The petition to replay the Euro final against Italy has hit over 100,000 signatures, as these 'rule experts' claim two italian players should have been sent off. Expecting an extended warranty on a cup final is not a thing Britain! Its not DFS. Actually it is. Do fucking shutup!

The petition to replay the Euro final against Italy has hit over 100,000 signatures, as these 'rule experts' claim two italian players should have been sent off. Expecting an extended warranty on a cup final is not a thing Britain! Its not DFS. Actually it is. Do fucking shutup!


Jesus, if every sports game had to be replayed because the official missed a call, they'd never fucking stop.


It's coming home... 2038 edition


That’s why we get all these stupid rule additions as the rule makers try to appease fans who are never fucking happy anyway. Case in point VAR, which used correctly is a wonderful thing but you’ll never get fans in agreement that it’s good for the game etc, or that the decisions it makes are correct. 🤷‍♂️


It’s a joke petition. Do you really think people are signing a change.org petition because they think we’ll replay the final two weeks later? No, it’s just because it’s something to do. And it gets attention from morons like this OP who think it’s real


Do you actually know it's a joke or are you just assuming? Judging by the description on change.org and her updates, the woman who made it sounds like she means business.


Boaty McBoatface


Fair point.


Apologies for being curt, but glad you got where I was headed with it. TBF *she's* probably serious.


I dont think its a fucking joke considering the amount of knobheads we got from this


If you are going to get into rules... > The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play, including whether or not a goal is scored and the result of the match, are final. The decisions of the referee, and all other match officials, must always be respected. ([source](https://www.theifab.com/laws/latest/the-referee/#the-authority-of-the-referee))


Every sport played by human beings must necessarily include the limitations and foibles of those same humans. Being good at the sport means being good enough to adapt to and overcome the limitations of oneself and others involved in the game. If we want to relitigate every game that was less than perfectly refereed, we also need to be open to the less than perfect performances of others: replay a game when one of the coaches didn't coach as well as he usually does, replay every game where a team's best striker had to get subbed due to injury, replay every game where the keeper made a mistake, replay every game with an own goal, etc. Football didn't get invented yesterday. Everyone playing professionally came up in a system where they were trained about these situations and they pursue the career with their eyes open. These petitioning 'fans' need to throw away their pacifiers and grow up.


I recall a sci-fi book where two characters played a football game against each other where all the other players were robots - just like video game FIFA. The robot referees were programmed to make one major and three minor mistakes during each game to match reality... Anyway I don't recall petitions being set up to replay games when mistakes went our way?


There’s an inability to accept mistakes and defeats tbh. For me from a referee perspective, ithink the referee did okay, but he was lenient for two or three major calls. If it was me, I wouldn’t be happy with that performance, but then I’m sure he won’t care for my opinion on the matter anyway. End of the day, England did ok to get the draw and take it to penalties, the game was “lost” when they basically went too passive in the second half imo. Defeats happen; be happy with the first final in 55 years and cheer them on for the next competition imo.


I think I've read that too. I also remember, in the story I read, it was the last game that humans would be involved in - after that all player would be robots and even spectators were robots. Humans watched the game at home on tv. Thrill of the Grass? Feel of the Grass? Something like that I think.


Mine was part of a Piers Anthony series I think. Lots of puns in it, and unicorns etc.


I mean, I have absolutely no idea what's going on here and nor do I care to. But if they make a wrong call, they're wrong. Especially if it's backed by video evidence.


As far as I'm aware, no match that was completed in full has ever been replayed for any reason, even in cases of corrupt or incompetent refereeing. Apparently the petition also solicits PayPal donations, so this is clearly a grifter piggy-backing off the disappointing result.


There was the FA cup match which was played between Arsenal and Sheffield United in 1999, but that was agreed by both clubs after a controversial goal after the ball was locked out of play for a player to receive treatment


Interesting, I didn't know that! I've heard of teams allowing the opposition to score to balance out an "unsporting" goal, but not replay an entire match.


There was a Bayern Munich match in the mid-90s, where they were awarded a 'phantom' goal, one of the worst decisions you'll ever see where the ball clearly didn't go in, but the referee gave a goal giving Munich a 2-1 win, which was the difference between them winning the title, a 1-1 draw would have meant they lost the title. It was such a bad decision that the Bundesliga ordered the match to be replayed, I was a kid at the time but I remember FIFA were pretty pissed about the game being replayed, as they said the 2-1 result should have stood, despite how bad the decision was. The game was replayed anyway despite FIFA's objections, and Bayern Munich won the replayed match 5-0. Here's the phantom goal [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b\_-H0\_Q946M&ab\_channel=Bundesliga](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_-H0_Q946M&ab_channel=Bundesliga)


The same happened at Watford v Reading in 2008, but as it was early in the season the result stood. Stuart Atwell was the referee that day, and he gave the goal after being convinced by the linesman, who saw the ball go over the line but neglected to mention that it wasn't between the posts.


Oh, I absolutely don't think they should replay the game, even if the referee was wrong at the time. It's over and done with and just a game at the end of the day. World cup next year!


This rule isn’t talking about whether the ref is right or wrong. It’s just saying the ref’s decision is final, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong.


Part of having humans as referees means accepting that they’ll make mistakes. The rule that the above user posted is just a catch all to say “quit whining, the game is over”


Whether it was the Danish or the English, starting a petition for a rematch is pathetic for any nation.


I can't work out when stuff like this started to happen and what type of people are signing these things. Is it the younger generation that are used to getting everything they want and can't cope with losing. Or is it just people taking the piss out of whoever was daft enough to create the petition. Or was the petition just a wind up to see how may idiots would sign it. This world confuses the shit out of me these days!


The internet made it possible for swathes of traditionally isolated numpties to band together on foolish causes like this one. Just look at how easily conspiracy theorists spread their lies these days through social media. Social media has been great at creating virtual connections while severing physical ones and is going to have a big part in the downfall of humanity.


Exactly this 100,000 sounds like a lot but its 0.15% of the UK population. Are 0.15% population absolute fucking numpties of course they fucking are. Normally these idiots would be lucky to find 1 or 2 other like minded idiots down the pub. Now they can connect with thousands of other morons like them to reinforce their ideas.


"UK" population? It'll be a bit more of the English population then. Don't bring us into it! I don't think many Welsh, Scots or Northern Irish want it! (Even those of us who didn't "want England to lose" were just glad that it simply wouldn't be on our screens, on the radio or in the newspapers for the boringly foreseeable future.)


Fair point. 0.177% of England's population.




That or you know, it’s just funny


Imagine the “Average person” and remember that half of the country are dumber.


"Younger generation used to getting what they want and cant cope" Not sure what country you live in mate but us young people arent getting anything we want. [In fact research suggests we're much less sensitive than generations before us](https://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/baby-boomers-more-sensitive-than-millennials-research-shows/SYG4BSFT3V2YGWRNROZGPIW3RE/#:~:text=A%20study%20has%20found%20that,humans%20according%20to%20their%20age.)


Yeah, we're so used to getting what we want, like affordable housing, a decent wage, an education that doesn't cost a lifetime of debt, ohhh wait, no, we don't get shit. That's what the older generation had. Get the fuck out of here with your 'young generation used to getting everything it wants' bullshit. If anything its the old lot that I've seen supporting this kind of shit.


Do we have to keep replaying until we win or just the one time?


It's just the one replay actually


Unless another petition is made from an undesirable result


No luck catching them hot fuzz references then?


Just the one Hot Fuzz reference actually!


Everyone and their *mum's* packing them 'round here.


Like 'oo?




Who else?


Redditors mums.


the wind was blowing against us, making us slower, that's totally a potential goal denial. rematch!


Reminds me of that scene from the Office (the UK one) when Finchy loses the pub quiz so he challenges the winner to a game of throwing things over the pub roof.


He's thrown a kettle over a pub! What have you ever done?


That's a highly under-appreciated episode!


8 legs, 6 legs 8 legs, 6 legs Count em


Sounds better than a penalty shootout to settle it, everyone down the Red Lion while Kane and Cheillini lob kettles over a pub to decide the Euros.


Respect your elders, and do not fuck, with the big boys.




Like Springsteen, born to run... the Slough branch.


Haha was gonna write that, guess I need to spend a few years at the university of life, screw your goldrun


It’s crazy that at first that had more signature than the one about banning the racist holligans


Sadly I am not surprised by this.


No? The anti racism petition has over 1 million signatures


100,000 morons.


They weren't even red cards lol


I assume one of them was Chiellini for the Saka challenge, but who was the other?


Jorginho when he went in studs up on grealish im 99% sure it'd be that can't remember other events that'd be close. 100,000 casual plastic fans want the game replayed nothing more than that. Real followers of the sport know Italy deserved it and the saka challenge was tactically genius.


Ah yes it was Jorginho. Absolutely agree. It's a was a defending masterclass to be honest. Any defender who was experienced in the rules would have done the exact same thing in the Saka case. Stuff like this annoys me though, it's like the Maradonna thing all over again. Anybody who actually remembers the 1986 game might also remember that we spent the entire game trying to break the guys legs! As it turns out we couldn't get near the bugger, but nevertheless, it would seem in the UK alot of people have a nasty habit of being very sore losers. Also, for the record, I thought Sterling dived against Denmark to get us into the final anyway...so there's that...


If it makes you feel any better there was also a petition by Denmark to replay the semi and France to replay Switzerland.


Why the France Switzerland one? Didn't see that game - what was their issue with it? (Other than the fact that they lost)


Mbappe missed a penalty and the French got upset that things didn’t go their way.


They say the Swiss keeper didn't have his feet on the line when Mbappe took his penalty.


Aye soft penalty but Kane’s take down should have been a penalty so swings and roundabouts. Games done, winners decided. Moving on


Textbook tactical foul that one. It just looked dramatic because he grabbed the collar. There’s a veerry slight chance he could’ve got a red for endangering an opponent for that, but not for me Clive. I thought Sterling’s was a penalty. As I recall, the first challenge knocked him off course and caused the second challenge, which seemed to be an attempt to jockey him out of play, to become an inadvertent body check. It was unfortunate, and a bit soft, but it’s given as a foul anywhere else on the pitch all day. Kane’s attempts to win free kicks on the other hand… embarrassing.


"Tactically genius", it was dirty and red card worthy


A red card on which rule?


The fact that he committed a foul and yanked him down by his neck, all without even attempting to get the ball. Off the ball fouls are all the Italians were doing all game


Thats not a red, its a yellow. You can't twist the rules when it favours you.


If an England player had done the same thing I would also expect a red card, it's not about twisting the rules it's about deterring players from being malicious and dirty. When a player goes in for a tackle and commits a foul there is a high chance that it was accidental and shit happens, when you foul a player without any attempt to get the ball or make a tackle it's not an accident which is red card worthy, if you hit a player you get sent off, so why is it okay to grab a player by the back of their collar and literally yank them to the floor?


Pulling their shirt is a yellow not a direct red, a red is dangerous play like 2 footed, studs up. Jorginho could have been sent off but it was misfortune rather than intentional or stupidity. Chiellini' foul wasn't a goalscoring opportunity as the Italians had enough players capable of coming back. People tactical foul all the time in the prem, they get yellows for the most part. I dont care if its okay or not, it's not a red card or something you'd expect a red card from. If England did it, it'd have been a yellow and we'd be praising the player like we praised dier for his needless tackle on ramos


I wouldn't have been praising it, that's my point. I praised Denmark's goal against us because it was a good goal , I'm biased in the sense that I want my team to win but If somethings wrong or right then I call it out for both sides.


Good for you. You're a model citizen let me get you a Blue Peter badge. The majority would act as they've acted in similar circumstances and praise it, I know I would. That valverde tackle on morata to win the cup final is genuinely outstanding, got a straight red but won the cup for real madrid, you think their fans were like no im not celebrating this we cheated. Or suarez handballing vs Ghana. Its a competitive match, not the good samaritans


That was never a red anyway. And it's Bonnuci I believe ...


I think there IS a discussion to be had about wether the current tactical foul rules are working properly, in light of what Chiellini did, but I don’t think there’s any productive discussion in trying to re-litigate the match.


I don't endorse what he did but the rules are fair. A yellow card was suitable for that in any game.


That’s not really an actual argument in favor of not changing the rules on professional fouls, but ok?


I don't think it needs changing. Why would a foul like that be deemed worth taking more serious action over?


Because given that Chilleni took the action knowing that he would get a yellow, and did it anyway in order to stop play, demonstrates that the yellow wasn’t a sufficient deterrent to that action. The important factor to my eye is not just that he choked out another player, but that he did so without any reasonable ability to get the ball. Demonstrating an intent beyond the simple advantage and showing that this foul was tactical, and designed to stop play.


Exactly, it's one thing to try and make a tackle and accidently committing a foul, it's something completely different when you commit a foul without any intention of getting the ball, there needs to be a deterrant


Sin bin for 5 or 10 mins after a yellow card would have prevented the constant fouling by the Italians in the second half of the match. It’s the only match in the tournament that any team would have behaved like that. Every other match they would have feared being banned for a subsequent game.


100% agree.


I thought this too. Where do you draw the line. Is it ok to body slam someone if they have the ball and you are the only person between them and goal, just a yellow mate it was professional. I'm not disputing Italy's win, but going for another player with your hands and no where near the ball essentially wrestling them to the floor should be a red. Especially if you are the last person between them and the GK


By that argument all diving should be red carded. Its pretty-planned, callous, they know they could get yellow carded and It's potential detrimental to the career of the player who has 'supposedly' caused it. I understand it looked bad on camera but actually it's not that bad. I think any other the England players would have done it. You can't actually, 'technically' prove that Chilleni did it on purpose either, especially without the benefit of hindsight. If we treated everything that was 'intended to stop play' as a more serious offence, the game would be unbearable. We don't constantly need more rules, what we need is the ethics of the players to be good, but with that of a winning mentality also. I belive when Chilleni grabbed Saka he did not intend to hurt him, it was a shirt pull after all... He simply was not going to let Saka past him due to the high stakes, and if I were Italian I'd completely love him for it. Football is about moments like that. When players are balancing such passion and impulse within the rules, at tense times, things will happen, especially with great sporting characters like Chilleni! For the record, if sake had been past the last man, bearing down on goal, it would have easily been a red.


On your last point, just because Saka wasn't near the goal at the time it doesn't mean he wouldn't have had a chance on goal, Chiellini intentionally grabbed him and pulled him back because he knew that If he didn't then he wouldn't be able to catch up with Saka.


It happened on the touchline! There's no way in hell it was in a position to have a chance on goal.


Because you're playing football and not wrestling?


An absolute embarrassment 🤦


I did my part: ordered a Hawaii Pizza. That should be enough revenge.


Go even further, order a meat feast with doner kebab meat on it. Throw some BBQ sauce on there for good measure.


What's anti italian about that?




Jokes on you I like Hawaiian




Since there were millions that signed petitions for stricter punishments against those dishing out racist abuse, we can thankfully see where the nation's priorities lie.


ha completely agree; it’s the biggest waste of time. We lost unfortunately but let’s move on; best team won. Let’s just move on


I wonder who this Sharon Guilmen is who started the petition and why it's combined with a request for PayPal donations. Hmmmm.


I was at Wembley, as much as it pains me, the best side won. To be honest, they were the best side in the tournament with England probably the 2nd best, worked out well in the end. I would argue that the Jorginho one was a red card, the Chiellini one was absolutely not red by the letter of the law. If that was Maguire, I’d say it was the right foul and right booking to take given the circumstances. None of the above is an argument for replaying the final ya fucking dopes. There’s no argument for replaying the semi final either.


Thats so awesome that you got to go!


Can I start a petition to ban the entire UK from every saying or singing any version of football coming home/again? Edited to say clearly I shouldn't post late on, this is an England problem not a UK problem. Sorry to any Scottish, Welsh or Irish redditors!


I doubt anyone in Scotland has ever said/sung/thought/believed that, we're just happy to be invited most of the time (we never stay long but it's nice to be a part of it).


Haha oops. Thanks for getting involved! :)


I don't think that would be needed in Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland. It does, quite frankly, sound odd that the OP says "It's not a thing Britain!", and a lot of posts here speak of "the UK" and "Britain".


Yep. Sorry :(


Diolch. Dim problem. :-)


*England! Don’t lump us all together. SMH


Best get the shovels and dig up Nobby Stiles, the 66 world cup final will need to be replayed too


This is honestly just embarrassing.


Lol, good luck with that. Those petitions are pointless. Has anything ever been done by those petitions? Also, get over it, England. You lost fair and square.




Seems to be a common theme of anything nowadays if you don't like the results. Instead of just getting on with it constantly complain about how wrong it is and demand another.


and start a petition that makes zero difference


If they deliver it to parliament they have to debate it , any petetion over 100,000 signatures does . But the house of commons has no jurisdiction over fifa/uefa , so it’s irrelevant 🙄


> If they deliver it to parliament they have to debate it , any petition over 100,000 signatures does . Not from change.org, that's only if they are on https://petition.parliament.uk/. But also, 100k signatures means it is *considered* for a debate, not that it has to be debated.


Ok , i knew it had to be British citizens , i wasnt sure on the technicalities though


Well I for one demand a recount regarding these facts


Nowadays.... 2016 would like a word.


Are you comparing ‘losing a football match’ with ‘deliberately and knowingly shooting yourself in the foot’?


Didn’t you get your unicorn either?


Yeah, no. The World Cup is a stupid football thing. International relations and trade isn't.


Welcome to Scotland…


"Expecting an extended warranty on a cup final is not a thing Britain!" "England", surely, rather than "Britain"? I can't see many people in Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland wanting this.


Don’t worry, it’s not just the English that are idiots. The French did the same when they lost to Switzerland. That also went nowhere, because it was complete horseshite


irregardless I just think they fucking won. they put that whole choking thing as a thumbnail and using it as a mascot for their campaign but it wouldn't have changed a thing. what would've happened is that they'd gotten close, gotten tackled, Italy has possession again. these fucking idiots stretching that it was a guaranteed goal they stole from us and therefore we should've won is bullshit. we lost. I think the guy fully choking that poor lad was fucking unethical and if it is legal, should not be. but we fucking lost so get the fuck over it. its football, just because you put your entire fucking paycheck on it like an absolute tosser doesn't mean the entire nation has to vote for a rematch. the same people that are calling for a rematch are the same people that are saying the ONLY poc on the team let the entire nation down and should never play again. shut the fuck up, I'm glad you're invested, I was too. I was really disappointed we didn't win, but it's a fucking game. it's not that deep. I actually despise how popular football is, how can any self respecting human being be so fully into it. I spend my waking days most of the time on my fucking xbox because I'm unemployed and waiting to go to uni, and still I wouldn't start throwing racial abuse if a black guy came in with a bat and smash it to peices. utter fucking morons.


I was supporting England in the final(shock), but am an actual qualified referee in the lower levels. They can whinge all they like, but it wasn't a red card. It could have been if Saka was clear on goal, but he was out wide, hence not an "obvious goal scoring opportunity". Yellow was right decision and the refereeing was on point that evening


Agreed! Try telling that to all this sofa critics though!


The mindless pissed up and racist idiots were a national embarrassment. These idiots are a national cringe.


I would start a petition because it s not fair the players had to travel so much over the tournament, euro has always been hosted in 1 nation. Our man had to travel..... Oh wait.. Ops didn't happen for England.


It smacks of being a sore loser. I think that at least one red card should have been given, but that probably wouldn't have affected the result of the match as the incidents were in the dying minutes of extra time. The penalties would probably have gone the same way. I'm sad that we didn't see an England win, and frustrated that the ref didn't take proportionate action, but it's not like the world cup and women's euros (which is being hosted in England) aren't happening next year to give two more very realistic shots at tournament victory.


Semi Finals last World Cup. Finals this Euro’s. Don’t get me wrong, I’m broken-hearted we lost on penalties. But we got there, and I watched it surrounded by mates who were all fucking thrilled we weren’t eliminated in the last 16. Germany onwards were all absolute gifts to be treasured. Yes I hope Chielini’s arsehole grows tastebuds, but I’m not gonna let that ruin the absolutely brilliant time we had on our way. It’s just a crying shame the worst types of people get paid the most attention


We'll never see it again in our lifetimes. Easiest run to a final you could get, all at home against teams who have travelled thousands of miles.


Agree with all this. England probably did get lucky with their matches, but it's not like those teams hadn't earnt their place in the last 16/quarters/semis.


Please don't remind me that the fucking football is on AGAIN next year


The Premier League back on next month if that makes you feel any better.


I'll have to dust off my IT Crowd lines. _ahem_, did you see that shocking display last night?


They weren't even red cards......


Honestly there’s a section of England fans who’ve made this whole thing embarrassing. Racially abusing players, storming the stadium without tickets, booing anthems, booing players taking the knee regardless of the racism they endure, demanding rematches, it just goes on and on. Don’t expect us to be given proper hosting rights anytime soon with this abhorrent shit going on, we don’t deserve it. Absolutely disgusting. As for a rematch, maybe don’t sit back at 1-0 for 88 mins plus 30 and not make any subs or react tactically to what the other team are doing. Maybe don’t rely on a 19 year old whose never taken a penalty to take the most important one in 55 years? Then they wouldn’t need one.


> As for a rematch, maybe don’t sit back at 1-0 for 88 mins plus 30 and not make any subs or react tactically to what the other team are doing. Maybe don’t rely on a 19 year old whose never taken a penalty to take the most important one in 55 years? Then they wouldn’t need one. This exactly. All blame should be put where it deserves to be - Gary'th.


Love what the England team achieved in the Euro’s. Hate the morons of the fanbase who racially abuse, or decide the result wasn’t fair and the game should be replayed.


Most people probably signed while having a shit not giving much of a fuck.


Can we just move on from this please? It’s been a total shitshow with the racial abuse and unacceptable behaviour from a certain portion of fans. It’s highly unlikely a petition will make any big changes or call for a re-match?


To be fair half the people there were so shitfaced they don’t remember the match. It would be nice for them if they could have a rematch so they can remember the experience!


We should have been disqualified earlier in he tournament due to the laser pointer incident and when we bullied a 10 year old girl calling her a Nazi.


I wonder how many signatures are from, people who believe that certain political decisions are one shot, finalised things, that can never be amended.


It did feel like the other night at Wembley was a bit like our own shit version of the Jan 4th Capitol riot so I'm not surprised there's a group of people claiming fraud and asking for a do-over.


In that case they'll need to replay Denmark first, there's no way that penalty was the right call


the fans need to grow up and stop blaming the ref and the italian players. yes some of the tackles were dirty, but that doesn't change the fact that England didn't press on after the first goal, you can't do that against a quality team like Italy, you need to go full on attack.


Shakey ground when they got there with a penalty they didn’t really deserve


When Chiellini grabbed Sako's shirt and yanked him backwards, I certainly shouted that he should be have been sent off, but I don't get to make those decisions - the referee had a different opinion. That's football - the referee's in charge. End of story.


I also don’t like the idea that we only care about on pitch conduct when we loose. Like wether Chiellini was red carded or not probably wouldn’t have changed the outcome. But that’s not a reason to ignore what he did.


While i do think Italy were bit rough in there tactics were does it end nature of the game sadly we shouldn't had that penalty against denmark its football and we lost but it qas a hell of good ride and as a causal fan i am looking forward to the world cup


Wow, people are ridiculous. I think we got that when they racially abused the poor boys who missed the penalties. Repeat after me: it’s only a game...


"Expecting an extended warranty on a cup final is not a thing Gammon-faced England fans!" - Fixed that for you.


Can I just clarify that it’s not Britain. I don’t think many Scottish or Welsh people signed it, unless they just wanted to see England lose again.


Extended warranty on a cup final is not a thing Britain. Hang on pal leave us Scots/Welsh and N.Irish out of this. Well done ITALY


Whining football fans yet again. Got sick of hearing footballs coming home, when in reality FOOKALLS coming home.


OK people that don’t like football, the fun’s over, you can go back to not liking football and return for the next international tournament.


I mean we got fucked by the ref yet again and the ref knew full well that was a neck grab. We get fucked all the time but no need for a replay... just get better refs next time. Preferably unbiased ones. Also after the actions of racism and disgusting behaviour by the “fans” we don’t deserve a replay.


Bro theres literally millions of retards and sub 75 IQ people in this country, 100k isnt a lot. Youre being hysterical by judging a small fraction of thr countries imbeciles. Stupid are gunna stupid.


I didn't see you telling all the danes to shut up over the semi final. Either way, the petition is accepting pay pal donations so it's a cash grab and nothing more, so maybe chill out.


Well that's not my country... and this is british problems reddit anyway, so why would I do that? Chill out.


They played a predictably dirty game, clocked up the yellows as usual and the ‘ref’ waived them through as always. But Beda Fomm was a different matter entirely. No ‘ref’ then, eh?


Happy happy troll land.


It’s a rubber material that gets moved around by people who are on 200,000k and fans don’t actually get anything in return 🤷🏽‍♂️. So yeah, why are people signing the petition, it’s just bonkers


The disgusting behaviour of some England fans in the aftermath of the final should veto this idea, even if it were somehow to gain some traction.


By all means, do a re-play. In Rome, with no British fans allowed into the country.


And I thought this was a "Boaty MacBoat Face" thing when it first surfaced :)


A petition to replay the final……. I thought I couldn’t laugh at you lot any harder, how pathetic.


Probably started by one of the brain-dead apes that forced their way into the stadium without a ticket


England*** Only England wants this from Britain :)


Kind of true, the ref bottled it there was a slide tackle on declan rice from behind and saka had his shirt pulled and he was dragged down on the touchline. The ref should have stamped his authority on the match from the start, simply he was a joke and his weakness to make a decision on important incidents was a big advantage to italy and italy played to it knowing they could get away with it. I also remember someone getting elbowed, grealish rings a bell, so the refs inaction ruined what should have been a fair contest.


Yes, they were bad fouls and yes they could and 1 should have resulted in a red but your never going to get a replay, a result is a result and you can't change that. If they actually see our 3rd gold in the world cup 1966 would that have been a goal, but of course that shouldn't be replayed because that threatens us to loose our cup, shut up and live with the result


Surely to God this has to be a joke and not being taken seriously? How pathetic people can be.


We're bad losers, we're worse winners.


I really don't get it. It's not like the Euros matter. All that matters is that second star.