Bunch of idiots thought it was a good idea to block a highway road on the rush hour while the sky is raining

Bunch of idiots thought it was a good idea to block a highway road on the rush hour while the sky is raining

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Did that truck seriously just take off?


Yasss prolly had no insurance


Or was carrying dope and dead bitches


The dead bitches also had no insurance.


Those dead bitches were dopes for not carrying insurance.


Dead bitches don't need insurance.


Where we're going, we don't need insurance.


Or roads.


Or Cars


Or those tiny packs of gross candy that come with new shoes.


Will we still need the dead bitches? The dope's a given, obviously.


That's bad.


But the dead bitches come with a free froyo!


That’s good!


But consuming the froyo voids one's insurance.




But it comes with your choice of topping!


That's good!


That’s good!


Either way they should have stayed, now they will face even more charges..


You could say he was thinking if he should stay or if he should go


If he goes there will be trouble, but if he stays there will be double


So come on, let him know


Should I stay or should I go?


If they find him/her


*gas gas gas*




In a multi car pile-up things get confusing fast. Shit happens all the time. They will most likely never be found.


Plus this is in Mexico. No ones going after em


All he has to do is say he feared for his safety and he would be justified in fleeing though. I mean what kind of lunatics block the road like that?


Well that's my question. Why are they blocking the freeway in the first place?


Now they can at least get rid of the dope and dead bitches first


The sky was raining dope & dead bitches into the back of the truck.


Could also be moving to avoid more rear ending


Maybe they are just circling around the block …I’m sure they’re coming back.


Just like my dad


He's just having trouble finding his preferred brand of smokes. He'll be back champ.


Around here I routinely see vehicles with no tags. Especially pickups that spew tons of black smoke. We don't have emissions testing, but you do have to get a safety inspection to get a registration as well as show proof of insurance. They're not supposed to pass you if the check engine light is on, but some places will if it's not an actual safety issue.


pray tell, where does "around here" refer to?


Urban Missouri


Not sure where this is exactly…but if it’s México, you don’t wanna stop if you’re driving a big truck like that. Really anything like an F150 or above are prized by cartel soldiers. They take them any chance they get. Causing a somewhat minor accident to get you to stop your truck isn’t unheard of if they want your truck. But as I said, I don’t know where this is or what that guy in the truck was thinking. He just bounced. LOL Edit: I never said I knew what was going on here, but if you think that doesn’t happen then your kidding yourself. That’s awesome it hasn’t happened to you or anyone you know, it’s not that every thing with a truck bed is ripped off from people. But if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like if you’re anywhere else, shit happens. No not every truck is stolen by the cartel! But it does happen, even if your precious loved ones have never had it happen to them.


Last time it was posted it was mentioned it was in Mexico and yes; you don’t stop for these types of accidents specifically in a truck like you said.


Whats the point of owning an F150 in Mexico then? You would live your life like Speed and never be stopping.


I don’t know, I have heard people warning tourists about this happening to mainly.


Being a contractor without a pickup is an extremely annoying life.


My bad! I didn’t see your post about this being in Mexico, thanks for the reply. 👍👍


No problem. This was posted about a week ago and someone linked the whole article about it. And even spoke about the truck taking off. Funny how you said exactly the same thing.


Do you know why the were in the middle of the road?


They were complaining about their neighborhood being flooded with the previous storm.


Oh so the passing cars and highway is supposed to stop the rain. Yeah got it. I’m going to try that the next time it happens where I live. It clearly works, I’ll make sure to bring my umbrella if it’s raining.


Jajajaja, sorry, I didn't elaborate further, they were trying to get the attention of the municipal government to help them, according to them they have several days like that, the water is more than half a meter and now is raining again.


The point of these types of protests is to create an inconvenience to everyone so that they become more aware of the situation that they are protesting. More than likely this isn't a 'we want the rain to stop' and more along the lines of 'we want our government to fix the major mess up of what our run off/ etc issues are.


Yeah, I think that’s pretty common knowledge if you watch YouTube videos about the cartel down there. OG Shadow has a good channel and I’ve heard it on there for sure about the trucks.


It is Mexico, Reynosa Tamaulipas to be exact (a city near the US border), also the truck was already with those people you mention, that's why it left.


One of my brother's high school friends was driving from Monterrey to the border in his truck and has not been heard from since February.


When in doubt, get the hell out


That's the exact advice my mom gave me when I asked what to expect on my honeymoon night!


LOL! I'll add, once the honeymoon is underway, it's a little too late to get out, at least without having to pay dearly for the escape route. Having DJ'ed a wedding reception where the bride and groom engaged in a screaming match and fistfight outside the reception hall due to some silly sexual indiscretion by the groom and the maid of honor shortly before the wedding, I have come to believe there are decisions which can make life easy or difficult, simply depending on the timing.


> sexual indiscretion by the groom and the maid of honor shortly before the wedding This is oddly a very common thing in my area it seems. A lot of guys around here don't think they have to stop sleeping around till around 10 years into the marriage, or after they get caught for the third time. And more often than not it is with someone close to their wives/girlfriends. Of course with it being a small town everyone knows everyone.


Sounds like you're better off just not having one of those trucks, rather than choosing hit and run.


Had to go to Reynosa for work trip and I took our company truck. On the way out a couple guys tried to stop me by saying I had a flat tire. Needless to say it was a lie and havent returned since.


I'm pretty sure theres small police style flashers in the top of the rear window of the 2and car in line that the truck hit. Maybe that spooked them?


Oh yeah good catch


Looks to me as if the first car did also. Edit: Upon rewatching at the suggestion of another redditor, they did not take off, but pulled ahead a bit to get out of the way.


Thought so too, but after watching again, it looks like they pulled up to the curb to get out of the way.


Unfortunately since he was in the back, it would have been his fault and he didn’t want to get hit on 3 different insurances. In cases like this, I wish all 3 of them could get that woman on her insurance for standing out in the middle of the road.


It looks like he hit last, so he will only be partially at fault for the damage to the cars. You are never suppose to drive at a speed that you can't stop for a static object in the road. So if another car in front of you can come to a complete stop you are suppose to be able to as well before you hit it. This makes him at fault for hitting the car in front of him and pushing that car into the other one. The car in front of him is at fault for hitting that car before he had hit it, and so forth with all of this. At least to the insurance companies. The person will more than likely get into trouble for standing in the road.


Wait can someone explain? So he would be liable for that accident and not the people standing on the highway?? How?


Rear ending someone is pretty much 99% of the time your fault. These people could still easily get charged for causing a hazard, but you’re expected to control your speed and expect hazards like this (in America anyway). If it was a piece of junk on the road, or simply a traffic jam coming up, he should have been ready to stop/slow down. He was either travelling too fast or following too close.


Unless you are in a No Fault State like say Michigan.


Huh. Didn’t know this was a thing, honestly. Apparently there are 12 no fault states. Does this literally mean everyone’s responsible for their own insurance? Do people not carry liability insurance in no-fault states?


Same in Canada. My insurance pays for me. It stops loads of frivolous "I'll sue you" arguments.


That's only for insurance purposes. As far as accidents are considered, if it involves you breaking traffic laws you'll get ticketed for whatever you did to end up in rear ending someone.


Because regardless of WHY that car was stopped, he was following so close he didn't allow himself anytime to brake. However, this was Mexico and he just done off, so normal rules need not apply.


In many places at least, no matter the circumstances, if you are behind someone you are liable for rear ending them. The idea is that you should have been paying attention and regulating your speed and distance to the point that you should always be able to stop before hitting the person in front of you.


Nope. The guy in back absolutely had responsibility for rear ending. Doesn't matter how illegitimate the origin road blockage was, if you are driving a car, you need to leave proper following distance thwt you can stop if the person in front of you suddenly brakes.


Truck driver: ah shit my truck. anyway \*proceeds to drive off like nothing happened\*


Honestly, I’m not stopping inside of a protest. That’s fucking stupid. People willing to block a highway are crazy and I’m not dealing with it. I’d pull into the next gas station, call the police and describe what happened. I might pull up next to the driver and tell them I’m pulling off but not staying here.


*the sky is raining*


*The sky is melting*


The Sky is Cooking Edit. I don’t know how to cursive


Italics. Named for the Italians, who wrote a tower in italics.


*The sky is Italian*




Last time that happened a massive meataballa wiped out the dinosaurs. 🤌🤌🤌


*The sky is leaking*




The sky is crying


All of the telephone lines are down


Can you see the cars rolling down the street? The sky is raining


Came here to say that. Genuine question: what could OP's mother tongue be for them to write such a thing? In which language is the sky legit raining?


He is Vietnamese, and according to Google translate sky and weather are the same word there.


True, I'm kinda a dumbass, english is not my strong subject


It’s pretty good dude, and I quite like it as a term, “the sky is raining”. I mean, it’s not wrong.


Anyone who speaks English will tell you it is a tricky language don't be hard on yourself! You made the message clear, which is not always easy to do.


Bruh English is *not* an easy language. The fact that you're able to communicate in two completely unrelated languages is a testament to your linguistic abilities. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a native English speaker who speaks Vietnamese on the same level you speak English.




I'm grasping at straws here, but OP's name begins with 'VietCong' so.... not Germany.


German is a bit boring. There is no continous form, so a typical mistake would be "It rains." instead of "It is raining." Meanwhile in Soviet Russia, the rain walks.


In Swiss German you can use a continous form with a nominalized verb. E.g. "Es isch am Rägne." -> "Es ist am Regnen" So German does have continous forms but they're mainly used in dialect. There are some exceptions that are also correct in standard German, e.g. "Ich bin beim Essen".


Then everybody stares and wonders how that happened.


"You know what, I think I'll just head on home now."


Aight I'mma head out now


Success! We saved some lives!




*dips over to the side of the road.* "I told y'all not to stand there!"


Every single one of those people on the street is liable in my eyes.


They are not? I tough they were


I'm pretty sure a couple of them were going "fuck this was a bad idea"


They look at themselves like they are the victim.


What are they even doing?! It looks like a mass suicide attempt.


They're trying to stage a protest because their neighborhood flooded during the previous storm and the municipal government is not helping.


Why the fuck do people think that doing this is going to help their cause? If you block a public road like this I’m not thinking “Hey- these people have a good point and I support them!” I’m actually thinking “Fuck these unbelievably inconsiderate people- I don’t care what they’re protesting”. Edit: If you want change- inconvenience the people who can actually effect it. Block access to the council members parking garage or their offices. Protest in front of their homes. Putting people’s lives at risk by blocking a roadway is beyond stupid. It shifts public sentiment against your cause and if the public doesn’t support you, why should the politicians care?


Most protests are about causing enough inconvenience/spectacle to get in the news and get your point heard. Although standing across a 3-lane road in the rain is towards the dozier end of the spectrum.


They did this in my neighborhood and it was very effective. They were shutting the water off from 9am to 6pm every day so we had to store up all the water we planned to use for the day before that. This went on for a week or two. There is a highway right next to the neighborhood, with two stop lights about a mile apart. They would start a human chain at one stop light and then walk slowly to the other one. Eventually it caused enough annoyance that they removed the water restrictions.


What if they were protesting traffic?


Technically you want the voters to be aware of your problems because ideally they're the source of change, electing/pressuring their elected leaders.


How do you think protests actually work?


What do you think a protest is supposed to do?


It'd doesn't matter that they have few drivers supporting them or not. You make such protest to become visible. IF they'll be annoying enough maybe somebody form gov will come and talk. Maybe help. What do you think they have other way to protest? On rural empty road or maybe petition on change.org?


Not entirely sure, the dude recording is probably part of a newspaper (he says is on the video), and it seems like it’s a neighbor congregation (probably protesting for something, but it isn’t very clear). Stupid, regardless.




But.. where are the signs? And the banners? The matching shirts? I’ve seen middle schoolers plan better protests.


You know how some people give 110% with everything they do? Not everyone is like that.


Well judging by this, this *is* 110% of all they've got


I’ve BEEN in better middle school protests, back in the day


They’re protesting \*against\* life?! That makes some kinda sense, I guess.


It's the NLM movement. No Lives Matter.


Newton's Laws of Motion? Every Action has a Equal and Opposite Reaction.


this is why Florida outlawed protests on highways.


Just darwinism


I like how you mentioned that the rain is coming from the sky




Some people are idiots


This is why when there is an accident on the highway you pull over well past the accident. Then you walk back to check on the passengers. If they are ok, get them away from the road. If there are already enough people rendering aid, you walk back to your vehicle and drive away. The less people standing around to be hit by highway speed vehicles the better.


I digged into it and it happened in Reynosa, Mexico. According to the article I found, the protesters were neighbors of that area, which was flooded in the recent days and they were protesting to the government about it. The guy filming is actually a reporter of a local newspaper. And they have already created a piñata with the lady’s appearance! https://www.publimetro.com.mx/mx/virales/2021/07/09/mujer-provoca-choque-multiple-en-reynosa-y-es-bautizada-en-redes-como-lady-choques.html?outputType=amp Piñata: https://www.hoytamaulipas.net/notas/461941/Crean-piniata-de-lady-choques-en-Reynosa.html Longer video: https://youtu.be/YtICJrUVVRY


> they were protesting to the government Well I missed where the "government they were protesting to..." **was** in that scene. They just don't make 'protesters' like they used to: What happened to "Mob surrounds [government building]"? All they've done is delay a bunch of proles, who'll probably go home and get on the phone/internet to demand a squad of militarized cops come out and *keep the roads they pay taxes for*, **open**.




Or perhaps r/idiots


What were they protesting?


Their neighborhood flooded during the previous storm and the municipal government is not helping them.


Ah yes the classic "I have a beef with the government so let me inconvenience my fellow citizens" I have never understood this. If you have a beef with the gubmint, take it up with the gubmint. Don't get me written up for being late to work because you decided to make drum circle in the middle of the freeway.


And just like that I’m pro flood


Well you’ve clearly never played HALO late at night.


Stay on Reddit long enough and you will become pro biblical flood.


Oh, that just happens as you get older. Reddit doesn't even accelerate the process THAT much.


They're against dangerous driving in wet conditions.


They are upset that they are intellectually disadvantaged


The person filming is part of the crowd of idiots who caused the crash.


Yeah, you can see that they’re also on the street at the beginning of the video


He's a reporter, says so on the video, but I agree, he was also on the road, being part of the problem


Look at second 11. It looks like he's standing on the side of the road that's used for parking. He then backs up into a driveway in about three steps, further pointing to him having just barely left the curb. Though I wouldn't be surprised if he was out there before the video began interviewing and such.


You are part of the people commenting on the post


I am becoming part of the comments that became part of the people commenting on the post about the sky raining.


And? This footage will serve beneficial in the court hearing and clear drivers of any potential charges. It may not have been intentional but it was a good thing.


Except for the truck, looks like he ran.


who in their bright mind thought it was a good idea to just hold of traffic


Bright mind? Tf




Everyone blocking that road should be charged. Even the ones who got hit. Their stupidity knows no bounds.


Trucks front tyre got busted, but still took off. Definitely it is carrying some illegal stuff.


You wanna get sued into oblivion? This is how you get sued into oblivion...


You wanna get everybody to root for the opposite of your cause? This.


I just see drivers that are following too close for the conditions.


People won't like it but you're right. You should be prepared for the vehicle ahead of you performing an emergency stop, and give sufficient space to do so.


Especially when there are a bunch of morons on the road ahead.


I want to know the backstory to this. We're they just morons, out is there more to it? I remember a photo doing the rounds a few years ago of a group of cyclists being run over. There were a lot of posts and comments about how much they deserved it and that they shouldn't be allowed on the road. A lot of people found it funny. Well, I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion, except... The driver was drunk, and had fallen asleep at the wheel. He killed one person and injured ten others. For that he went to prison for two years. Point is, there's often more to a story than first appears.


Thank you! If it's raining you need to be driving slower and at a safer distance.


Agree, the first car is also going too fast to be passing people in the road. I would be interested in backstory or translation.


Guess we just don't do safe following distances any more?


Darwin awards mass nominees! Hahah


What’s the context?


To people who want context: during the previous storm a couple of days before the video, their neighborhood flooded, municipal government is not helping them trying to drain the water and the level is still above half a meter. They went to that highway because it's a major road into the city and they "thought" that if they block it the mayor will send someone to negotiate and provide more help, they did that because as I said they were like that for a couple of days and it just started raining again. The town is in Mexico, Reynosa Tamaulipas to be exact a city near the US border. I think that's pretty much it.


that ones gonna be on the SUV for failure to maintain a proper distance. while yes, it is *obviously* very unwise (and illegal) to be protesting on an active street the hazard is clearly visible and the sedan stopped appropriately. the SUV was following too close in the wet conditions and idk wtf that pick-up was doing turning a 50/50 claim into a hit and run.


The pickup is definitely driving without either 1) a license 2) insurance or 3) registration. He’s not planning to stick around for jail time.


INFO: what are they protesting?


Their neighborhood flooded during the previous storm and they want the municipal government to help them since they've been with water in their home at more than half a meter and now is raining again.


Not sure where this is but Technically in Florida under Ron Desantis new law the driver would’ve been able to run them over AND sue them later for blocking the road. EDIT: I love that I'm getting crap for pointing this out. It's not that I agree with this law or think people should get run over and sued for protesting, I was pointing out how asinine that law is.


how do you sue a dead person?


Easy, you go after the estate.


Rich Florida people don’t protest


Bet at least one of them has a ps5


You dont have to be rich to own something.


Rich people everywhere don't protest.


"OK guys, now that we nearly killed someone lets get out of the street. Our work is done." Do any of these people stop to think they might be stopping the people who believe what they believe or do they assume everyone driving down the road is against them?


That truck that rammed the SUV already had it's hood fucked up from another collision


Whats the context here? It doesn’t really look like a protest?


Could they be charged with fault for the accidents?


There were just a few protests here in South Florida (in support of Cuban protestors) where people blocked a major interstate. It's stupidity, and does absolutely nothing to further your cause. I support Cuban protestors, but making my commute home take an hour and a half longer than usual isn't doing a damn thing to help them.


At least one of those idiot should have flew a little bit in the accident


This reminds me of back around 2011. I saw a group of teenagers who kept dashing in front of vehicles, at a busy 4 way, during a heavy thunderstorm.


The sun is not raining here


ITT: people who are champing at the bit to run someone over


Are we not going to talk about the phrase "while the sky is raining"?


As opposed to the ground raining?


How on earth did she not die


I am going to bet that English is not OP's first language. At least the sky is raining.


True, I'm Vietnamese, in vietnamese language, "the sky is raining and "the weather is raining" are practically the same meaning


This shit is idiotic. Who willingly wants to block cars going 65mph+ with their own body? Now that poor car is fucked up, the driver is probably legally screwed because, fuck, how do you charge everyone? "Are you okay?" "I think I am." No you're not okay, you're fucking sick in the head if you think all cars on the road will magically not touch you. Driver clearly was trying not to hit the idiots in the road, so I hope the protesters get what they fucking deserve. Wonder what their cause was. Think it's worth anyones life? Probably not even close. This looks like a bunch of Karens who had nothing better to do, and with no ideal how to actually effectively protest. It's not brave to block highway traffic, it won't help your cause. It's stupid beyond all doubt, and will make your movement look like grown adults throwing a hissy fit.