When you try to act smart only to be told off

When you try to act smart only to be told off


Sometimes it pays to not be quick with a response. Especially w/o looking up your thoughts. I too Sometimes think I have a "gotcha" thought, then Google simply just shows me I'm an idiot. Lol


Reminds me of that girl who got an internship at NASA and told Homer Hickam “suck my dick I’m working at NASA” because he asked her to watch her language. I mean... you should really check who you’re talking to first


That one's kinda sad, because she did apologise to him, and he actually tried to prevent the firing but it wasnt his call


I think by that time she had already gained notoriety for what she had said and NASA just couldn’t let it slide because of their expectation and image of professionalism. It’s sad cause she was young but you do figure someone who is eligible for a position at NASA should know better and have better common sense and thinking skills.


4chan signal boosted the shot out of it because she had a furry icon. That's why it gained the notoriety it did. A lot of dumbasses replying to this happy she lost her job because of targeted harassment from losers on the internet. You're all garbage.


Now that you mention it, I think I remember that lol


What is a furry icon? I tried to Google...


it means her icon / avatar was of her as a furry.


Why do people tweet though? It's literally only a net negative...? Like only bad things can happen. If Tweeting was in a video game min/maxers would never touch that shit because only bad things can happen to you because of it. I just don't get it...


Sadly this isn't entirely accurate. For a lot of large companies, the best customer service you'll get from them only happens when you publicly tweet them. It shouldn't be like that, I get it, but it is. In a way it's a benefit, as you can leverage a company's need for good PR against their lack of willingness to help.


Literally the only reason I have a twitter account. It doesn't even need to get any notice, the social media people are just easier to deal with and easier to get hold of than customer services in many cases.


Yeah, it's like instant service for some places that only have robo-chat help otherwise. Never needs to gain traction, because the fear it might alone does the trick.


She ended up getting a better position iirc.


But Shaun King just is an idiot


Sean king is a grifter


He’s a walking Scam


Well the world does not always behave like you want it to, mate. I lost my job at the bank on my first day. A woman told me to check her balance and so I pushed her over.


Well the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you, may not be right for some. A man is born, he's a man of means. Then along come two, They got nothing but their jeans. But they got, Diff'rent Strokes. It takes, Diff'rent Strokes. It takes, Diff'rent Strokes to move the world.


You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have - my opening statement. Sit Ubu sit. Good dog.




What you taking about?




I know. It was a catchphrase from the show.


I know. I just really like the theme song.


That means it wasn't that good, why did they fire you?


Stealing from r/dadjokes. Was just posted yesterday.


It may be a stolen joke, but then again, at the end of the day, it's night.


That joke is public domain at this point. Its like the other one "I used to be a banker, but I lost interest"


Damn I don't want to get trouble from copyrighted jokes.


And the day before (and so on).


Take my upvote


I guess she was kind of top heavy.


A woman told me To check her balance and so I pushed her over (Haiku)


Get this man an CS job ASAP!


I based 99% of my replies on what I think I know, because every time I spend 20 minutes compiling a comment with up to date facts either OP deletes their comment or the mods lock the thread...


There is a middle ground between the two though. Just do a quick fact check on the thing you think you know before you write it. If it turns out it's incorrect then don't write it. Otherwise continue as you would have. Takes less than a minute and saves you the awkwardness later.


It wasn't much of a gotcha no matter who he was replying to


This is another case where you should have done that. The question was asked because he was walking back his support and instead support his own plan. Schatz does not support Medicare for All as the plan that was introduced by Sanders, despite being a co-sponsor, he has his own that is more like Buttigieg's Medicare for all who want it, pretty much every Democrat has some alternative to Sanders' Medicare for All bill. Whether he actively supports Medicare for All is an open question. [https://www.politico.com/story/2019/01/22/democrats-medicare-for-all-obamacare-1094146](https://www.politico.com/story/2019/01/22/democrats-medicare-for-all-obamacare-1094146)


Shaun King is an idiot


It wasn't even quick. It was 5 and a half hours later


To be honest maybe he didn‘t know if the other guy supported medicare for all and just asked if he does.


As it's Shaun King, there's exactly no chance that was the case.


No clue who he is


As you should, sir. The more we all stay off Twitter, the better we become, individually and as a world.


He's an outrage artist who lives on social media; attempted "gotcha's" are his bread and butter.


Fudge you


Oh God. Not the Gotcha Dancers


Joan’s gotcha!


…don’t it hurt ya!


Betcha thoughcha get away with it!


Nooo stop giving them mimosas, they've had enough!


Those poor monkeys


Shaun King’s not gonna getch me!


Good ole Talcum X.


I used to intern for senator Schatz. The nicest politician I have ever met, he took the time to introduce himself to me, the college intern, on my first day because he didn’t recognize me in the office. He was treated everyone in the office with kindness. I have tons of respect for that man.


Schatz is one of the most unfortunate names to have after Lipschitz. It just doesn't sound great when your name is a homonym for shats or shits. One of those names where I'm like "really ellis island, you didn't think to change that one? you changed soooooo many names, but not schatz or lipschitz?"


Well Schatz means treasure in German!


Well they do say one man's schatz is another man's treasure.


More specifically, one Mann's Schatz is another man's treasure.


And it is probably the most common thing to call someone as a form of endearment.


Schatz is the most common pet name between couples in germany, literally meaning "treasure". I don't know this politician but if he knows even a little bit of german due to his ancestor, I'm sure his first association to his own name isn't poop


Schatz is pronounced "shots".


Schatz is pronounced Schatz. Shats is pronounced shäts. And well, to compare it to shits you really have to want then to sound like each other


I don't want to be a dick, but I've heard the same thing said of some of the worst war-criminal politicians as well. The reason they rise to power is because they are personable. They know how to work people. Inspire loyalty. You should measure politicians by what they vote for and advocate for while in office. Not by how nice they seem in person.


Charisma is a powerful tool for dictators Well, politicians in general, but specially dictators and heavily corrupt leaders




Can confirm. Went on a hunting trip with the guy.


There are perfectly lovely, sweethearts Grandparents across the world who consistently vote for utterly awful, hateful people. Having good interpersonal skills, even genuine kindness, does not mean your policy choices will be reflective of that.


>There are perfectly lovely, sweethearts Grandparents across the world who consistently vote for utterly awful, hateful people. Those grandparents are probably not as sweet as you think if you get them talking about certain subjects.


I'm perfectly happy with a competent, honest asshole in charge.


He's a great guy and very effective senator. He came up working for non-profits, and his dad is a hero too (first person to speak out about the Tuskegee experiments).


Shaun King is just plain embarrassing


Guy has 1/1000 moments but man he misses


Yeah. He's like a shot in the dark at a can swinging from a tree 100 yards away. That kind of inconsistency isn't worth following.


100 yards is the length of about 83.9 'Custom Fit Front FloorLiner for Ford F-150s' lined up next to each other


Anything to stay away from metric measurements


How to tell people you're American without saying "I'm American"


I will measure distances in Ford F150 pickup trucks because it is my GOD GIVEN RIGHT AS A RED BLOODED AMERICAN


'Muricah FUCK YEAH


Can I get that in football fields




My god I love this bot


But about how many bananas is that


Spot on lol couldn’t put it better


He openly doxxes people... one day the wrong person is going to get hurt because of his actions


Sadly, people already have.




That’s what happens you peddle in outrage porn. He pulls it fresh out the oven and serves it up to the masses, without checking if it’s actually cooked, or if it’s too hot.


Merritt is currently running for attorney general for the state of Texas. Hopefully he won't even win the primary.


Oh, you mean like a vanilla Al Sharpton?


Talcum X?


Yesssssssss, that’s the one.


Pissed myself at this, well done


W.E.B DeFraud?


Martin Luther Cream?


Crooker T Washington?


He's a plain attention whore. All he wants is clicks, retweets and etc. The more drama - the better. Doesn't matter if he's right, doesn't matter if it's out of context, doesn't matter if it's an outright lie. That guy is a pos that just wants attention.


He’s a professional grifter. Unfortunately he’s also pretty good at it


At the moment, he's deleted all his social media accounts. Not sure how long that will last before he's back. Since he feeds on attention and controversy, he'll be craving it after a few days.


* he gets paid to create controversy


That's....actually a good description of what he does.


That’s because the families of some police brutality victims called him out for basically fundraising on their behalf/with their dead relative’s image, then taking off with the money. Really low stuff.


Isn't he not black or am i incorrect?


Talcum X.


Oh you mean Martin Luther Cream?




Did somebody mention W.E.B. Defraud?


What did Thurgood Partial do this time?


Crooker T Washington you mean?


I like Thurgood Marshmallow


Oh my. This one. This is my favorite.


Yeah, I heard it a month ago or so and laughed out loud at the podcast I heard it on.




A long time ago someone told me he was one of those trans-racial people like Rachel Dolezal and I still have no idea if they were lying to me or not.




God bless Samaria Rice, imagine your child being murdered, seeing his image used without your permission everywhere- sometimes with good intentions, many times without - seeing his murderer get fired not for killing your son but for a clerical error, seeing that murderer petition to be re-hired in your same city. I think about her often.


One of my favourite podcasts, Scam Goddess, has a hilarious breakdown on the topic of Shaun King and how white he is. [Episode link.](https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/scam-goddess/id1479455008?i=1000489070836)


This one was so good, I had no idea how bad he was. The cons! So many cons!


But did you know that he has a son named Joe? I'm not joking, but he is.


He's here all week folks


This is actually Stephen king's son's name. He uses the pen name Joe Hill though. Cocaine is a helluva drug.




I saw someone call him Talcum X and that's one of the funniest names I've ever heard.


Oooh, tell me about what I should know. I follow him on instagram and only really look at the app every now and then. I see a lot of things that he posts that I otherwise don't know about and feel that it keeps me mildly up to date on social justice causes and the black communities' calls outs of oppression. Are there better accounts to follow? Is he deliberately misleading? Edit: Thank you for all the responses! It's pretty clear to me now that Shaun King is a parasite on the various justice movement efforts by people of color. It's especially disgusting because he's benefitting of of the oppression of others.


[This might be a good place to start.](https://www.thedailybeast.com/shaun-king-keeps-raising-money-and-questions-about-where-it-goes-3) I was more familiar with the taking credit for BIPOC women's work but this mostly goes into the financial aspects. Not exactly what you're looking for, but there are several links in there that could help you find new folks to follow.


Christ. I knew he sucked, but this is insane. This dude is a real tick on the back of civil rights activism.


And by being a tick, he turns people off to otherwise very good ideas. He’s also a favorite straw man of conservatives.


Its not a strawman if its real. And its not like hes utterly without support either, like Tariq "Broke Buck" Nasheed.


I remember the "ShaunKingLetMeDown" hashtag from a few years back, but it seemed like he just shook it off, blamed "white supremacist conservatives" and went right on grifting.


“BlockShaunKing” has been trending off & on all summer, esp. since Tamir Rice’s mother put him on blast, bless her


There's the thing isn't it? After a while, are you part of a protest, or are you just invoking some dead person's name for gain? And King did that a lot, not surprise the mother told him to shut his gaping white hole.


Damn, that's some good journalism too. Buried him with the documents. Not good, King.


Check out the Scam Goddess podcast episode about him, this guy is both a total scammer *and* cheesy as shit, it’s *wild*.


>Is he deliberately misleading? Starting off with pretending to be a PoC, yes.


The Tomi Lahren of the left


Imagine if Lahren turned out to be black.


Is Shaun king the one that blamed a random white man for shooting a black kid and that man ended up killing him self over the allegation and following harassment, and then it came out that he was indeed completely fucking innocent?


Yep. Fuck Shaun King


What’s the name of the man?


Robert Cantrell


Just looked him up, damn thats fucked up. He shouldnt even be allowed on social media anymore.


Shaun King is pretty useless


Gonna just copy my response to someone that said something similar above because I want to be educated: Tell me about what I should know about him please! I follow him on instagram and only really look at the app every now and then. I see a lot of things that he posts that I otherwise don't know about and feel that it keeps me mildly up to date on social justice causes and the black communities' calls outs of oppression. Are there better accounts to follow? Is he deliberately misleading? Edit: Thank you for all the responses! It's pretty clear to me now that he's a parasite on the various justice movement efforts by people of color. It's especially disgusting because he's benefitting off of the oppression of others.


The Scam Goddess podcast has an amazing episode all about him!!!


Which episode number, please?


Episode 48. It's called "The Shaun King episode"


Thank you for sharing!


He constantly "fundraises" but evidently some families have come forward saying that he hasn't given them any money that was purportedly for their cause. He lives an extremely comfortable lifestyle, going on very long vacations during which he asks his audience for "gifts" to his wife in the form of monetary payments


What an absolute asshole. He's like a prosperity gospel reacher for the social justice movements of POC, except he doesn't admit his scamming. What a shitstain.


He's a straight up scam artist who just wants you to buy his book and click his tweets.


I know not everyone’s a fan of cops, but see this video as an example: https://youtu.be/5_DF95cUgGU . The bodycam footage mentioned is readily available on youtube and not featured in the linked video. Shaun King doxxed the trooper and his family so they were receiving death threats, has done so multiple times in the past and refuses to retract any statements even when proven wrong.


he is the prime left wing grifter. you know this word yea? it’s often used for people on the right who sell “trump won” shirts. that’s shaun king. he is a liar and a thief. he steals the efforts of those around him and profits on their hard work while pretending to be mister charity himself. google his ass. read derays essay about him, i can share more if you want. shaun king is a fraud, if you read what i just say and disregard it... please don’t


you're right about sk but watch out for deray too, he is also a grifter, although of the 'access' type. he has no business talking organizing.


Most of the black people I see on Twitter refer to him as "Talcum X" or "Martin Luther Cream". That doesn't necessarily prove anything one way or the other, but most black people aren't buying whatever he's selling.


He's s white guy pretending to be black


Talcom X


About 8+ years ago I made a post on my fb account made up of friends and family and colleagues. He somehow found my post (not viral or the likes of which) and bombarded me with comments, some of which were unnervingly aggressive considering I had no idea who he was at the time. Then, he blocked me. he seems to have a LOT of negative energy that needs released and the larger the audience the better (for him). I barely remember what I posted but I do know he was extremely unhappy I was pro israel


Shaun King is a clown. He’s no political or social activist although often he pretends to be. Just a modern paparazzo and sensationalist.


Shaun king is a piece of work. Anything he says should be ignored


Kamala Harris was too, because she knew it would never pass the senate at the time and give her political capital, look at who funds campaigns to see who is the boss


Campaigns shouldn't be privately funded. It shouldn't be a war of who has the most money for advertising. Politics are a fucking joke these days. Just popularity contests. No one really caring about the qualities of the individuals running (look at the people who were trying to run for president along with our senile previous leadership)


I agree Shaun King sucks - but there was a point to the question that he made (probably unintentionally) There is an issue with Brian Schatz here- there was about a year period where he didn’t mention it, didn’t advocate on its behalf- all but completely ignored it Sure, he signed the bill which is great - but to stop there and never try to do anything to advocate on your bill’s behalf is arguably equivalent to not supporting it


I am not familiar with this guy particularly, but I do know that some dems sign on for brownie points in their elections and then don't do shit about it and will oppose it behind closed doors.


Schatz is pretty safe. He's from Hawaii. It's a pretty liberal state. As long as you don't do anything illegal or completely fucked up in terms of morals, you're golden as a Democratic Senator.


Not only that you can look him up on open secrets and he takes pharma and insurance money, is supported by people like Sheldon Adelson, and uses the insurance industry talking point "expand access to healthcare" on its own site. This guy was only a cosponsor because he knows he will never be made to actually vote on it, not at all because he supports it. It reads like a nice gotcha for the uninformed, tho.


A lot of dems cosponsored and then turned against it. Kamala Harris, for instance. That guy ducked a yes or no question and gave a non answer.


Turned against the bill, or didnt run on failed Bill thats been circulating congress since 2003 as their signature presidential agenda in a general election in the United States of America? Two vastly different things and we shouldnt pretend they aren't.


Shaun King is Ben Shapiro for liberals.


Shaun King appeals to a very narrow audience. People who care about being "woke" don't like him because he's kind of a faker, and people who don't care about being "woke" don't even know who he is.


Kindof a faker? The guy requested donations for numerous random causes then abandoned them shortly after taking money or shortly before launch of whatever he was doing. He was a cancer to any movement he was a part of.


Shaun King is such a hack anyway. He just keeps making me cringe.


Shaun King is a racist asshole


Talcum X


Shaun King is one of the biggest problems with any hope for progress. Dude maliciously misleads people whenever it's advantageous for his online clout, even though he's literally setting up straw men for the right to knock down, such as his grossly edited police cam videos from some incidents and more. Fuck Shaun King. He's just another Al Sharpton, 10% goodwill and good ideas, 90% grift and self-serving




Not to give Shaun King's dumb ass any sort of points, but it's 2021. Just because a politician sponsored a bill doesn't mean they'll actually come through and vote on it anymore. The whole thing needs wiped out and we need a reboot with new people at the very least.


Not only that but it doesn’t even read like a gotcha. It looks like he saw a Senator and then asked him a simple yes or no question because he didn’t know who he was or what he stood for. Then he didn’t even get an actual answer to his question.


Shaun King continuously shows that he rather wants to be first rather than write reports with substance and nuance.




Oh gosh Shaun King is a moron, at least, he was when I used to read nydailynews daily a few years back. Turns EVERYTHING into a race issue and screams oppression. No lie, race is a huge thing and racism is all over the place but I mean like, EVERYTHING was about racism. Even bagels.


One thing that all Americans, left and right, can agree on is Shaun King is a worthless piece of shit con man.


Just because you co sponsored a bill and let it sit doesn’t mean you did jack shit to get it passed. At least some of us are able to see through the bullshit. Or should I say bull Schatz?


This looks like a clever "Don't you know who I am" comeback, but the truth is a "co-sponsor" on a bill that has no chance is meaningless. And if you go to his web page and look up his position on health care, it toes the moderate line of "Protecting Our Health Care" and "access to affordable, quality health care" and "public option". These are the phrases used by Democrats who **oppose** Medicare For All. https://www.schatz.senate.gov/about/issues/health-care


This shit happened like 4 years ago


Talcum X at it again


Not sure why this is being downvoted. Shaun King sucks.


Cause it's "racis" or something.


Shaun King is a fucking tool.


Shaun king is such a try-hard.






I wish there were words to describe my hatred for Shaun King.


Shaun King is infamous for doing zero research before talking about anything, this is one of the best examples though.