Vault space

Vault space


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What's even more funny is that it cost $3000 to place one down, implying that the material the pallet is made from is more valuable than the gold that it'll store.


Same for all other gold storages. We should make pallets of gold to store whatever material they are currently made of. Would be more efficient.


Well aware. Its retarded.


Make a few palettes just to give you some headroom for salaries, don't bother building anymore of the shitty palette, just a small room with 6-10 or so is enough, *never* drop below the amount that'll make you not afford to pay salaries, these palettes you made are basically for minion salaries only, the rest you spend. When you can you should dedicate one of the floors to a vault and lockers big enough to hold at least a mil and the minion cap, throw a camera at the entrance for those times the agent that steals money shows up, a few fire extinguishers as well. Then just leave it, later on in the game if you're so overloaded with cash constantly then upgrade to hold 2 mil. Upgrade to the next tier of palette before you build this vault, DO NOT build the shitty tier 1 palettes. This shouldn't really take up an entire floor especially not with the tier 3 palette, but there's so much space so you might as well I guess. These mega vaults people make are very bad, do not waste your time or money with them, you really only need a couple mil at most, you shouldn't be at the money cap and if you are that means you're being inefficient, you're just doing nothing if this happens, you should be expanding and improving your base constantly.


So I had reached tier 3 gold storage, the single-space safety deposit boxes, and built up to a capacity of 2.9 million. The dollar counter has capacity to go into the billions, but really, would anyone do that?


I don't see any reason to go much beyond a few millions. I finished the game quite comfortably with ~4 million capacity (on Hard, post 1.3) Well, one reason might be to stop IRIS complaining about the vault being full...


I finished my hard Zalika campaign at 6 million and that felt an excessive number to sit on as a construction and minion salary buffer. I mostly just grew the vault to that point just because ... wasn't really paying attention to the size or with a goal in mind.


I got to around 30 or 40 million in my (ill-fated) attempt to get capacity close to the maximum number in the counter. I had whole basement floor of the "Island number 3, central helipad" and most of the second floor just full of generators to power mega safes, and top floor and 1/4 of the main floor filled with mega safes. 80 technicians with 70 of them set to repairs priority was needed to avoid fires.


The comical thing is that up to the 1.3 patch there were still people defending 1 billion gold achievement as possible that just takes effort...


On the doughnut at least it’s not even easily possible to get over 100mil due to the space requirements, even assuming optimal space usage within the vaults and power rooms. A rough estimate based on the buildable area of the other islands suggests that they also can't get much higher than a few hundred million even if you optimize for it. The limiting factor is ultimately the power requirements of the megasafes. OTOH, on my second playthrough I’ve got about 2.5mil in capacity on Montañas Gemales just using safe racks and about 15% of the basement space, and I’m finding that I’m not dropping much below about 2mil 99% of the time despite essentially never running schemes other than to reduce heat in a region.