn't a fan myself really , what really saddened me was the amount of working class folk who voted for a party that hates them.


Snap... I couldn't get my head round that.. 😳


They’ve been tricked… the opposition had THE most pro-working class leader since old Citizen Clem and the working class turned against him because they read and believed the increasingly American propaganda


England is roughly the same size as the State of Alabama... 1 of the 50 States. Imagine the Size


The fact that they managed to run an empire still baffles me.


That's your problem... hope you can get over it.


It's just a thought that a small country can rule the whole of South Asia, a large portion of Africa, a group of islands on the other side of the globe at the same time. It doesn't affect me or anything.


Forward planning and lots of tea. That's the real British superpower.


At least they get enough help to keep them quiet and voting the way they want. Sincerely, The real North Edit: but seriously, the southern North does have a rough deal, neglected by UK gov (at least other Union countries have some sort of gov). Not even sure "help" is the right word since that's their own taxes, sure they're getting well less back than what they pay for.


The treasonous fools


It's my wedding anniversary today


Give us our tea back you bastards!


Celebrating your country's Independence Day but still have to pay for your health care. Huzzarh!


What I find funny is Americans (depending on state) pay the same amount of tax or more tax than we do in the UK, yet don’t get free healthcare included in that. Where is all that oil money going?


Defence, which far higher than the UK's.


And on the propaganda to justify the expenditure on defence, don't forget.


Unlike the UK, essentially no tax money goes to any kind of media in the US. Public broadcasting accounts for something like 0.002% of the tax dollar.


People here keep implying that the US's huge defence budget is where the money's going, but that's not the whole picture. The fact is that, like most parts of the developed world, social welfare accounts for the lion's share of the US budget, despite the huge amount the US spends on defence. Unlike most of the developed world, the social welfare systems in the US are absurdly inefficient. The issue in the US is not so much that we spend money on defence instead of welfare, it's that we keep pouring money into a broken welfare system where the people that need it end up seeing very little benefit from it.


Bombing goat farmers the other side of the world


You mean, Thank fuck we dodged that bullet day?


Today is a day to celebrate!! My cats turn 2 today


Americans are everywhere. Even if the sub is not related to the US, they, for some reason, are there. I don't know why this is annoying me more so than usual.


The only thing I like about independence day is that it's my birthday


Happy day and independence day where?


My wife's too!


It’s also the anniversary of Dennis Bergkamp’s goal against Argentina, which I think is much more important


All today is to me is my nans birthday, a nice day for a dinner out with family!


I wondered why it was so quiet. Nice to see a global discourse site not overwhelmed by one nations voice.


So glad I didn't post that "why is Reddit all of a sudden flooded with firework related comments" post


Independence Day? Like the film


The irony!


Britain supplies the independence days, dude


I believe the correct term on this side of the pond is "ungrateful colonial day".


"Do you guys celebrate July 4th in Britain?" "Yes, we call it Thanksgiving."


I suggested messaging "Happy Treason Day" to my wife's American cousin but we didn't think she would understand.


I would like to wish our American brethren a happy independence day, calm in the knowledge that one day we will sail to your shores once again and welcome you back into blighty, no matter the cost.


It’s my youngest daughter’s birthday today! Can we all celebrate that instead, please?


I feel like they're trying to mock their previous overlords. Little do they know that we really don't give a toss. I'd like them to stop taking over it supermarkets though, like who's gonna bet that Morrisons will go to shit or at least be flooded with cheap wine now it's under the thumb of a US wine company


Someone still isnt over the war I see




It's also ironically for any Americans our anniversary and wedding anniversary. 12 years married and 20 years together.


Unless it's them aliens I couldnae give a diseased ridden jobbie mongering rats arse.


We should celebrate our own national day on the signing of the Act of Union or something. Except that the Scots want out.


Lol, or is it England want out.. But hey ho its a British Sunday in July, , gloomy weather, Wimbledon, some get to sit around and reddit, and apparently there was some good football on last night which fuels our national fear of success.. I love my imperfect little Island.. Off for a cuppa.


To be fair this sub stopped being specific to British problems years ago. It's rare you see any these days that are genuinely in line with what the sub is supposed to be.


It might as well be drivingproblems. There's at least one post a day about how awful it is to drive.




Probably. But it's just another case of "I am a driver and I hate other drivers."


What about teaproblems? Barely a nanosecond goes by on here without a post relating to the good old British cuppa.


Oh no 😭😱 I mentioned a cuppa in a previous post...


I thought that was banned because it was just becoming boring.


I agree; the problems discussed here are often not *distinctively* British; we have them in America, too. Yet I enjoy this sub because it gives me a British perspective on those problems, and often a humorous one.


I think you mean “Dodged a Bullet Day”! In the case of the Yanks this is probably quite accurate…


It's Rebellion Day not independence day.


Happy Treason Day


You have become the very thing you swore to destroy.


We kind of got our independence too. We at least get to keep them at arms length now, making it much easier for us to look down our noses at them!


It's happy good riddance day IIRC.


Let's celebrate the day we stopped being responsible for a bunch of tossers


But it was a good film, in its own way


Aye, I finally gave the sequel a go and it was a travesty. It was awful. Had an entire plot with Jewish grandad guy that was if no relevance. I do not recommend.


It's just straight up crap, isn't it? Utter pony.


It has nothing redeeming about it at all.


Hollywood accountants probably found it very gratifying.


I have a Roland Emmerich triple bill I like to indulge in for an afternoon of mindless moviewatching. Day after tomorrow, 2012, independence Day. Freeze the world, burn the world, destroy the world with aliens.


Watched that and tomorrow's war yesterday truly mindless action.


The Tomorrow War is a great film for little boys (of all ages) Instantly forgettable, so you can watch it again next month, but all the ingredients were there. Only things missing were a couple of dinosaurs and a Temple of Doom. "I really liked it" /u/the_real_grinningdog/ (Age 10)


There's so many plot holes it's unreal but it's such mindless entertainment


I once was in Britain on the 4th, and I stumbled on a small celebration on the seafront in Brighton. People were dressed in western gear--I remember a buckskin jacket with fringe, and a cowboy hat--and they had set up a tipi and were serving corn on the cob. Interesting to see what they considered American. But I would be hard pressed to think of decorations, clothing, or food that would be considered *distinctively* American nowadays, other than the flag--and they had that, too. A few of the participants may have been American expats, but I think they were mostly native Brits. They welcomed the American tourists, and a good time was had by all.


Distinctively, you might be right; but I consider the baseball cap, an unnecessarily massive flag and the hot dog to all be quintessentially American. Of course, two of those three are globally ubiquitous, now.


This is the only post


Couldn't we have our own version called ungrateful colonists day where we just drink to our heart's content?


" Question. Don't y'all celebrate Independence day in London, Scotland? Any wonder the queen took your guns away, goddamit, lawd almighty what in the name of high school fussball!"


I'll do what I want, I'm American! Best part of being a 'Murican is not listening to anybody. Now excuse me while I shoot guns in schools and eat McDonald's.


"Tag der Deutschen Einheit" : nobody cares outside of Germany, not even every German cares to begin with. "Canada day" : Canadians are happy, but don't want to bother others because they are Canadians. "US independence day": it is all over the internet, just like everything else that's only important in the US


That's because the Internet is American because we invented it now get off and stop posting in foreign languages! ^^^^/s


We should celebrate it, if it weren't for us having a war with ourselves over there we'd still be responsible for it and them.


We are just 1 day closer until that special something finds its way home.


It'll get lost in the post. Usually does.


Today is the ‘American people I follow post pictures of themselves on a boat’ day! Exciting!


No today is July 4th which means it’s only three days until England bring it home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


Will you Brits take us back? Maybe just the Northern states? Please?


They try to rub it in our faces but we’re the ones that cause Independence Day