Actual good wireless controllers for PC?

Actual good wireless controllers for PC?


Honestly a Xbox 1 controller with a wireless usb dongle works perfect for me




I just use Xbox 1 S controller with built-in Intel wifi/bluetooth card and it has worked flawlessly. Edit: I also use PS4 controllers same way, no problem. Tho I have to mask them as xbox controllers with ds4windows to use with xbox service


I used DS4windows for the longest time. It works but... I switched to Xbox 1 controller and find it much better.


+1. I have no dog in the PS/Xbox race, but my Xbox One controller has worked flawlessly 9/10 times once paired via bluetooth. With the Dualshock 4, it was maybe 5/10 times, otherwise there was a lot of fiddling with DS4windows etc.


I got me a Bluetooth card, granted it’s the cheapest one I could find lol but when I’m playing COD it disconnects all the time and the frame rate drops to like 10 until I can get it pared again. Sometime it won’t until I exit the game. It can’t be the batteries since it’ll start after about 2 days of fresh batteries.


My xbox S controller works perfectly with my pc and fucking doesn't stay connected at all to the actual xbox


I had a terrible time with the usb and ps4 controllers. Seems like I was always dropping, had to reconnect, wouldn't register, etc. I just play wired at this point... I'm usually so close to the pc I don't need to go wireless anyway. And I'll go to hell before I go back to using an xbox controller. I know they are the darling of the controller world, but I freaking hate them.


I got a new pc a while ago and all of a sudden I’ve got all these tiny Bluetooth dead-zones in my room. Like, if I move forward and hold the controller a bit lower: dead. A foot to the left: dead. Certain height: dead. A little higher than that: works again. Really frustrating. Especially because it would go dead sometimes mid-input. So I’d just get stuck, say, running straight off a cliff. I started to just play everything wired. And honestly, for the PS4 itself, I’d swear I’m getting better reactions times with the wire.


I had the same problem with my new PC as well. Turns out the antenna for the onboard WiFi, which I never installed because I don’t use WiFi on my pc, helps the Bluetooth connection as well. I screwed in the two antenna and never had another disconnect with my Xbone controller.


Oops didn’t even realize what sub I was in lol. No: I don’t even have BT/wifi on this pc. Just got caught up in the conversation. The pc was interfering with the ps4’s connection. Altho: I’m pretty sure it’s not the pc itself. Most likely I’ve got some wires leaking interference. Or in moving stuff around I created the interference between a few wires. (Tho I did catch a post about this BT antenna situation here not long ago. And I filed that little tidbit away for future use. That’s exactly the type of mistake I’d make lol. Thanks.)


Are you sure your motherboard doesn't have integrated wifi/Bluetooth?


I mean: pretty sure. Its just a cheapo pre-built I grabbed off amazon to use for TV. Definitely wasnt included in the specs. And I tried looking for BT because I have a few BT devices... cant find it anywhere. Plus, there was a bonus mini-wifi usb-dongle thing in one of the slots that wasnt included either. (Somehow Ive convinced myself they needed that wifi-dongle to set the pc up and forgot to remove it...?)


Does the interference still happen with the dongle?


Bluetooth and WiFi run around the same frequencies


My problem with PS4 via USB is that my PC never sleeps the monitor while the cable is plugged in. It's like the controller is providing constant input that nobody is asking for. Annoying af, and it took me a month to figure out why my monitor never shut off.


I personally have had issues using a USB bluetooth connection with my Xbox 1 controller. I switched to a Xbox branded USB dongle and it solved my issues.


I'll say this much, I think it largely depends on how new your bluetooth technology is. I have a new motherboard with a wireless/bluetooth attachment, any bluetooth tech connects flawlessly once and is autodetected thereafter. PS4 controllers, Xbox, using wired knock off gamecube controllers also works fine in steam big picture. I have no issues with any of them. Once you get the hang of the setup, it just \*\*works\*\* ladies and gentleman.


If you have the latest Xbox 1 controllers they can connect via Bluetooth if your pc is Bluetooth capable


I have one. And a very new PC with Bluetooth 5. This doesnt work great, latency is bad and it wont connect without adding it as a new device every time. I heard all these problems go away if you have the official XBOX USB dongle.


Because MS still refuses to fix the Bluetooth problems, I purchased a 3rd party wireless adapter (for half the price) and it's just as reliable as the MS one that is connected to my living room system, since I wasn't about to give them more money to solve a problem that they won't fix. Also the new small thumb drive sized one from MS really sucks too, as the range is significantly reduced from the original large one that blocks out the USB ports to the sides of it (my nephew wanted to connect his to his new PC and his parents got him the new one and its range is about half that of the original). The 3rd party one is the same size as the original, and has the same range as the original. MS maybe shouldn't be dealing in wireless hardware if they're not interested in actually making it functional.


You can, but I wouldn't rely on it. There is a bug in the Bluetooth implementation that Microsoft hasn't fixed for years now. For some people, like me, it works fine. For others, like my cousin with the same motherboard, processor, and drivers, it causes performance issues. His frame rate in Rocket League almost doubled and any stuttering vanished as soon as he plugged in the controller. If your going for an Xbox controller, get the adapter. If you want to go Bluetooth, get a Dualsense or DS4. They even give you the added benefit of a trackpad for mouse control and gyro if your interested in that.


100% this. When I connected my Xbox One controller via Bluetooth I had endless issues. My games would randomly slow to a halt and lock up my PC until I turned off the controller and everything would go back to normal. I got a USB adapter thing for the Xbox controllers and it has worked flawlessly ever since although I use it with an Xbox Elite S2 now.


Yep, I have 2 of the latest Xbox controllers and both randomly disconnect when on Bluetooth. Tried different computers, same issue.


Update your controller with XBox accessories app. Will fix.


Already did, along with a number of other suggestions. I know I might be an outlier, but I find it hard to believe that 2 controllers from 2 different retailers resulting in the exact same problem with 3 different computers is an anomaly.


Yeah I've seen both sides of this. My old PC it was a nightmare, on the one I built a couple weeks ago it's been all I could ask for. Same Bluetooth, so there's no good reason for it.


Damn this has been my problem for years so I always just connect via cord. What adaptor fixed it for him? Would love to be able to play wirelessly


The Microsoft/Xbox wireless adapter for Windows 10. It uses the 2.4ghz based protocol the Xbox consoles use, and allows you to pair 4 controllers and use the headphone jack on the controllers.


Yea this is where it’s at. Just one less port to use. Only thing that annoyed me was that I bought a first gen Xbox elite controller a while back and they didn’t have Bluetooth capabilities, but can’t justify buying another expensive controller.


I've found bluetooth to be very spotty though. A lot of input lag and the connection wasn't very stable. Using the actual Xbox USB dongle resolved all those problems though.


I'm in the same boat, except the right bumper has broken on my controller. Apparently its only held in place by flimsy plastic, but is cheap to repair. I just don't want to risk breaking the controller further.


man, the broken bumpers. me and at least 4-5 friends who had the 360, and 2 who went on to get the 1, kept having broken bumper issues. among us, i think we went through 50+ controllers in the last few years. hate that shit. moved to a PS instead of the one, though I still use an xbox 1 controller for PC gaming. its mostly for RPGs and the use of the RB is less vigorous so its lasted so far.


I ended up putting cardboard behind the bumpers on my 360 controllers. It was the only way to get it to last more than a few months.


Ive had so many left bumpers go over the years I got an elite v2 and mapped the paddles to rb/lb rs/ls, haven't touched a bumper since. Love the elite 2, but the first one I got had a sticky A button and the RS click didn't register inside about 1/5 of the sticks movement radius, down and right. Second one works great, as long as it's wired.


IMO use a Xbox One controller + wireless dongle is the way to go. Wife picked up 4x Xbox One controllers + an official wireless dongle for a birthday a year ago and it's been a fantastic set-up. Controllers are solidly build, can use AA batteries so you can do the rechargable AA or the discarable AA and get a ton of life out of them, and the controllers will connect to Bluetooth in a pinch (useful for traveling with laptop) and personally I have not had huge issues with random disconnects. The dongle is compact, super easy to pair, and supports connections to up to 8 controllers for couch co-op if that's your thing. Yeah the controllers are a bit dear, but it's worth it.


That's the setup I use, and I have actually been having connectivity issues with it. It will randomly disconnect and I'll have to take the USB dongle out, plug it back in, and then sync it up with the controller. It's not a big deal since my PC is right next to me, but it happens 2-3 times per hour.


Go into device manager, network adapters, Xbox Wireless Adaptor for Windows, Power Management, and untick "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power".


Done, thanks for the tip!




Thank you!


I have to try this, thanks! I had the same problem as the person you replied to and have been using my Xbox One controller wired for the last year or so which isn't a problem as my PC is close enough to my desk, but prefer to play wireless.


I got the newer blue tooth xbox controller for my pc a few months back. Got a pretty decent mobo on the rig that came with this what I thought was a WiFi antenna, one of the ones that have a bit of wire on them so you can place it away from your desktop. Never used WiFi so I never connected it. Got the bluetooth xbox controller and it would just not work. Would connect to the pc but wouldn't respond. Anything else I connected it to it would work besides my pc. Que pulling my hair out. 3 hours into a forum I finally learn that the WiFi antenna is also my bluetooth dongle. Set it up and BAM controller works like a dream. I am are a moron.


I was in the same exact scenario but with my Bluetooth headphones lol


\+1 Anything, someone somewhere has had a problem with it, but this has been flawless for me. I really think it is the best solution. IIRC I am using it with a \~$5 bluetooth dongle too.


Yeah, but he’s saying the wireless dongle is not easily available (it’s not, it took me 6 months to get 2). One of my PCs Bluetooth was pretty good and didn’t have much input lag, and the other one was pretty obvious input lag especially with rdr2.


You can buy the adapter right now, both from Amazon and Microsoft directly. [https://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Xbox-Wireless-Adapter-Windows-one/dp/B00ZB7W4QU/](https://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Xbox-Wireless-Adapter-Windows-one/dp/B00ZB7W4QU//) [https://www.xbox.com/en-US/accessories/adapters/wireless-adapter-windows](https://www.xbox.com/en-US/accessories/adapters/wireless-adapter-windows) Controllers with the adapter included are available right now from Best Buy. [https://www.bestbuy.com/site/microsoft-controller-for-xbox-series-xs-and-xbox-one-wireless-adapter-for-windows-10-latest-model-black/6436823.p?skuId=6436823](https://www.bestbuy.com/site/microsoft-controller-for-xbox-series-xs-and-xbox-one-wireless-adapter-for-windows-10-latest-model-black/6436823.p?skuId=6436823)


there is the official dongle from microsoft if that's what you're asking for.


Not OP, but I'm actually wanting to buy a Series X controller for my PC and was wondering if I needed to buy the dongle if my motherboard already has Bluetooth?


no, you can run it without the dongle with regular bluetooth.


Great! Thank you.


With the dongle from Microsoft it would work better. I think there is also a limit to how many Xbox controllers you can connect via Bluetooth. So if recommend the dongle. Have 4 controllers and everything works great.


Bluetooth maxes out at 1 controller, and you can't use the headphone jack. Also some people, seemingly random who, experience significant performance issues in games when using Bluetooth.


I'm one of those people, I even bought the dongle and it just doesn't work most the time, it will connect at first then drop and I'll have to swap is ports


I’m pretty sure the Microsoft dongle has issues when plugged into the wrong USB type port. Try plugging into a USB 3.0 port, as it gives the device slightly more juice which is important for sending and receiving signals. Let me know how you get on!


Holy shit, I have only 1 USB 3 port and I had my mouse in it, swapped them and I think I'm good now, super appreciate that!


I recommend picking up an externally powered USB 3 HUB, that's how I have mine set up and it has worked great, and it offers access to USB 3 for other things when you want it The bandwidth is shared however, so I don't recommend copying any large files to or from a USB device while trying to game


Wow, I wasn’t expecting a reply so quick! Haha No worries man, happy gaming


Idk I use bluetooth headphones and the controller together without any issues ( on a gaming laptop )


As a warning, Bluetooth is notorious for occasional signal drop. It leads to lag issues occasionally. It's gotten better over time, but it still rears its ugly head. The dedicated dongle will perform more consistently and with slightly lower latency (I think from 25-30ms down to around 15ms)


Source for those numbers?


Just a heads-up if you haven't, might need to make sure your windows is updated. Would need to double check but think you need the June update for it to connect by Bluetooth.


I think Bluetooth has some limits that the propitiatory Microsoft dongle doesn’t. Some people below mention some of them. But there should be a bundle that includes one controller and the dongle. When I bought it it was 5 bucks more than the controller alone I think. So that was fine. But I think if you just use one controller Bluetooth should also be fine.


i would try it without buying a dongle first, i have horrid issues with my motherboards bluetooth (when using an xbox series x controller) as do a slew of people online apparently, but it seems to be a hit or miss issue.


Should note, if you have issues with Bluetooth reliability on your controller (it’s hit or miss sometimes), the official Xbox wireless controller for PCs works way more consistently. Worth buying if you plan on playing wirelessly on PC a lot, IMO.


You should though. It works far better. Less latency, better signal and no management.


I will say that you can run it without the dongle, but depending on you set up you can have a lot of interference and cause a lot of random disconnects. YMMV. If you get the controller and the connection drops, get the wireless dongle for the PC.


I have the X controller and it randomly disconnects from my mobo Bluetooth all the time. I stick with the official dongle.


You could. But It can get dodgy with Bluetooth


I have a gigabyte motherboard with Bluetooth, but the connectivity of my Series X controller was abysmal until I purchased the official USB dongle. Went from losing connection every ~10 minutes to now never having to worry about it. YMMV, but I recommend the dongle.


My motherboard is also Gigabyte, and mine work just fine. I think it's more setup-dependent than brand-dependent.


Probably wireless networking card dependant.


Built in Bluetooth is usually pretty garbage


I think it's windows honestly. I have absolutely no basis for this except anecdotally but windows has had shoddy Bluetooth for me for forever no matter the hardware.


I experienced a ton of disconnects, updated the firmware and it was fine for a time. Random disconnects came back. None of my other BT devices experience this issue. Get the official dongle.


The bluetooth in microsoft controllers is known to be faulty. I'm unable to play via bluetooth with my series 2 because it disconnects briefly every few minutes. It works flawlessly with the xbox wireless adapter. The adapter is an unfortunate additional purchase, but for many people, a necessary one.


Microsoft doesn't sell the official 360 dongle for PC any more - mine broke a month or so ago and I couldn't find one anywhere! Ended up buying one of the cheap third-party ones from China. Had to install the drivers manually, but it now works perfectly again! Also worth noting that the 8bitdo dongle connects to a bunch of stuff without much issue (though again, not the older 360 controllers).


I use Xbox one controller with the official dongle, works flawlessly in my experience. Here is a link to the Microsoft Xbox PC adapter, though it is readily available in other places. Best Buy usually has them in stock. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/d/xbox-wireless-adapter-for-windows-10/91DQRB97L130/ Edit: I forgot to add, the dongle works with the new series s/x controllers too. You can get a bundle of a Series s/x controller with the dongle for $79.99 iirc.


That’s so overpriced lol


It's more expensive than a cheaper controller that uses built-in Bluetooth, but it works really well. The range and lack of delay are so much better with this combination. It's always going to work better being MS ecosystem.


I'm a big fan of the 8BitDo controllers. They work with PC, Android, Mac or Switch and come in a variety of styles to mimic other controllers.


I use the Pro 2 with a Bluetooth dongle for my PC and it's been great. It's actually amazing how much value you get out of it. It's only $50 and it: * Works on PC, Mac, Android, and Switch (and iOS/iPadOS, but they don't list it because it's not officially supported and technically could change) * Has back paddles * Has a turbo button (doesn't work on Switch mode though) * Lets you remap and create macros however you want for each button


Can second this. Best third party controller I've ever bought. There are a lot of customization options like mentioned above, including trigger ranges.


hey - I just bought one of these recently. I love in in general, but can't get my Steam to detect the back-paddles. Do you have a trick to do that? Right now it just detects as an Xbox controller (set to x-input), which is......fine. But having back paddles that I could set actions to would be even better.


You have to use their [Ultimate Software app](https://support.8bitdo.com/ultimate/pro2.html) to configure the back paddles to actually do something, because I believe they're just empty by default. I'm not sure if you can set them to actually be *additional* buttons. They just duplicate the shoulder buttons for me, which I've found to be pretty nice.


Big fan of the 8Bitdo controllers.


I love my N30 pro. It's portable, works well on my switch with no drift and runs on bluetooth and USB. I really want to get the SN30 pro 2 but it looks like it's not out in Canada yet.


I have the sn30 pro+ which is like a dual shock and the Sf30 which is like a classic snes but with the extra should buttons and dual analog sticks. I use them both between my pc, switch and a Pi based arcade cab.


Been using the Pro 2 for a few months now and it's been great. The DPad is so much better than the Series X Controller I bought but it's taking me a while to get used to the PS style analogue sticks I hadn't used since the PS2 days.


Another vote here for 8bitdo. I own multiple controllers and two of the usb sticks and its all very much worth every penny. If i had to pick one single controller for PC (or any system really) right now id get me a pro 2 with the usb adapter.


You know what, upvote for visibility. I love my DualShock 4 but man having to reconnect to bluetooth ever to often is a pain.


Are you using the PS4 controller exclusively for your PC? I haven't had to reconnect mine since pairing the first time.


Me neither. Just pick up a used DS4 controller off Craigslist or Facebook marketplace and have a dedicated controller. It’s amazing, and Steam’s touchpad configuration ability makes it an amazing PC controller.


Dedicated controllers is the key. I have an XB1 controller for PC and the PS4 controller is only used with PS4.


This. In my experience pretty much every wireless controller is a pain if it isn’t dedicated to one system.


Use the DS4 windows software! I never had any problems after properly setting it up once, as another user suggested


I use a ds4 because I love the controller but it does have more issues connecting than an xb1 controller. I play with it plugged in a lot


I honestly never had problems with my dual shock 4 but the ds5 is lacking in so many areas, hopefully steam helps with a lot of it down the road


Is the DS5 worse than the 4 on PC?


No my ds4 and ds5 function exactly the same as eachother on PC.


Thank you.


PS5 controller works perfectly via Steam, I game on it all the time while connected to my internal mobo bluetooth.


Seconding PS5 controller. With steam specifically, I have 0 connectivity issues.


PS4 vs PS5?




What are the differences between the PS4 and 5 controllers?


The main difference is that the PS5 controller is larger and more comfortable to hold. The PS5 controller also has vibration motors in them for haptic feedback, but as far as I know, no games on PC utilise this yet. I've got the PS5 controller and play it on steam with no connectivity problems. Also means if I eventually get the PS5 I'll have another controller.


Vibration works for me without DS4Windows in steam games.


They are confused, they meant the haptic feedback feature im sure. Edit: stupid spellcheck


Haha I see, but mine provides “happiness feedback” as well! Kidding, but I let them know the feature is available in at least 2 games so far on PC.


I want to use dual sense but many games don’t have PlayStation controller mapping:(


I just use the built in support when I can but if I get trouble, I launch DS4WINDOWS. Just make sure you download the newest, maintained version.


For XBox controllers, you can get a single for $25-30 that uses 2.4 GHz and the same protocols that the Xbox uses. Also enables things like the audio pretty on the controller. Xbox controllers are not b bluetooh only, that's just the fallback. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ZB7W4QU


thing is super easy to use as well and no faults that I’ve had


I only bought one to be able to connect more than one controller and realized it's WAY better than Bluetooth. The range with Bluetooth wasn't great, whereas the adapter can reach the other side of my house. Not to mention with Bluetooth I'd occasionally have to resync it but on the adapter it always works


Steam Controller


Man I wish they still made them, I missed out on the five bucks sale and now don't have one.


Amen. Past the learning curve, it's great.


Where can you buy one?




Its discontinued.




Especially if your hands are on the larger side. Most comfortable controller I've found yet!


It's great, but I think I'd rather have a second joystick instead of the right trackpad, or maybe a smaller trackpad.


Definitely depends on the game/the time you wanna spend getting used to it. FPS with the steam controller takes ALOT of getting used to, but using the gyro in addition to the touch pad "Stick" is pretty decent.


I love my steam controllers. It takes a bit to get used to it but it's a great controller Best of luck getting one for a reasonable price though.


The steam controller was pretty good; I enjoyed using it but it isn't sold anymore. The switch pro controller has similar gyro and is a good controller all around. All made better if you already have a switch. Other than that I don't know. Those are the 2 I have experience with.


Logitech F710 is pretty good


Steam controller is by far my favorite. Doesn’t help you though unless you can find something used


I was initially upset when I accidently ordered 3 of them accidently when Valve cleared them out for $5(?), But now I can't help but grin that I have a spare since I ended up liking the controller more than I thought I would.


For $5?? When did that happen


At their EOL steam cleared out their inventory for $5 a controller.


Same although I got 2 and 2 steam links which I love and use all the time


The 360/Xbox One controllers work fine with Windows as long as you're not trying to re-pair them with your console and then move back to the PC.


> as you're not trying to re-pair them with your console and then move back to the PC. They still work fine if you do this. I regularly switch mine back and forth with no problems. Just gotta make sure the dongle is on an accessible part of your PC so you can reach the pair button.


Oh yeah the Dongle would make it easier. If you're using native bluetooth Windows doesn't remove them when you pair them with the console. So to switch back you have to go into Windows and manually remove the controller's device and then re-pair it. The dongle probably handles the pairing and just reports itself as a controller device.


I never had any connection issues with my Xbox One S controller and some random 10€ bluetooth dongle I bought. There also was no noticeable latency.


Xbox controller. Assuming dongle is available (or they sell controller with dongle too which is how I was able to get my second one) it’s 100% the best way to go. Otherwise I’d buy a controller see how your Bluetooth is. If you can stomach it until a dongle is available, I would do that. I have 1 pc with minimal BT Xbox input lag and 1 with a lot Edit: Not sure where you live, but in I live in US. I just looked and Best Buy has both single dongle for $25 and controller dongle combo for $80. And the official Microsoft website also has them available for $25. No reason to choose any other solution :)


I bought some cheap 24 Euro wireless china controller on amazon and it works very well.


I use the Xbox Series Controller, or whatever it’s called, the new one. It works great, however recently it has been disconnecting a bit, more often while playing Hades for some reason. I’m using a Bluetooth dongle I bought from Amazon. Worked perfectly for months, has only just started being a bit patchy. I’ve seen others here say they have used a Bluetooth dongle and it’s worked fine though. I think I’ll get the Microsoft USB dongle at some point however, incase it is the Bluetooth dongle I have. It is weird that it is only mainly when playing Hades that it cuts out though.


i use xbox series x controller with the ms Dongle works really well


if you can find one, the Steam Controller is the best controller i've ever used. it has a bit of an adjustment period, but once you learn how it works it can do almost anything you can throw at it. i've never had an issue with its wireless adapter in the years i've used mine.


I have two, and one broke :( Just won’t connect anymore. I’m afraid I’ll never find one again when the second bites the dust. There’s no other controller like them!


That's why i haven't taken another crack at getting past the learning curve. The other quality controlers are good enough and I always know that I can find an equivalent one if it ever breaks. I do wish there was a bigger variety of quality controller designs out there.


The nintendo switch pro controller. Best feeling controller i've ever used and has built in bluetooth. A few games don't have the right config but otherwise have never had a connectivity issue across multiple computers.


Definitely my favorite controller too, but caveat is that it really only works through Steam. Rarely an issue for me but worth mentioning.


Yeah, but so long as you have Steam it works with whatever. I use it on emulators and Xbox Game Pass games all the time. No issues.


I just use my DS4 controller, and with Steam's support for controller, I've yet to have a problem. It's really funny to me how Steam supports my DS4 more than PS4. I can setup shortcuts, change the color of LEDs, etc.


If you're playing non-Steam games, you can also use DS4Windows. There's even a fork that allows you to use DS4's gyro in emulators that support it like Cemu.


Or you can import the non-steam game into steam which then gives you steam's input support.


You can change the LED?? Is it possible to turn it off? Thing drives me nuts


Yeah, I turned it off actually. I'm just saying that to provide sample on how Steam has more support to my DS4 than my PS4.


I use my PS4 controller with the DS4Windows program. I usually use it plugged in to keep it charged but Bluetooth works fine. It's got a bit of a setup process so I wouldn't buy a PS4 controller specifically for it, but if you have one, try it out. I've heard that Xbox controller works best, the connectivity problems may just be the PCs antenna signal as bluetooth is short range and if the antenna is in the case, under your desk, it could present issues. You could pick up a cheap Bluetooth dongle to plug into the top of your pc or an extended USB hub up to your desk (I do this). I've had no connectivity issues with my PS4 controller or any other wireless devices this way, but I did when the dongle was plugged into my pc directly.


sorry if you are the wrong person to ask but i use the same setup as you (ds4windows). i dont mind the program but it frustrates the hell out of me when i charge my controller via usb and it turns off the vibration until i restart my pc. does this happen to you and do you happen to know how to fix this without restarting the pc?


Now that you mention it, I haven't paid attention to whether that disables rumble or not. I'll have to check that when I get home later. Feel free to ping or pm me later this evening, in case I forget.


all good if you dont know. just might be a personal experience with me. i dont play anything other than halo: mcc since i mainly use my pc for music production but just bothers me when i charge the controller then rumble turns off. vibration works through ds4windows when you test the low/high vibration settings but stop working in game for me. i will probably just connect it through steam from now on since others mentioned it on here. i like the ps controllers and couldnt justify getting an xbox controller even with the connectivity.


It's no bother at all. Now you got me curious because I use my controller all the time but haven't paid attention to that


So i just checked with Hitman 2 and my controller will vibrate regardless if i plug or unplug it. Maybe check to make sure "Quick Charge" is disabled from settings. Otherwise I do have my controller set to "permanent" in the Output Settings.


thank you for the follow up, my dude. i will check my shit out and hopefully it will work.


There's a setting for throughput or something on the last edit profile page, try that.


Why use ds4, I used to have it but since ps4 works with steam I've stopped using it. Is there a reason to stil use it?


Games not through steam.


i initially used it for and still sometimes use it for retroarch and PCSX2 emulator. i pretty much only play few new games that catch my eye or games that i grew up with.


Oh ok :D yeah it's awesome with emulator's forgot that part.


I just want to use my dual sense on the pc :(


Easiest to set up would be XInput controllers, including but not limited to the actual XBox controllers. Most "off-brand" controllers (stuff marketed for Android or PC use), unless it's specifically a replacement controller for a different console. Would work even without a compatibility layer like Steam's built in controller config or JoyToKey. If you don't wanna go wired or don't wanna deal with Bluetooth, then take the others' suggestions and get the Xbox wireless dongle (along with an actual XBox controller). PS4 and Switch style controllers can be used on Steam, though some games don't work well with it. I think they're running on the older DirectInput. In my experience with my (off-brand) Switch controller and Yakuza Kiwami 2, the prompt buttons usually shows PS4 controls, and for some reason all prompts show as triangle on menus when it's showing the PS4 style. I also can't get it to work right on Doom 2016. The upside though is gyro controls. Not many games support it on PC, but you can explore alternative control methods like flick stick or mapping the gyro to mouse controls. I haven't had experience with PS3 controllers, but I heard they can be a real pain to set up. Arcade sticks usually have options to switch between PS4 or Xbox/PC style. If you're looking to use older controllers, then you're likely looking at emulation. /r/emulationonpc would be your place to go. From what I know though, you're gonna need a Dolphinbar sensor + bluetooth for Wii, and the rest may have USB converters or aftermarket USB controllers.


Series x controller is like the Xbox one controller but better quality


I wrote a short little review of common controllers, perhaps you would find it helpful. https://forums.serverbuilds.net/t/official-bluetooth-controller-gamepads-for-pc-use/4576


There is an official wireless dongle for xbox from Microsoft, but i just bought an 8 dollar Bluetooth adapter and i had no problems in single player/co op games


I've never had any issues with my (newer-gen) Xbox one controller, I use it connected with a wire when playing on my PC, but when I want to play emulated games on my TV(connected via HDMI to my PC), I just plug in a Bluetooth dongle (I bought it for 0.01$ on Aliexpress, with free shipping) and it works flawlessly, so not sure what all those support pages are all about. Before this I also had Xbox 360 controllers with a cheap knock-off of the official Microsoft wireless receiver, and it also worked well for many years.


Xbox one or series s/x controllers with a dongle has given me absolutely no problems. I even play guitar hero with a rock band 4 guitar with no dropped inputs (only downside is it being a rock band guitar)


Xbox one controller with the usb dongle from Microsoft is the way to go. They literally have support features built into windows for it.


In terms of compatibility, Xbox yeah. I personally like the DualSense controllers far more, but there isn't wide support yet. Sony should make an effort to have more games support the controller on PC. It'll promote their console sales too. With regards to Xbox controller - don't count on BT. That thing is buggy as hell and disconnects all the time. The wireless dongle is a must for smooth operation (what a pity).


I got an Xbox ONE controller and official usb dongle from Ebay, works great


I use the Microsoft wireless adapter and xbox series X controller. works great


Xbox One controller via Bluetooth worked very fine for me. A shame Steam Controller discontinued


Anytime you have a dedicated wireless dongle for a controller it's going to be better (lower latency) than Bluetooth. As some have said, Bluetooth isn't always that bad, but from machine to machine it can really vary. With an Xbox controller and the Microsoft Xbox wireless adapter, it works quite well, with low latency. Steam controllers also have their own dongle, but they are only available through 3rd party now.


I bought the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition, which works also for PS4, but I'm actually mainly using it on PC wirelessly and having no problem at all. The only thing is that you won't have the keys of the Xbox, but the PS ones. To say the truth, I bought it for 70€, which is like 85ish$? I don't really think that it is actually worth more than that, and the learning curve on the paddle below is really steep at the beginning, while all the other keys are actually great.


360 wireless / Steam controller. That's my setup, But unfortunately Steam controllers are not made or sold anymore. Desperately waiting for a Steam Controller v2! (Which the Steam Deck could need if people want to dock it!😁)


Ps4 is 10/10 for me cause I can use the trackpad as a mouse




I can confirm bluetooth connectivity for xbox controllers are straight up buttcrack crumbs. However you can pick up a microsoft wireless dongle to connect via usb on your pc. Never had a problem using it.


The XB1 USB adapter is amazing. You can pair multiple XB1 controllers. Great connection. No lag. https://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Xbox-Wireless-Adapter-Windows-Packaging/dp/B07CJ6GVM8/ref=sr\_1\_2?dchild=1&keywords=xb1+usb+adapter&qid=1626889760&refinements=p\_89%3AMicrosoft&rnid=2528832011&s=videogames&sr=1-2 I went this route because for some reason in my new apartment, Bluetooth connections are spotty. People have theorized because of the materials in the building, etc. Also, 8Bitdo makes an amazing USB adapter that works not only great for PC, but for consoles too. With the 8Bitdo, the con you can only use one XB1 controller at a time, but the pro is that you can use all sorts of controllers and sync them to the USB adapter. Basically its a solution to use PS3, PS4, Switch Pro controller without any 3rd party software. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0786JC6VW


You can get a wireless adapter for the Xbox one controller if you really want, it's like $20 more than the controller and you can get them together for like $10 more than a regular Xbone controller.


Honestly Xbox is by far the best to go, but I will say the Switch Pro Controller is also a remarkably good controller that can connect either via Bluetooth or USB


My xbox controller works perfectly over bluetooth. The people complaining likely just don't have their PC/bluetooth dongle situated very well, which you'd get with any device, it's not an xbox controller issue.


I have a name brand pci-e wifi/Bluetooth adaptor and I have constant issues with just my x1 controller, even with reinstalled and updated drivers. It's a known issue, people aren't just making things up.


Xbox one with PC dongle works beautifully.


I always gravitate to x box controllers for the user replaceable battery. I have plenty of rechargeable AAs so a built in battery is a con for me


My dude you can get a Bluetooth USB for like 5 dollars.


I just use my PS4 controller with ds4 windows and a cable. It works just fine, won't see the proper buttons for the controller on screen but I like those controllers.


I use the PS4 controller as well just download DS4Windows it will allowed full key mapping/support if your having issues


Steam has fully integrated DS controller drivers. All you have to do is pair the controller and set it up in Steam big picture mode. Once you set it up the first time, you won't have to configure them again.


PS5 DualSense, imho. Works out of the box, USB cable or BT, no dongle. Also it's the best controller ever. Even if you won't be able to play games that fully utilize its features, it's still top tier controller. If you have Windows 10, it's plug and play. Other OS, I don't know. It's a good controller for PC also because Steam has released API for it so it might get some games fully supporting its features. And yes you can use BT dongle if you don't have built-in BT on every computer you use.


I avoid the generic bluetooth things wherever possible. I use the official wireless dongles for both XB1 and PS4 controllers, neither gave me any sort of issues.


I mean I bought a 0.01$ bluetooth dongle off AliExpress with free shipping (so essentially for free), and it has been working fine with my Xbox One S controller for almost 2 years, no latency, no issues. Only the pairing is annoying as, if I turn on the controller, it auto-starts my console, which auto-turns on my TV, but past that it's great .\_\_.