Hearing screams at ungodly hours thinking it’s an abused child and then remember it’s the foxes

Hearing screams at ungodly hours thinking it’s an abused child and then remember it’s the foxes


I wonder how many people have been ignored at night when being attacked because everyone collectively thinks ‘bloody foxes’.


The foxes have been getting away with attacking people at night for far too long


When I was younger (about 3 or 4) I woke up one night and needed a glass of water. Went downstairs and my parents and older siblings were watching Gingersnaps, I happened to walk into the room at the worst time and got really scared. My mum decided "Don't worry, it was just a fox" was the best way to calm me down. It wasn't until about 7 years later until I started getting over my irrational fear of foxes. Instead of "monsters under the bed" I had foxes that would come out at night and drag me under the bed. If I was out whilst it was dark I would be scared I'd turn a corner and there would be a fox there attacking and eating someone. I even had nightmares where a giant bipedal fox would lift the roof off of our house and solwly eat us one by one. Strangely enough, foxes are now one of my favourite animals so I guess it worked out well in the end... still not a fan of any horror films including werewolves though


especially when england play...wait wrong meme?


Hahahaha! That is true!


I was in a night shift a few weeks ago. I stepped outside to have a cigarette and heard this screaming. I work in the middle of the city centre, it was a Saturday night at around 4am. I followed the sound, with my keys clutched between my knuckles ready to save someone that was clearly being tortured. I walked behind the building, peered over the wall to find two foxes having a very loud conversation (clearly it was an argument). I took a video as I honestly could not believe what the heck I was seeing. The bloody noise they were making, I was sure someone was being murdered.




Beautiful. Just… beautiful.


Can you post it?




I’d love to watch it, but I refuse to lower myself to having an Instagram account


I completely understand. [Better?](https://imgur.com/a/KV7OD5s)


They just sound like squeaky toys and it's weird. I really want a fox. But this noises have told me I couldn't live with one.


Foxes are beautiful. Their urine and shit has an ungodly stench that lingers. My childhood dog used to roll in fox shit. Absolutely minging


Well I'm fucking glad that my childhood dig just tried attacking the ceiling light.


I bet that was hilarious though ahah


Oh definitely. I remember playing om the Woo and he'd just get in the way and jump at the light. I can't recall if he did actually ever break it.


Oh what a precious baby. Do you have any pictures or videos?


I might have, I'll have to look through my pc though.


You guys have martens? They’re [fighting](https://youtu.be/6upn4L0wdJc) a full on turf war at my bedroom window every other night.


Only some aggressive neighbours called Martin


We had a colony of magpies. Then the rooks started muscling in on their turf. Pretty sure the seagulls orchestrated the whole thing. In the ensuing pitched battle they were cruising over the top of the melee looking for all the world like they'd been betting on the fight.


Well, today I've learnt something new; that we have martens in the UK. I never knew this.


I’ve never heard foxes scream, so I [looked it up](https://youtu.be/dJcswKUAL3U). It’s similar but scarier!


Even when they are just disagreeing with each other they sound terrifying: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LWLof0Crhg


What are they screaming at? That is what I want to know.


Tbh ever since reading inkheart I thought martens were fictional. Today I learn that they exist.


Yes, though only Pine Martens and only in Scotland and Northern England.


Used to live next to a sheep field, where I would also walk the dog. During the summer we would watch the foxes skulk around following people with small dogs at a distance. In the winter, they would hide in the bushes and scream at you. It always felt like someone was being attacked on the other side of the hedge. Until you realised there was a bastard pair of fox eyes staring.


Foxes round here stalk the cats


Thinking about it, there wasn't many cats around there area... Only a couple of big ones that were covered in scars


It's all they have to eat nowadays that all the rabbit warrens got dug up and we have secure bins. Poor guys.


Lucky for the foxes many of my neighbours can not be arsed to lift their bin liner the 4 feet necessary to put it in the bin, despite walking it all the way down from their houses and flats. So thankfully the foxes get to eat some scraps and leave a wonderful mess to be cleaned up in the morning, but the cats get to survive!


There shoukd be signs put up quite frankly, so many cat missing posters in my area.


I had to move one off the road and onto the grass outside my house, lest a passing car turn it into an omelette. A happy day for the local crows, but not so much for animal lovers like me


I live in South and we've had rumors of cat killers. Authorities insist it's foxes but one woman's cat had its head cut off and stuck on her wall, while it's collar was popped through the mail slot. We've had a few decapitated ones, and one sighting of a woman kidnapping a cat which body turned up later. I can see foxes being dicks to some extent but not popping collars through mail slots or one sticking its head on a pointed tip of a rod iron fence.


The foxes are clearly trying to send a message


It’s weirdly good to see other people talk about it, a girl I work with’s cat went missing and a few days later she found it’s headless body on her door step. She said it was a clean cut, not jagged or chewed. It’s clearly a group or a traveling individual doing it.


This didn't happen to be in Hampshire?


Nope, but close… West Sussex. All this cat mutilation sure seems to be focused around the south cost, doesn’t it? Almost like it’s a delivery driver or somebody who moves around the area doing it.


Ah right well I'm not to far from you, and it's a short trek to places like Emsworth, Chichester, Bognor from Portsmouth. It most certainly sounds like someone who has the means to move around the south coast. I just find it odd they are doing this in places where loads of people are present. Portsmouth is densely populated as hell you'd be hard pressed not to find someone walking around in all hours of the night.


To be fair, going back to the whole fox scream thing… Think about all the stuff that happens outside at night and we just don’t know or ignore it because we dismiss it. Either way I wish the police would take it more seriously.


Thats clearly a cat killing mother fucker . That psychopath was not what i meant . Do you live in croyden with crack foxes ? 🦊


Nope I live in Hampshire and used to come home in pure darkness I've never seen a fox be hostile to a cat around here, but when the question of cat killing comes up...this is the response it's foxes. Mind you I travel to London twice a week and foxes roaming the city are definitely of a different class...lol


Hanpshires to london twice weekly ? Public school gril check


No I'm a woman we go to Billingsgate, my husbands family is in the seafood business.


Lol 😉 birdgirl 🦅 . Go kebben sebbens seed


We have urban foxes and they seem to coexist peacefully with the neighborhood cats, it's like they're shift workers nodding to each other at the factory gates. Kind of sweet really


More like the cats are wiser and they know where there gonna get it 😆 mighty boosh foxes 🦊 craaaack


The real struggle is having your child scream "please stop no, no more please I'm begging you please no" at full volume when you are getting them dressed at 8am and wondering if the neighbours are gonna call the police.


Be 7 years old, move from city to countryside, 3:30am I hear the cries and screams of some poor girl getting brutally murdered outside my window. I was so terrified I screamed the house down in pure fear, ah good times.


I'm in London and we get foxes screaming bloody murder every night. I keep thinking it's the local cats. I handnt seen a fox till I saw one chewing on a run over pigeon carcass in the middle of the road in broad daylight. I walked past it saying "Alright mate enjoy it" as he stared me down.


Strangely enough, I live in London and encounter far more foxes here than when I visit my relatively small hometown of around 60,000 people. They’re a complete menace here: they empty dustbins all over the street, they stalk people’s small dogs, they attack cats (I saved a cat from a fox but it had a permanent kink in its tail from then on) and I’ve heard that they also stalk small children too. At least in the countryside they don’t have as much interaction with hoomans.


First time I heard this, I took note of the time and ran to the window to catch a glimpse of what was happening in case it was a schoolgirl being abducted/abused. BIL heard it too and told me it was a fox the next morning.


What does the fox say?


"You effin bastard! I bet you were out with that TART Linda again! Why in hell did I effin marry you, wanker?!" In hindsight, maybe that wasn't a fox screaming.


If it's on crack it says "I'm going to make you wear a dress and hurt you".


Haha yes!


What if it’s foxes abusing a child? They’ve made you think that’s the noise they make but they’re just serial child abusers?!?!? It’s so clear now.


We get this out the back, sound like some woman is being murdered. Wigged me the hell out when I first heard it.


It's seagulls fighting foxes at 2:30am I have to suffer


I second this.. can't have the windows open at night anymore!


I did not know they did this. Until one night camping in the middle of a forest in the middle of nowhere. I slept with a knife that night. Found out later that day the area is known to have lot of fox and this is what they do.


Feel grateful its just foxes. Ever heard a Barn Owl? Ever hear a Barn Owl *and* foxes. One screaming blue murder, the other crying like a child. I work out in the fields at night and often find myself under the stars at strange times. Even though i know what barn owls sounds like, its not a sound that sits pleasantly in the human psyche. That and realising that the field you are in *this* time is right next to a circus farm. Hearing hungry lions in the english countryside is a taf incongrious. To say the least.


We have two barn owls near me and they scream at each other, first time I heard them I thought it was a screaming baby.


I lived few year next to Clapton Commons in Hackney so the screaming late at night was not Foxes I was told.


So a typical Midsomer Murders episode?


And, amazingly, squirrels…


Very few people know that. Freaky little shitbags making noises.


One used to stand on the outside window sill and scream at my housecats. It was hilarious at first, but once he started doing it at 2am I ended up dumping buckets of water on the little bugger.


Abused child? I always think it's someone being murdered in the woods. It doesn't help that I live next to the woods 😅


Isn’t that what I hear on Midsomer Murder at night?


My garden is backed up against a mental hospital here in UK, despite living in the rural US as kids my daughter never heard a fox cry. I was shaken up out of my bed to find my daughter's imagination running wild as she proceeded to tell me that the hospital was doing experiments and the patients were shrieking in pain. I flipped on the light like WTF is this bullshit to find it was foxes shrieking loudly, and I mean it was loads of them (our hospital has a forest around it). I had to tell her what's going on so she didn't think they'd start escaping into our garden next.


That sound... Terrifies me to my very soul


I walked home through the sticks one night and since I was alone and a little drunk, I decided to shout / scream as loud as possible because well.. you never really get an opportunity to that living in a city. Long story short turns out I wasn't alone and the old bill came along and gave me a lift home


I remember the first time I ever heard foxes going at it outside & I woke my then boyfriend up and told him a woman was being attacked in the street. I grabbed some aerosol (to spray in eyes) and was ready to go out and help this poor woman when my boyfriend helpfully pointed out the window and said “foxes”.


The foxes party harder than me :{


Think foxes are bad, have you ever heard a hedgehog screaming? My house backs onto a field, one night heard this ungodly screaming outside, so my wife and I ran outside, one of my cats charged in the house as soon I opened the door like it was running for its life. Finally found the culprit and it was this hedgehog doing all this yelling, it waddled into the field and all the way down the field it carried on yelling.


Haha can relate


Or the cats crying.


What does the fox say?




...foxes, or drunk students.


I literally woke up this morning and told my girlfriend I thought a kid got hit by a car last night 😂 I even think about foxes!


Oh - it's just the child screaming from the foxes, rather than any abuse? All good.


Those fuckers woke me up two nights running at 3am. Had to close the window even though it was still 20°C outside.


Probably one of the worst sounds ever. DISGUSTING.


It's when they call for their mate for me. I like being outside early hours of the morning but I soon run in when a fox is calling their mate.


HOLY SHIT! IS THE SCREAMING FOXES?!? I've gone in search of the noise on multiple occasions, could never track it. Why the fuck do they sound like children screaming?!?


Go search online for a YouTube video clip of the various sounds… it’s… odd..!


I get screaming foxes, barking squirrels and befuddled owls if I dont manage to get to the land of the nod before midnight. In the middle of a city as well.


Yeah walking my dog at night and hearing that in the bushes, shit myself.


Tis the one and only time as an adult (40's), that I actually believed monsters might be real! Scariest thing I have ever heard, lying in bed alone at night!


I'm often awake at 3-4am and got to see a fox last night having a good rummage in next door's bin. Fortunately there was no screaming involved and I was surprised at how small the fox was; barely bigger than a cat. Watching it struggle to carry a pizza box was so cute.


Or rabbits being eaten by foxes.


Oh foxes mating is a scary and horrible sound! I think male foxes are not 'woke'


THANK YOU I just moved to London and thought cats were torturing birds to death or something! Now I know it’s foxes. It happens every few days early in the morning. It’s so loud! We have a fox in our garden but I don’t see it often.


I live in Swansea and for the last 6 months in the very early hours I've heard these "screams". At first I thought it was the crack heads but its actually foxes fighting. Then I saw one walking ON THE ROOFTOPS. I like foxes


I wasn’t familiar with fox screeching the first time I heard it and went outside in my pjs, barefoot, with a knife to save the woman I thought I could hear being assaulted…


Hahaha omg


Or a woman getting raped. Always a delight to hear in the middle of the night.


**to come t cso kmtz* ~~rgv~~*~~ejg~~


I love hearing the sound of foxes fucking at 2 am


I wanna see a fox :3


So which suburb does one go to when one needs to abuse children again..? For a friend.