My bike was stolen last night

My bike was stolen last night


Do you have renters/homeowners insurance? They should cover the cost. I made sure to check with mine when I bought a new bike and they told me if it was stolen even away from home it would be covered


Really consider renters insurance. It’s like $75-100 a year … maybe less if bundled with auto insurance.


Ah. yes. I have that. But it only helps if you have a bike worth more than $1200 on most policies. And, really, it only helps if your bike is worth a lot more than that. You won't see a dollar back until you meet whatever threshold your policy has.


Really? Where im from insurances need to cover theft whithout threshold by law. Alltought 5yo+ bikes have next to no value according to insurance no matter how good condition they are in.


Depends on your deductible


Thats what i meant. The deductible doesnt apply to theft.


On my policy it does. I know--I tried to replace a bike stolen from my garage and the deductible was equal to the cost of replacing the bike. So there was little point in even making the claim.


All the more reason to splurge on that bicycle purchase. Carbon Dura-Ace equipped grocery getter, here I come!


my insurance company said $500 deductible - my $1,200.00 bike bought on sale for $900 in 2006 is better protected by good lock than my insurance


Yes. A good lock and some good common sense. I just don't leave my bike in areas--even with a badass lock--where the bike is more prone to theft. I take it inside places with me if I have to.


I got mine with my AAA and I made them set me up with a low deductible as well.


You can get homeowners insurance with a much higher deductible than the cost of a bike


No one has mentioned a Valuable Personal Property (VPP) policy, so I will! Obviously for future reference since OP doesn’t have it now. My VPP policy covers up to $5k during any given policy term. It’s easy to use, used it a few times already over the last 8 years with no premium increases. Perfect for a situation like this, and you can always increase your coverage to suit your needs. $5k costs me $5/mo. I would have to hold the policy for 83 years to pay $5k, so it’s a great value.


Oh thanks! I’m gonna ask my agent about this tomorrow


Most companies will have restrictions on what is covered, so read the list carefully! Good luck!


Nope, only car insurance.


Ouch. See about adding that. It usually makes your monthly cost cheaper since you bundle stuff.


Alright, Flo




This won't help you today, but might in the future - a lot of the time, if you add renters' insurance to your car insurance policy, it will actually result in you paying less in total because insurers love multi-policy customers. So for the future, consider asking your insurance agent about this. (And if you don't use an insurance agent, like if you get yours online or whatever, consider getting one - I'm sure I pay a little but more for my policies overall but the agent I've been using for years makes my life a lot easier and is able to use her knowledge to tip me off on things like this and good deals, etc.)


I have bicycle insurance for $90 per year


Interesting. What're the details of the policy?


It's for the replacement cost of a like bicycle up to my agreed upon value of my bike. It's not based on my original MSRP minus depreciation. My policy covers fire/flood/theft/collision anywhere in the USA and Canada as long as I'm not racing. The deductible is $250 CAD. The deductible is $500 if I admit the bike was stolen while unlocked. I don't have any of the extended coverage or personal liability options available. My coverage is with Pedal Power Insurance. I imagine all costs go up if I ever make a claim


How does it work if you didn't buy a complete bike. As in I sourced all the parts individually and had a bike shop put the bike together?


You would tally up the cost of components with your receipts and bills of labour. In your case a "like bike" would be the same kinda pieced together build


Best not to use homeowner’s insurance unless you really, really need it. They keep track of claims industry-wide and will hold it against you.


I have renters. So if my Domane got stolen I should just paid another $9k instead of making a claim? I don’t get that


With homeowner’s insurance, you have to consider that 2-3 claims will get you dropped and even a single claim has an effect on future rates, whether or not you change companies. Homeowner’s deductibles are often $2k-3k. These are all things to consider and I suspect if you’re riding a $9k bike, your best bet is to buy the best lock you can get and still try not to leave the bike alone for very long. Many years ago when I had renter’s insurance, the deductibles were much lower than homeowner’s. I didn’t know then and don’t know now whether they’re as persnickety to deal with in terms of claims counting against you.


If you have a $9k bike and a $2-3k deductible. Buy 3 $1k bikes for the sole purpose of using when you know you will need to lock up your bike. With this method, you can get your espresso on three different occasions and still have your $9k bike. Science bitches


By the fires, a bona fide scientician! Heed the words of the wise, sinners.


Be careful with this. Most homeowners insurance companies will only cover it if its stolen from your property.


Mine has a $1000 deductible, but yeah


You’ll have to pay the deductible though. My wife’s ebike was stolen on campus a couple of years ago. Happy it was covered. Not happy about the $500 deductible.


I feel your pain. I had a bike stolen from my apartment once. I locked it to my fire escape. Son of a bitch climbed the escape, cut the lock, and took the bike. It wasn't a great bike, but assholes are going to steal bikes anyway. Sorry dude.




I'm mad. ​ Two bikes stolen from me. One from our garage. I would dearly love to start catching bike thieves. Lowest form of criminality there is.


One of the oldest forms of crime in nature.


Sadly Denver and Boulder are hotbeds for bike theft.


no dude, everywhere there is people is a hotbed for bike theft.


except Japan I've heard


Japan is a haven of unlocked bike theft. Regular people do not ride bikes as we know them, they are heavy steel 1-3-6 speed mama-charis with even lower grade parts than a Walmart bike. However they are built like tanks to withstand being piled in heap at the station because of the wind (outside of Tokyo bikes have to freestand in parking lots most places) and sit in the rain in lots of places. Good bikes are rare, as people take them out cycling, return home, and hang them in a storage shed or in their entrance because the weather would mutilate most bikes after a few months outside. Very few people (percentage wise) like me ride mid-range bikes daily as commuters, but seeing a carbon road bike just sitting somewhere is super-rare. This leads to mountains upon mountains of shitty bikes at recycle centers, stuck in drains, abandoned in front of shops and chained to fences, and other wasteful practices. Bike thieves here, at least in my suburban experience, are not a theft ring looking to steal good bikes - because there are no good bikes around. Mama-chairi bikes are fucking everywhere, so the “thieves” are kids or drunk people looking for unlocked bikes at a station to toddle their way home or to throw off a bridge. The frames alone weigh more than entire aluminum road bike, so they are not fun to carry, so they have to easily roll away. The shitty loop locks or thin joke cable locks provide zero protection in theory, but certainly stop a drunk salaryman from pinching your bike, riding home, and then throwing it into a hedge along the river (that gets found years after it has rusted to shit and dumped in a recycle bin because police do not care about it here). People baaaaaaaaaaaarely lock their bike here. A dollar-store cable lock made of copper wire in a drinking straw put around the rear wheel over the fender is common on bikes without built-in ring-locks. The most common expensive bike are long 2-babyseat 20” electric bikes, and they usually have pretty hefty ring locks on one of the stays - most ring locks can be cut in 20 seconds - if you remembered to lock it - the forgotten lock is easy to spot and targeted by people looking for a quick ride at the end of the night (when there are fewer bikes). Good bikes do pile up near events and cycling routes popular with the carbon-club out in the countryside, so there could be some bike thieves targeting bikes hanging on a parking sawhorse while you are inside eating your udon at the road station lunch counter, but that also seems very rare, as most road cyclists carry a small worthless cable lock like you would see in a luggage store to keep their bike from wandering away. I am the only person I know in rural Japan who uses a Abus Bordo lock, but I know if I lock my bike to a station rack, it will be there in the morning.


This sounds a lot like Burning Man, tbh Shitty bikes left unlocked get stolen just for a ride home and then abandoned


You obviously don't live in Colorado. If you visit r/Denver, there are multiple stolen car and stolen bike posts every day. The police in Denver seem to have abdicated. They lost their qualified immunity and the public spent all last summer calling them the monsters that they are so they took their tiny little ball and went home.


No, it's a function of inequality. My alma mater is a campus in a city which puts a lot of students in areas with historically exploited and underserved communities - that's your recipe for property crime. Your bike is way more likely to get stolen in Boulder than in a real city.


There was a post in a Zwift FB group today that there's a pro bike theft ring operating in Denver and Boulder.


yep and the cops just let them operate their open air chop shops on the sidewalks. they will stop you for walking home drunk 'suspiciously' but a vagabond walking two s-works bikes down the street is nbd


Sounds fake


oh yeah? and why do you think that?


I live in Boulder and have a nice road bike. No way I would ever leave it anywhere outside regardless of how good a lock I have. In my hometown students abandon bikes all the time. So much that the police have a rule; in the first month of summer each year, you can attach ribbon tape to a locked bike. If the ribbon tape is still there 1 week later, you’re allowed to take the bike. That way the city isn’t littered with old locked up bikes everywhere. What I learned from doing this is that there’s no such thing as a secure bike lock. Even the strongest U locks can be broken through with a sawzall in 10 or 20 seconds.


I live in Boulder and have a nice road bike. No way I would ever leave it anywhere outside regardless of how good a lock I have. In my hometown students abandon bikes all the time. So much that the police have a rule; in the first month of summer each year, you can attach ribbon tape to a locked bike. If the ribbon tape is still there 1 week later, you’re allowed to take the bike. That way the city isn’t littered with old locked up bikes everywhere. What I learned from doing this is that there’s no such thing as a secure bike lock. Even the strongest U locks can be broken through with a sawzall in 10 or 20 seconds.


Mine was almost stolen. I locked it to the road railing and went into a restaurant. Somehow I decided to go back out and check on the bike, a random dude was trying to pick the lock already. I shouted at the guy and he wasn’t afraid at all. He was a skinny one, but boy I was afraid he might pull out a knife. I threatened to call the police and luckily he eventually ran away.


Sorry for your loss dude. Also in Denver here, bike theft is absolutely out of control. Even with my heavy duty U Lock I rarely leave my road bike locked up downtown. I have an older hybrid I cruise to the bars on and lock up but if someone steals i'm not too bothered by. Sad it has to be this way but people really suck.


Sorry to hear… why did you use a crappy cable lock? Especially for the amount of time bike would be unattended.


I usually don't leave it in the city unattended. My lesson was learned I'm going to get a new bike right now And will definitely get a better lock. I thought clipless might discourage them to ride off but I guess not lol


>**Primary Lock** Security begins with lock selection. Nothing less than a metal U-lock provides any real level of security. Cables locks should only ever be used as a secondary lock to secure your wheels or saddle. Light chains are far too easy to cut through with bolt-cutters and provide a relatively far lower level of security for their weight and expense than a decent dual-shackle U-lock. It's true that very high-quality, hexagonally shaped and hardened chains can be more secure than an equivalently priced U-lock, but they will weigh twice as much, defeating the purpose of having an expensive bike. A dual-shackle u-lock secures the crossbar on both sides of the shackle, instead of just on one side. Single-shackle locks can be defeated with a simple leverage attack, by putting a pipe inside the U, and then simply twisting it against the locked side. The other disadvantage of single-shackle locks is that a thief needs to make only one cut, instead of two, in order to be able to remove the lock. This is the case with many locks, including some pretty pricey ones, among them some of the most recognized brands. These single-shackle locks can be recognized if the shackle uses a bent foot on the non-locking side. Look for a lock that has the key-way in the centre of the cross-bar, not the end. Avoid locks that have a significant protrusion of the cross-bar on either side. These can be defeated by merely hitting them really hard with a ball-peen hammer. Choose a lock with a shackle that extends through the lock body to better protect against torsion/twisting attacks. As a general rule of thumb Abus™ brand, locks will be 25% lighter, 25% stronger and 25% cheaper than the equivalent Kryptonite brand lock. Fill the Shackle/Inside area of your lock. If you leave large amounts of space open inside the shackle of your lock, then it leaves you vulnerable to hydraulic or twist attacks. A hydraulic attack is where large amounts of pressure used to force a lock open, these attacks are commonly carried out with carjacks or similar equipment. Position your lock with the keyhole pointing downwards. If your bike lock is poorly positioned when securing your bike, it can make it easier for thieves to damage or remove. Unskilled thieves will often take to brute force to remove bike locks, so it’s important that you keep your lock off the ground. A lock that’s secured on the ground can easily be struck with a hammer or other heavy equipment and bust open. But by keeping your lock off the floor it reduces the damage that a thief could do. Combination locks are always less secure than keyed locks. Avoid them. >**Secondary Locks** Smart riders use a dual-locking strategy. I have an Abus Granite 6500 folding lock as my main lock for my $5000 commuting-daily electric bike, as I love the convenience and ease of use of Abus's folding locks, and the attachment holster is a big problem solver for carrying it. I'm not concerned with the weight, as I have a motor. This is the strongest folding bike lock made, but naturally, it's darn heavy. It's a level 15 security rating in Abus's world. Sadly, there is a relatively simple attack that can be made on this lock that was discovered by the Lockpicking Lawyer about a year and a half ago, and word of this has spread to the criminal underworld and now these folding locks can no longer be counted on to secure your bike for more than a quick dash into the store or coffee shop. That said if I'm locking my bike anywhere for more than about 10 minutes, sort of sketchy, or past sundown, I will also then add a second high-quality u-lock into the mix. This means that a thief with an angle-grinder will need to spend quite a bit of time, and also create a LOT of noise and sparks in order to get my bike. The exposure time becomes pretty risky. They will likely move on to someone else's bike instead. Using a cable to secure your wheels is a good secondary measure. I am lazy, so I have replaced the quick-release skewers on all my mid-level bikes with locking security skewers. These use a tool to secure the wheels and seat-post and will prevent junkies and teenage boys from stealing your wheels. On my bikes worth more than about $900, I use *[Pinheads™](https://pinheadlocks.com/store/en/)*, which are a truly keyed system, and will prevent all but a professional bike thief, who is actually targeting your wheels, from attempting to take them. I also use Pinhead security locks for my Brooks saddle and seat-posts. **[How to Not Lock your Bike](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHIkxxzsGnk)** **Recommended Locks.** [Kryptonite Evolution Chain Lock \(Series 4\)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpVOTEOMRuE) [OnGuard’s 17mm “Brute”](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvn3_CNVSFs) Bicycle Lock (Model 8001) [Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Lock](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXoS_HB1I3o) [Abus Granit X Plus 54 30cm Bicycle U-lock](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtdiO1ZiiXk)


I've got the New York Chain and have had it for many years due to a bike bring stolen downtown years ago. Kryptonite even replaced the locking mechanism when it was found a ball point pen would open the lock if you used it right. That was all over the news media some years back. The replacement lock is a different type of lock and it still does the job. I'm not bike commuting anymore but that lock I use it whenever I want to make it nearly impossible for a thief to take my ride.


Or just buy a junk bike for the times you want to lock it somewhere for a while.


That's my aim atm, I go to the gym in town and I can't be arsed to ride into town then park it at the bike park which is about a mile away from the gym, walk to the gym, then walk back to the bikepark afterwrds. So I think I'm going to just buy a 10 quid bike off facebook marketplace.. use that and lock the bike up outside, if it's still there when I leave cool. if not.. then oh well. It was only a tenner lol


Do it, it's a great investment. You can also clean up a shitty bike easily, throw on some new cables, index the gears, and you're laughing


It's the way. I recently picked up an early 2000s Peugeot road bike for £60 as a runaround so I don't have to take my "nice" bike out and about.


Yeh my Ebike is far too fancy looking to leave locked up outside. it's ok if I nip in somwhere and I'm back out in 5-10 mins but that's all I dare to do. I don't even lock my bike outside when I go work, I take it inside the building.


yeh it can be my N+1 lol


get this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08779BY8D/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_DGSVAV4YX8854F073EJM?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


Wow... I had no idea this was a thing. At this point a thief would probably rather use the angle grinder to cut the bike rack rather than the lock...


lol, my thought too! just out of spite will cut the bike frame


[LPL has a video on it](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixPFDFp8Cfo) but, spoilers, he only attempts a pick not a cut.


Hot damn, that costs as much as my bike


I like this one for chaining the wheels and locking the frame simultaneously, but not grinder resistant: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YB116L8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_V7T75RNJMAJ45NN5028X?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1


I'm curious if thieves really bring a battery angle grinder, I think it is too noisy


most likely not especially in downtown or midnight thievery... but it doesn't hurt to keep it (doubles as a weapon)


Get an orange vest, a hard hat and you'll be able to cut down bike locks all day with no one asking a single question.


Many do. It's conspicuous, but a lot of thieves don't care about that. The grinder beats most locks in well under a minute.


A lot of thieves also know that most people aren't going to risk an ass kicking for someone else's bike. That knowledge gives them enough time to steal the bike and go unless police catch them in the act, and they can use whatever they want to do so.


I’ll look more into it, i appreciate the link!


any time :), I am currently leaning to the chain and u-lock one for SLC (bicycles get stolen as often as the leaves fall off a tree here)


Probably weighs as much too.


Yes but you won't have to buy a replacement bike!


Get a better bike.


13lb lock! It looks like a beast


😂😂 you can use as a weapon too (instead of carrying a baseball pat ;))


>The worlds first angle grinder resistant bike lock I guess one way to be grinder resistant is to be thicker than a goddamn grinder blade.


That is indeed the idea. It's a normal sized hardened steel shackle sheathed in a thick layer of aluminium, which is both too big for the grinder and tends to gunk up the disc.


Ha someday maybe I'll have a bike for which I'd consider paying $300 just for a lock.


valid argument, my bike is a $50 univega superstrada... but i put near to $900 just to make it exactly like i want without having to pay a custom built steel for $2500. but again i was thinking the same about that expensive lock




At that point a thief would just cut the frame itself knowing that the parts would be worth the effort.


Definitely check out the Lock picking Lawyer on YT. He shows you how easy (or hard) it is to pick all sort of locks (including various bike locks)


Don't get any cable lock, not even a more expensive one. Everything else is better... except that zip tie lock


My suggestion is find an older single speed with flip flop hub on craiglist for $200, give it a once over maintenance service, and ride that.


The problem isn’t your lock. Get a ratty bike to ride around town. You don’t leave nice bikes unattended. If they can’t take the whole bike they’ll strip the tires, bars, groupset... my nice bike never leaves my sight. I ride my old entry level hardtail around as a commuter.


Vibes. I lost a bike by coors field with a shitty cable lock. Hard lesson to learn.


big hug! the pain is real. after my cheap ride was lost, i went psycho mode, investing more in locks than on the frame itself.. the city sucks!!


I feel the pain... Had a whyte full suspension t129s stolen last year. So many memories. The silver lining was. Id been looking at gravel bikes for a good couple years and that was the excuse i needed. Bought my first gravel bike. A cannondale topstone carbon 5. Everytime ive riden that bike i smile from ear to ear. My point is, it hurts but turn it into something good!


Sorry for your loss :( I suggest a U lock next time :)


That sucks. Been there with my cannondale r400 in 2010 or so - It’s the devils bargain those cable locks. Easier to carry easier to break. Just remember the years of freedom and adventure it afforded you. The good news is you get a new bike!!


I had a used Giant stolen off my car rack when I left it outside like an idiot. To add misfortune, the thieves used some kind of cutter to cut the plastic straps on the rack rather then just remove them. So I had to get a new rack too


Though the chances are slim that you will find it, post a picture of it here, so people in the area can keep an eye out for it. I would also recommend posting something at [nextdoor.com](https://nextdoor.com) for people who live in your area to see. You might get lucky. See if it’s for sale at a local pawn shop.


If you have thebserial number report it to the cops and check pawn shops and fb listings with it


Had a bike stolen from me off my fucking second story balcony apartment while sleeping. I felt like I lost a piece of me that day. My best wishes that you get a new one soon brother. Keep your head up!


It must be hard living in a third world country. I hope someday you and your family can move to a safer country where you don't have to constantly worry about having your shit jacked.


Shitty cable locks are shitty.


No such thing as a good bike lock IMO. Even the strongest U locks can be broken in 10 or 20 seconds with a sawzall. If you have an expensive road bike, don’t lock it up outside.


100% accurate.


Sorry to hear… why did you use a crappy cable lock? Especially for the amount of time bike would be unattended?




I'm sorry, op. I'm really beginning to lose faith in humanity. I just don't understand what's wrong with people.


Sorry to hear that. Moving forward, cable locks can be cut with cheap dollar store cable cutters in minutes no matter how thick. Chain or even better, u-lock only is what I always recommend to customers. Sadly, many cheap out since they just spent “a lot of money on the bike”. Check craigslist and FB market place often for the thief tryna sell it. Good luck!


Sorry for your loss


Register it on bikeindex and keep looking for it to pop up on offerup


I'm sorry. I've had that happen to me before. It really sucks. But think of it this way -- now's your chance to buy a new bike. Though now is not the greatest time to buy since the pandemic world has triggered lots of folks to go back into cycling.


Thieves suck. Yeah, lightweight cable locks will be beaten by a pocket sized tool. I use one, but your bike was worth ten times mine and I still don't plan to leave mine locked up for more than 5 or 10 minutes. And downtown areas are the places bike thieves will go looking, lots of bikes and you won't be the only person using a weak lock.


Bike locks are unsafe. I don't own one. If I did, I'd be tempted to use it to leave my bike unattended, which is the way bikes get stolen.




How did I know this was Denver before I looked at the post


If you haven't already, register your bike on * [529 Garage](https://project529.com/garage) * [Stolen Bike Index](https://bikeindex.org/stolen)


Sorry to hear. That really sucks.


I joined a club for the simple reason that they had a decent deal on group bike insurance. $100 a year club fee with the additional club benefits. The insurance would have cost me $90 per year by itself. You should look into potential local clubs that may offer things like this. The way the club's policy works is like the AFLAC model. There is a set price you get paid out per incident. Theft - get a flat payment. Have an accident and break an arm? Flat payment for broken arm. Bust teeth out - there is a payment stipulated for that. Is it the best insurance in the world? No. But it doesn't interfere with any other insurance I may have, they pay out the costs of deductibles, and I get a little cash in my pocket for hardships like lost work or time for the medical appointments or locating a new bike.


Gotta invest in proper locks my man




I use a kryptonite evolution chain lock and U-lock


>It was only a shitty cable lock Well, there's your answer


Should have driven. Emphatic /s, not recommending drink driving, just trying to brighten ops day with a joke. Sorry this happened to you.


Same thing happened to me but in a different state. Never use a cable lock for anything longer that 5 minutes. Especially in a busy area. That bike should never be locked up outside for long peroids ever.


Sorry about that ... you should buy alarm system next time bro


Sorry to hear. A few years ago I bought my first good bike, and proudly locked it up at the train station (in the UK) with a shitty cable lock. Came back and it was gone (with a couple of others). The feeling is dreadful. Big, heavy locks are needed.


Denver is currently the bike theft capital of the US according to the CEO of Velosurance. A cable lock will not suffice in most metropolitan areas, *especially* here.


Haha sorry for your loss, thats a nice looking bike, looks sort of like mine. i usually watch mine out the window, if not put it inside.


Apple Air Tags $25-$30. Everyone should have them hidden in the seat tube, down tube or bottom bracket or even water bottle holder. We just need to catch one of these lowlifes to make a huge dent in bike thefts


How did they get it off the cable lock? Was it cut or??


A $10 pair of bolt cutters can go through pretty much any cable lock in about 5 seconds. They're really only good for stopping people casually walking off with your bike while you're in a gas station or some other quick stop. Anything longer than that you really need better locks, preferably more than one, or make friends with the bartenders/waitstaff/owners/whatever wherever you tend to stay a while and see if you can keep your bike inside somewhere. My regular bar near my house lets me bring my bike inside as long as I make sure the tires are clean and I don't track in anything.


>They're really only good for stopping people casually walking off with your bike while you're in a gas station or some other quick stop. Anything longer than that you really need better locks, preferably more than one TBH I don't think any lock is secure enough for more than that, especially if you're using it to secure a bike worth several thousand dollars. Even the strongest U locks can be cut through in 10 or 15 seconds with a sawzall that anybody can buy at a hardware store for 100$. >make friends with the bartenders/waitstaff/owners/whatever wherever you tend to stay a while and see if you can keep your bike inside somewhere. This is the only way in my opinion. Either bring the bike inside or be in eyesight of it. Otherwise don't leave a bike worth thousands of dollars sitting outside, when no matter what lock you buy anybody could walk up to it and within 15 seconds have broken the lock and be riding away.


This reminds me I was going to airtag all of my bikes. Sorry for your loss OP :(


I have begun recommending Apple air tags for anyone with an iPhone or IPad. The tag is $30 and connects to all Apple devices that come within Bluetooth distance to constantly be updating location all without the phones owner even knowing. I tried this on a recent vacation and it worked incredibly well. They sell mounts that hide them under a water bottle cage.


You should hide an Apple AirTag in your next bike/your bike if you get it back


Yo. Sorry for your loss You should make a report on [https://project529.com/garage](https://project529.com/garage) and list your bike as stolen. There's a huge bike thief problem where I live, and the law enforcement is working with this website to try and find bikes. I know some other cities police department are also working with this site. And it works, I've seen some bikes returned to their owners. Check it out I know it's too late for now, but by promoting this website more and more law enforcement will notice it is a serious problem and they will tend to back this program!


You should scour Craigslist and any other place people post used items for sale. There’s a good chance they’re going to try and sell it used. If you find it listed, you can send them a message and offer to buy it. When you agree to meet up, you call the cops and have a cop show up with you. You go up to meet them, the cop watches, and when you hand them the money the cop walks up and confronts them. That way you hit them with both possession of stolen goods and resale of stolen goods :). I’ve actually done this before. Someone stole my Zune(like an iPod), and I saw it on Craigslist. Showed up with a cop, left with my Zune and they got felonies for breaking and entering( they took it from my car), possession of stolen goods and resale of stolen goods. You can also report it stolen to the police. Most bikes have a serial or identification number on them. Tho unless you scour used listings yourself this is probably not gonna get you your bike back.


I can't think of a single piece of property I have that would be worth doing this to someone over. See a therapist.


I don't get what you mean; What is wrong with them being charged with the crime they actually committed and you getting your property back? Seems like a pretty straightforward case of justice being served. Don't see how that indicates anything about me. I was a teenager at the time, a 250$ Zune was a lot of money to me then. I also told the cop I didn't want to press charges but he said it wasn't up to me. I just needed a cop to go for my own safety; I wasn't about to meet up with a criminal who broke into my car and stole my shit and just demand he give it back alone.