FedEx Fires Driver Who Refused to Deliver to Homes With Biden or 'Camel-Toe' Harris Flags

FedEx Fires Driver Who Refused to Deliver to Homes With Biden or 'Camel-Toe' Harris Flags




Wonder if the Arizona Ballot news will encourage him to tone down the rallies, or push for even more.


He always doubles down. He'll say the "fake news" lied and the fact that they claim Biden won just proves that they're hiding the truth and Trump is on to something. I hate these people and all that normalize them.


Went over to r/conservative when the news came out and they are saying there leaked evidence that he did actually win Arizona they are just keeping it from the American people. There's nothing that would convince them at this point.


Called it. They're insane.


> Called it. You predicted the Conservative sub would ignore evidence? Impressive.


That really is like shooting fish in a barrel.


Not insane. Just plain old idiots.


Not idiots. Fascist enemies of the United States


¿Por qué no las dos?


Because if deemed insane they have a legal foothold, they are all just spiteful ignorant bigots.


After the election was called for Biden, that sub was going nuts talking about how they wouldn't make a big deal about it. That didn't last long.


There isn’t. That’s why we shouldn’t humor their attempts at debates. Tell them to get fucked and move on. Hell, I’m willing to bet a large majority KNOW he didn’t win but they’re too invested to backtrack now so they’ll jump through any hoop they can to continue the charade. For example there’s a large correlation between these people and extreme religious beliefs. Now, if they really did believe in their religions, as opposed to utilizing it as a sociopolitical tool to justify whatever they want on a whim, they wouldn’t be part of the churches many of them are a part of.


They had the news conference on at the laundromat today. I live in Tucson. No one but me watched - I was somewhat curious.


I read this as they held a news conference at a laundromat in Tucson. Which would have been very on brand for the GOP.


Four Seasons Total Laundry


It was held at the Hilton Wash n Fold


Same. I was like, *damn* it's getting sad


Democracy got hung out to dry.


That or the ones who do admit they lost jump to "what has crooked Joe done well so far." I tell him he had the balls to finally pull us out of Afghanistan for starters and that normally gets them more mad.


Damn straight, I feel like Biden has had a tough go with the media lately


Afghanistan was Trump's doing, which is probably why it was such a disaster. He drew up the agreement in the last days of his presidency, Biden simply had the unenviable task of carrying it out.


Don't forget conservative 2.0 aka r/conspiracy.


r/conspiracy are going full stop stupid and completely misreading the release and saying Trump clearly won.


They've always been full stop stupid. Read any post on that sub and you can see how ass backwards their logic and brains are wired. They claim to be independent thinkers but all the "research and critical thinking" they do is on social media, biased echochambers, and sketchy websites with zero proof of claims or credibility, and then scream at you to "do your own research" like the smart little in the know thinkers they are. It'd be cute if it weren't so pathetic. Awww, they think their life is like a little movie! Adorable.


I want to say I’m not surprised. But holy shit they are just relentless. I hope they all stay unvaxxed


Its getting thin over there LOL - there posts barely get any engagement anymore. I suspect most of them sulked away after 'Trump wasnt put back in office' to cry some more. One more election for Dem's and that place will be nothing but tumble weeds.


Already saw a Q idiot claim this. They said 17000 votes were duplicates for Biden, so Trump won. I just can’t anymore with these people.


And they know thos how? Lol we're they on the inside counting votes? These people are.....for lack of a better word...just dumb.


Because they read it on the internet on a "research site" whatever that means


They don't care about truth, just power.


They always double dumb.


Can someone tell me why it's "camel toe" Harris, I mean I know they hate women and black people, but why did their "mind of a 4 year old" brains latch onto this one?


I think those with a low IQ went 'Kamala sounds like camel toe' and then they snorted, wiped their noses on their sleeves and said, 'yup.'


Oh, i never thought of that. Much dumber than I guessed.


I think you answered your own question there


Because they have the minds of 4 year olds, and love to proudly and openly display it


Haha, I love how these Trump rallies are such easy identifiers of a shit group of people. It is like they're flies attracted around a piece of poop but they don't realize it


Doubt. Trump rallies sell tickets afaik. How can he afford it now?


They always look sort of full until you pan out from the stage. From what I understand they often don’t cost anything to go to.


Are Biden/Harris flags even a thing? I live in a reasonably liberal area and have never seen one. Their supporters don't make their preferred presidential candidates part of their core identity, unlike some.


There are no signs for Biden, therefore the election was stolen. I would put an /s, but this is a real argument these days.


I have an ass of a neighbor who has said exactly this. “Everyone on this block had a trump sign, except for you and one other fucking house! How did Biden win?!” He got more votes. 🤷‍♂️ Dude turns red every time.


Because Biden voters aren't part of a cult who find it necessary to fly the flag and/or don apparel supporting a fucking politician. I have never met a person who will admit they were confused about a political candidate until they saw a shirt/hat/flag and decided, "Yeah, I'll vote for that guy."


Also Democrats put their signs out when appropriate, during voting season. Not all year long.


Also, during election season, houses in my neighborhood with Biden signage were being vandalized, so everyone took all their signs down.


This is why I kinda think it's stupid to put political bumper stickers on your car. Especially in places with a large redneck population Fucking nutjobs will key your car or smth


And of course if a Trump humper's property was vandalized they would be the eternal victim of left wing violence that should never happen because THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY DAMMIT! God I hate conservatives


I had a redneck acquaintance rant about how there was NO WAY the election wasn't rigged because of Trump flags and rallies. When I didn't agree, he pointed out the imbalance of Trump to Biden yards signs and then said, 'so, explain to me how Joe Biden could possibly have won this election!'. I looked at him and asked him who he had voted for and he pretty smugly replied that he doesn't vote. Then I smiled at him and said told him that my husband and I had both voted for Biden so that's probably how. It took his brain so long to reboot I wound up just walking away while he spluttered.


>and he pretty smugly replied that he doesn't vote So he's complaining his man didn't win but he didn't do his part to try to help him win? Man I like the rule in my family. You made a choice not to vote for reasons other than emergencies? Well there goes your complaining privileges for when your guy loses.


One thing that was noticed about the 1/6 assholes is that a lot of them didn't vote in the election and quite a few had never voted.


"My one street is indicative of the entire state/country!" Completely logical line of thought there.


Its illogical to expect logic from these people. I have to still remind my wife to not try and figure them out or their reasoning. They are just a bunch of scared ignorant people. You can’t reason with that.


And same stupid argument they use for the rally size.


_There's no way Biden got that many votes, his rallies are small and there are barely any lawn signs!_ These people don't understand that there's a huge majority of people that are busy living their lives and just vote when the time comes. And when they vote, they're voting for who they think would be the best chief public servant, not some cult leader. It's not a sport or team game to them and they don't hang their identity on who they vote for.


There aren’t any signs for Biden because this isn’t a football game 🤡 PLUS why would anyone still have them up unless they are bumper stickers? Because Biden won. The “game” is over. You were lied to AGAIN making you think you people were the majority.[🤡 ](https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ)


No because we are not in a cult.


I live in rural Georgia. There’s obviously not many Biden supporters here but the ones that are like to have flags and show support. Because guess what? I can take a 5min drive around the block and see roughly 30 trumps flags, trump 2020, and Trump 2024 signs. There’s literally a guy near the highway with a flag that says “FUCK BIDEN”


Exactly. Biden flags are so few and far between that they can't be considered "a thing" at all. I live in Arizona and see massive amounts of Trumpers on a daily basis. They're a cult. Liberals with signs, stickers or the rare flag for Biden are being visible allies for everyone else.




I haven’t. Have you seen a GIANT, like 30ft x 15ft flag with a MASK on it, with a line through it? This is what I’m dealing with here


One of our trashy neighbors has a FUCK BIDEN flag. They also have small children.


They can’t understand it either. When I argue with a conservative and they talk shit about Biden and I respond with “I don’t like Biden either, yeah he sucks.” To them if your anti Trump then your pro Biden. They can’t comprehend that most of us don’t give a fuck who the president is or what side they are on as long as they aren’t complete assholes


Before the election I told my dad I told my dad that I didn't like either one of the candidates and I wasn't sure what to do. I definitely wasn't voting for trump but I wasn't entirely happy about Biden either.. But give a choice between a sociopath and Biden, I chose Biden. Lol


I deliver in a rural area in New York and there are rebel flags and Trump merchandise EVERYWHERE. One guy has the Trump machine gun Rambo Trump flag in his front lawn. Ton of anti Cuomo stuff too. Like these guys are not in office anymore, its time to take it down, get a real personality and identity.


Funny you should say that. I live in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, and about a week ago I passed a pickup with giant Trump % American flags flying. That's not unusual. But he also had a NY license that said F U CUOMO. Seems they would have denied that vanity plate, but there ya go.


They often get away with stuff like that until reported. You should be able to contact the state SOS And report the offensive vanity plate.


https://www.aclu.org/press-releases/court-rules-ban-offensive-license-plates-likely-violates-first-amendment if he was really determined to keep the plate it wouldn't be hard lawsuit to win


I live in a rural part of Pennsylvania and Trump signs and bumper stickers are still very prominent and even before Trump ever ran for president, confederate flags were common which I always find so weird in PA. I've even seen one Trump 2024 flag on someone's porch already, so, yeah, I think some of us will be seeing a lot of Trump stuff for a long time.


I mean there’s the famous billboard of Biden dressed up like a terrorist holding a fucking rocket launcher that says “making the taliban great again.” These people are crazy and desperate to advertise it


The Rambo Trump flag is the funniest shit. I'm sure they think it's so cool. [Here ya go fo a laugh.](https://www.google.com/search?q=trump+rambo+flag&client=ms-android-verizon&prmd=isnxv&sxsrf=AOaemvK0kSGdG4k_5iQUJ-UoHITMU0dP3g:1632576738240&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiYhLSknprzAhWOhJ4KHRTEBBAQ_AUoAXoECAIQAQ&biw=360&bih=623&dpr=4#imgrc=jEFRIo7fV2QF2M)


I've seen bumper stickers here in AL. No flags. With that said, I've seen entirely too many Drumph and confederate flags...


If there's one thing the south loves, its rooting for the losers


Its almost shocking how they can be on the wrong side of history so consistently for so long


That’s because they’re still fighting a battle their parents lost and their parents and their parents lost. It goes on and on.


Not that I've really seen, but BLM are a little more common.


I've seen one and I think the only reason this person had it up is because his neighbor had a trump flag up and guess what happened after the election was over? yeah the Biden flag was taken down but that trump flag stayed till the white trash who lived there moved out.


Going to Fredricksburg, Texas as we were coming into town someone spray painted "Trump! Promises Kept" on literally the most rusted out old milk truck parked on the side of the road. It was only surpassed in crappiness by TRUMP spray painted on old broken plywood hanged on a random barbwire fence in no wheresville Texas on the same trip. I get the passion, but man, that execution and self owns are really low energy efforts for their God King.


I hate that fucking place. Always try to plan my route so we don’t have to put gas when driving through.


This is what we did. Our neighbor put a trump sign up on a stretch of grass that looked like it could have been our property but wasn’t. I got a Biden sign in response and took it down the day after the election


The most I’ve done, also in response to trashy neighbors, was put up a sign saying “This Vet Votes Blue”. But again, since my politics doesn’t define my life, that came down after the election. Neighbor’s trashy trump stuff is still up…


This vet also votes blue.


And MY liberal vet axe!


My neighbor still has a small trump sign in his yard. Hard to see but it's right by his front door kind of obscured by his bushes.


>kind of obscured by his bushes There's a GOP Presidential joke hidden somewhere in your comment.


I had a bumper sticker until they won officially then took it off. It’s still in my car, it’s just in the tiniest window in the back that no one will notice it. Otherwise I’m afraid someone will vandalize my car because I’ve seen people doing it to B/H supporters where I am.


Not where I live. Easy way to get your property vandalized. I had a zombie car magnet on my car that said “Brains”. It was in the style of an Obama “change” logo. Some inbred with poor eyesight thought it was an Obama magnet and so they ripped it off and keyed my car. Scratched “fuck Obama” on it. I’ve always avoided political stickers or anything on my property, but after that it reinforced it very much. I know at least 3 people who have had their property vandalized because of political imagery.


They probably couldn’t read.


I have one of [these Biden flags](https://www.giftofcuriosity.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/American-flag-printables-info-page_Page_2.png) flying at my place.


Just force your views on everyone why don't you. You people make me sick! /s


Exactly. Unlike the MAGAts, Dems aren't in a cult.


Not in my experience. This is a pretty stupid hill to die on.


I only ever saw one, and that was the day they finally called the election for Biden back in November.


No, but i can't believe BIDEN 2020: FUCK YOUR FEELINGS Flags and stickers didn't take off. It seemed like such an easy turnabout


The closest thing to a trump phenomena on the left is Bernie, MAYBE The Squad. But no cults on the left, if you follow the actual definition of what a cult is. If Bernie had pulled a tenth of what trumplethinskin pulled, the left would have ditched him too a long time ago.


Yes, most were taken down 5 minutes after the election however


I bought a poster from their inaugural store to commemorate the historic moment, but I don’t have it hanging anywhere, it’s in a spare bedroom where nobody goes. I certainly don’t have a giant flag outside or attached to my truck.


Liberal area as well. A neighbor up the road has a BLM flag out, but I haven't really seen any Biden support displayed, conversely haven't seen much Turnip stuff either. Speaking from my perspective, that stuff just looks trashy in your yard (to the degree Turnip people do it). Julst go vote for your candidate. I would say signs are a waste, but I think name recognition plays a lot into the local elections, cause most people don't research those people. IDK though, to each their own I guess.


He was probably about to be fired for being shitty at his job anyway, had nothing to lose.


His only job is to deliver packages. By not delivering packages, he is, by definition, shitty at his job. Regardless of his motivations


FedEx is almost as bad as Amazon for worker treatment. He wasn't hitting his numbers, was already reprimanded and on his way out, so he took the "maybe I'll get a go fund me" exit route.


Why is he whispering in the video, was he afraid he was gonna get caught?


The Deep State has eyes and ears everywhere, man! Can't be too careful! /s


"I think that the deep state is watching all these videos that I post. Fucking government creeps! LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!"


These people aren’t too bright but good for them to leave a trail of video evidence


He was afraid a vaccinated person may walk by and broadcast his speech via their chips.


Likely was a microwave in the room.


Does this guy think the Aryan brotherhood and white supremacist party will embrace him? He knows they'd spit in his mother's eye, right? He's cool with that, eh? Does he own a mirror?


I've seen darker skinned people be members of white supremacist prison gangs before.


Yup. Like [Clayton Bigsby.](https://youtu.be/BLNDqxrUUwQ)


Prison gangs are very much a numbers game so not surprising. And even in that case it doesn’t always play out well for the person joining or the person recruiting once word spreads to the more hardcore members. That shit probably wouldn’t fly nearly as much on the outside.


We're just so neat!


“Fuck Illinois Nazis”


What'chu token about Willis?


“One of the good ones”


Unfortunately this is the type of guy that would spit in his own mother's eye if he thought it would make him part of that group. What he doesn't realize is that they'll make him spit in her eye but they'll still never let him in to the group


Trump really inspired just the absolute worst of humanity. No surprise since he himself is one of the worst people alive


This is how people in a qult behave.


The Coup Cucks Clan


Losing your job to own the Libs. My mother always screams about cancel culture and she would happily use this, but he could have easily avoided this problem if he had never shared it himself the fucking idiot.


>My mother always screams about cancel culture and she would happily use this He was fired for not doing his job, not for his politics. But yeah, the "cancel culture" brigade seem to think that any right wing lunatic should have a guaranteed job for life, regardless of whether or not they actually do their job.


I mean eventually his boss would have to wonder why he kept returning with packages, like that just makes him bad at the job. So either he was just making it up for clout, or he would have been fired eventually.


Consequence culture


Someone’s political views shouldn’t stop you from delivering their packages. That’s messed up.


A bunch of people have their medicine delivered by mail.


I have some pretty strong disdain for certain political assholes and other strongly voiced social issues. However, I would never let that influence how I do my job. People like this are the worst pieces of shit.


Lol they're always so stupid enough to provide all the evidence on the internet for us. Darwin at its finest.


Tell me again why we need to microchip the vaccines when everyone already totes around a goddamn smartphone?


Is it? I thought Darwin awards are when they died


Darwin awards are about removal from the gene pool, so there are a few winners who've just been injured in such a way that they can no longer procreate. (Typically some kind of genital destruction.)


I mean, if you lose your source of income (and ability to be hired by destroying your reputation), you become that much closer to death, especially if your beliefs that got you fired align with antiscience and antivax.


Yes they are. Also I heard that is a massive recall of all awards before 2021, having sex on a high ledge or looking up a gun barrel to see the bullet is nothing compared with dieing because you refuse a free vaccine.


The dieing from refusal of a free vaccine is a different award. I believe it's referred to as a "Herman Caine".


Yep, /r/HermanCainAward is a great subreddit.


There you go fool.Btw traitor trump lost.


Interesting. I had three packages sent to the same person in Washington. All three were delivered to random houses. The person has good neighbors and got the packages from them. Make ya wonder if it's the same person or a larger problem.


I’ve literally never seen a biden/Harris flag expect for at campaign events. The people who had yard signs toss them after the election like normal people. There are a *few* die hards around here who still have their 2016 Bernie signs, though. And of course… Trump weirdos all over the place.


Free speech, blah blah, fucking liberals, blah blah, snowflakes, blah blah, please donate to my GoFundMe while I find another job


Perfect example of how Trump cultists think they have power any kind of power.


What a fucking nimrod. Gave up a good paying job for this stupid shit. What goes through their heads when they post shit like this on social media? It staggers the mind how ignorant people are.


This guy only got fired b/c he was dumb enough to make a video in his uniform and post online. How many other Fine Individuals out there not delivering your stuff, but also not bragging online?


The worlds sorest losers without a doubt.


At the very bottom of the career ladder and already fell off the first step. Hashtag SAD!


A driver isn’t the bottom though, being a hand in a sorting office is. My understanding is given the pay and benefits being a driver is quite sought after at FedEx and there’s always people fighting for each route as they become available. That makes this *worse* for him. He probably worked quite hard to earn his route then went and fucked himself. Someone else will be *very* happy to take over.


Ground driver. He’s a contractor, not an employee.


Ah right. My mistake.


tbf fedex is trying to make that distinction less and less obvious for the general public. Fedex Ground/home are even now using the same colored trucks as Express is. That said, I did 10 years at Fexed Express- I still have nightmares, But Im glad they fired this clown.


So he collects a paycheck to NOT deliver because of his political beliefs. Imagine that? Why be a stupid ass, just say you're offended by all who isn't an anarchist, and don't even have to drive out of the depot. Profit! I've also heard of these morons would eat at restaurants and refuse to "pay" or "fund" against their political beliefs.


You have to be fired without cause to collect unemployment. Otherwise people would work for a couple months and just get fired over and over again. Edit: fired through no fault of your own is how I believe it’s worded


You can get around that by being a contract employee. Work for a preset period then when it’s over you’re eligible. Rinse repeat. Unemployment is even based off of your payrate so it will increase as your rates do. Not that I do that just sayin


Stupid ass who supports those who steal from him.




A FedEx driver how surprising. After years and years of ordering packages and running a small eBay store. I personally can say fed ex is the worst of the big 3. Ups, usps, then FedEx around here. I even prefer DHL. Their tracking is bad, their shipping is slow and most of all packages seem to go missing way way more. I had a "delivered" package of some nice shoes that never arrived. I do not live In a Neighborhood its a wooded property of 2 acres cameras. But the fact they say they dropped it off is so angering. Some people order important things or medicine through the mail, so screw this guy seriously I'm super happy he's jobless. He likely doesn't have any special skills or high education, being a truck driver he probably makes a decent pay and took awhile to get in that position. This guy is going to struggle to find another job equivalent.


What a loser. Just like his cult leader.


Fuck I could watch these stupid assholes lose their jobs all day.


They always look like the incel you know they’ll look like.


Do people not know how easy it is to not be a total piece of shit? It takes effort to be this scummy.


or how easy it is not to advertise it


Why would you think you get to skip homes on your route? Do you think if someone doesn't get their heart medicine and dies, you won't be sued? Do you think Amazon or Wayfair won't have people refuse to pay for packages not received? You could be accused of theft and arrested, let alone being fired.


Trump supporters are so lazy. They were born without a personality and spine. Their life seems so sad and pathetic. I feel so sorry for them. You have to tip toe around them because they are so frail, they are constantly on the verge of suicide.


Clearly wanted to quit in some fantastic fashion that would get him on the Trump ticket for 2024


That'll look sweet on the ol resume


Guy didn’t do his job… so yeah?


No longer have a job to own the lib's - check Won't take a vaccine and die to own the lib's - check I really can't argue with that strategy.




Professionalism is dead.


> if you don't have a flag in front of your house, and if you have a Joe Biden, Kamala f--king camel toe posted up in front of your house, Black Lives Matter — I will not deliver your s---." Not only does he exclude Biden, Kamala, BLM supporters but also literally anyone who doesn't have a flag, amazing.


Please, please, please, please be an antiva Covid denier!


He fucked up the situation and then had to abort his TikTok. He should have been forced to carry to term.


If your politics become your identity then you are a radical.


So just to add to it, he posted this after his wife begged him not to. She doesn't agree with his views (to this extent) and they have a kid together. Oh and he posted a follow up video saying that his boss told him this would cost him his bonus.... So he plugged his Venmo so that people could send him money.... So this guy isn't just an idiot, he's a selfish prick.


I love that he got fired for a video in which he can barely form a coherent sentence. This guy feels so strongly about this issue, decided to film HIMSELF talking about his very specific actions, yet can barely figure out what the fuck it is he wants to say. Miraculously, he stammers out just enough data to get himself fired. Can't wait for his follow-up. "Hey to all you...fuckin' ..libtoe fuckin'...BLM, LGBT ...you don't have that flag...I ain't deliver your shit because I'm fired now? Watch me. How it is."


Probably not that big of a deal. Most Biden supporters don’t fly flags like a cult.


he was TRYING to get internet famous and become a right wing martyr so he can make bank as a right-wing nut job touring circus act. I bet he's on Fox News before the month is out


I’m not a big fan of her either, but come on. Camel toe? Is that the best y’all can come up with?


Better than what the white supremacist stepfather of a friend from Facebook calls her.. “heals up” which is so sexist yet so fucking dumb. Before anyone asks, he was slobbering over that Slovakian escort that infected the WH for 4 years. She was, in his eyes, “beautiful and classy” gee I wonder white the difference between the 2 women are?


Oh you mean the one who got in via an "Einstein" (EB-1) visa due to her specialized skills, extraordinary abilities & knowledge? The one who used her status to bring her immigrant parents to the US while her husband was whining about "chain migration"? I hate all of the Trumps so fucking much.


Oh yes the same one who even though she can barely string a sentence together in English (she knows 5 languages everyone! Lol) , went on TV and had the audacity to question the birth certificate of Barack Obama.


> “heals up” Why does he call her that? Does she heal from wounds faster, like Wolverine?


As a typical MAGAt he doesn’t have the best spelling so I assume he meant “heels” as in she has her feet and legs in the air because according to these dumb clowns, smart women always sleep their way to the top.


I'm just curious what the hell a camel-toe harris flag looks like. And why i haven't seen one before


Probably inspired by the witless and juvenile name calling of his idol.


Biden and Harris have flags?


I think he means if you lack an American flag and/or have any Biden/Harris signs or stickers he won't deliver. Either way, fuck this guy


Here's me worried that I'll never work again because I got a bit stressed out and needed a break so I quit.


Ground drivers are not employees of Fed Ex. They are hired and work for contractors who are responsible to train them and make sure they follow all applicable rules. Refusing to deliver a package, with the exception of a dangerous dog or the like, will get you fired and it really doesn't matter as to why.


I mean, he's obviously set this up for this outcome. Next is the Fox appearance and the GoFundMe, right? Isn't that how these things usually go? Another POC white supremacist, btw.


Waiting for his inevitable GoFundMe victim campaign.


He looks like that piece of shit that killed those people in lakeland Florida. So many pieces of shit clogging up the system


I knew that happened when Tiktok got em


TikTok fam doesn't play -- they'll track you down and get you fired.


Ugh. Trump-humpers are the worst people.


Letting your family starve to own the libs...


I hope his wife leaves him too. She was so upset he gave up his $600 bonus and now no job?!? Leave him!! You can do so much better than this Asshole!


So he got fired for not doing his job? Got it. Let's see how the GQP will twist this around and say he's a victim of cancel culture


Imagine that, being fired for not doing your job! Who knew?


I mean... I get it. I was about to buy a boat from a guy here recently. Boat looked great, then out of nowhere at the end of the post. " I'm a big time Trump supporter!" I didn't think I could stomach being near the guy for long enough to make a deal.


Wouldn’t it have been a great opportunity to come up with randomly low numbers as what the guy said he would sell it for? And as the guy tried to make sense of your tomfoolery, start using Trump one- liners to justify your claims? But lots of people I deal with voted for Trump but I never stop it from getting me a good deal or service.


What's up TikTok, just wanted to come on here and uh...lose my job.


Now we know who he is, let's make sure he doesn't get another job for the next few years! And since he was fired with cause, no unemployment benefits either....