Getting bingoed by a psychic and actually believing it-

Getting bingoed by a psychic and actually believing it-


Tarot it's just random guys saying random things while doing random things. It isn't real.


I'm curious what made you think a human sitting on the other side of an app has the power to inform you of your destiny. Might be good to poke around that scenario a bit. You're incredibly young, and there's an unimaginable power within you to determine your own destiny. If you wanted three kids, pretty much nothing could stop you, similar to if you don't want kids and would like to do something different with your life. On the other hand the dude sitting on the other side of that app only has the goal of keeping you engaged to get more ad buys. Not nearly as profound. Just my two cents.


Tarot/psychics aren’t real


why were you paying someone to lie to you lol


Let this be a lesson to you in grifting. They are grifters. Now you know that nothing they say is true. Because you don’t want kids.


I love tarot. It's a fantastic source of self reflection. You should get your own deck and do your own readings. I will always enjoy a tarot reading from a tarot reader but never a tarot reading from a psychic. You don't have to be psychic to read tarot and anyone who tells you so is a liar. It's a series of inter connecting metaphors that you can use to look at your life from a different perspective. No special powers required, just introspection. You sound superstitious like myself though 😆 I don't want to go see a fortune teller incase they try the baby thing on me. I'm one of these that doesn't want to tempt fate even thought I'm skeptical of 99% of psychics 😂 I'm still looking for the 1% though... 🔮 I remember one time I went to see a medium. She obviously looked at me, a young woman and started listing maternal people from my life that might be dead. A grandma? No. A mother? No. An aunty? No.... So she thought for a second and tried again, 'I believe you have lost a little one'. Horrible cow. I hadn't, for the record. I've never been pregnant so no miscarriages either. I was young at the time so I just shook my head and carried on with the reading not listening anymore. God, it's like they're all frauds of something /s ...😎


Wait, so it’s not like a religion? Please, I really need this explaining to me


Tarot? It's literally a deck of cards with a series of universally themed images on them , for example the death card, the hanged man, or the devil to name the cards most used in popular culture. These cards just represent other concepts so for example if I ask the deck 'why can't I stick to a diet?' and the devil card pops out, I can interpret this not as, oh shit the devil made me fat but as 'oh, I'm struggling to get to terms with my human cravings, my gluttony, my lust for yummy food. I need to find a way to control my animal brain and eat better for myself and not my cravings' That's because the devil card represents human driving forces beyond our conscious control like sex, hunger, laziness etc. So if the devil popped out in a love reading it might mean you could have good sexual energy with the person you were asking about or that you just lust for them and not love them etc. It makes you look at your situation differently and wonder things about your life situations that you wouldn't consider by yourself. Some people do use the tarot to see if they can get divine answers to their questions. Some people use them as a tool for divination- whether that's actually what's happening is up for debate- I'm on the fence really but I want psychics to be real lol. Other people use them to help give them ideas for their creative writing. For example, you could pull 3 cards to be the basis of someone's character in your book. So say we use our example cards again, if we picked the devil, the hanged man and death for a character it might be a very hedonistic character who lives for the day and doesn't think much about tomorrow (the devil). They probably have a chip on their shoulder about something from their past that they just can't let go of(the hanged man) and the twist of the story is that they manage to somehow put it all behind them and start a new life completely (death). If you Google tarot decks, you'll see that there are thousands of decks available to you, all interpreted by different artists but the main principles remain the same. You have 4 'houses' called the minor arcana that usually represent -Money/Work/Home; -Relationships; -Knowledge/Intellect and -Passions. You also have the major arcana which are a set of cards that represent great pivotal universal moments in life or universal characters such as the mother Gaia card, the empress that were all afraid of 😆 She represents fertility and female gendered roles like nurturing and caring and sacrificing. The tarot definitely has it's flaws. It's based on old concepts of gender and the original art work is not representative of cultural diversity at all, although, new artists have fixed this and now you can search and find representation out there in tarot somewhere. I hope this is helpful


Jesus that’s deep. I never looked at it that way, thank you!


Various psychics and friends who thought they had psychic abilities predicted that I would have children, typically two or three. I managed to reach menopause with exactly zero children.


"Most likely"? You think Sherlock?


Tarot reading are extremely up to interpretation


The only thing I can say in favor of such things is that they **may** make you apply what is said to your situation that you knew the answer to anyway. The flip side of that is when you have unfounded ideas, like a partner cheating, and you talk yourself into it because of the same effect.