When did it become ok to give your kids a snack to eat in the supermarket before you’ve paid for it. Surely they’re not about to die of starvation and can wait ten minutes

When did it become ok to give your kids a snack to eat in the supermarket before you’ve paid for it. Surely they’re not about to die of starvation and can wait ten minutes


Half the time it’s not cos the kids hungry, it’s just to shut em up


And honestly, it's far, far better for everyone that they do. Better for the kid, the parent and everyone else in the shop!


Can confirm, and I never discourage it. Source: am supermarket worker


Have my upvote cos I appreciate nthe job you do


This. Source: am parent


Agreed Source: Also parent


This. Am parent and former supermarket worker. As long as they keep the empty and pay, I see no problem.


Yep. Source: am child


This behaviour is cruel and uncalled for Source: am snack


When I was pretty little my mum would take me to do the weekly shop with her and I bloody loved it. She would hit the deli counter first, buy a handful of deli meat, and then let me snack on it for the rest of the shop while I sat in the trolly. She's a great broad.


I was exactly the same only it was a bag of grapes


Definitely the grapes. Would have to weigh them to get the sticker, eat them on the way around, then pay for the empty bag.


This. Source: Am manbaby sitting in Mom's cart.






Isn't that how the say mum in Birmingham?


Really?. I just thought it was the american way


I only know this because there's a Brummy bloke who calls his mother MOM and made a big deal about not saying MUM - all the brummies were agreeing hah!


Fair enough.


I used to let my son eat something from the chicken counter because he was such a fussy eater that I couldn’t miss the brief window of being hungry if it arrived when shopping.


I was about to point this out lol


It is because we as a society are now embarrassed or ashamed to discipline our children. It is acceptable to break the rules vs being judged.


Don't many supermarkets now leave fruit for children to snack on at the front of the shop?


Yup, if its fruit, and you're in tesco, there's a high chance that the supermarket provided it. Even our tiny tesco metro leaves fruit for snacks.


You’d think but there will always be someone who will decide that their precious baby doesn’t like the available offerings and must feast on kumquats that they will then refuse to pay for because the other children got free fruit.


Yep, I've seen it happen. Mum complaining that her little Abigail doesn't like "apples with green on" and must have a red delicious. Which only come in pre-packaged packs of 4.


Wait, someone actually _wanted_ a red delicious?


I've noticed it in Morrisons for sure. I'm tempted to grab a banana each time 🍌


I grab it, I am my parents child after all.


Ditto, and why the hell shouldn't I? Age discrimination I say!


So this is why I randomly find banana skins all over the shop, I thought it was so weird


It's someone taking Mario Kart seriously


And here I am getting ejected from the store for bouncing Mushrooms off peoples heads.


I have never seen this, but if so, that's awesome


I’ll look out for that, I’m kinda blinkered when I shop!


That got scraped at the beginning of the pandemic and there's no sign it'll come back.


Used to, not since covid


Work on a Produce dept. Free fruit hasn't been a thing since roughly March 2020, for obvious reasons.


It was really common in England in the 90s. Or at least in my town. Not sure about now. My mum or nan used to open chocolate bars or crisps and let me eat them then hand over the wrapper to scan it when we got to the end. My mum used to work there and both her and my nan were really pally (still are) with the checkout ladies there. So I dunno if that's it. But many friends have said their parents did the same. I've done it as an adult too for myself when on break at work. I bought some wedges and chicken. As it was Xmas the queues were massive. So me and my mate decided to just eat our dinners while we queued. We had more than enough money on us. Checkout lady just laughed at as when we handed over our empty boxes to scan the barcodes.


Yeah me and all my friends used to snack like this being kids in the 90s and then pay for the empty packet on the way out. Nobody cared as long as you paid. My diabetic friend still does this... for obvious reasons.


I remember as a young child (late 80s, early 90s) I'd just learned what stealing was. I was horrified when my granny gave me a couple of grapes before she had paid for them.


Gangsta granny


My mum doing it for me 30 years ago, so before the 90's was ok


Well in the 90s my dad always let me eat some of the bread before we paid, so at least since the 90s


Yep. I worked the tills in the 90's and it wasn't that uncommon. It was mostly fine, the parents would hand you the packet to scan and it was back in the kids hand before they knew what happened. It when they where eating the 'pick 'n' mix (grown-ups and kids) that used to really annoy me. That's just blatant stealing.


When I was 6 I watched my mum eat a grape she hadn't paid for.I was convinced the police were gonna arrest us at gun point and take us away to do 10 years hard labour


Simpsons did it!


I'm not sure if I've ever bought a baguette that I've not started eating the end of


Samesies! Shopping with dad always meant you get to eat the baguettes crusty nub.


Mum did this with us in the late 80s


My neighbours did this in the early 80s - the time they took me with them I was horrified as I'd been brought up to understand that as theft!


Mum did with us in the 90s too. I remember being given fruit or Pom bears lol.


Pom bearssss. Still can’t get enough of them now


It was usually crisps or iced gems for me and my brother, fuck I could go for some iced gems now.


Mmmm iced gems


Ah shot I forgot that they were a thing and now I want some. Will look out for them in the next shopping!


Came here to say this. I don’t do it with my kids because I started using online shopping (best decision I made in Jan 2020!), but my mum told me she did it all the time with us in the late 80s/early 90s. Can’t see why the shop cares so long as it’s paid for, right?


Me too, I remember eating a baguette whilst being wheeled around a trolley in Tesco. I was a fat kid...


You’re ahead of the time I thought it was a recent trend


We did this too in the 90s. As far as I've discussed it, this was the norm back in those days. People stopped doing this around the turn of the century


It was about the time supermarkets started complaining that it was theft because not all people pay


We need an actual store manager/security to weigh in on this.


Former Security. Did 9 years in Tesco Extras. Generally speaking, security don't really care about such things. In regards to stopping a suspected shoplifter, you have to follow rules called SCONE (Selection, Concealment, Observation, Non-payment and Exit) so in the case of someone eating a Mars bar going around as they do their shopping, that could be an hours worth of CCTV tracking for something that costs pennies. Complete waste of time. All the while your alcohol, meat, make-up etc could be getting hit for £1000s of pounds at a time. So... Whilst it's against the rules officially, it's really all about priorities. Not worth the time. Although, have occasionally seen people dump wrappers after "grazing" and made a point to wait till they go to the checkout and pop the empty wrapper on the belt. The embarrassment makes it funny and them stop usually.


I worked for sainsburys and its never been ok for people to "graze" as they walk around. Saying that most staff will look the other way as its not worth doing anything about it. Just keep a eye on them as its amazing how many empty wrappers you find hidden behind things when tidying. There's been a few times I've seen people get to the till and their cards not worked after helping themselves. One of them was very embarrassed.


I also worked for sainsburys and they specifically told us grazing was ok unless someone was obviously taking the mick.


Probably different messages from different stores managers. Officially its a no no but as I said a lot of people can't be bothered with dealing with it.


This was part of the official 2 days training 🤷🏻‍♀️


My mate is still a manager there and said its still the same. Not to worry. I've worked as a area support and seen lots of differences between stores on rules about things. Its odd to see in big well know companies do this as you would think it would be the same but people get trained a certain way and then thats how that store works from then on.


Yeah it's true, there are big cultural differences between stores. I've lost count how many I've worked in as they move you around a lot when you're a manager, and some of them are outright weird.


Very true. Any all the best and don't let me catch you grazing in my store or I will have to look away and pretend I didn't see lol.


I’m type one diabetic and my mum used to feed me snacks in an emergency but she’d always pay for them afterwards. And it was literally just in emergencies


Me too, the staff probably thought I had a lucozade addiction or something, I drank it as though it was the last water source of earth haha


Fair point I have a sneaky suspicion this is not the reason why others do it


Erm, it's ok if you're an adult and the chicken satay sticks from the deli counter are still warm isn't it?


That's a genuine emergency in my book.


Kids can't handle the salmonella


Those kids are gonna end up spoiled and bratty coz they were never taught to wait for something. I don’t know why you’re being downvoted. Emergencies is totally ok and different though.


OK Sigmund. Yea I'm totally a spoiled brat. Currently living in a tiny box flat, struggling to get by, trying to study while working to better myself. and it's all because my mum gave me a grape in the supermarket 20 years ago that wasn't paid for


Jesus. Kids eating snacks doing something they are forced to do = spoilt kids? Your mental gymnastics is amazing.


Reddit is full of armchair psychologists


If I’m planning on paying for my 1L bottle of Scrote vodka, then what's the problem with me guzzling it around the aisles? Along with a box of Sugar Puffs and an un-cooked packet of bacon? Lovely.


🎵 Sippin’ on scrote and juice 🎵


Laid back, with ma mind on ma money and ma money on ma mind


Serious answer? (And this came up because I used to work at a supermarket and we were finding empty booze bottles in the disabled loo). It’s a breach of the alcohol license for the site. Supermarkets only have a license for consumption off site not on site so if it’s caught then theoretically the store could lose its alcohol license.


It is illegal to consume alcohol on the premises. (I know what you said was tongue in cheek but I'm a dick).


OK curtain twitcher


I think there should be a rule that the supermarket is entitled to seize the child as collateral if your card is declined.


That’s probably why I wouldn’t do it!👏


This has been a thing since I was a child and I’m in my 30s.


This is usually an issue of contention whenever it's brought up. But as someone who worked in a supermarket for a few years whilst at school, I'll say the roughly 50% of the time you see someone grazing on something on their way around the store, you'll find the empty packet stuffed down the back of a shelf at the end of the day. In fact, before leaving for greener pastures, I ended up supervising the food counters at the back of the store - when you used to see people open those packets and start eating, the likelihood of finding those empty packets stuffed down a shelf was closer to 90%. No idea why.


Give them a frozen lasagne and if keeps them quiet for 10 minutes


That's just them trying to peel off the film lid


I always wondered what they do when they get to the checkout and find an issue with their bank card. You can put the rest back, but what about the stuff your kids already eaten? Some places, like our local tesco, have a little stand of fruit for kids to take for free while shopping. Seems like a good compromise.


As a former retail worker, it really annoyed me. Pay for your food before you eat it.


Since forever. Used to do this in the 80s when I was a kid. Nothing wrong as long as you put the wrapper through when paying. Edit: like most people on this thread it seems. You should post this to r/unpopularopinion. You’d probably get some traction!


Used to work in a supermarket. I'd get the occasional empty crisp packet to scan. Can't say I cared much. The one that did take the piss was the large bunch of grape stalks. Grapes are a weighed item, so yeah, it's still stealing even if you bring me the remnants on that one... On a personal level, I couldn't care less if the person pays for it. It's not something I'd do myself, but I don't care if others do. These days most supermarkets have the scales that print out barcodes, so that gives people a way to pay for fruit if they wanna eat fruit that isn't being given out for free. Only time I remember opening something before paying at the supermarket was a box of tissues. Desperately needed one XD.


I get this point and about 16 months ago I was on the same side as you. But I now have a 16mnth old baby and she gets bored of shopping about 10 mins in. So yeah I often give her some fruit and always pay for it at the end. I work on the checkouts and I can say most mums always pay. I have seen proof that some people don't pay which is why I was always against it.


That's just shoplifting at that point, otherwise I see no problem at all


Yeah I know and security can only do so much about it. It's one of those things. It is what is it and there will always be people who think they're entitled to it


I used to get the crust off the bread in the eighties.


Like so many things with kids and if you do it once they expect it everytime. My kids never have asked to eat on the way round but as I usually do the shopping on the way home from work I've only ever brought them with me about 10 times. I'm sure if they saw someone else doing it they'd go mad though.


I believe it is technically theft


I'm 28 and used to do this as a kid, so at least since the 90s! I would eat poppy seed rolls or bagels whilst we shopped. No one ever minded and I don't see the problem as long as you pay for it.


My mum definitely used to do this with my younger sisters. I was apparently an idiot and refused to eat the food cause ‘it was stolen’.


not an idiot. You were honest. It's a good trait to have, well done you :)


I always purchase the snack before I let my kid eat it.


Last 25 years if not longer.


Yeah... kids... I've seen people in their 20's do this. It literally boggles my mind. Saw one girl pick up a roast chicken leg and begin eating it waking away from the deli. 10 minutes later I see her again sans the packaging. I like to think she kept the packaging in a bag or pocket... I think it boils down to what the parents did. I know I won't be letting my little one do stuff like that.


I'm on the fence with this one. I mean avoiding a meltdown is worth it but until you've paid for the item it's technically not yours. Bring some snacks or teach little harmonica to be patient for 5 minutes. I've tried both these approaches tbh with varying results.


Is avoiding a melt down worth failing to teach your kid patience. If it was me, any attempts to eat the chocolate before leaving the shop would be met with no chocolate at all for the rest of the week


I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone do this near me tbh, I’ve seen a kid picking through some grapes when he was sat in the trolley but trust me his mum was not pleased lol


My parents let me eat ice cream/lollipops before paying for them, because they'd melt by the time we'd have paid. We just made sure to hand over the wrapper so it could be scanned. Never had any problems


As others have said, we do it exclusively to calm the kid But its our last resort, and if he has started a tantrum he needs to end it before getting food.


My local tescos has free fruit for the kids to eat during the shopping


Oh... decades ago mate. As long as you make sure you pay I don't see the harm. I've certainly never seen anyone be told off for it.


My mother used to give me a box of biscuits called Animal Crackers to eat while we went around the supermarket. It was paid for at the end of the shop. I’m well over 50 so this is not a new trend.


My mum did this for me in the nineties. I'm sure other people appreciated not having a screaming/moaning child whilst they were shopping.


They used to call this shoplifting.


Actually, shoplifting only occurs at the point of leaving the store. You can put anything in your pockets going round. It’s only at the point of leaving because that’s the last point you can say they didn’t intend to pay.


Its not theft unless you leave the shop without paying, if im thirsty id have a swig of my drink I'm going to pay for it doesn't make a difference.


And if parents don't do that and the toddlers continue to have colourful and intense meltdowns, people will complain about that, too. They will say when did it become ok to leave your kids screaming in the supermarket when other people want to shop in peace and quiet? Surely there are ways to distract them for ten minutes.


The kid is having melt downs because it hasn't been taught patience and it knows that having a melt down in a public place will get it what it wants


You know, this is such a narrow, crappy view. Kids can have meltdowns for all kinds of reasons. They aren’t all spoilt brats, not all parents are failures and attitudes like this are less than helpful. Do you think Parents want to endure a screaming child? You’ll have different people getting involved, giving them “advice” when they should just mind their own business. They’re damned if they give them a snack and they’re damned if they let them scream it out. The world is full of such judgemental people who all think they know best. The worst is when you get non-parents “suggesting” shit. Yeah thanks for that.


I judged until I had children of my own. First they want to sit in the trolley, then they don’t. So you let them out, but they end up running off and getting under people’s feet. Which means you have to put them back in the trolley for every ones safety. This then causes major tantrums. Sometimes with children you just can’t win. If giving them a cheeky snack whilst shopping makes everyone happy, then I am all for it. Plus with scan and go, you’ve already committed to buying it.


Yeah, it is easy to judge until you have a kid and see just how different it is on the inside. They are little people who have no concept of the world yet. Where 5 minutes seems like forever. Then they have someone constantly telling them they can't do this or do that. Most grown adults would get grumpy if they were treated like a toddler for an hour. It may be for their own sake but they can't understand so it would be nice if the adults around could understand for them.


Kids should be banned from supermarkets altogether


I don't see what the problem is. If I'm buying a product and want to open it then as far as I can see it isn't an issue unless I then don't pay for it. With this said I don't really graze in the shop but if brought grapes and things and ate then as I'm walking around.


Its not yours till you have paid for it. At that point you only have the intention of paying for it.


The problem is that the shop has no idea if you intend to pay for it, so now they need to watch you more closely to be sure you don’t just walk out after eating.


If it’s a packaged set price then sure, but aren’t things like grapes weighed at the register? You wouldn’t be paying for the grapes you already ate as they wouldn’t be weighed.


It doesn’t seem right to me but each to their own, at least you’re eating healthy


who cares lol


It became acceptable when we stopped saying 'no' to toddlers. Unfortunately that was 25 years ago and they are now the parents.


Mad how the greatest generation was immediately followed by the softest, most entitled one isn't it. Wonder if there have been studies that identify why it happened. Just the contrast between living through a world war or two and somehow still managing to invest towards your children's futures. Against a generation who had no major setbacks yet could only take from their parents and children without giving anything in return.


Anything to avoid the little one having a 'meltdown' mid aisle.


It’s easy for non-parents to see this kind of strategy at work and assume that it means the parent is failing. Don’t listen to them, do what you need to do so we don’t all have to listen to a tantrum!


Fuck that. If you give in quickly for each melt down you're causing yourself a bigger problem later on. I'd rather take the early investment for the later ease. The problem is all the judgemental knobs that assumed they never cried as a baby. (I have 4, all very close in age who are great 98% of the time.. but still have the 2% of the time when it suddenly sounds some people become fluent in Khoisan and ready to produce their own armchair parenting guide)


Not this is a horrible horrible idea. Kids have to learn patience and that is a hard lesson. Yes, there will be some tantrums, but eventually they will learn that they can't just have whatever they want the instant that they want it.


Thanks for proving my point :,D No parent has 100% will power, not the time to deal with a tantrum in the middle of a shopping trip. Occasionally it’s worth bribing the little one to get through the day. So long as it doesn’t become a habit it won’t do any lasting harm.


What madness is this?!?! That is NOT okay! Why would you not want to teach your kid that sometimes they have to wait 5 minutes before they can have something


Option 1: give kid a snack and keep them occupied and content, making shopping easier Option 2: don’t give kid a snack and have them be looking for attention and something to occupy themselves with, making shopping harder and annoying other shoppers Also how is this a problem that impacts you?


It's a problem that impacts the development of the child.


My Mum would buy me a snack way back when. She’d pay for the wrapper, no big deal.


Its to keep the demon semen quiet. Not about hunger.


Imagine getting annoyed about a small child eating something.


my grandmother did this with me over 20 years ago with ice creams, does it matter as long as you pay for it? she would take the ice cream wrapper and have that scanned


It’s probably to shut them up


My mam always did this with me, or give me a drink and put the empty bottle on the conveyor belt (we always paid for what I drank and ate) As long as you pay for it, I don't see the problem :) it stopped me nagging for sweets at the end when they used to he displayed at the checkout


Man this problem is beyond petty. If you're going to pay for it what's the big deal? My younger sister used to do this in supermarkets, she was well behaved, none of us screamed the place down when we went shopping but my mum would tear off a bit of a baguette every now and then while we would do a weekly shop for my little sister to snack on till my mum got to the till to pay for the shop. I wish people would just mind their own business and stop judging parents for how they parent their children on the most minimal things. Be fair, everyone is trying their best in life. Also...to the comment "My kids were well behaved so I never needed to give them snacks in a supermarket." Good for you, but well behaved kids can snack too. Judgy parents get on my nerves.


Since always..? Is it causing you grief, because I’m not really sure why this is a problem?


In all seriousness, what is your problem with it?


It can wait ten minutes? Im going to make an assumption that you don't have children just from that part of your post. Sometimes we just need to shop in peace. We are going to pay for it and to be honest its way less annoying than hearing my absolute terror children screaming around tesco surely?


You'll pay for it eventually when the kid fails to learn any patience or restraint


Lol ok mate.


Ain’t it always been ok to? I remember as a child doing the exact same thing


That's been okay since I was little, it's not a recent thing


It's like people are trying to find things to be outraged at. Fucken hell


My parents did this with me all the time, it's normal mate, just show the wrapper to cashier, on you go.


I don't understand why that's a problem. I give my 4 year old daughter a small carton of milk and then get the empty carton scanned at the end. No big issue.


Why not bring a drink with you? It is a issue.


What's the issue?


Stock loss. You maybe honest but many people aren't.


I’m not justifying stealing. However, there are millions of people struggling right now while supermarkets see some of their biggest profits for years. If a parent deliberately or accidentally forgets to pay for one piece of fruit or a few grapes, it’s really no big deal. Having worked in some places, staff deliberately “drop” stuff to get it discounted / written off. Shit loads of stuff gets thrown away and you’re worried about the stock loss on a banana?


At the end off the day it isn't yours until you pay for it. Staff that drop stuff to get discount get fired. I do agree there should be all efforts made to minimise food being thrown away. In the good old days a lot of the food would get cooked up into odd dishes in the staff restaurant but now days people are lucky to get a over priced vending machine. A local butcher does something like this of there hot food counter. Alway nice to get some hot lamb chops or something else that they don't normally do.


And I’m pretty sure it’s only actually theft at the point of leaving the store, and it’s only theft if you intend, deliberately, to deprive the owner of it permanently. Therefore, if you keep the wrapper, and pay for it, you don’t meet the criteria for theft. Bananas are usually what we let our daughter eat, because the actually fruit is inside and doesn’t need washing. I’ll just add an extra banana to the count, or tell the cashier. I’ve had cashiers in Aldi just throw the skin away and not charge us, even when I’ve said to. They only get sacked if they get caught.


My dad did it once with cough medicine because he was really struggling and then just paid for the bottle he took the swig from. Used to work in a supermarket and honestly it's more common than I thought at first. It was always with small things like grapes or water but I never seen it as rude and actually I seen it as honest since it told me they were not trying to take advantage. However one customer did it with yoghurt and asked me to scan it and bin it and that was pretty rude.


When I had younger children and was just running in for one thing and it became an entire shop trip, I would occasionally let them eat one of those baby pouches with fruit and veg and just have it scanned (being empty).


I did it with my daughter when she was younger to get her to stop whining lol


This is a solution to a problem of noisy little buggers.


This is not a solution. You can't have that right this second is a vital lesson to learn. You redditors are always banging on about wanting parents to "teach children not to rape", well what is rape if not trying to have sex before you're allowed? Kids NEED to learn that sometimes you can't have what you want the second you want it. They have to learn that lesson as soon as possible and then you need to stick to it.


Fuck me you're weird


I wish I could upvote you more for this.


As long as they pay, what's the problem?


When you've got a kid who is moments away from making an already painful grocery trip unbearable and all they want in exchange exchange for their silence is a heinz fruit pouch, you better believe I'm gonna open that sucker before I've paid for it.


My parents did this when I was a kid, kept me quiet so they could do the shopping. As long as the parents keep the packaging and pay for it at the end I don't see the problem, and legally it's only stealing once they leave the shop if they haven't paid for it.


It's weird but not as weird as people who bring their kids (and sometimes adults) in at around 5pm in their PJ's. Late night last minute emergency something with young children I can understand, but these are kiss 7 year old + and people I have mentioned this to think I'm the weirdo thinking it's odd.


Honestly I’m jealous of how few fucks are given by people shopping in PJs. The Dude abides!


ha; when was that not OK? what did I miss?


Still remember the days when my kids were very young - shopping trips could be a nightmare. We definitely opened packets while shopping (nappies being one I remember!) and sugar snap peas were a bit lighter when they reached the till. Hey ho - Sainsbury's will survive. Nowadays, I'm amazed that anyone would put themselves through the experience when you can have your shopping delivered for you instead. All of the benefits, none of the problems!


I have a two year old. Very occasionally if I’m caught short at snack time or my toddler spots some food that she LOVES going into the trolley, I’ll grab something out for her. I’d figure I’d rather do this and cause no issues to anyone paying for it at the end compared to my kid screaming the supermarket down and annoying literally everyone


Yes! Literally used to love this so much as a kid. It was usually a carton of Um Bongo.


Well I'm 38 so I guess 38 years ago. And we were well behaved children. Had the shop had a problem scanning the empty packet my Mum would have immediately stopped it.


Depends on whether they are diabetic, and about to pass out from low blood sugar or not :D Generally speaking, my parents didn't/don't allow eating when walking around in the street (inc shops), however occasionally I'd go hypo, at which point, rules were broken and I was sat down on a chair somewhere, with a bar of chocolate.


I love a picnic with my toddler going around the shop eating thing together!


Some of you don’t have kids and it shows


I don't see how it's a problem.


You know pre-pandemic, Tesco stores had a free fruit pile for kids to take a piece? The supermarket was actively encouraging it. I don’t see the problem with it. The kid didn’t ask to be dragged around a supermarket for an hour, a small snack is hardly a problem.


I was a pretty well behaved kid, but sometimes I was just a little hungry, an extra little appetite perhaps. My mum would buy me a snack to take round the shop. I used to be scared I'd get in trouble because people might think I've stolen it. That's when my mum taught me the power of *The Receipt*!


Many supermarkets have fruit like bananas, apples and oranges for kids to munch on for free. I think it’s cute.


And healthy


My mum used to always do this. When we went Sainsburys she would get the packs of chicken chow main and let me eat it. She made sure the barcode didn’t rip, and then scanned it at the sled check out


It’s cute when a kid does it... not so cute when my boyfriends mum goes round eating the bananas before getting to the till


My mum does this all the time, eating grapes and fruit as we go round. Still even now when I take my kids around she does it. Just that age I think.


At first, didn't feel comfy about this, but after some thought: 1. Y'know what - absolutely stuff your kid with healthier stuff before you hit the sweets/biscuits section of the shop. 2. I'm forever forgetting to take pens to cross out stuff on my big shop shopping list. So, frequently grab a pack of biros, pull one out to use and pay for the pack at the till. No real difference, when it comes down to it. I now consider myself re-gruntled. Edit: Words


I sort of do it, never with the kids, frequently with my husband, he gets incredibly thirsty and drinks a few pints of apple juice while shopping.