I know you are alone and we’re watching you...

I know you are alone and we’re watching you...


This happened decades ago before cell phones. I did say Buddy, so take it for what it was. I’m sure it was a malevolent way to ask me some weird personal questions for their entertainment. Note in my name it says retired, I’m old as dirt. Haha


It was probably an old way to scam people out of personal information.


Yup. Either that, or to lure somebody or other into a trap so that they can rob, assault them, or possibly worse. Or, possibly both of those things.


Some years back, my ex was a major dickass and he used to hack my social media accounts, post things, make fake accounts of me, share my number and address with sleazy men who would harrass me (I didn't know at the time that it was his doing). And I used to get a lot of calls like this. I had become so immune to this bullshit that I would just cut the call in between once I'd realise it's someone I don't know Ugh so many bad people


Wow.. I thought I was one of the rare people with an awful ex like that.. I was so ashamed to tell anyone about it coz they all sorta blame me (such as ‘encouraging’ him to trample all over me or not having a spine to put boundaries with him). It feels kinda comforting to know someone who has gone through something similar.


It’s really hard to assert boundaries when asserting those boundaries put you in danger. Please don’t let those people’s comments make you feel ashamed. Sometimes you just have to stay alive, literally everything else can be dealt with later.


Unfortunately, emotional abuse is not that rare. The person being abused is groomed to be isolated and the question whether they are the ones at fault. After I left my abuser I started to notice the same manipulative tactics being used in friendships and at work. We all have to learn how to set boundaries.


It’s easy to criticize others for not doing things that they couldn’t have done.


I had a somewhat similar, but also creepy, thing happen the other night. I’ve stopped using Facebook for well over a year now, so it wouldn’t indicate that I was online and I hadn’t been for quite a while. But I was up really late, it was like 4:00a.m. and I was reading a book when I get a message alert from someone I don’t know and don’t have any mutual friends with. It just said “Go to bed already, it’s late.” I’m an extremely private person in my day to day life, there’s absolutely no reason why this person should know a thing about my schedule or that I was awake. I went to his profile and it had just been made that day and had some random blurry photo as their profile picture and zero information about them. I blocked them. Thankfully, haven’t gotten anything since. Wtf is up with these creepy fucks.


That’s really unsettling. Are your drapes drawn? May be a neighbor messing with you.


Yup always drawn, with black out curtains, there’s absolutely no way of anyone seeing into my room from the outside. And I only have a handful of neighbors and they’re mostly older and stay to themselves, like me. So, who knows?


Maybe they just took a chance to see if you were awake? They may not have known.


You can set fb so it does not show you as online, google it 🧚


Happy cake 🎂 day op!!!!


I love your response to the creeper! All that was missing was an explosion in the background as you epically and calmly walked out of your bedroom post hang up. Serious cool points my friend!


So what happened if anything? Did he call back, did anyone come snooping around?……


Nothing happened, didn’t call back.


I love this hahaha.


I love ur answer to him lol


It was probably a joke and someone who knows you. Let’s be rational for one second…. A landline at your home? Using the word “buddy” in a sentence in 2021… you are home with family and do not have the house title in your own name…with the upmost respect (because I understand and have been this terrified before too), this is 95% someone pranking you. It’s totally okay to be nervous though; that is a perfectly natural response. Just try to take the energy on the fear/concern and think rational, short thoughts that you can use to help ease anxiety.


This was decades ago


😂😂😂 you forgot that the past exists


My parents still have a landline. I have also been known to use the word buddy. I’m not sure why you find those things so unbelievable.


I currently have a landline and often say buddy… 🤷🏻‍♀️


Listen buddy, plenty of people still have landlines.