Having to add ‘uk’ after searching up a city or county because it comes up with the American place that stole the name.

Having to add ‘uk’ after searching up a city or county because it comes up with the American place that stole the name.


I hear there's a *New* York now


Theres a new South Wales too, i heard.. apparently not as much rain?


Sydney actually gets more rain than London, but maybe not as much as Cardiff.


Though London has on average more rainy days, that is days with >1mm rainfall.


[Relevant Mitchell & Webb] (https://youtu.be/dOBhf8f7cXM)




Wait until you hear about New England.


You know what they have in New England? New Britain.


And New London. And at least 150 other names you could find. New Hampshire. New Hyde Park (Long Island, NY), Hyde Park (Upstate NY).


And the river that runs through New London...... The Thames 🤯


Allow me to further ruin your night, it's pronounced with the "th" sound of " the" and "ames" that rhymes with "james". There also a nearby Versailles pronounced "ver-sails".


That sounds so wrong!


I'm sure they thought it was funny even then


Grew up in New England and live in England now. I pass place names I grew up near all the time and do a double take. The original Europeans in New England were not creative in the slightest.


Well yeah. They named stuff after people they knew. All the people they knew were from England




I mean, were not the most creative either at times. Portsmouth, its the mouth of the port. Blackheath, dark coloured heathland. Westminster, an Abbey in the west of London. Mile end, a hamlet a mile away from London. Tower Hill, yep you guessed it.


I grew up there as well and visited England. A few people were mildly intrigued I was an American who didn't pronounce towns ending in "shire" like I was going to visit some hobbits. Also, there was one creative European I can think of. Whoever named the town of Henniker, NH. I believe its claim to fame is that it's the only Henniker on earth.


We actually pronounce it 'sher' so if you imagine derbysher lancisher... you've got it.


I grew up in Barnet, Hertfordshire and it was pronounced Hertfordsheer - I therefore pronounce as Lancasheer, Yorkshire etc....


Why, was there something wrong with the old one?


Why they changed it I can't say, people just liked it better that way


Technically a new New York too, there's a New York in Rotherham!


There’ll be a New New York in the future. Edit: well this has turned into Futurama vs Dr Who


well technically it should be called “New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York”


There's a New York not far from Boston in Lincolnshire.


There is ... And it's only good for driving through.


Who the fuck wants to go to London, Ontario anyway?


Can confirm, it’s a boring and uninspired place. The university has a nice campus though.


You just described most of North America my friend.


That's the problem with North America: it's always trying to walk it in.


What was wenger thinking sending Walcot on that early!?


Did you see that ludicrous display last night?


Mind 'ow you go.


They're havin' a laugh!


But they're winning?


Ref shoulda called it!


Nah they're havin a laugh


Even other Ontarians call it London-Ontario like the city's name is that whole thing.


Like how Americans call the real London Lundininglan


Misguided American transplant here, any chance I could get a hint at the joke? Edit: thanks, feeling a little dense but I appreciate the responses.


That they feel the need to specify London-england


Americans often say “London, England” for some reason, as though people will be confused and think they are talking about London, Ontario instead.


London, Paris, Waterloo, Cambridge, Dublin, Brussels... Ontario sucks at naming places.


Not to mention Windsor, Chatham, Blenheim, Shrewsbury, Berlin(now Kitchener) lmao


Hey can you believe the audacity of Paris, Tennessee?!


Or Paris, Ontario


I think the EU need to copyright their city names just like their delicacies; Brie, Champagne etc. The Americans need to learn a lot more about their heritage and would be beneficial in the long run.


I mean it's kind of our fault by starting with New Amsterdam / New York, Boston and so on.


I'm American and I feel like it was you lot that named all our shit to begin with.


Paris, Texas is just as dismal.


They have an Eiffel tower replica in cowboy hat. I wish they'd do the same with other parisian landmarks.


Or Moscow, Idaho


Ah, life on the Thames. (The Canadian Thames, that is)


London ON is wonderful 2nd best London in the world for 161 years running! https://www.thebeaverton.com/2016/03/london-ontario-named-2nd-best-london-for-161st-straight-year/


I flew to Toronto once and checked into a hotel at the airport before the next leg of my journey. Guy at desk: "So where are you from?" Me: "London." Guy at desk: "Which one?" Me: ???


So which one?!?!


Their cover's blown. It was a ruse. They didn't even know there was a London!


Hey Google! When I search for "Institutes of educational excellence in Boston", I expect to see Boston College in Lincolnshire as the first result.


It's not about Google as much. It's more about the drop-downs in forms. You add a first couple of letters for your city/town to pop up...ready to click...and no...you have to re-enter the whole town name and country to get the right result.


That’s where the guy from the YouTube channel NotJustBikes used to live ! He hates it.


Edmonton in London is somewhere your hoping you have to enter Canada as an option!


I saw somebody post on Facebook about Brighton and Hove, it seemed a bit odd and then I realised they were talking about Brighton and Hove in Australia.


Always trips me up with guardian articles that talk about 'Victorians' takes me a moment to realise it must be an Australian edition article...


Or Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, Canada.


As a “Victorian” I also get annoyed by Victoria, Texas.


Man, I play geoguessr and I was in Brighton and Hove. Thought it was going to be a quick round so jumped straight in to the map.. Thought roads didn't line up quite right but thought fuck it, 12 points later.....


Just looked into Geoguesser briefly, looks interesting. Do you play it on mobile or pc? Is it worth paying for?


PC is far easier so you can zoom in and see detail in the photos. Paying means you get extra game modes like battle royale where the farthest away guess gets eliminated until one remains.


Absolutely love geoguessr and worth paying. It's a small amount but very fun. There's a great twitch community for "chatguessr", which is geoguessr with everyone playing against each other on same map to get closest and you don't need an account to play alongon that twitch mode.


"Hove actually"


Part of my family is from Brighton, England, but when they moved to Australia they moved to Brighton, Victoria ...I swear they did that just to fuck with people. It's not helped by the fact that whenever I asked said grandfather for clarification about which Brighton he meant, he always just said "yes"


How did that happen? Like Brighton and Hove are two places, did they create a city that is split in two in Australia. Or is it one place called Brighton and Hove.


They’re both areas of Adelaide. Somebody was talking about how they have to drive through Brighton and Hove to get to work down the Brighton road.


There is a Luton in Iowa; believe i spent 15 minutes on google maps scoping it out edit yeh i didn’t search Luton and get that instead. I’m just saying there is another Luton


I am genuinely astonished you could find enough there for 15 minutes. That town is like 4 streets.


Your description makes it immediately sound better than the UK Luton. Which is a complete shithole that could only be improved by being nuked.


Came to find the obligatory ‘Luton is a shit hole’ comment. I only went there once and vowed never again.


I've been unfortunate enough to have had to go *twice.* It really is where hope goes to die. ​ And I say that as someone who currently dwells in Peterborough.


Can’t say I’ve ever been to Peterborough. I drove through Stoke on Trent once and came to same conclusion as Luton.


Used to take the Megabus a few times a year from Aberdeen to Birmingham. Sometimes we'd park up in Preston for 10-15 minutes; let folks get a pee break or that. Nah thanks mate. I'll willingly remain on this fart riddled metal can, if it means not stepping foot into that abyss.


And yet you willingly got off the bus in Birmingham?


How dare you! We have more canals than Venice, as every brummie will tell you!


Stoke on Trent: the armpit of the universe


I used to live in Stoke and commute to Luton. Living the absolute dream there. Actually quite fond of Stoke. Place looks rough as a badgers arse but has lots of nice locals, and easy access to prettier places. Luton can be slid into the sea, and I wouldn't miss it. Except save Ks Bar in Dunstable. Fantastic curries.


Peterborough is definitely better than basildon Essex, we're the dumping ground for all the wrongens coming from London because its cheaper here😑


You guys, Peterborough, Huntingdon, Bedford, Luton... Anywhere with a quick train line to London really! 😂


My cousin owns a little pub on the outskirts of London, really nice fancy place and where there house is is a nice area too, not been anywhere else in Luton though so can only speak for a couple 'posh' streets I've been down😂


genuinely surprised it even has a couple posh streets lol


Why is it that whenever literally any place in England gets mentioned, there's invariably always someone calling it a shithole with a bunch of locals agreeing with them? Is there anywhere in England that doesn't fall into this box?


Dorset, Cornwall and Devon fair well. Used to live in luton, moved to Bournemouth in 2017. Never looked back.


Off the top of my head, Bath, Oxford, Cambridge, Canterbury, Tunbridge Wells, Winchester, most of the Yorkshire and Lancashire Dales, the Lake District, anywhere in the Cotswolds, etc. Loads of lovely places in England that most would probably agree are lovely. I'm from South Yorkshire, most of the towns here are shitholes but we have some very pretty villages and countryside :D


Hull. Beautiful place of culture.


My favourite part about Luton is that the "welcome to Luton" sign also says "home of Luton airport". I.e they're only selling point is a way to leave while going *really* fast.


Live here, can confirm


Went to uni there. Can also confirm.


Born there can also confirm


Worked there. Can confirm. Left. So much crime, and theft of both raw and processed chicken.


"Come friendly bombs"


The best thing about luton is it has the means to get as far way as possible. Airport, train and a motorway system. It at least allows you to rectify the decision to go there in the first place.


I love how every single English thread manages to bring up some area of England that is a unanimous shitstain on the country. Absolute gold the way you all trash on your country so much. Gives me great joy. Americans rarely do.


Luton is the first thing you are greeted by if you cheap out on your trip to London as a foreigner.


Ah Luton, the place with the airport that has a train service where you can't walk from the train station to the airport and have to get a fucking bus that goes 300 yards across the road. usually getting stuck in traffic on the way.


And there's a Dunstable in Massachusetts, USA and Alberta, Canada.


haha sweet gentle dunstable. Our beloved younger brother


I love exploring the world on street view


Same, I have spent hundreds of hours in Google earth vr just visiting places I will never go in real life.


Think that’s bad, how about Bangor North Down and not Bangor Wales.


Bangor, I hardly knew 'er


Took my Wife to Wales to Bangor


Or even worse you're trying to sign up to something and they list Bangor, UK twice.


Washington in the north east has it right with the welcome sign "welcome to the original Washington"


Lancaster, Pennsylvania is the bane of my life when looking for any sort of business.


And it's suspiciously close to York.


If it helps any, it's pronounced LANC-as-Ter, PA. Totally different.


Birmingham, Alabama I don't know who I feel more sorry for




It's ber-ming-um, thats the correct pronunciation. Arve lived round eya all me life n I ay avin some yank folk tellin me ow are pronounce me ome town


Never understood why non-Brummies omit the 'g' in the pronunciation of Birmingham, when trying to do a mock Brummie accent. When in fact it's more accurate to over-pronounce.


Don’t know if it’s any worse than “Berminam”




Work in Birmingham, UK, can confirm they are better off. Clean air zone my arse.


Whats wrong with the CAZ?


It's pushed all the commuter traffic out to where I'm based, my commutes gone from 25 to 40 minutes to get to work and handed near half hour to get home. They just 'moved the pollution a little further out and then concentrated it as everyone's now crawling along.


Although this sucks in general over time it will probably lead to less people driving at all like it did in London which eventually has a benefit... But yeah that's not really that comforting when it's made your days hell


*London* has a diverse transport system to fall back on.




Nah London, Texas


Can't wait till they put in the bullet train from London to Paris...Texas!


But with. London you dont need to drive. Every other uk city (cough bath) has decided they can do it but also reduce bus services and increase the ticket cost. They basically dont want the poor to travel. Otherwise theud give us options. To make it worse its cheaper to get an uber both ways than a return bus for 2 people... We need better cheaper buses. Not just adding costs onto things so you can increase other costs further


It just screws people over who live further out and aren't served well by public transport.


So most of every city in the UK that isn't London.


Even London is only "less crap" in that regard


Also why do they keep changing the speed limits every half mile?


I would assume that what you're experiencing is the immediate effect and in the long term it should reduce pollution as people are incentivised to drive low pollution vehicles or EVs or use public transport (not sure if the public transport in Birmingham has improved though). Hopefully your commute will get easier in the long run. Weren't they in the process of pedestrianising the city centre anyway? When I left Birmingham they were extending the tram line, building whatever on New St Station and quite a few of the roads you could drive on had become buses and taxis only. The amount of driving you could do was rapidly decreasing so that zone seems like a reasonable step forward


M http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/west_midlands/7560392.stm


"Stole". More like colonised.


Yeah, can't believe I had to scroll so far down for this! We literally colonised half a continent, stole the land, renamed it all after places in our own country, and then... complained that the names are the same...?!


So true. I am American and I have no problem hating on America on almost anything and everything, but the UK literally named these cities , this is your doing ..


It's quite funny looking at a map around Boston and seeing all the British place names (Boston included)


ha when i was about 11; my family drive thru Boston Lincs and it dawned on me that two places with the same name can exist.


It used to blow my child mind when I saw a street named after a different city/town


I just moved from Portsmouth, Virginia (with nextdoor cities of Norfolk and Suffolk VA) to Mildenhall, Suffolk, UK, with Norfolk just a stone's throw away.


Calling a US city Norfolk or Suffolk when those are county names in England is particularly weird to me. Like if there was a city here called California or Texas, it's just...doubly wrong.


Norfolk, VA’s been Norfolk since before the US was a thing. You have no one to blame but yourselves! > Like if there was a city here called California [About that…](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_(disambiguation\)#United_Kingdom)


Gives us a leg-up when it comes time to pronounce the names of English places.


Slightly off topic, but Egypt is just north of Slough...


I used to drive through there daily for work, every single day without fail my colleague would say, "we're in Egypt, bloody hell we got here quick from Slough"


My dad lived in wales and just up the road was [Bethlehem](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bethlehem,_Carmarthenshire).


Pronounced Egg-ipt, no doubt. I remember reading a book years ago and it casually mentioned someone going to Jamaica in a way that made no sense in context so I ended up googling it and there’s a Jamaica in Queens, NY.


it's worse if your a scientist everytime someone mentions work carried out at Cambridge you have to check which one


You have found out the problem r/cambridge (Cambridge, Cambridgeshire) with r/cambridge_uni and r/AngliaRuskin, r/cambridgema (Cambridge, MA) with r/Harvard and r/mit and r/cambridgeont (Cambridge, ON) with r/uwaterloo.


Always makes me smile when we claim the original name of a subreddit and not something like /r/CambridgeUK


At least the two Cambridges are roughly equivalent. The University of Mississippi is in Oxford, MS, and Miami University is in Oxford, OH. I'm sure they're not bad unis in their way, but they're really not on the same level as Harvard and MIT, in the other Cambridge!


Even old New York was once New Amsterdam Why they changed it I can't say People just liked it better that way…


It was originally New Amsterdam, then New York, then New Orange when the Dutch re-captured it, then New York again when the Brits got it back. The song lyrics should be "New York, New York so good they named it four times".


I mean... technically it was originally called New Angoulême by the French.


Can’t even read that without singing it in my head lol


Why did Constantinople get the works? It's nobodies business but the Turks!


There is a hamlet called New York just down the road from me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York,_Lincolnshire (shout out to all the Lincoln crew)


Thank you for this!


My daughter's name is Charlotte. Every time I type it on my phone, the suggested next word is "NC".


Oh God. Once I was boarding a flight home from Jamaica to Birmingham. There was an American family behind us telling the kids about how they were going to catch another plane to Dallas. Struck me as odd but halfway through the flight I remembered there's a Birmingham, Alabama... I sincerely hope that family realised and got off the plane!


There was a similar story a couple of years ago about a couple from Birmingham, UK who booked such a great deal on a direct flight to Las Vegas. They booked Birmingham, Alabama to Las Vegas. They ended up having their trip to Vegas paid for by Richard Branson and then had a trip to Birmingham, Alabama added to the end. https://www.al.com/news/birmingham/2016/08/british_couple_who_booked_flig.html


Did they steal the name or did we name cities after ones here (then they stole the colony)


Some are not straight copycats but named after people with the same names as places.


There are something like 22 places in America called Durham. One of them being Durham, North Carolina named after Dr. Bartlett Snipes Durham. Durham in New York was named after Durham in Conneticut which was in turn named after Durham in England. Source: I'm from Durham, England and I saw a Durham in the US and went down a rabbit hole.


In Ontario, Canada there is a large region called Durham as well which is contains a whole bunch of towns East of Toronto


Washington, both the State and the City, being prime examples.


Washington D.C, was named after George Washington who's ancestral home back in England is in Washington. Washington, England, was originally called wessyngtonlands and Washingtons ancestor was originally called William De Hertburn. When he took over the ancestral home he changed his surname to Wessyngton which evolved over time to Washington. Source: Was born just down the road from Washington, England. Was educated in Washington and live near by.


“William De Hertburn” sounds like the Swedish Chef if he ate too much spicy sausage.


Aye it's a miserable place in the UK like.


It's the same in Australia, we didn't have the most creative settlers.


Tbh I kinda get it. Bear in mind in those days you'd go months/years without ever coming home so I get why people were trying to, in a way, bring home with them.


Yup, I used to live in Dulwich Hill in Sydney's inner west, which isn't far from Ashfield, Canterbury, Lewisham, Stanmore and Enfield.


Yeah basically. I think if you asked the original owners of the land, they would probably choose not to have the name as well.


Absolutely. Where I'm from (Zimbabwe) as soon as colonialism ended we changed back a bunch of the names of places.


A lot of streets in Dublin were renamed after independence; they went from being named after British aristocracy to being named after heroes of the struggle for independence.


I see. So you lot saw what we did, built a time machine and then went back and did 60 years before us. Typically sneaky Irish.


"Well, we were originally a British colony", quote attributed to Captain Obvious.


Newark, NJ lives on my phone rent free!


So many NJ suggestions pop up when looking for something very local


I was on a bus in Ohio once when I noticed that one of the stops on my route was for a town called Coventry. I obviously got off to have a look around and it was awful, brought a tear to my eye. They really stuck to their roots!


Swansea, Massachusetts. Which is in Bristol County…


Theres a bigger reason for this....


I have location settings on, surely it should be clear that I'm wanting to fly from Newcastle upon Tyne not Australia! Why I'm not worried about an AI takeover just yet


I mean I don't think it's them that did the stealing, tbf... like naming your kid after your dad and then blaming the kid for stealing the name !


No one mentioned Perth, Scotland. The City in Australia was named after it because Perth is named in honour of the Scottish Secretary of State for War and the Colonies, George Murray. Murray was the MP for Perthshire, which includes the town of Perth, Scotland. (Copy from Wiki)


Dunedin Florida can go get fucked I have gotten excited too many times seeing a store in my city that's actually in America


I went to school there for a bit and I gotta say there's some great Greek food joints in Dunedin FL


Was kinda our fault


The location sharing doesn’t seem to make a difference. Google knows I’m U.K. based and using English (correct) not English (murica), yet will still direct me to predominantly American sites. Food websites in cups and the weight of your nan’s left tit, whilst cooking everything in lava at 9000 degrees Fahrenheit. Medical websites that bemoan the cost of insulin and make it sound like sexual activity is a bad thing morally. Now if I look for medical advice I Google the issue and stick “nhs” at the end and you get a good sensible non dramatic medical page. British cooking sites are still hit and miss tho.


BBC Good food is like a gem in a sea of shite


There’s a Miami Beach near Mablethorpe on Lincolnshire, I remembered from a 1970’s era AA road atlas It’s still there on Google maps, search for Miami Beach U.K.


Edmonton Canada?? No! Edmonton London. I should say, Edmonton Canada is very much a major city and Edmonton London is just a small town in north London so I can’t be too fussed about it.


My school once booked us a school trip to an orchard. Turns out the orchard was in Australia


Manchester, South Dakota, had a population of 40 when I visited (and is now officially a ghost town). I visited with a Bolton native who found this rather hilarious. The nearby town of Badger was roughly 3 times the size (pop 144) though it is now also dwindling. The phrase of the trip was "a badger 3 times the size of Manchester!".


Try searching for anything in Sale in South Manchester. You just end up with sales for that thing, drove me nuts when we lived there.


Waves from New England! Thanks for all the names!