Entitled mother vs fire-fighters, fun time edition

Entitled mother vs fire-fighters, fun time edition


Lmao EMs kid is going g down in kid history as having the most legendary party ever 🚒


Unfortunately it'll probably be tainted for the kid for life cause whenever he brings it up the mother will probably bitch and moan


Sounds like she’d bitch and moan without the kid saying a thing anyways.


I think she’ll take complete credit for it, as though she called and arranged for it for her little entitled child


Yes. This is so so likely.


My thoughts too lol


>the fire-fighters become happy pyromaniacs Firefighters are just pyromaniacs who found a way to get paid to play with their favorite thing.


Right!? Im an editor. I read, write, and criticize. I have the best job on EARTH. I was gonna do all that ANYWAY but hey if you want to pay me...


Me too! Correcting other people's errors for a living is incredibly satisfying.


Top 3 qualifications to get into the job? I'm disabled and need to find something to do from home. Bonus points that people have to thank me for pointing out their flaws for a change...


Fuck, I need a job like that. English degree, currently helping spouse with a course on grammar.


Same here! I have no official degree in wordology, but I am an incredible pedant when it comes to spelling, grammar and the like. ​ Lets face it, any of us who have ever corrected someone on the internet (so, everyone) would love this job I think.


Let’s* 😏


You’re hired!


oH BuT iTS your


Not from mine point of vantage


Some forgiveness is required when folks are posting with a cellphone or at 3 am.


I was being playfully sardonic lol


My degree was in international affairs but Ive worked in tech all these years.


Fuck it, I'd written out a long, long response to you, and then the page refreshed and deleted 90% of it. Joy! I'm going to give you the abbreviated version, which will probably be the better version anyway. My tips: 1) Get familiar with AP Style and the Chicago Manual of Style. The latter is a huge tome, and I'm not in any way telling you to read or memorize it – just familiarize yourself with the differences between the two (like serial/Oxford comma usage, for instance) enough to feel comfortable faking your way through an interview. I hate to say it, but if writing/editing/proofreading is something you want to make a living at, your best bet is probably in advertising/marketing, and most agencies will ask that you be familiar with one style or the other. If you get hired, you’ll find that the agency itself probably isn't even familiar with it, but once you've got the job, it doesn't matter, as you can reference those books as you go and learn slowly. 2) Recruiters will be more likely to look at your résumé if you majored in English or something similar (Communication is one I’ve seen a lot, but I still have no idea what that entails, and Journalism is another), but it’s not required. What you need to do is pad up your résumé with anything that sounds related. Write paid articles for a website. Find odd writing/editing/proofreading jobs on Craigslist (bonus: Those can be really fun, or at least a fun story later on). Maybe do some quick editing for a site like Fiverr. No one cares what majored in if you can prove people are willing to pay you to do it (and they don’t have to know that it was $5). By the way, all of your basic writing skills are something you learned in middle school, and you either understood and cared enough to hone your skills on your own or you didn’t. No one learns that kind of shit in college/uni as an English major. Yes, you can always get better, but if you have the skills, hopefully you know it (and aren’t lying to yourself). You’d be amazed (horrified?) at how many people are unable to string together a coherent sentence. I’ve gotten paid $300 to write a single headline. That’s, like, four to 10 words and can take five minutes. It feels almost criminal. 3) Make sure your friends/acquaintances/coworkers/family know that this is what you do. Honestly, “networking” (by which I don’t mean kissing the asses of high-ranking people) is the best way to get a job. Ask everyone you know, within your own comfort limits, if they have anything related to what you’re looking for at their respective workplaces, and ask if they’d be willing to recommend you if they do. This pretty much applies to any job out there. Goddamn, this still ended up butt-clenchingly long. Sorry. Both for that sentence (which made no sense) and for the 10 minutes of your life I just wasted.


Thanks for writing this! It's very helpful :)


And this was the abbreviated version, thank god. <_<


Exceptional use of Microsoft Word, a little printing layout wouldn't hurt, and consistency and ability to refer to guides.


I’m a senior consultant, my job is to tell people they’re being idiots, but politely.


This sounded like my dream job up until that last part


It's certainly the part that makes it challenging. I had to come off mute earlier this morning in a meeting where the senior solution designer and the lead dev couldn't work out what a particular acronym meant so I could point out to them that it was writing in full after the acronym at the top of the page...


Okay I take it back your job sounds like my nightmare hahaha. I can’t imagine the amount of self control you must have. I’m pretty good at filtering what comes out of my mouth, but I would need to immobilize my entire face with Botox to survive a job like that 🥴


We are advocates for the document not the writers. Sure we'll help them by asking questions to clarify and correcting the grammar but we aren't their slaves, we dont care about their little feelings, and we DONT MAKE SUGGESTIONS (when I say FIX IT I aint screwing around). The authors dont matter as much as the finished product. Two-thirds of our pay is for delivering the "bad news" - usually at the 11th hour that NO, their document ISNT perfect and NO they ARENT done yet. Sigh.


In my experience consultants, for a large fee, tell senior management what their own people have already told them for free. I wish I had taken the leap into consultancy when I had the opportunity.


In my experience they bring consultants in for two reasons - one to present "findings" to the board that they don't have the guts to own themselves, or to collect information form staff because they don't trust the staff enough to ask them directly - for some reason they think getting us to ask on their behalf makes it more valid...


i just make sure you can see outside while keeping the outside from inside. (i make windows and doors)


That sounds like a nice blend of mental and physical exertion. Plus, you get the satisfaction of seeing and feeling a product you created. That always feels good.


Yes it is. I do the custom assembly and decorative. So i'm the one who does all those crazy looking doors and windows. We do high end product. Think ultra rich and such.


That sounds like a pretty grammatically jumbled sentence for an editor to compose.


He didn’t say he was a *good* editor


Same here. I do quality assessing for mystery shopping jobs. 90% of jobs need an edit. RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH.


I am a retired baseball umpire. I say what's up and if you don't like it, I will suggest quite forcefully that I win the argument and you need to leave.


Any advice for a new volunteer editor?


Consistency. Pick a guide and follow it every single time.


How much do you charge? I have 2 books on an online platform but want to do paperback editions when they are done.


As a firefighter, I can confirm this.


I read once that some arsonists have an uncontrollable need to urinate when they're around fire. Have you ever heard of this or seen evidence of it? I can't remember where I read it, and I've always wondered if it's true. P.S. Firefighters are awesome.


Oh, you just explained the story behind Brussel's Manneken Pis sculpture!


where theres piss theres fire


In my country (Brazil) we have a old wives' tale that playing with fires makes kids wet theirs beds.


Nunca ouvi dizer disso! Also, I've been a pyro since I can remember, never wanted to be a firefighter. Like to cook, tho...


Bem, na minha época esse papo era bem comum. Acho que até já li uma história do Cebolinha fazendo alusão à isso.


Eita. Eu que sou filhote então...


R/suddenlhcaralho ?


I’ve never encountered that, but I don’t doubt it happens.


Firefighters are more likely to be arsonists than any other job.


Yep and the arsonist tend to be the first one on the scene to look more like the hero


I find that hard to believe considering there’s 32,000 arson offenses in the US and about 100 firefighters convicted of arson each year. Firefighter here, and not saying it’s not a thing but a majority of the arsonists in my area are homeless and pissed off at someone, therefore setting it on fire.


Arson is a very difficult crime to prove and it is among the crimes with the lowest clearance rates simply because all the evidence is burnt up.


Homeless people generally don’t have jobs, yeah?


I was giving an example of my personal experience, not a statistic.


And I’m replying that the people you say are mostly responsible for arson don’t have jobs, so they won’t be part of this statistic I’m talking about. We can agree that if “homeless” was considered a job, they’d be the top fire bugs by job type for sure.


In my experience***. Once you add that, you’re right. Had I not included that in my comment you wouldn’t be responding to me. The point is, from your original statement, less than 1% of arsonists in the US that are convicted are firefighters. Just a fun little statistic I wanted to add.


Thanks for sharing!


Isn't that a good thing though? Rather than having random (brain-dead) civils playing with fire, I'd much rather an elite firefighter crew have fun with fire, within the boundaries of safety and rules laid out by their employment.


Id rather my fireman not have a savior complexes and not start fires.


W... wh... what now? That's the same kind of logic as wanting cops to hold off on firearms training but are still required to handle firearms in times of crisis without the proper training. Life just doesn't work that way. If you want a professionnal team of firefighters with a large experience in fighting fires, they NEED those simulations to build up experience. Both from the veteran workers and the new recruits still in learning process. How is that sounding alarming for you?


Maybe you misread what I said. Firemen are more likely to be found guilty of the crime of arson than any other job. It has nothing to do with permitted training, and everything to do with a savior complex. >start fire >be first on scene to help put out fire you caused >be praised and honored for fixing the problem you caused


Oh. I misread that by a long shot. Can't defend the crime makers, fully agree on that.


maybe you should edit that above comment, you're gonna be downvoted into infinity - :)


Look up John Orr and then see what you think about arsonist firefighters.


> within the boundaries of safety and rules laid out by their employment. Yeah, that's not what they mean by firefighters being arsonists: > Firefighter arson is a persistent phenomenon involving a minority of firefighters who are also active arsonists. Fire-fighting organizations are aware of this problem. Some of the offenders seem to be motivated by boredom, or by the prospect of receiving attention for responding to the fires they have set. It has been reported that **roughly 100 U.S. firefighters are convicted of arson each year** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefighter_arson


100 out of 32,000. Not really much of a “problem”. The person you replied to claimed “firefighters are more likely to be arsonists than any other job”, which is one hell of a big lie.


Real firefighters or volunteers?


People who list their occupation as firefighter.


Both are "real firefighters"


Shh… you said the quiet part out loud.


I am thoroughly into working with fire alarm systems as a hobby (I build control panels and whatnot) and when my friends ask why, it's a combination of "I like fire alarms because I like fire," and "They make people go away." Lol


And welders.


I agree. Source: am firefighter


Both my grandpas were fire fighters. One was a chief while the other was part of the volunteer service he helped build. I spent a lot of time climbing around on trucks, sitting on the couch watching movies with the crew, and getting out of the way when a call came in because they would 100% trample me. 😅


The day we get to burn out with drip torches on a wildfire is the best day ever.


This is the truth!


I use the whole firefight/pyro thing as an example of defense mechanism “sublimation” in a course :)


Same for the Gynecologist?


Firefighter here. Can confirm.


They gotta be very careful though. It's too easy to go from fighting them and enjoying it to starting them.


That’s when they transfer to forestry. I have a friend who was miserable as a structural firefighter but goddamn if he isn’t a bit of a magician when it comes to controlled burn season in the forest.


I'd say not without a predisposition for pyromania. The average person who would never haver been an arsonists isn't going to become one because they join a volly dept or get another firefighter job and happen to enjoy that aspect of it.


Starting is fine. As op illustrated there are many opportunities that come up to start controlled fires. It's when people get hero complex that the trouble starts.


A famous serial arsonist in CA was a fire investigator who set fires on his way to investigator conferences. Convicted of murder.


She disappears fuming into her home ====== I see what you did there


I'm kinda disappointed that the EM wasn't sprayed with a hose


That would have been a fun ‘Oopsie!’


Especially if her own kid(s) had done it.


Aren't those hoses like super high pressure though?


Then it would be a very memorable and valuable lesson: don't piss off a firefighter.


I made a comment further down in which i said i think the firefighters would get in trouble whether they do that on accident or not, because they're trained not to with how high pressure those hoses are Edit: a word


And heavy...


I was more so meaning it's dangerous to get hit by one of those, it can send you back a ways Edit: and i think they're trained not to so they'd get in trouble no matter what


Most firefighting nozzles are variable stream, meaning you can go from a wide fan spread down to a narrow stream. On the fan setting the pressure is like a giant sprinkler. The narrow stream however will certainly knock a person down if you hit them center-mass. Either way, it was a joke.


New way to take out riots! No hose laws! You want to riot and light fires? Bring it! 👩🏽‍🚒🧑🏿‍🚒👨🏽‍🚒👨🏻‍🚒


They've been using hoses to quell riots at least since the 1930's


Just haven’t seen any recently. Nice to know though! I need to get a better hose 😉


They’ve used this when black people in America were asking for basic human rights they “already had”. And in more recent examples riot police used this method in Myanmar. Myanmar, in recent years, has been controlled by the military and turned into a dictatorship. The citizens of Myanmar have been shot down with both rubber bullets and water cannons (same power as a fire hose), some were killed while many were put in critical condition. Fire hoses are used when the unrest in a nation is too much for the government to handle “peacefully”. There has never been anything funny about rout police using this method cause often times when it does happen it means the government failed badly and don’t want to be attacked by the U.N if they are caught using deadly force against their citizens. Please delete your comment or at least remove the heart, people fight to survive and are blown away by fire hoses way to often.


Yes, you are correct, but as someone having to train fire drills and hose operation 6 monthly, kiddo would either a) blast momma of her feet or b) blast themselves of their feet. You see, the energy gotta go somewhere, yes the fan setting means no one gets hit with a 2kg slug of water, but fanning it out will most certainly launch a small kid on full tilt as that's a lot of water against the air around us.


Depends on the setting. Structure fires get 125 psi; wild fires get 13 psi


They can be. Depends. I wouldn’t imagine a burn pile to use the 100~ psi a building fire would. Still I was standing on the opposite side of a small house and took a hose stream to the face, everything’s still in the right spot.


FSSSSSSSH! Oops! Sorry. Didn’t see you there. FSSSSSSSH! Or there. (Our son just got into Despicable Me 2)


You get a drink from the Fire Hose!!! https://youtu.be/pgPgsvxxxKE


That’s what I had hoped to see when I dove in, also. Good story, though.


"What are you doing? You can't do that! I didn't give permission!!" *not even a donkey need your permissions.*


Imagine thinking your neighbors need your permission for what they do on their own property, next level entitlement, she would make a great head of a nightmare HOA


This is the most beautiful beautiful response I've ever seen to a Karen in her natural habitat and I am so so happy. I hope she at least was fuming by herself for a good minute just because I think she's deserved too.


Those kids just had the best birthday party of their childhoods and EM is going to be fuming every time this is mentioned fondly for decades to come. A++ work! And somehow the stickers just make this extra perfect.


Or she'll re-write the narrative to take credit/make it a fun thing.


Probably this. Delusion is strong with those folks.


She’ll call back at next year’s party, demanding to know where the firefighters are.


😆 *evil cackle*


Ohhh now that is evil! Definitely belongs on r/pettyrevenge as well. It's just oh so perfect. EM comes out with shit eating grin to find she will be the bad guys if she tries to stop what is happening.


We had a woman in our building pull the fire alarm because she decided getting drop down drunk while on psychiatric meds (anti-psychotics I think) was a grand idea. When the firemen showed up in full gear, she decided she was going to "beat the crap out of them." Cue 5 foot nothing, 100 lbs soaking wet drunk woman pounding her fists on a firefighter's back. He didn't even notice. When he did he turned around and said, "if you behave like a good girl I'll give you stickers." She stopped, sat down and waited for her stickers.




What are these magical fire department stickers everyone keeps mentioning?! I feel like I want some now! Where can I get firefighter stickers?!?!?


There was a post a while back about someone who was always fascinated by firetrucks, who finally screwed up enough courage to go to the firestation & ask if they could look at the trucks. Firefighters weren't busy and were *delighted* to show this person around! Pretty sure your local fire dpt would be the same, should you go ask to take a look. Probably some sweet stickers in the building, too ;)


Dammit, I used to live next to FDNY engine 6 firehouse and I never stopped by to ask for a tour. Well, I know what I’m doing this weekend! And I’ll ask for stickers


They DEFINITELY do this. A few months ago there was a cat in a tree that the entire brigade showed up to rescue (small town, slow day) and my son ran out to see the trucks. They had a bunch of sooty gear on because they had just come from a structural fire + COVID restrictions so they didn’t really want him touching everything but they told us as soon as restrictions are lifted to give them a heads up and bring him down to the firehouse so they could give him a full tour of all the rigs. 😊


Just get wasted, pull a fire alarm, and try to take one of the firefighters down. They’ll offer you a sticker.


Sounds like a fun Saturday!


I don't know but they sure kept her quiet. lol


This belongs on r/pettyrevenge. But that’s so sweet the kids must’ve loved it!


That party must've been fire


It was two times as lit as a regular party


What was the angry phone call the First Officer received? Was it just from EM or did she call a higher up in the department? What was EM told that she came with her “I won” swagger in full display?


I've always respected firefighters. This gave me a whole new respect for them! How to fight fire with fire


I’m an adult and would still love this party. That sounds like so much fun.


I'm reminded of a guy I saw recently on Reddit who walked over to a fire station one day, and had a photo taken of him fulfilling a lifelong dream to sit in a fire engine. They're always cool.


Should've have hosed her down, those fumes she produced could turn into a real fire


One thing to make thar better, her own kids hosing her down


Evil, I love it!


Ahahahaha! Crush that Karen move


That is a splashing - er, smashing! - story... 😁😁


You know that bitch probably took credit for it all like it was her idea anyways.


Why does this comment not have more upvotes




This needs a cross to r/pettyrevenge as the best kind of petty revenge.


If her house 🔥🏡🔥were burning down would they need to find her and have her sign documents for permission to put the fire 🔥out?


It is a moral and ethical imperative of all good citizens to destroy a Karen's reputation, social standing and LIFE


This is one for s/pettyrevenge






Putting that Entitled Bitch in her place......PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!


Best Party Ever! Said every kid there...


Ok, I love how this EM was stopped, kudos to you OP for coming up with that idea!


This is so far the best story ive read in july, Have fun!!


Well that deescalated quickly.


What kid ANYWHERE isn't fascinated with fire fighters, their gear, and the hoses?! Great decision, I'm sure you made that kid's party the hit of the month. :)


Hehehe...she was fuming.


Former volunteer fire fighter in a small town; my only two structure fires were one we set as a controlled burn of a donated shed (my first noon-drill "call") and a mutual aid call a few towns over (coincidentally my last call before going to college and writing the department.) This post seems legit and would have been a lot of fun for training. Or add one of the kids. Hell, now with hindsight, as one of the parents.




You have to love firemen.


Love this story ♥️


Just beutiful, I do find the firefighters being pyromaniacs a bit offensive as one myself, but I'll ignore it because I would've done the same.


This had me laughing out loud. Well played!


I can only imagine there being a fire at that house and when the team goes to put it out, the EM just says that she didn't give permission to save her house and life.


"Always have stickers".. words to live by




well played op brigade.


If fire trucks showed up during my kids party he would LOSE HIS MIND. I would welcome the free entertainment and joy my little guy gets out of seeing the “wee-woo” truck.


I love correcting people lmao


Evil grins all around!


Are you kidding me ? If I knew about a Controlled Fire exercise that's happening in my neighborhood, I'd set up a party to coincide with it.


This has been one of the best stories on how to shut-down an EM yet ... They just took away her ball




Bahahaha this is so delicious it must be fattening


>always have stickers on hand noted


Only way this could have been better was if one of the kids “accidentally “ hit her with the hose


Hmmm, I wonder what is the regular edition