How many interviews is typical before a job offer? I'm on interview #6!

How many interviews is typical before a job offer? I'm on interview #6!


Sounds excessive. Me personally I would’ve lost interest after maybe the 3rd round. You want me or not? What kind of different questions could they possibly be asking with so many interviews? I don’t mean for you to answer that but it’s just so bizarre to me.


Considering it’s an 8 person company, they’re probably looking for the best cultural fit? Not sure. Wouldn’t be surprised if OP did 8-9 interviews if they want OP to meet every person in the company.


But…why weren’t those people on the boat or at the lunch then?


Because the company lacks organization.


Designated survivor(s)


I will do no more than three interviews. If you can’t figure it out by then, then you’re hesitant and I’m probably not a good fit.


yeah i feel they just have no idea what they're doing...OR they know exactly what they're doing and just pulling me along. Strange. I'm literally exhausted lol


They don’t have their act together most likely. Or there’s no stability there. Either way, it’s a flag.


I'm thinking there is no stability there...that they hired people in the past and they keep quitting


That's something to consider. The team dynamic may not be good there and they probably try to test you in some way already. Emotional abuse is not worth it. I had a job in an unstable team once and it was a constant emotional roller-coaster. During the interview stage (there were three in total), the manager introduced new team members each time. Some of them were almost rude just after the first meeting. This and a few more subtle signs were overlooked by me because I was euphoric about the possibility to work in reputable company and a cool office environment. Later it came to me that they use some tricks to lure new employees to the team and then abuse them emotionally. They also had free vacancies for longer periods of time because they were all picky and seeked vulnerable people. We were three new joiners, who quit after a few months. Be cautious and good luck.


this resonates hard...i think its some kind of manipulation..wine and dine you. then you sign the dotted line and they own you lol


Seems like they are not sure about you and want to try you in some way. I'd take the sotuation with a grain of salt from now on and just have fun along, but wouldn't get too invested. Also, they already stepped over some of your boundaries (time and personal). The uncertainty seems to bother you at this point and you need to speak up.


Sorry to hear. Why do you think they wanted to emotionally abuse you? I’ve been bullied at work before. I think it was a mix of things: 1) I was mopey and didn’t want to be stuck in an office 2) I introduced automation tools that was a conflict of interest to my old boss’s managerial powers 3) I was shy and couldn’t articulate words to defend myself from their anger, guilt-shaming, and fear-inducing. 4) they were a couple of real bitter people there. I think they had unfavorable personal lives that made them seek power moves in the form of bullying to make themselves feel better. 5) me writing the bullies off before they were bullying did not help. I was so picky with people and I was particularly unattracted to a few characteristics these bullies had from the start. (Me not liking them made them not like me in return).


It was a mixture of similar factors as well. I just wasn't a good fit. I am also pretty shy around people and was more inteterested in productive communication. Our tasks were partially shared in the team and also there was competition. As much as I enjoyed learning new skills and solving problems, it all ended up being a stressful situation.


Ok. I’m glad we have the words to understand what and why things happened. Cheers to our futures!


They are seeing how much you will allow them to manipulate your time. They already have zero respect for your time so I can only imagine how much they will try to take advantage of you if you work for them.


It is exhausting, make sure you are making time for yourself OP.


For an 8 person company, that sounds insane, especially when there’s been multiple long lunches/social events.


its absolutely absurd. I'm literally already tired of the company and I haven't started working there.


It’s fine to not proceed. It’s an absurd amount of time on their end and yours. They’re acting like theyre hiring a new CEO or CFO.


If it helps you feel better, I’ve done a couple really long interview processes like yours. The first was at a company I didn’t really want to work at anyway, so I ended up withdrawing from the process. I knew it was going to end up being a waste of my time as I wasn’t planning on taking the job even if I had gotten it. The second was at a company I really wanted to work for. As much as it sucked during the process, once I started working there, people were *amazing*. It kind of made me realize the benefits of having a ridiculously long process… In a weird way, it’s like they’re able to weed out not so great fits by really getting to know the candidates on a personal basis. Even though that company is way bigger than 8 people, I imagine they’re dragging out your process for a similar reason. All that to say, if you don’t actually want that job, I’d consider withdrawing. If you actually want it, you could end up with the best coworkers you’ve ever had.


Do not continue. Ghost them, or explain that the process of jerking you around turned you off


so they asked to meet again..this time for lunch...honestly, i was so exhausted and kind of thought the process was a joke when i received the email..i just couldn't take it seriously anymore. so i waited 3 days to respond..and haven't heard back..so thats where i'm at..


You fucked up by taking so long to respond. That doesn’t send a strong enough message. If I were you, I would’ve told them straight up that your time is valuable, and 8 interviews is superfluous


yup, exactly what happened. took a few days, haven't heard a word back. i was just at my wits end..like whats going on here, you know? i think if they valued my time they would respect the fact that i need a couple days to work on my schedule and make sure i can make another meeting work.. did i fuck up or did they just say 'okay this guy isn't gun-hoe about this process and isn't as gullible/manipulated as we would like' so they just dropped me.. i mean..are they looking for a puppet? or was i rude in not getting back to them right away


If they don’t respond, then they never cared about hiring you, they wanted your skills so they had to break you early with all those interviews. You’ll be better off, don’t worry


yeah it honestly sounds so crazy. i'm like what kind of work environment is this? why did they go thru with all of that wine'ing an dine'ing? they wanted my skills but not me? what to extract information and just waste my time?


I don’t mean to extract during the interviews, I meant they were conditioning you to be flexible for them so they could potentially get you to work extra


8 people in company and 8 interviews….A startup that wants consensus? I guess it could work but seems like lots of cooks in kitchen for one gig. 5-6 interviews for exec position at larger corporation is common in my experience.


This is where you tell us you're interviewing for an entry level position right? Lol


i'd say its a project manager level position


It’s for a line cook position 🙌🏽


More than 2-3 interviews indicates that the company is wasting resources and cannot take decisions imo.






most interviews were 90 minutes..the boat outing was about 3-4 hours..they took me out to lunch twice, so i feel that justified them taking longer than normal in the interview process. maybe thats what they do..lets take this guy out to lunch and really get to know him..if we do a lunch it can be a longer interview process.. i'm thinking they spend a lot of time together..so they want to hire the right person..quite possibly have made decisions in the past that didn't work and the 'big man' at the top of the company is losing faith in the guys who are managing the day to day (doing the hiring)




this is a very good point...and they want me to come in again...who knows what happens after that..another time to discuss start date, salary, etc.. evidently this next meeting they proposed is to meet with the founding principal and just 'get to know eachother' not necessarily talk salary, start date (thats the step after i meet with the big man and they get his feedback)...so we're looking at least another 2 discussions


Damn, I work at a big, well-known tech company and we do 6 interviews for most roles.


after the 3rd interview. i would have just straight up asked them. look do i have the job or not?


haha, we had a formal interview after all of the lunches, boat rides, etc. and i thought that would be the last one..turns out nope. the manager wants to set up a final phone convo a week later, the day comes, and he says he wants to set up another dinner get to know you/interview with the owner of the company... why did we have to schedule a time for him to tell me that i am going to have another interview? why wouldn't he just send an email


Yep even 3 interviews is pushing it for me. Last time a company asked me for a third interview I declined and they offered me the position straight away.


Sounds like you’re interviewing for a CEO position lol


I'd say its more project management based the title is 'owners representative'


LOL it does seem like it! 😭


Idk what field this is for, probably one I’m severely unqualified for lol, but this does seem a bit excessive. 3-4 interviews? Understandable, let’s talk. 5? Okay this must be the final stretch. 6? Mmm can I get a timeline for how long this will take? 7? I’ve probably got another job lined up by now.


Haha, yeah so #6 will be coming up and then there will be one after that which we discuss salary, start date, etc. Its literally exhausting lol..I'm like I don't even have enough energy left to interview anymore haha


Unless you’re interviewing for a c suite million dollar role, this is very excessive


My experience with interviews below, your mileage may vary… ~2 interviews for internships (sample size of 7, accepted 3) 4 interviews to be a big4 consultant 5 interviews to join a PE firm, including a 7 hour case study (2 of the interviews were for the headhunters) 4 interviews for industry supply chain job (e-commerce, B2C)


This would be a red flag for me. If they need everyone’s input on a hiring decision, they’re going to want you to get input from everyone for everything, doesn’t sound like they empower people to take ownership and responsibility. And doesn’t sound like they’re very organized. May I ask in real time how long this has taken? Eyeballing it I’d guess a month since the first phone call?


Like June 1st or 2nd I think was our first call...yeah its getting insane. i think they have made hiring mistakes in the past and are being vigilant..really not sure, but i'm exhausted and not sure if i have the energy to keep doing it haha


100% fair to be over it at nearly two months of this!!


I did 3 and got rejected. Apparently they decided not to hire anyone. Wow. But they loved my personality! I'll do great! Just somewhere else. FML I'm tired of hearing that.


Oh man. That hit hard due to familiarity. I tend to receive emails with similar feedback - we were impressed by your resume, but decided to offer job to another candidate.


This was through a recruiter who told me they wanted to bring me on but they didn't have enough people to train me and finish their projects. I get that. But if they knew that, why have me go through 3 interviews? Why give me hope? Did they think I'd suddenly gain 5 years of experience in the couple of weeks that the interviews were over? Did they just...hope? I don't know. It crushes me every time. It's ALWAYS "somewhere else." I'm out of places in my city and I don't want to sell my house and uproot my husband and "life". They had 2 positions and didn't hire anyone, apparently. Which is weird. The recruiter said there's a possibility of me working for them in the future. And...hahaha, yeah right. I wonder if I'm just not good enough for this and should leave STEM.


That sounds rough. The agencies sometimes are worse because it takes a longer time to get a contact with hiring managers and receive feedback. Have you tried to apply via company webpages primarily? The major lesson is to realise that it is mostly us getting emotionally attached to applications. For the most part, the process is like a lottery. Sometimes things allign well and you end up winning, but usually it's a miss. You may have been one of the stronger candidates, yet changes happened internally and they ditched all the applications. What can you do? Stay positive and maybe change approach, search method or widen the search window. Let there be hope.


Yes I have. That's my usual approach. This recruiter has been pretty good, actually. I've had nothing but terrible experiences before him so I'd like to keep working with him if possible. I'm very best down from all this crap. It's hard to stay positive after 4 years of rejections and failure after failure. Eventually my degree will expire and I'll be stuck.


Sounds like you have an owner who micro manages the staff so they are not allowed to make decisions and have to report literally every time they fart or think of farting (I work for 1 of those). They may have had trouble in the past with staff retention but want to get it right this time. That is not your problem how desperate are you. The job I have I put up with because I was desperate for a job but if you are not then look elsewhere. Don’t be rude or ghost them because you don’t know who they know it’s a small world but be smarter about your time and what you are worth it goes both ways not just all the employers way. If you have relevant skills and a likeable manner and personality then I would move on. If you work for them this is what you will go through when something needs to be done it becomes exhausting.


This is exactly it


Interview 10: Day drinking


Interview 11: Company wide trip to all-inclusive resort in Mexico


I mean, at this point, just enjoy the freebies while you interview for other jobs. Free lunch is a free lunch, plus you get to practice your interviewing skills with them. 😂


Lmao whatt…a boat ride? I had 3 interviews plus a 4 hr project for a job prospect and then they ghosted me and i thought that was bad. If this company is only 8 ppl tho that is ridiculous and kinda a red flag IMO…


somethings up...lol


Most I’ve ever done is 5 interviews and on the fifth one I told them I need an offer tonight or I’m not going on any more. It worked in my case and I got the offer that night but YMMV


>Its an 8 person company. Fuck. Generally speaking, the larger the company, and the more cross-integrated your team, the more interviews you will have. For start-ups and small companies, I've been through just 2-3 interviews (screening phone call, behavioral, and project), whereas for large firms (100+ employees), 6 to 15 rounds are not uncommon. But for an 8-person company? Jeez, what a bloody waste of *their* time, not to mention yours!


and money too, they've taken me out for lunch twice!


> they've taken me out for lunch twice! Maybe this is a front for the Russian mafia, and this is all an attempt at money laundering. If you get killed after the 10th interview, then we'll know for sure. Update us if that happens.


oh wow! well it is in the real estate development industry which is corrupt af. my friend actually asked if the company seemed sketchy at all too haha. wonder if its possible that they have ties...


For my last job I did 3 interviews before I got hired. One interview plus presentation, one phone interview then meeting the boss for coffee. All over a period of 3 months then I got hired. I honestly think this company was hesitant because of money because I got hired two months before COVID hit. (It was a public library of all things ) Then I got laid off a year later. This does seem a bit much, I thought 3 interviews were bad I can't imagine 6.


Ha, yeah, i'm pretty smoked..only so many times you can talk about the same things..unless you're on like a book tour or something lol) they want to go out to dinner again next week..


I had 5, and that was for an internal job transfer at a company I’d been with for 3 years - you’ve gotta be getting close! I don’t miss the limbo feeling of it dragging out and thinking they were about to give you an offer just to be asked for another interview. I hope you get an offer soon!


Yeah that’s too much… lol they’re basically just wasting you’re time and that’s not fair. I’d take this whole interview process as kind of a red flag imo


As someone who has mild social anxiety that is at its worst in job interviews, this sounds like a no-go lol.


This is crazy. Interview #4, the three hours on the boat in particular is crazy to me. Since it's a start up is this the kind of company where a decent chunk of your compensation is equity and a share of future profits? As in would you basically be a partner if they hire you? Oh wait, you haven't even talked salary yet! Assuming you are applying other places, I would not wait for this company. You can be honest if you get another strong offer to light a fire under them. Or if you're currently at a job but just looking for something new I guess you can just be patient.


Sixth interview- Do you have any questions for us? Yes, what is with the insane interview process?


3 is usually max. 1 - quick phone call to get a feel for the person, no technical or specific questions and to understand if proceed to the proper interview 2 - the actual interview 3 - if they bode well in interview 2, have a chat with the upper management for final seal of approval


I did 6 (1 introduction with CEO, 1 technical test, 2 line managers. 1 HR, 1 final with CEO to confirm interest and salary). They stressed out they hired the wrong people and were just really careful about who they're hiring because the culture fit is very important. If you care about the job, keep going but it's really a bit much for an 8 person company (mine was around 15-16 people agency at the time so not much bigger).


I think this is it..they made mistakes in the past and are being very cautious. Albeit, why they are hiring 2 people


This is like Greek life recruitment. Equally dumb anyways. All jobs I’ve ever had were 2-3.


>I mean, at this point, just enjoy the freebies while you interview for other jobs. Free lunch is a free lunch, plus you get to practice your interviewing skills with them. 😂 honestly, yeah, the guys who interviewed definitely felt like frat bros..not exactly the kind of people i spent time with..


Has salary not been brought up in the initial interview? It would be a real kick in the balls to go through all that just to find out your salary expectations are much higher than they’re willing to pay. In the last few interview cycles I’ve been through, that was one of the questions the during the first 30 minute phone call.


This is about 3 interviews too long already.


This wouldn't happen to be Timepiece Gentlemen would it lol.


Two rounds should be enough imho. Maybe three at a push if there are a lot of applicants or it's very competitive.


2 or 3 is usual - I would personally never work for the owner of a small firm after working for one (here in NZ) then doing HR consultancy for quite a few. NB they might have had problems in the past with choosing too quickly as many of them have no idea how to interview and often go on gut feel.


i think this is exactly what happened..they went all in on a previous candidate...he suddenly quit and the hiring manager looked like an ass in front of management..


I'd be asking why he quit - another job he was going for in parallel - ok - this job is not what he was told, the people were not like he was told - not so promising. The latter was what happened to me. The recruiting manager is only at fault if he/she misled the candidate or missed something significant in the application.


could possibly be work environment too. if they're doing 6-7 interviews..sounds like they overdo everything...both people i interviewed mentioned seperately that they 'work hard play hard' whatever that means...i personally think it means they put in insane hours like 10-12 hour days


usually means they work hard full stop - I'm in HR and I have never agreed with regular long hours - it is not efficient and it means you are understaffed - so, unless you get O/T or a major bonus scheme or a fab salary wtf - my nephew works for Aldi (or the other one) and earns 60k pounds but works 60 hours a week - that to me is a 40k job - and my time is too valuable to live at work. Some O/T and occasional big days is fair enough but ongoing is bonkers unless you are a workaholic or really need the money.


I mean the fact that salary wasn't discussed during the initial 2 phone call seems like a red flag to me. But now you're going into interview #7 without any discussion of compensation yet? Idk...it seems shady but at this point you're in too far. I would already plan to ask for a higher range than you initially planned if I were you. My absolute cap is 4 interviews. Any more than that and I don't feel good about a company enough to keep pursuing it.


Crazy!!! They better be paying you well over 250k for this.


I’ve had 6 before and it was far too excessive.


I worked for a small consulting firm with 8 employees for almost 3 years. It's a big decision for them because almost their entire budget is salary so you are likely 10% of the budget. Then they have a limited number of existing customers that they want to keep and don't want a noob messing it up. Ultimately I left when the firm didn't have enough work to go around in 2011 in the deepest part of the economic downturn. So I get the thoroughness, but even in that case I still only had 3 interview sessions and that's because there were 3 "departments"(Engineering design, project management and claims) I would report to and thus 3 managers to impress that were all co-owners.


Already careless about your time. Red flag. Smaller and larger companies take less than this.


What kind of role!?! Jesus I’m an engineer and 2 is typical


Most I ever did is 6. One is the norm, maybe two if it's a toss up


At least you're getting a nice meal out of it, indeed 3.


thats what i'm thinking...they're really good restaurants too. they want to meet for dinner next week..i'm tempted just for the dinner


I had an hour phone interview and an hour zoom interview before I got an offer for my current job (applied a month ago). Had an offer in hand 2 days after the second interview. 102k. It’s excessive.


Yeah dude even for 8 people… that’s excessive. Especially when they say there’s a 7th? What happens after that? Lunch with the team? No way. The fact they don’t consider you have other offers with similar prospects and less hurdles is crazy and doesn’t sound like they’re the most considerate company. Hopefully they don’t over work or over-expect


from what i gathered in my first couple interviews...they over-work...a lot. like over 10hr days regularly..i kind of just want the offer so i can ask those hard questions. i don't want to act like i don't want to work hard before i get the offer..unfortunately its taken over a month to get there I imagine the salary will be six figures..but if you're not getting OT than that goes down


Number of interviews is directly proportional to $$$$$, good for you OP.


yeah i'm really curious as to how much the salary is going to be...i'm guessing six figures but who knows...i'm also curious as to what the work culture is going to be.. i know they didn't really work from home at all during the past year which is telling...


The crazy thing is if they haven’t offered the job to you yet then they’re probably considering at least one other person. Are they doing these lunches and boat parties with multiple candidates?? Definitely pretty absurd


Tax write-off baby


At least they're wining and dining you and bringing you on the boat. My friend recently had 5 mf fucking interviews over zoom over 2 months where they asked her all the exact same questions.They ended up not selecting her because she didn't have enough skills that were not even relevant to the position or listed on the job posting. Pretty frustrating.


Extremely excessive. Typically I’ve seen up to 3 interviews - usually by then, the most important people would have already concluded on their decision. Not sure why they’re dragging this out… unless they just want a reason to not work


I had 6 interviews for my current position. I don’t really do anything. It’s hardly even relevant. Just a very good company, but it’s big. I thought that was excessive. But alas, it was a no probation position For you that is definitely excessive and it’s been happening more since Covid. And especially with Zoom. It’s ridiculous. But it also means you’re very likely to get hired. They’re just beating around the bush probably because of the one manager. Keep your chin up and get through it. Don’t lose your patience. However I warn, it’s a sure fire indicator of how decision making will go in your company. Long and convoluted. As I predicted was the case in my current company and is. It’s all red tape So I wouldn’t be too eager tbh. Make sure it offers other things like great benefits/ experience in exchange for the shitty work created by lack of decision making


Jesus Christ, I’m glad I’m in an industry where the norm is 1..


3-4 max is the norm. Anything more and it becomes excessive.


That’s weird. I think after a third interview I’d probably give up if I was asked for another one.


Excessive. At this point they should pay you for your time


I’m job hunting for after being at my current company for 5 years, and have found the interviews to be way more demanding than they used to be. I did have one recruiter say they expected to conduct 9 interviews before making a decision, and there were no boats or drinks involved.


Recently went through 4 interview rounds myself and was asked to do an assignment/presentation. I lost interest after interview 2, but kept going. I ended up with the job, but am still peeved about all the hoops they made me jump through. I agree that this org and my new org both are extremely disorganized and really don’t have a solid understanding of what they need and are looking for. I assume it’s a new role your interviewing for, which is even more reason why they’re indecisive. Those are also really long interviews. They need to start respecting your time. What I finally ended up doing was draw a line in the sand, ask about the remaining interview process. This gave them the hint to my feelings, but if they kept at the merry go round, I would have been frank and told them I’m no longer interested and been honest about my experience. I think people admire folks that set boundaries with others. I take it you want the job or you won’t be going back?


Wow that's alot. My limit would be 4 or something but as others point out, maybe it's different for some specific roles. But whatever is normal or not, follow your gut feeling to proceed or not. I understand this process is tiring but at least you'll know what you're getting yourself into before signing anything. You are equally in charge as they are. If you're not getting a good feeling out of this, it is perfectly okay to speak up or even resign. They have to sell their company and vacancy to you as well.


My girlfriend just had a similar experience with a company. She had about 6-8 interviews and was getting fed up of it. She talked to them about her concerns and they understood and appreciated it. She had another offer (albeit less money) which she told them about. In the end it worked out and she’s very happy there with a good salary and a flexible job which she’s enjoying.


Unless this is a very prestigious, well paying job I would start laying boundaries down fast. They seem to be quite willing to waste your time and mess you about. Possible red flag for if you go work there. And no it isn't just you, I've found places with these processes for interviews for fairly average jobs to be dysfunctional in other ways.


If its for a managerial position, they are going above and beyond to insure the position isn't filled by someone that will demoralize their staff. Costing them losses due to an unsatisfied work environment. Nothing can kill efficiency quicker than an ass hat manager.


I did five interviews for my current job-2 phone interviews, two in-person interviews each with two managers, and a drive along. For me it was worth it. I love my job. But I will say it was a sign of company redundancy and disorganization. I don’t mind it because I’M organized and can manage up. But looking back it makes SO much sense why the interview was like that.


OP, are you using a recruiter or going about it solo? 8 person company seems like a startup, probably plagued with organizational immaturity, something to consider. Remember you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you, if decisions are going to be this drawn out, think of how this would impact your daily working life, outside of this never-ending courtship!


I think it’s a waste of time from the company perspective. It indicates leadership that doesn’t value time and action. If the CEO has never been in a position of leadership of any major kind before… run away.


oh wow, you're right...the 'manager' i've been meeting with has not been in a position of this kind. pretty much the hierarchy is this dude whos like 32 and then the big wig who is in his late 30s but i haven't met him yet (next week he wants to have dinner). not sure what he's doing as ive been to the office and several interviews and haven't met or seen him. i wonder if he's just the 'money' guy, somehow knows people, gets funding (as this is the real estate development industry $$$) and manages the office from a mansion somewhere..meanwhile he has X who he pays a ton of money be his eyes and ears for the day to day


That's highly concerning in my mind. It's not uncommon for a CEO/Founder to have a COO/President that runs the ship while the CEO focuses on strategy and dealing with their money sources (Their own $, VC, PE, Investors,etc)... but to have someone that's never been in a leadership position doing that is concerning and leads to something like this. Good leaders make decisions with the right amount of data, 7 distinct separate interviews is beyond that amount . Now, if they structured it in a panel or back to back interviews, that's not unnormal. Most FAANG companies you have 1-2 Phone Screens and a day of 4 to 6 interviews with various people. Either they're not sure about you or the manager is so terrified of hiring the wrong person because the CEO is a hard ass ..he's trying to get a consensus hire... and then make it the CEO's job for a final decision to not take responsibility if you don't work out. I would ask what the owners involvement in the day to day is, what is the decision making processes, and where their money comes from. Unless the money is outrageously good or you need a job now, this sounds like a poorly run company that's high risk.


That sounds like too much interviews haha


If this is how they make hiring decisions it's kind of telling how they will make other decisions that could impact you in your day to day. Especially for a small start up. Seems wildly inefficient and excessive for a project manager.


So you've spent seven and a half hours talking to these people and they've not offered you a job yet?! During the next conversation you might just have to be blunt and ask if they usually go through this much to hire someone and if they're going to make you an offer. If not they've wasted basically a full working day of your time. Hopefully they really like you but I would never expect to have more than three interviews without an offer being discussed. If they're doing this with multiple candidates it much be costing them a fortune.


Yeah dude even for 8 people… that’s excessive. Especially when they say there’s a 7th? What happens after that? Lunch with the team? No way. The fact they don’t consider you have other offers with similar prospects and less hurdles is crazy and doesn’t sound like they’re the most considerate company. Hopefully they don’t over work or over-expect


Three interviews seems alright. If it takes more than that, it's time to ask them whether they're dating you. :)


One thought.. if they are doing all of this before hiring, what would it be like if you accepted the job? I have a great job that honors my work/life balance. If this is a small firm of 8 people, are the "just like family" and expect you to be available 24x7? To that end.. if the pay is in the $100Ks.. maybe its worth it for awhile. But to me the bigger question is what does this portend for thee future with them? I see you have a lot of good advice here already. Good luck with this!


Company better be paying me a salary in the upper 6 figures if I have to go through all that.


4 for professional careers.


I had: screener call, product designer call, take home test, head of product call, and then 4 interviews back to back in one day (pm, dev, marketing, ceo) and then a 1hr high fidelity whiteboarding test. it was fucking brutal and im glad im not working there. point is, if the interview process is already brutal, imagine the work.


i have a feeling the work is going to be GRUELING. that they'll just be looking over everything that I do, asking a million questions everyday, checking in non stop


7 interviews in an 8 person company but they have a “company boat”. I wonder how many meetings they needed to have just to name the boat? /s Unless this is something I really wanted (start up I believed in) I would not sit through that many interviews. It sounds like it’s 5 informal interviews and 2 formal. Edit: this also tells me everyone is afraid to make a decision because the owner is probably a dick.


I killed a job with a well known company at 4. No reason to subject yourself to an excessive process. Once you've talked to your future boss & their boss, it's time for them to shit or get off the pot. Especially in this economy where we finally got some leverage.


Jeez, even Google only has 4 tops (I didn't make it passed 3rd).


I just dealt with a 5 rounder. If you're not super interested in the position give that serious thought.


Amazon AWS had 7. Plus 4 page essay. Total 40+ hours invested for toughest interview I ever had. I decided that was enough. They reached out again for another role and I literally told them to fuck off


Please tell me you are aware of salary and during these interviews, you have discussed negotiations? If you haven’t yet… that’s very excessive and just a waste of time at this point. If negotiations haven’t happened by interview 3 I’d be questionable about the role.


6?! That’s pretty intense


I’ve been interviewed in the past 9 times total for one position. Took weeks. Then they told me I didn’t get the job. I’d bail bro


I imagine with a process like this, it's paying well above 300k?


Longest interview process I’ve done took a month and 3 rounds of narrowing down a ~100 person candidate pool. This many is off the charts. Can I ask, do they pay for the lunches? I’d be hella pissed if I’m looking for a job and have to take out half the company on dates. Wtf


they do pay for the lunches. pretty good ones may i add great username btw


Now that I’ve thought about it I did have an interview like this with a software company where they brought in each individual team to come interview/ talk to me so they were all on board in the hiring. The difference was though they did it all in one sitting, I stayed in a room and they brought in the graphic design team, QA, product lead etc. So I understand the purpose behind it but how they are doing it individually seems wildly inefficient. Maybe, it is that hard to get everyone on board the same day for a hiring?


I though you meant the number of interviews as a result of multiple job applications. But given you meant number of interviews for a single company it is certainly odd. Personally, I’ve never had to take more than 2 interviews before getting to know what the job compensation will be. My theory is that because it is growing company with a decent number of employees , they probably want to make sure the new person is the right one, someone who will stay in the position for some time, etc. so, I believe they want to hire you, but want to sort of test you, idk


I had two.


For me only one. CFO, Controller, HR Director all in one. Got an offer the next day. Probation completed this week.


Sounds excessive. But they are wining and dining you on boats so what is there to lose? Also: what kind of development?


you could ask them? point out that this isn't usual and is there anything particular they're concerned about?


Are they stalling until they have their ducks in a row for you to be on payroll? Are they gaining details on how you work like you’re a consultant vs new hire interview? Wow them yes, but they should want you to be just and intrigued in their company as they are for you…


For my company: 1. Phone screen 2. Technical interview (for data scientists and engineers) 3 - 7. 2x Business screens, 2x technical screens 8. Hiring Leader assessment We're a F500, FYI.


Between #1 and #499


That's like ten hours worth of interviews over eight days..


yup, they've happened over the course of a month and a half. honestly, i think they're super hesitant to hire because somebody bailed on them unexpectedly and left them with a ton of work. they mention how they 'work hard play hard' and kind of look like a bunch of bros. they are hiring 2 people for the same position. it could be that they are growing and just need 2 people, want to promote others, etc. but it could also be that they want a back-up incase one person jumps ship


I once had 9 over 2 days for a very senior position at one of the big boys in the paper and pulp industry. I was a dead center bullseye for the position, and all the senior executives were actually giddy that I was joining the company. But I didn't get it because I asked one question during interview #9. That question was "how resistant is the corporation to change and process improvement". I guess that the answer was *very resistant*.


Haha, wow...maybe you dodged a bullet (thats if you like change and improvement) Thats ridiculous though...9! Must have been an exhausting 2 days...mines been going on for about a month and half lol


That happened to me once at a mid sized firm. After 6 interviews with 9 people on 4 separate teams they rejected me. In the end they said they thought I was a good fit for the firm, and was trying to see who I would vibe with internally. However the teams I got along with, I didnt have the necessary skills and the teams I had the necessary skills to be a part of, I didnt really vibe with the hiring manager. It was my first real interview out of school and it was great practice.


practice is always good. i'm just wondering if my impatience is eventually going to show and then i'll get rejected for that...better meditate before my next one


I one time had I believe 7 interviews. At the final interview I followed up with an email thanking him for his time and told him that we have gotten ti know each other so well that I hope I get the opportunity to work with him and will be awaiting his decision. I got off we red the job 2 days later.


I sure hope they paid for lunch


they did both times :) both were quite good might i add


IMO, That's way too much, 10 hours of interviews?! All of my interviews have been 2 steps in one day. One with a general HR person and then an hour with different technical folks/managers on the team I'll be working with. Offers have been the same or next day. That company sounds like the typical "we're all family and work hard to play hard" type company. IE, you'll be a work slave because it's the "culture". Yes you need to fit in but you don't need to be best pal's with the whole company.


That's... a lot. But that 30 min is a phone screen not an interview, so I wouldn't count it in the overall total. Just me.


I’m interviewing with a company that’s less than 15 and same thing. I’m like, make up your mind already.


I did 6 recently, they hired someone else and dint have the courtesy to tell me. I had to follow up and then when they finally confirmed they went in another direction they came back to me 4 days later to offer the job -\_-


sounds like the other guy may not have accepted? not sure, are we applying for the same job? lol


Lmao that would be funny but your description means its different companies I already accepted another offer thats significantly more pay, like 32% more but I really wanted this position for ~reasons so I am thinking


Sounds like a huge waste of time. Clearly they just think you have no life and have all the time in the world


If it wasn't for the free lunches and the boat ride i would have bailed long ago due to this odd process. i wonder if they do lunches, boats, etc so they can get out of the office for an hour, otherwise they're just strapped to the desk.


If this is the same project manager position that you have been getting laid off from as you mention in the past, I would strongly recommend requesting assistance to discover what truly motivates your passion. It may be that this line of work is holding you back mentally. Is there a chance the team can sense your hesitation? Are they aware of your previous employments and how they terminated? I struggle with repetitive tasks as well, I have a background with Industrial Supervision and had similar problems to yours though I voluntarily stepped down before It got out of hand. Im currently in a temporary arrangement that suits me while I do online courses for a job that will bring evolving challenges and keep me on my toes. I am much happier, work healthier hours and my brain is satisfied getting to constantly do new things and be organized with my interests. It may be a similar solution would be more productive for you in the long term. It may not be what you asked specifically but it is an honest answer. Good luck.


hey this is very helpful, i struggle with doing 'menial' tasks as well...my brain just isn't made for it. even if you look at my family, nobody is doing the same thing over and over again..or just sit in cubicles all day. they are an active and creative bunch. they could be hesitant, but they don't know that i have been laid off from the previous companies. i think also they are just worried about making a wrong hire...something tells me that they've hired before and they have a tough time retaining people.. you're right, i do need to figure out what makes me feel good, you know? i always thought that if i just tried to work in a job that i'd eventually melt into it..turns out, you can't really force something that you're not into..at least i can't...i just wonder how people do careers like accounting, etc..just same thing day in and day out.. have you noticed your brain being more satisfied? whats it feel like? lol


It definitely didn't work for me that is, trying to force myself into my first career left me with depression, anxiety and a general apathy towards every facet of my life. I began having mild panic attacks and feeling trapped all the time, even when I was at home I was dreading going to work. The moment I left was the start of a gradual return to form for my mind. I felt opportunity like I had when I was starting my first career and I decided I never want to lose that drive again. So I took a job that paid less but was more flexible and reached out for help emotionally and financially. Since then I've been making plans and have a much more optimistic view of the future and working. I'm really glad mental health awareness is becoming more mainstream, it's more important than what I was raised to think about it.


wow i'm literally in the place where you were..i have almost a ptsd to the industry (architeture/construction/engineering), like i'm on edge, you know? lots of anxiety...its not this calm feeling when i think about work..its more like defense mode..pushing thru a fog, you know? its rather difficult may i ask what industries you changed from and into?


I understand. I was an Industrial Contractor, specifically a Master Craftsman/Supervisor for specialized boilermaker companies. All the credential-restricted refineries I worked at rely partially on power generated by steam produced from heat exchangers and boilers. It was my job to facilitate their repair and construction. I am currently working as a residential and commercial roofing consultant while simultaneously studying to earn a degree in Cyber Security. I will specialize as my education advances but I feel this career path will give my mind the necessary challenge it craves while also satisfying my technological interest and hobbies.


right on, yeah sounds like we're in the same boat...in the building industry..looking to find a way out


Best of luck to you, finding a good councilor/therapist can aid you significantly. I wish I had reached out for help sooner instead of convincing myself I was a weak and lazy employee for years.


thanks dude, yeah i've been barking up the wrong tree for years which sucks, thinking that eventually 'i'd get it'..turns out you can't force a creative person into a non creative role...brain just isn't wired for that industry congrats to you for being able to survive in the trades while knowing it isn't for you..i'm struggling to keep the mask on..its more difficult then it looks..i'm either 100% or 0% i'm talking to a person now...its taken a while to break of the rust but i'm starting t to make more connections, get more confidence, etc.. part of it is accepting my personality for what it is and then carving out a life based off what i like etc. i have to be interested in the field keep up the great work, lets stay in touch


The organization sounds very dysfunctional. Unless you really need the job, I'd walk away.


Omfg They sound ridiculous


I've only ever done, and will only ever do, three interviews maximum. Now these can be as long as they want, but they need to be scheduled and concise. Usually it ends up being one phone screen, one formal interview, and one freewheeling conversation.


Sounds like these guys like expensing business lunches and getting them paid for


I would go just to find out what the heck is next for you. Please keep us posted!


i definitely will keep you posted lol. i'm just as curious...what could be next


The most I ever had was six back-to-back 30-minute interviews at a defense company that I was objectively unqualified for. It was brutal but at least it was all at once.


This is excessive and would be a red flag for me— I’m a digital marketing lead for the leading product line in our industry under a large conglomerate & I had 2 virtual interviews: 1) with hr (screening) 2) with the business unit CMO and Global Digital Lead and got the offer. Either they’re stringing you along, looking for free ideas or free work— either way it would be a major red flag for me


Sometimes decisions are based on votes, which are usually required from a pre-set number of staff so you will have to talk to everyone so voting can be fair. If there are equal votes, you might end up with more interviews to find a tie breaker. Sucks I know.


probably too much filtering, looks like they are not really structured or organised!


I took 6 interviews + a case study to get my current job, depending on the industry I've heard of 10-12 rounds.