My Review/Take of the Current state of the

My Review/Take of the Current state of the


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I'm just coming to the end of my third campaign. I played at initial release as normal Max. After 1.2 I played a hard Ivan and this 1.3 save just coming to an end is hard Zalika. Steam has me at just over 200 hours. According my save files Max ran at \~65hrs, Ivan at \~55hrs and Zalika is at the \~70hrs mark as I approach the final objectives. I'm going to respond to you section by section as I see a couple of misconceptions but otherwise you've hit on a lot of good points. I won't quote you to save the character count in here :) **The good** The UI: only adjustment that really comes to mind is filters on the world map. Though I've got used to the icons and it is easier to see what's where in 1.3 compared to release ... I'd really love to be able to filter to type of scheme etc Although the research tree is decent .... I agree with you on lockers and I'd add the broadcast strength to it. Space is really not at a premium in this game, especially once you get stairs and the second dig technology. In this hard Zalika run I've not even bothered replacing my regular lockers with the compact ones and I still have 300 minions capped with plenty of room to expand the lair. I'd rather see the broadcast strength go from a flat increase to a percentage, or with the intel revamp in 1.3 improve the intel generation. Instead of reducing how many lockers/beds are needed to reach the cap I'd prefer it if it increased the cap. I feel that the increased salaries of 1.3 would balance out the increased minion count fairly well (at end game with all specialists I still sit at my vault cap with only passive income at tier 4 networks). Having a higher minion cap I feel will also reduce the downtime (more on that in a bit). **The criticism** **Salary system** You may have missed it in the 1.3 revamp but the salary cost and the time till pay is now shown when you hover over your money. I don't know how it is on normal or easy but with hard it becomes critical to manage your cashflow in the early/mid game to avoid all your specialists' quitting. At the very end game with tier 4 networks everywhere gold is a complete non-issue anyway. **Helicopter** Total agreement here ... what might help would be if the heli could to partial deployments more often (it does happen sometimes oddly enough) and perhaps if it could travel to more than one location at a time. This will probably help more with the syndrome of minions hanging out for ages waiting for just that one more to get there, and with needing to have a large-ish pool of at least 20 low level minions (such as guards) to fill missions of 15 needed... **Eco & extinguishers** (Skipping eco systems as I'm 100% on board with you there) I'd add cameras to fire extinguishers ... it's annoying having to drop squares of mini corridor in different rooms for those both. **Room reqs** Here I completely disagree with you in the context of the autocratic evil genious lair we play in ... I don't know if you've ever spent time in the military or similar but large dorms for minions of the boss are not unusual. Same with dedicated locker areas rather than next to the bed. This also allows lots of flexibility to roleplay different layouts. **Micro** * Your controllables (genius & henchmen) will move ... but it can take persistence and can be frustrating. * Make use of tables (armory and sanctum) to put muscle/henchmen where you want them to stay until needed. IRIS is one of the best henchmen with her ability to summon... make good use of that. * Your genius is your prioritisation tool. Use the "do this now" order to proper effect when you need something really doing. **Traps & Lockers** Yeah traps need a buff ... they are almost pointless in the mid to end game. Minions to actually go to the lockers periodically to "check their stuff" (that's actually the blurb in their activity) and this has a recovery of a stat (morale I think... might be smarts). The more efficient usage is pretty pointless though ... I'd rather see that change to increasing the cap from 300 up to, say, 500 in increments. **World stage** The downtime in missions is still too high in 1.3 ... a large chunk of that Zalika save is just sitting there waiting on replenishment with it on fast forward and the TV on in the background. If there was a larger pool of minions (which I feel will be balanced out by the higher salary now to manage) then the wait to retrain 15 mercs (for the worst example) won't be so bad. Oh and yeah doors are pointless other than blocking line of sight ... Overall I agree that it has a solid base (I wouldn't be at 200 hours otherwise) and the devs obviously care given how quickly they have got fixes out so far and how they have responded to the community in their Discord. I'm really looking forward to seeing how they build on this over time :)


About the lack of micro, thats the genre. The original Evil Genius was based heavily on Dungeon Keeper, and retains a lot of the management sim elements of that game, including autonomous minions you can only control indirectly. Granted, Dungeon Keeper let you pick up your minions and drop them almost anywhere, but Evil Genius 1 did not. The roots to DK and Theme Hospital are strong, and a part of that legacy of game design is the lack of micro.


Regarding salary, there is a stopwatch in the bottom left corner and you pay just before it reaches the top (something like 30-35 seconds before). How much you pay in total can be seen if you mouse over your money, and if you check the minion training screen you can see how much each minion type currently costs you.


The entire game is a shameless mobile-esque time sink with a DLC money sink that depended heavily on nostalgia as its primary selling point. Once the nostalgia wears off you realize it isn't a very fun game. More effort is being put into releasing DLC content than actually working on the mechanics and fun factor of the game.


> How is a +10 minion cap worth your time when you could just build 2 more lockers?? While I wouldn't go to bat for this research line being good, it is not as terrible as it initially seems, since coupled with upgraded lockers it cuts down on the amount you need in base to like 5 lockers when all is said and done. And with space not being limitless, this can improve the efficency of the base layout. Not great and definitely a lowest tier of research, but it offers some marginal utility.


I’ve noticed that if I see soldiers coming through the backdoor, if i time it right I can purchase a bunch of meat shields so that my hitmen have good range. Only a few thousand gold. Then replace them once they’re dead.


Shockingly appropriate tactic for an evil genius.