There is nothing cute about a child crying and screaming at the top of their lungs!

There is nothing cute about a child crying and screaming at the top of their lungs!


Does somebody really consider this to be cute?! It’s the most annoying thing ever!


Some parents do. I was complaining to a coworker about the screaming gremlins who live next to me. And she laughed and said her son did that and it was so cute and he was just having fun! I pointed out how much of an asshole she was being letting him do that and she said she didn’t care if she was a bad neighbor, her son was more important, and just a baby! (He is 6)


>she said she didn’t care if she was a bad neighbor This is the type of shitty parent, instead of other parents whining about us CF complaining about shitty parents, how about they reprimand and educate their own? Oh wait, they won't even do that with a child, let alone an adult.


The reason why I made this post is because it happened outside our apartment window. Gremlin scream-crying and all I heard was, “ awww, hahahaha,” by the parents. Just… why….


I threaten to call the police or CPS.


To the delusional, it is.


Lmao, your flair is amazing.


I don't see how a parent can find it cute. That can also be a sign that they're distressed in some way. That's not cute at all.


How the fuck is screaming cute? How is any sound a child makes cute? Kids are fucking horrible they are the worst. I would never actually harm them but hearing any loud noise makes me feel like murdering them I really just can't cope with any loud noise the shits make.


I know, right!? I think it just angers me more because parents think, “Oh, that’s normal SO YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT,” and blame us for not “dealing” with their screaming.


A lot of terrible things are normal. That doesn't mean I have to like them.


Yep, I remember a few years ago in my local designer outlet when I was just walking around it there was a child in a buggie and two must have been grandparents and the child was screaming and the old people was smiling at it. Like that is how the child thinks that that is ok behaviour and when it still does it at five six seven years old and you are getting bad headaches cos of it, guess whose stupid fault that is? That's right the incredibly stupid idiots that didn't nip it in the bud as soon as it started doing it like you should. God I feel like I am one of very few that actually had good parents that actually gave a crap and has consideration for others and their own hearing. I am in my late 20s now btw.


Right? I have gotten to the point I occasionally say something when it's over the line. Sometimes it's directly to the screaming kid or sometimes it more indirect, like 'how embarrassing that must be for the parent.' It's like people confused what crying it out actually means.


Right, it’s a normal part of their development BEFORE they learn to talk, and listen and learn coping skills. Which parents are supposed to teach them. Yeah, they scream, but it’s not cute, that legitimately tells me that something in the nurturing survival part of that parents brain is broken. It is supposed to be a god-awful experience for us so we are compelled to care for the young and keep our species alive. Sometimes the infant/toddler brain gets overloaded with stress hormones randomly and they can’t stop but 90% of the time that happens it’s because the caregiver was ignoring/ neglecting the first signs of distress. Beyond that, no Karen, you’re just a shitty parent and human being. Edit god-awful not good-awful


I can’t even tolerate medium level happy babbling. Any sound from one ignites a deep burning rage


My neighbors childs know no limits and once they giggle hysterically, it's always only maximum one minute later and they will argue/fight and then scream/cry as loud like they lost their arm or something. Fuels me with rage so damn much, I hate that sound.


Baby: Goo Goo Gaga Haha You: *NOOOOOO!!!*


I miss the days when kids should just be seen and not heard. God forbid you say something to the parent about their child screaming!


Yah kids need to learn how to function in society. Adults can't be loud and annoying everywhere without being rude, we should be teaching children the same. There is a time and place for everything,




Agreed. The parents chose to have a baby, so the restaurants can choose what guests they take in too. There’s no point taking a child so young to places like that, because all it’s going to be is an uncomfortable experience for them.


This sub is fascinating. Instead of simply seeing these parents as assholes who happen to be parents, everyone sees parents as assholes. It is not fucking cute for a baby to be screaming and crying in public. Just remove them from the situation. We went out with a baby. 9 times out of 10, no problem. She just slept in a carrier and no one noticed. When this did happen, we left. We did not want to be assholes. I could have lived my life child-free and that would’ve been fine with me. I’m a parent and I am now glad I am, although it is really really fucking hard. I don’t resent it but damn it is tough. Either way is fine. Just remember that parents aren’t actually assholes, assholes are assholes and many are parents.


Some people just think anything small is adorable no matter what. I have two small dogs and sometimes they misbehave and bark at people. I even find it annoying and as I'm getting it to stop so many people just laugh and think it's cute. Any misbehaving isn't cute just because the thing doing it is small!


U GOT A POINT when I was living w/ my parents as a teenager we made a party for our friends. Two couples of them got children. One of the kids FUCKING PAINTED our aisles and windows!!!! When my mother asked them "Who of you two did that?!" The lil ugly girl who was doing it said "It wasn't me it was BEEERND" (Bernd was a neighbor, 42 or sth living above us and he was at the party too) And we all were like WTF KID ARE YOU LYING TO US ABOUT AN ADULT?!??!?! Her mother was jus like "That's what kids do they're so cute" guess who had to paint the fucking aisle? Right. Me. Fuck kids.


Do you ever have the thought in your head where you wanna knock the kid unconscious.


Not gonna lie, all the time. I just don’t because I don’t want to hurt them in the end.


All the time, sometimes it's overwhelming to the point that I have to drop what I'm doing and leave. The parents with the shrieking child should be courteous enough to either calm it down or leave so they aren't ruining everyone else's experience. We didn't choose to be surrounded by wailing children, they did, so it's on them to deal with it.




I have a meme that says: I’m going to open a restaurant called Peace & Quiet where kids meals are $250. 😂


I feel exactly as you do. In fact I'd argue there is no worse sound than a screaming baby.


Husband and I were at Costco yesterday. This woman and her three spawn were practical hugging my husband. Like, stand back at least a few few with your obviously unvaccinated heathens. They were rambunctious and loud. My parents would never have let us behave like that. We were taught to stand and wait quietly. I eventually just started laughing and told my husband that I love him and our life. He was confused so I nodded to the people behind us and was like... We aren't them. Let's go home and play games. So we did. edit. typo. phone is possessed.


Good for you!! I feel like people don’t understand the difference of “letting children be children in appropriate places, like parks” and “I’m not gonna stop my children from doing anything at all because they’re children.” I don’t care if the children are screaming at the top of their lungs at parks, because it’s an open area for them to let out that energy. But dear god, if a gremlin does that right next to me in line at a store, it takes every ounce of patience to not yell back at them.


I have something called misophonia and baby crying/kid screaming is a bad trigger. I think it's an overreaction from movies using that was a source of stress for the character? I remember one time at a restaurant the baby just randomly would vocalize a really high pitched squeal. I was nearly in tears it PHYSICALLY HURT ME. But no I'm the bad guy if I get mad at them.


I completely understand! I don’t have misophonia, but my gut reaction when I hear such a piercing scream is to go smother whatever is making that noise. If humans were “supposed to have maternal/paternal instincts to protect children/babies,” I definitely am missing that part, and I feel fine about it.


Well if humans are supposed to have that instinct like you say then children screaming wouldn't bother us right? Because instead of getting angry about it we'd want to seek out the screaming child and help them. Don't worry though, you aren't the only one who feels that way :)


Back in my high school home ec class, we were given these super creepy babies that would make a horrible crying noise every 2-3 hours out of this little speaker in the back. They were programmed to stop crying after the doll was “fed,” but sometimes it would just cry for no reason for HOURS. We were supposed to keep the baby for a full week, but I snapped after one day. I did a bit of doll surgery to remove the speaker box and battery assembly, wrapped the thing in a blanket for sound dampening, and shoved it in a closet in my parents basement. Unbeknownst to 15 year old me, the teacher scanned the dolls after the week was up to see how we did. I….did not do well as I apparently starved my baby for 6 days. Needless to say, I failed the project and my parental instincts have not improved since haha


Oh fuck, reminds me of the creepy flour babies at our school. It's a course about child development, every year as I assume their exam, students make these flour babies. They are made of pantyhose and baking flour, you dress it up in baby clothes and have to carry around the baby for idk how long. If the baby breaks open and flour is spilt, you fail.


Sounds messy, and also like a huge waste of baking ingredients!


Lol. My class also had to do the flour baby thing too. My other childfree buddy used her child to make brownies. (I remember giggling at that thought and asking how did the brownies turn out?) I just shoved the whole kit into my locker and only dressed it up for the "final showing". We both failed (thanks, all you snitches!)


>My other childfree buddy used her child to make brownies. Oh my fuck, imagine just saying that no context to someone. That's fucking hilarious. "Yeah I had a kid, but I needed to make brownies so in he went!".


Lol, I know right? Would just be a wut? Moment for bystanders...


I was imagining the teachers face. "Sorry, Miss. I made pancakes from my baby". Lol


We had the same sort of project and it was basically an annual tradition for students to make cookies out of the flour babies after the project and bring them to school as a celebration for having survived the project.


Yikes. That sounds like voodoo.


I'm amazed you didn't just throw it out the window or in a public bin, I think that is what I would have done lmao. The thought of throwing a baby doll out a window just cracked me up then.


Our instructor made sure to let us know how much these evil dolls cost, and that we’d be responsible for buying a new one if it was damaged. Otherwise, that was definitely plan A haha


Oh christ. We were meant to do this as part of child development and we just plain ran out of time for which I'm grateful. I dreaded doing that part of the course


Yeah it was awful. Like I know what having a child in the house is like my sister just gave birth. I don’t need another baby.


God I hated those dolls. We had the person come out to turn it off. Out of the four of us that weekend only one of us didn’t get it disabled.


Haha that’s incredible


The ones my school had had a key to stop the crying. The key for mine broke off in the doll in the middle of the night, and my teacher tried to fail me because it recorded a bunch of ignored crying sessions... I already knew back then that I never wanted kids, but that whole experience just sealed the deal.




Well that’s the fucked up part, it hurts us and is irritating as fuck because otherwise we could ignore them and the species would die out. Baby humans and animals are cute (sometimes and to some people lol) to trigger a nurturing response and loud to compel us to meet their needs. Though sometimes it is legit so awful that we will do nearly anything to make it stop, which is unfortunately the cause of a lot of shaken baby/ abuse/ neglect/ infanticide. It’s almost like we should trust people who say they can’t or don’t want to care for children so bad things don’t happen 🤷‍♀️


I suspect a *lot* of SIDS cases are really the medical examiner going "Yeah, this baby was shaken, but....ehhhhhhh I get it."


>I have something called misophonia and baby crying/kid screaming is a bad trigger I suspect myself of having misophonia and babies crying or kids screaming are a trigger for me too, so you're not alone. It can make me irrationally angry or upset and I need to flee immediately.


Same. I have it too and i get so fucking angry


I have misophonia!!


That's exactly how I feel. I work at a grocery store and if a kid is crying I feel absolute panic and do what I can to try tuning it out. Whenever I see parents bring their kids I always do what I can to keep the kids close to their parents and they look at me like I'm trying to harm their child. Like dude your child is running around touching things and sitting on surfaces I have to clean up because PEOPLE PUT THEIR FOOD THERE. It can be very claustrophobic and children are always in the way so I have to parent people's kids when they go out or else I panic for their kids


>I was nearly in tears it PHYSICALLY HURT ME. But no I'm the bad guy if I get mad at them. Wow! I didn't even realize that there was an actual disease/disorder where people feel physical distress due to noises like a baby crying! Are you seeking treatment?


There isn't really any treatment since not a lot is known about it. It's only recently named even. The way I explain it to people who don't feel with this is: imagine the worst sound you've ever heard, the most horrid thing you can think of. Now imagine the time you were the MOST ANGRIEST in you entire life. Now times that by 100 and the people around you don't care at all.


What I meant was that is this something you have just self diagnosed or have you consulted a medical professional/psychiatrist to deal with the disorder? If sounds such as a baby crying is making you feel "the MOST ANGRIEST in you entire life", that should definitely warrant a talk with a professional for your own health's sake!


Oh, yes I have spoken with therapists/doctors about it and they're all as stumped as I am. Basically treatment boils down to "bring headphones or ear plugs everywhere just in case, or run away if possible".


if anyone knows a treatment for this disorder let me know ! I wear headphones in all public spaces because there is always going to be children crying/talking loudly/screaming at all places i go to, and it's my worst trigger. That's the only treatment i know of though! and running away!


Yes but that is just a way to mitigate the effects of the disorder. What I meant was if the people who think they are afflicted by this have actually seeked professional help to find the root cause and treatment?


From the research I've done it's a very new disorder (recognized in 2013) and the only effective treatment is "noise avoidance" and cognitive behavioral therapy.. I'd love to hear if anyone has done treatment for it! It really does run my life


OMFG. My aunt and uncles children, shes 5 and called me and my dad assholes and puta’s (shes white, the only way she heard that is from her parents) she stole things off my stepmoms purse, she tried to hit us, she screamed every 5 minutes and she’s 5 and my dad has the nerve to say “all kids are like that”


Jesus Christ, what in the actual hell?? I bet that father does a surprised pikachu face when he finds out when that child continues to grow like that and gets arrested one day.


Yeah my uncle yells at them plenty and with another autistic 3 year old, she learns from them


Literally the same people who hate metal music because it's "just noise" 🙄


my cousins were like this when they were younger. i was not. my parents would absolutely not tolerate it. they took me to high end restaurants starting when i was old enough to speak and comprehend that i act right in public. i sat, colored and ate my dinner. my cousins, on the other end, were absolutely menaces and ran around the entire establishment. i’m so tired of parents acting like “they just can’t help but scream!” if they’re raised right they will know if they flip shit in a public place, they will leave and have to sit at home thinking about how they acted and never get the privilege of going back.


I was waiting at a kiosk for a new phone at a grocery store and as I waited for an hour I people watched. My god... Kids running around, babys crying, kids trying to get out of the cart seat and almost falling, parents on edge of yelling while sternly talking. To make it worse was when the worker finally needed me the baby started crying and trying to have a conversation while that thing crys gets in the fucking way. Pissed me off cause we have the 'only one per household' rule still. They push that rule hard with adults, well then have the balls to apply it with kids too then cause I don't want to hear them. Low key was happy while I feared getting covid while going out cause kids weren't around.


If your kid is screaming they are either a) in pain or b) trowing a tantrum; in both cases parents should deal with them. I know it's fucking hard and everthing but at least understand that it is not okay for, well, anyone really, to scream willy-nilly, so at least fucking try to make them stop.


I cannot comprehend how they just expect others to simply deal with it and think it's cute as well. Like no, your little banshee's blood curdling screams are running straight through me and are ruining my experience. Please leave.


I have misophonia and because kids screaming is my #1 trigger I am filled with rage/panic constantly in public spaces, i feel you! I really really REALLY wish there were more "adult only" spaces that don't revolve around alcohol.. :-( The upscale restaurant thing is absurd! I can't afford to eat at one, but if I had saved up money for that experience and there was a baby sitting in there? I'd have to leave. It sucks!!


also i am so grateful posts like this on this sub exist. It's so comforting to see other people feel this way around infants/kids and i'm not some sort of monster.


Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, and you’re not a “monster” like some people may try and make you it to be! We’re all human and we all have our own personal limits.


totally! it is a very new and not understood disorder so it's frustrating trying to explain it to people. This sub gives me hope! thanks for ur words :\~ )


Well, maybe YOU should just learn to be more tolerant and let people do what they want in peace, you CHILDHATER 🤬 /s 🙄


Hahaha, you almost got me until my eye scanned and saw the /s




I remember living with a small family - a whole bunch of us were sharing house as if was cheaper rent wise. Every meal, every bed time and several times a night the toddler would cry. And cry. And cry. Until either she got her way, or somehow snapped out of it. The parents sucked at building and reinforcing boundaries with her. The headaches I would have when she cried...let alone the sleep I lost for the year I lived there. I get she's a toddler and is overhwelmed by the environment..I don't blame her. I do blame her incompetent parents who didn't do jack shit.


I have sensitive hearing. A child trying to hit the high C literally hurts my ears.


I hate children. I've reached a point where even babies making *happy* noises grates on me. I really struggle sometimes to politely subdue the disgust that I know is plastered on my face when kids are around.


I was coming back from my aunt's house today and we passed by an ice cream store, there was a kid there screaming like it was dying. I said "That kid better be dying because there is no reason to scream like that" I mean seriously, kids should be happy an an ice cream store, not screaming their heads off. And where were the parents? Why were they letting this happen? All this to say, kids and babies are so annoying.


Honestly I don’t even like the sound of children laughing. I have autism and every noise, even talking, that a child makes is loud and high pitched and I can’t stand it


Same here But apparently I’m the bad guy in my family because I refuse to be around it


I stopped going to restaurants because of the fact that I can't stand babies screaming and yelling


I went to the 99 and was surrounded by 2 crying babies. It was 8:00 at night too. I didn't think kids that young would even be there


Funny thing is, I’ve heard similar kids out at 11PM and I have no idea why they’re out so late. It’s even worse because I hear what sounds like their parents chatting away, while the kids are screaming at the top of their lungs. AT 11PM, AKA 23:00 CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT MIND YOU.


I find it even stranger when a baby or toddler starts screaming and other young couples who are not the parents look at them and smile... Does this really make them want one?


And parents letting their kids run around the supermarket shrieking super loud. Omg stfu.


I was dating this guy who's family likes to have children just for the sake of it. You know, "they're cute". One time I went to have dinner with his family at a restaurant and his two nephews (under 4 y/o) were dropping things, crying about everything, having no manners and loud af. Nobody, not even the moms seem to bother about the behavior and even were laughing about it, I was so damn embarrassed to be sitting with them, but of course I was nobody to scold them. As child free as I am, I don't mind people with children but when they're well bahaved, I can't believe there are parents that let them do what they want to this point. Obviously didn't make that mistake again, lol.


I also can't stand screaming children at establishments where they shouldn't be, but I absolutely **hate** their entitled parents who just let them bother other people and have the nerve to get offended when no one else thinks their screeching offspring are cute.


I sometimes think they stalk us with their squallers. Many years ago I was waiting for an Amtrak train in Philadelphia to take me back to NY. Or whatever train it was. 40+ years.... Anyway, it is relatively quiet until an Indian (India) family arrives on the platform. There are 5+ kids, each of them carrying on in some fashion from bitching, to crying, etc... They are not moving. So, I think, I will try and avoid the car they logically will get onto, namely the closest. I amble down a bit of a distance towards one end of the platform. Damned if they didn't follow me I turn and go in the other direction. The travelling shit storm trails in my wake. Again. They did this a third time although by now the train is arriving and they still are too friggin close. They seem undecided where to get on, the one right in front of them or making a run for the car I am at. I'm trying to make sure i'm at least a car removed. Finally they got on the one car and I got in the other. Hell and damnation, the whole bloody puling mass comes pouring through the connecting door.... they seem to be looking around for a place to park their brood but the car fortunately does not have any open space enough for them so they continue out of sight, out of earshot into another car and into the oblivion that 'I never saw them again'. I don't know if this was deliberate or they simply were trying to deal with some other issue.


I see you were at the same brunch spot as me today.


Ah yes so adorable to experience the cacophony of a distressed child!! 😑


Do I logically understand that they are little and don’t know how else to express themselves? Yes. Do I want to hear it in the grocery store? No.


I was hanging out with my in-laws today and my baby niece was screaming (happily? Idk, she wasn’t crying at least 🤷🏻‍♀️) in her swing and my in-laws both said, “Aw, she just wants attention.” But both were also laughing and smiling when they said it. 🤷🏻‍♀️


I've read something that it's an evolutionary thing so that we don't kill the offspring.


Without a doubt, one of my most hated sounds. And, being an audiophile, some sound *way* worse than others. It's usually the bigger they are, and it makes no good sense at all. I'm not saying I would curse out a baby, but I wouldn't want to know that mine got the lottery pick of the absolute worst sound ever to my ears.


I think they only think it’s cute when it’s A. Playful screaming and laughing or B. The parents are delirious from sleep deprivation.


I had to sit through this on multiple flights recently and it pisses me off to no end to see shit like this. At least one lady apologized in advance on a seven hour flight of silencing her offspring, but in the waiting area at the gay for the return flight this two year old was screaming like a motherfucking banshee and nobody cared and I thought I was going to lose hearing. I’ve seen slayer live and shot guns without ear protection, but Jesus Christ that kid could’ve been an air raid siren if he wanted too!


He probably was the whole flight in abominable pain from clogged nose/hears, it's a common thing but parents don't give a fuck.


I can’t stand screaming and whining little kids. There’s something very annoying about toddlers whining about mundane things. And yes some parents think screaming kids are cute. But some parents give them death stares though.


That's also what babies do when something is *wrong*. Jesus if you consistently laugh or call it cute you are guaranteeing the kid will have a terrible view of you! Why don't parents understand that!


There is a special place in hell for parents who do this. Take your fucking crotch goblin and go HOME


Ok I have kids yes they have their moments! Do I think it’s cute? Hell no, which is why I avoid restaurants until they’re older, also if we go eat out I take them out the restaurant if they are gonna start a tantrum so we don’t disturb anyone because yes even as a parent I can’t stand when a parent just lets their kids scream and cry in public. Like do that at home 🙄


Nothing enrages me or my mum more than when you get kids doing for absolutely no reason that bloody high-pitched one-note squealing scream. that even though you're in a huge superstore like Tesco or Morrisons etc... and they are on the other side of it to you... IT'S LIKE THEY'RE RIGHT NEXT TO YOU OR THE NEXT AISLE!!!!! x\_x And the sodding parents do absolutely nothing about it!


My friend just sent me pictures of her baby crying and I thought she was trying to tell me the baby was being a monster and she was having a tough time with it… no, she thought it looked cute


Ugh, I know how you feel. I live in an apartment with two babies in it, and wouldn't you know? My misery continues, because I live near a damn *elementary school*. It. SUCKS. I'm seriously going to go batshit one day.


My partner and I are trying to find wheelchair-accessible housing right now and I'm pushing hard to look up every single place before we apply. There was one place that seemed good at first, and my partner didn't see anything wrong on maps. I took a look, zoomed out a little more, and noticed an elementary school down the street. It wasn't next door or anything, but it was close enough that buses would be going through a lot and recess might be annoying, and there was a baseball diamond across the street from the place we were considering too. I pointed those things out to him (along with the boating ramp down the other street) and he immediately understood why we weren't going to be applying there anymore. We already deal with breeders here and children who scream just to scream. We're not going to spend all that money to move only to end up near an elementary school. D: You have my serious condolences. I lose my mind just from kids playing here. Being by a school... -shudders-


Good on you, oh my God. I hope you'll have a nice quiet life somewhere else. In my case, I live directly *next to it*, which... only makes things worse. Plus a bus every half an hour, so... yeeaah. Not enjoyable at all.


Oh hell no... I hope you can move sooner than later! D: I know moving isn't easy or even an option always, but... holy crap...


I still live with my parents and my Satan little sister - trust me, she's worse than you may think - since I'm merely 18 and still go to school to do my A-Levels, so I'm currently pretty much fucked, lol. But thanks nonetheless 😅


Oh damn... good luck with your A-levels!!! You'll be free of that place someday. Scream internally when you need to, but don't lose hope!


I won't, no worries! I'm a strong person, I can do this! Thanks for believing in me! ✨


isn't screaming biologically uneasy for everyone because due to screaming = something is wrong/need to check or something like that? I don't ever hear parents or anyone tell me to 'Eh, they like a child screaming.' Nope, screaming isn't fun or okay in public...


I'm a nanny at the moment and this is why at stores when the gremlin gets overwhelmed we go back to the car to calm down. Nobody else signed up to deal with this shit. So we leave until he's chill enough to walk back in and be an a decent customer.


Who considers this cute? I’m a parent. This is terrible behavior on the parents’ part. They should immediately remove the baby from the restaurant and try to calm it down. If it won’t, get the food to go and leave. These are just really inconsiderate, rude parents. There are loads of them. No doubt they are inconsiderate and rude when it comes to many other things.


My mom took me everywhere growing up, but ONLY because I was well-behaved. I don’t think restaurants specifically should ban children— some of my fondest memories with my mom was eating at really fancy, upscale restaurants starting at about 6. BUT I really do think businesses should be allowed to kick any family out for a misbehaving child. I’ve had so many experiences RUINED by parents bringing their uncontrollable little brats into nice places, and it makes me sad because I know from firsthand experience that not all kids are like that, and some really do enjoy the finer things in life. I don’t have any children, and I love children, but the “gentle parenting” these days needs to stop. It’s producing awful brats that will turn into awful adults. I wish more people would understand that you can be kind to your kids without foregoing all discipline, and that sometimes it’s good for children to do shit they don’t want to do (i.e. not scream or use a loud iPad in the middle of a restaurant; they give out coloring supplies for a damn reason!).


This is when you pretend to be parents and say "We shelled out $100 for a babysitter so we wouldn't have to deal with that. How selfish of you"


I personally had to go through this last night. Was at my niece 1 year bday party and there were these other kids who were just screaming and running around. For God's sake, why can't they stay calm. I feel like it's up to the parents for not teaching them proper manners. Never get a child something they want just because he/she screams. Then they will always do that.


I don't think the majority of them consider it cute. Either they've tuned it out (which is AFAICS most parents) because they also hate it, or they pretend they think it's cute in hope of getting other people to view it as a positive thing. Deep down inside I think the number of people who genuinely think it's cute can easily be rounded to zero.


Same here I just want to pull off my ears they are so annoying


a child got stung by a bee at work yesterday and it was so annoying. he was WAILING for like 5 minutes.


I also hate the sound of a screaming child with a white hot burning rage, it causes the people around me to think I am a psychopath. This is why my least favorite age in children are from newborn till about seven. Like kids much better once they can get to the age where they’re starting to understand that being an asshole is not cute and are learning to carry on regular conversations with people.


"That's what babies do" THIS IS WHY I DON'T LIKE THEM


When a child is misbehaving and throwing a tantrum, a parent must stop him or her immediately and explain to the kid that their behavior is not ok. But yeah, if the kid is in a full blown tantrum, you cant do anything anymore but let it ride out, but right after, explain that the behavior is a no no. It is really a fallacy to ignore a child’s bad behavior and worse just laughing it off, telling others that the child is being cute.