Bf: No, we can’t get a cat, I’m allergic and getting cat hair in my food would be the bane of my existence. Also bf: insists on celebrating his and the cat’s birthday on the same day

Bf: No, we can’t get a cat, I’m allergic and getting cat hair in my food would be the bane of my existence. Also bf: insists on celebrating his and the cat’s birthday on the same day


Ok. This looks like cat and BF are on a date together. Is your cat stealing your man???


Don't they always? Why do you seem confused about this?


Whose man???


OUR man.


This whole sub: https://i.redd.it/qaifncf1hc651.png


Haha I would not be surprised if I came home one day and found a note stating they’d run away together


That man is a keeper!


Cat is VERY pretty. (Can’t tell if the BF is or I’d compliment him, too.)


I can confirm he is the prettiest boy you ever saw, and that is totally not a word for word quote from the bf himself. Totally not.


Mmm... Is that sushi?


Sushi for us, fancy tin of cat food & treats for the cat (on the floor) 😄


And they're celebrating with dinosaurs. They have excellent taste.


Ikr, I’m perpetually green with envy over how cool these cats are




The look on your cat’s face slays me! Hahahaha


One of the most romantic things my boyfriend has ever said to me was in response to me pointing out there was probably an invisible cat-hair in a pot and that's why I was so vigorously examining it, since it would bother him: "You don't have to be this thorough, there's probably gonna be a cat-hair on it eventually anyways. No worries."


Aw, this is lovely!


This is absolutely precious 😭


...where is your chair? And plate...? Are you okay OP?


I’m good, totally not third-wheeling my own relationship or anything 😭


Question: do the allergies go away with time? I want a cat so damn bad but my eyes swell up and get super itchy.


Mine definitely do. I’ll get used to a cat as I live with them and it becomes more tolerable. I just make sure to wash my hands after petting them before I touch my eyes otherwise it’s game over.


yup speaking from personal experience, i live with somebody who had a more chronic reaction to cats as a young child and now as a young adult he has minimal reactions after we’ve lived with a cat for less than a year now. partly may have to due with getting older, but he told me he’s definitely noticed his allergies getting better since we’ve gotten a cat


Most people will have a reduction in severity of symptoms over time, some will not. Have you looked into allergy shots? There is a treatment now for seasonal and pet allergies where you get a shot several times at regular intervals and when the cycle is over a lot of people will have no more allergy symptoms. My partners father did it and he said it worked great.


I'm super allergic if dont spent time with animals. But after a year I can rub my face on my cat :)


I can’t really say because we’ve got a hypoallergenic breed (Ragdoll) which means people who are allergic to cats won’t suffer allergic reactions. I’d use what the other commentators are saying as guidance, but just know I 100% support your dream of having your own cat!! 💪🏽 make sure to pay the Cat Tax when the day does come!


I’m pretty sure ragdolls aren’t actually hypoallergenic or, at least, not all of them are. Source: I picked one up and he gave me hives. Great cat, though. (His owners told me I wasn’t the first to have that issue. Incidentally, my college roommates had cats and, over time, I got to the point where I had significantly less hives after they shoved their faces in my elbow crease.)


that sticker is on point lmao


Innit tho


They match!


They do! 😂 I genuinely didn’t notice haha


I mean, how can you say no to the kitty loaf?


Concrete argument right here


hey idk if i’m the first to comment this but good news he may build up immunity to his cat allergy the longer he’s exposed to your cat... happy birthday!


Thank you!! But I think as we’ve got a hypoallergenic breed he’s pretty safe from suffering allergy reactions. Although this does give me hope for if we ever adopt a regular cat in the future... 👀 Also this wasn’t even his actual birthday, the cat’s came first and he wanted to move his day over to share it with her 😂


I'm getting Wes Anderson vibes here.