Alexa does not fuck around

Alexa does not fuck around

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I want to know what Alexa said before they started screaming? What could have been THAT scary so quickly? Did Alexa tell them she was going to murder them in their sleep and then explain how?


At the start, she whispers, "did you hear that?". They unpause it and she immediately says, "I think it's right outside" then they start screaming.


I’m wondering if you could hear that in the video or if you asked your own Alexa?


Meh, it didn't work for me. Just opened some rubbish from Audible... I'm awfully disappointed! ☹️


She goes on to say you're out of peanut butter, because of a gremlin. It's quite disappointing but you can find it on YouTube.


I heard it in the video. She also says something just before "I think it's outside", but I couldn't tell what it was. I'm a Google user.


She just gave me some lame pirate story.


Don’t under estimate the power of a pirate


I thought she was the one evil laughing and I also got scared


She started telling them about income taxes, current housing/rent prices,...


Don’t joke about that…. I’m scared now… Reddit Stop


...and housing is continuing to be bought up by multinational corporations who have entered into a feedback loop of property value increase ensuring that home ownership is a thing of the past and you will be perpetually paying rent the same way you do your student loans forever and ever and ever and ever....




But it gets better. Then you get older. If you had kids, they'll leave you in a home, sell everything that you own, and forget about you where you'll die broken and alone.




And then there is mortgages, which can pentriple to be really expensive. Then there's credit card debt. Loans. So 30 years from now you'll have debt AND not remember how or what for.






And if you want any means of surviving your 60s then for the next 20 years you'll have to do the same thing, every day, over and over again, for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year, the same thing for 20 years, until you're so burned out the system doesnt need you anymore. So they give you the bare minimum you need to survive in exchange for your life of servitude, hoping that your old age and malnourishment will kill your "no longer useful to the system" body quicker than slower.


*throws up in hands* Good god please, no more.


>they'll leave you in a home *Provided human euthanasia isn't legalized by then...*


Death is a release, not a punishment! I reserve the right to change my mind when I'm older, but as it stands, the idea of wasting away appeals very little to me. I'm here for a good time, not a long time.


finally, somebody i agree with


We're telling horror stories here, you whoosh.


Underated comment. I work in real estate (CA) and it's damn near impossible to buy a house right now unless you're ready to pay well over asking price. It's quite alarming that this isn't brought up more


There are dozens of growing problems like this that were all just kind of ignoring. The housing market shifting strongly away from individuals actually owning houses and towards them being investment properties for forever income from mega corporations. The unbelievable power of advertising revenue on the shaping and direction of content, both corporate produced and individually produced, resulting in problems ranging from censorship to the growth and power of entertainment news controlling the political opinions of most of the nation. And let's not ignore the fact that corporate consolidation has become so commonplace that people actually defend it, and they are building de facto kingdoms with unelected royalty directing the decisions of government through influence and power. Oh and the climate is in freefall and the very oxygen generating systems of the ocean are dying off when we're not watching. We're in the middle of a human generated Extinction event, one that is entirely likely to take at least a huge portion of humans with it. But hey, the true fall out of all of this stuff is still years off. Back to scrolling Reddit!


…and how by the time they’re adults, the hurricanes, droughts, floods, and wildfires will be so destructive, it will displace hundreds of millions worldwide especially along the equator, leading to the rise of anti-immigrant politicians and authoritarian dystopia society with radicalized narcissistic sociopaths…


And the Great Oreo Shortage of 2022


Simpsons meme to confirm it's true is required




That makes me throw up




It sounded like "It's right outside"




At the end, the mom asks what they asked her. He told his mom, "nothing scary". Apparently he can't help himself and keeps asking her to tell him horror stories. haha


That’s a lot of kids in my experience. Used to teach and 7-10 year old boys loved to show me the “horror” stories they watched on YouTube. Five nights at Freddie’s and so on. It’s tailor made for kids their age and they love the thrill for whatever reason. They still freak out and make it stop, but it’s tame enough that they never get scarred imo.


I remember hearing that kids actually enjoy being "scared" in situations they understand are harmless. I mean, it's real to them in the moment, but they still don't get hurt. I think it's part of building a tolerance to uncomfortable situations so they have a frame of reference.


I think Alexa played the "SHH! \*whispers\* Did you hear that?....... \*whispers creepily\*It's right behind us" thing. Always spooky in the dark.


she wanted to get in touch with them regarding their car's extended warranty


"Your mom and dad can see and hear you at all times..."


Yeah pretty fucking weird having a camera in your kids room when they're that old. Once they're past toddler age time to get that shit out and give them some privacy.


I'm glad it's not just me who thought that. It's so weird.


maybe she told them how she was harvesting their data and would one day use it on them once they become human capital for Jeff Bezos


Jeffrey Bezos... Harvest my data, put your back into it.


> *once they become* human capital for Jeff Bezos Oh but sweet child... --- ^^\*you ^^already ^^are* #[Screaming]


Whispering and idk what else


"Alexa, tell me a horror story" ... Ok ... "Your parents have cameras in your room, and they know Timmy, they know"


Yeah, that's the real horror here. Is this really "normal" for some people? A camera pointing at your KIDS' bed (not babies anymore!) and a f-ing listening device connected to the internet in their room. Holy moly.


Creepy as fuck


It's even creepier when you realize that it's a sleepover. Do the other parents know that these parents are filming their children?


And posting it on the internet.


To at least one pedophile.


Well.. at least you're honest about it? Sorry, I don't know how else to interpret that.. LOL


Yeah, I don’t like that one bit.


Oh shit, I assumed they were siblings. I hope those parents see this.


I would have said the same thing 4 months ago. We had a burglar come threw the kids window and luckily the kids woke up and screamed bloody murder so the guy booked it. I debated putting cameras on all the windows, but I decided on putting them outside for this exact reason. I didnt want the kids to loose their privacy. However it was definitely on the mind.


Fuck cameras I am putting screaming children under my windows! /s


There is nothing more alerting then a kids scream. The guy barely got a foot in and the demonic screams of two girls ripped through the house. The guy probably shit himself because I know I just about did. The rough part is you never know if it was just a roach that got in or if it's a burglar, both screams are identical.


Maybe you can train them to scream threat specificly?


"Aaah" for threats bigger than you, "eeek" for threats smaller than you.


But what if it's a murdering midget?


I don't have kids, but I heard a branch fall out of a tree (I live in a heavily-wooded area). I heard some kids playing down the street, and a kid-scream soon after the branch fell. Raised my heart rate immediately, and I guess I went into dad-mode immediately. I waited a few seconds, fighting the urge to run toward the sound, and, thankfully, heard normal happy kid noises. Probably saved me some embarrassment. That reaction is instinctual and powerful.


Happened to me as well, reacted the same way. Actually saw it happen. Two little girls crossed the street, car comes around the corner, doesnt see the girls because some genius decided to put giant bushes on the inside of the turn, hits one of the girls... the scream that came out of the other one - holy shit. Dad mode is right, I was ready to hop off of my balcony to 'save' them, even though that made no sense whatsoever. The girl that got hit was alright, thankfully.


Yeah I have begun to think, over the years, that I'm just not cut out to be a dad, but it's nice to know I've at least got dad Gene's. I was pretty drunk when that happened, but swear to God that sobered me up. Can't remember the last time I felt that focused or ready to act with zero doubt. Actually surprised I hesitated for a few seconds, but I guess that was just maturity. Who knows? Maybe one day I'll actually wind up being a dad and doing an ok job of it.


There used to be a kid in my neighborhood, around 7 or 8 years old at the time, that would play in the grassy area next to my house. He would scream like he was being stabbed over little things: accidentally dropping his bike, his friend throwing him a football, his sister showing up. Literally anything was grounds for a possible scream. I finally had to go tell him that it sounds like he’s in serious, life-threatening trouble every time he screams like that. To his credit, it seems like it sunk in immediately. He would play out there and yell (not scream, big difference) with his friends, but I never heard his shrill, blood-curdling scream again.


Good. Good for you. Eventually, not changing could have put him in a very bad position The boy who cried wolf really is a great cautionary tale for kids, even nowadays.




Just don't give them Alexa, it induces false alarms.


It works best when you use kids that aren't yours.


How far away did the window land?


Security cameras on the outside of the house =/= cameras in your children's bedrooms, pointed at their beds, with full audio capture. Big brother is watching... the look on your face.


when my child was an infant we have a video baby monitor in the room but we torched that as soon as it wasn't necessary. I've since hooked up wired cameras outside the home at all points of ingress, that's all you need.


Well thats horrifying. We have little window alarms on every window and cameras. And a big dog that patrols our backyard at night. But that's still messed up.


Yeah, cameras outside the house is great. Even if they dont work or are dummy models they will absolutely help prevent break ins just by the threat. Putting cameras inside your kids bedroom if older than like a toddler is just creepy and unnecessary.


That's exactly what my thought was, even if the cameras become nonfunctional it should deter people. They are too old to put a camera inside for sure. My brother has a camera to watch their 2 year old which I completely support. The kids in the video are too old in my opinion.


Through* lose*


Would a camera have stopped him?


Didn't stop alexa that's for sure


Maybe window alarms?


Jesssfam on YT has cameras in all her kids rooms. Fucking weird. Like no privacy.


There should be laws against crap like this.


Exactly. It’s weird.


Do you know what's even worse? They uploaded this video to the Internet and shared it with strangers around the world.


I hear ya. I removed the baby monitor from my son's room when he was about 2 and a half. Once he moved to a 'big bed'.


Yea I've got a camera in my kids rooms, one is 2 and one is 7 months. The only reason I still have the camera in the older ones room is because she likes to get out of bed and EAT THE GODDAMN WINDOWSILL. As soon as that stops I'll take it out. For babies it's great to be able to see what they're doing, but for older kids it's just plain creepy.


Nothing beats a good sill.


Do you live in an older house? There might be lead paint on that sill if she keeps going back and she’s not just doing it for shits and giggles.


And it's not just your kid, it's their friends. Do their parents know????


That's probably on a network with a default admin password.


Yep. Big brother never came for you. Your parents invited him so they could get some peace while you were an infant, and then just left him there to keep you company as you grew older.


I still have the baby monitor up in my son's room. He's turning 5 in a few days. I suppose I'll need to take it out sooner or later. But I'm lazy and he likes being able to talk to us through it at night




Glad to see I’m not the only one who’s mind went there. My version was ‘your parents have a camera in your room. They know where the sock is’


Didn’t even get to hear the story.


Looked it up she asks if you heard it, says “ I think it’s coming from the cupboard..let me check it out” *gasps*” the peanut butter is missing” ended up being an animal :)


This should be under r/kidsarefuckingstupid


Kids: Tell me a scary story Alexa: I think I hear something... Kids immediately: Turn it off! Turn it off! Bunch of pussies tbh


Mom - "kids, we don't have an Alexa in here"


Oh shit, you just Shyamalan twisted me.


Ah, the ol’ Reddit shama-lama-ding-dong.


Hold my plot twist, I'm going in!


The kids quickly look over at what they thought was an alexa device and see a statue of Jeff Bezos with his one creepy looking eye. The kids lose it and scream once more!


"Alexa...tell me a horror story" Alexa: Whispers - do you hear that? Kids: TURN IT OFF (Screams) TUUUURN IT OFFFFFFF! Yeah, they're easily pleased.


These kids would have a psychotic break hearing a scary story around a campfire at night in the woods.


I was at a cub scout campout once and told this joke story about a purple gorilla, but I used suspense, and there were a few kids that just started screeching reflexively without even listening at the first part where the car breaks down. At a certain age some of them just lose it over the littlest thing.


It wasn't even a scary story it turns out telling about peanut butter cup is empty and the culprit is the pet


I was wanted Alexa to tell a whore story


“It was a Friday night, and Jenny was really bored…”


Go on...


She invited her old neighbor back to her dorm for some fun. But he came in his pants the second he touched her breast.


And then...?


your grandmother joins in


And starts slowly, eerily singing "Do your boobs hang low..."


And that's when things got knocked into 12th gear!


She got stuck, you know the rest step bro.


that's what I was hoping for too


Alexa: "Ask your mum"


they didnt even hear anything scary from that story lol


What did Alexa say?


Once upon a time there were no video games...




I know this is a joke but in all seriousness a few days ago I asked Alexa to tell a scary story and it was just a story about a kid forgetting their phone at home and realizing at the airport that they wouldn't have it for a week.


you said kid but fuck imagine you rushed to airport get on plane and then realize you don't have a phone and can't contact your friends when you arrive or get an uber don't know where your hotel is or anything - no laptop


Its starts by whispering "Did you hear that?" then gets silent for a moment and then continue to whisper something else like "they are coming". which scares the kids


All I could hear was screaming


You're halfway to parenthood.




Fortnite sucks, on repeat


Alexa, play "digger digger" https://youtu.be/Z8XyBjfC6Ng


What a bunch of whimps


Alexa, unplug yourself. Nevermind, Ill do it myself


Alexa: Continues with story after being unplugged


....and the true horror begins


Maybe so, but consider how effective their actions were. I just got done scheduling my vasectomy and I'm not sure I would've done it before this video. It's great PSA


Parents sue boy scout troop for mental healthcare expenses due to scary story told around a campfire. Scout leader insists he didn't get past "there once was a boy..." before the kids ran away screaming.


Okay so. Why the fuck is there a camera in that kids bedroom ??


Some ppl have cameras all over their property... I work in the security field and trust me, some are insane when it comes to cams and alarm systems. The most outstanding was an US guy (always those with the most need of cams) who wanted 27 cams installed in his 7 room house in order to see every. friggin. inch. Told him that 8 360° would do the same for inside and at most 4 for outside (who need a lot of filtering in germany due to regulations when it comes to public space), but he insisted on all of them to have perfect view and no stretching and stuff. He said he wants to be able to perfectly identify every occurrence, be it intruders or his kids that fuck up. I dont know... i wouldnt cover any bedroom at all, as i consider it private space and noone should feel watched there.




I’ve thought about doing the same with no stretching to make a real-time 3D streaming model of my house. Not that it ever went past the crazy idea for me. Maybe this guy was trying to do the same? If not it’s a missed opportunity. Be rad to see a real time doll house of ur place… at least I think so


Sure, in a very specific way that could be cool, but what about browsing your files and seeing your son wanking, or doing something you absolutely dont like and you want to talk with him about it? I guess the privacy is gone and nobody could feel unwatched again. Even worse, there are quite a few ppl who want to have full control and insight remotely and that without much security, because it costs quite a bit more. Those ppl have their entire house littered with cams that can get accessed from the outside if they dont care enough, because its not an closed system anymore...






I have some cameras in the common rooms of my house and by far their best use is to find out where the hell I set things. I've got one in my office and I set a credit card on the desk once and it got knocked off into a filing cabinet into one of the hundred file folders which I then closed without realizing the credit card had fallen in there. Had I not had the camera, It would have been years before I ever found that darn thing.


That’s hilarious and I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that use.


Weird right? The only camera I have is in the toilet facing upwards. It's a shitty camera.


don't worry when those boys hit puberty the parents will take out the cams willingly.


Maybe one of the kids is prone to seizures? Maybe the family recently had someone break into their house and this is what makes them comfortable now? Maybe (like most security cameras) the footage isn’t being actively watched but saved somewhere just in case they need to look at it later?


That is also a very good reason. Could be any kind of potential medical emergency that they want to be proactive about.


I've got four kids, but one of them has a serious sleeping issue where she doesn't sleep without meds. Like at all. I've driven straight through the night before and she stayed awake until morning. We're working with sleep specialists to get it worked out, but I've got to have a way of knowing how its working. If I put her (she's 7 by the way) to bed and she's awake until 3:00am, I need to know that so I can report it to the sleep specialists and we can do something about it. I have a camera in her room pointed at her bed. It records for exactly one day, and I check it once a day at about 128x speed just to see if/when she's asleep and awake. There are, in my opinion, sometimes good reasons for having cameras in your kids rooms.


Yeah and I'm not sure but the kid on the bed looks maybe handicapped. At 0:35, what I assume is his brother, runs to him to cover his ears like he is protecting him, maybe because he is weaker ?


Who the fuck has an Alexa *and* cameras in their children’s room? Is this psycho shit or did i just grow up sheltered…


Psycho shit, rest assured it is psycho shit.


But now they can have alexa babysit and they can watch! "Alexa order the kids lunch"


Psycho as shit. That child will be codependent and emotionally anxious as fuck


Yeah I was gonna say. Might as well put a camera in their bathroom too if you have so little trust in your kids that you'll breach their privacy like that.


Man I’m so glad I didn’t have cameras in my bedroom as a kid




Seriously lol this angered me more than it made me laugh




So wait, there is a camera AND a microphone in the bedroom as to watch and hear EVERYTHING you kid does at anytime ? That's fucked up.


Who tf puts an alexa and cameras in the room of their children?!


Crap i just tried and I'm just getting some stupid story...:-(


There was once a mother who videoed her children every night…


And even audio captured, like wtf. Kids at this age also needs some privacy.


Not to mention 2 of them probably arent even their kids. And now its on reddit.


Mom and amazon working to make sure all actions are documented and tracked.


Is soooo weird to have a camera on ur kids


The real horror is the fucking camera in your kids room.


I'm seeing a lot of people in this thread that are defending having cameras in non-infant children's rooms, and saying the parents probably aren't actually watching the recordings unless something happens to warrant checking them. To that, let me just say that even if it weren't an invasion of privacy for parents to record their kids like this, these types of home monitering systems are able to be hacked into, and there have been plenty of [cases](https://www.security.org/home-security-systems/hack/) in recent years showing how true that is. No amount of parental peace of mind is worth some creep spying on your kids in their rooms.


I don't care what anyone in this thread says. That camera is a huge invasion of privacy. It's a complete power trip, with absolutely nothing to do with safety. Actively being watched or not, it's just a matter of time until the parents use it against the kid. People saying this isn't helicopter parenting must have been raised by literal helicopters.


Anyone that uses a helicopter is literally raised by them.


Goddamn, those are some delicate kids.


Based on the reaction of these kids, the camera and the Alexa recording device, the overprotective parent attitude is really working out for them.


They are just kids feeding off each other. It looks like a sleepover and the kids are just being kids. Overreacting and being dramatic in a group like that as kids is very common. Being able to say that it's overprotective parents and shit is such a reddit moment. It's a 30 second clip of kids overreacting and probably just having fun.


No, we are on Reddit: we have to make hyperbolic criticisms of this family based on this funny clip until CPS takes the children away and the parents are fired.


lmao couldn't even turn off a basic electronic


Bitch, Alexa ain't basic


I guess I’m old now… never liked the idea of tv in the kids room, now Alexa? Who the fuck puts one of these in a kids room?


Anyone wanna talk about how creepy it is having security cameras in your kids bedroom?


Did Alexa say something that was played at a hertz only their age group could hear? Ya know like that mosquito sound thing. Maybe it really played a horrible terrifying thing but nobody else could hear it. Nobody will ever know.


Kid: "Alexa, Tell me a Horror Story." Alexa: "Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise?"


Scariest thing is how much surveillance they have on the kids room...


Video cams in kids bedrooms? This goes too far.


I just want to know why these children have a camera in their room. Super creepy.


these are really some of the funnest times when you’re a kid tho.


Why did they over reacted?


because they're kids, and it looks like they're having a sleep over. Kids are pretty consistent at playing up \_every\_single\_reaction\_ when other people are over, especially their friends. It's honestly the only thing I dread about them having friends over. The base volume for everything they do goes up by 50 dB.


Brilliantly explained. I hated this video. Instant headache.


Kind of old for cameras in their room?


What the fuck is that household? An Alexa and cameras in their bedroom?


Who puts a camera in their kids’ room? This is really weird. Give your kids at least SOME privacy. I can only imagine how even more weird it’ll be when they’re teenagers. What the actual fuck is wrong with you?


The scary part is why the hell is there a camera in this kid's room?


Why is there a camera in their room? They aren't babies and they will be doing stuff to themselves in the near future. Big brother is a perv


Imagine loading your children's room with Google and Amazon spyware.


“At what point do you take baby monitors down?” If you notice a bog roll shortage before you notice why