MasterChef UK vs US

MasterChef UK vs US

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MasterChef US Intro, directed by Michael Bay.


Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer


Screenplay by M.F. Gordon Ramsay.


Cinematography by “you fucking donkey”


Special Effects by An Idiot Sandwich


In Loving Memory of the Lamb Sauce


With guest appearances by none other than sir Fresh Pigeon


And the chicken which is still raw.


Do you want cheese with that?




And very special guest “WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE FUCKING RISOTTO?”


This quickly turned into a Deadpool credit scene


The Idiot Sandwich as Deadpool






Starring budget Johnny Sins as the Baldy who everyone hates


I've watched a lot of English reality shows and American reality shows. In the UK everyone is helping each other even though it's a competition, everyone seems just cool with each other and it isn't even pointed out it's just natural. In the American shows they'll be like "oh my God, John has stopped what he was doing and is actually taking the time to help his opponent! Now this is the type of thing we like to see! Can you believe it?"


In Australian MasterChef sometimes they're given whole recipes and other contestants on the balcony will literally read it out to those in the pressure test below. Otherwise they'll be giving pointers throughout "check this. is that cooked? Don't forget _____. Make sure you put that in the oven, etc."


Our version is much more US in presentation than the UK one though eh? It's friendly but a bit too much 'personal story' driven for me at times.


How could we expect the winners not to have the most dramatic background story though? I mean that's what makes the food taste better right?


Ah yes, those bitter-sweet salty tears added to perfectly unite the dish


That's pretty much how the Great British Bake Off goes.


I'M NOT HERE TO MAKE FRIENDS (sound of door creaking in a really high pitch)


It's because everyone on US reality shows is trying to pay for a family members life saving medical care.


I really like Alone because its crazy to watch but as a show premise its pretty fucked up. Just by dint of the kind of contestants it attracts AFAIK only one guy has been a financially stable white collar worker. The rest tend to range from struggling to outright homelessness... and then they get to go literally risk life and limb with a $100,000 prize dangling in front of them for our amusement. The winners are never like "awesome let's take a trip to Hawaii!" theyre like "we can finally pay for Jr's eye surgery and maybe put what we have left into paying some of our mortgage."


Yeah. I much prefer UK reality shows for this reason. Much more wholesome and feel good. I don’t want to sit down to watch a show and be stressed out, I want to enjoy my time watching it.


Th Great Pottery Throw Down was like that. Every time Keith Brymer would bust out crying when he was moved by a piece of pottery I'd get choked up.


Genuinely one of the best shows on TV, it's brilliant. I love Keith, he's such a lovely man and just loves to see people make beautiful things.


Making It with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, zero drama, countless funny puns.


And then it’s all like [“shproowwww”!](https://youtu.be/SBfGf7aBgAA)


Hey to be fair, it’s the 10th anniversary season. If we compare s1 to s1, I’m sure it’s more reasonable. The part that makes me laugh is the obviously fake crowd that has been told to cheer as hard as they can. So much porn level enthusiasm. Edit: ok, no one is saying the crowd is a bunch of actors. My point is that their excitement is exaggerated and fake. If you can’t tell, don’t tell me about it.


To be fair the UK version started in 1990 with a bit of a reboot in 2005 so this footage is from well past the 10th season. The UK's 10th season did not have the judges arrive by helicopter though.


Absolutely, although it has moved on a bit from Lloydy boy back in the day. I would love to watch one of those now. image the food being produced was miles from what's being done now.


[MasterChef 1995](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Os82UYqssSc)


Pretty much how I remember it. Can't believe how young Matt Lucas was then..was this one of his first appearances?


Before I click on that link I'd better be guaranteed a cakey shoe


Oh yeah, the fairer comparison is with the 2005 reboot version as that's what created the format that got exported. ...though I don't recall seeing Torode and Wallace helicoptering in under a cavalcade of fireworks for season 10 I would love to see it happen.


Wallace does float in on a cloud of his self-importance though.


[Just like Lloyd Grossman.](https://youtu.be/Os82UYqssSc)


as long as it's food porn, it's allowed, right?


>America, directed by Michael Bay FTFY


Honestly, I just think Ramsay likes to ride in a chopper. I tried watching his new combo travel/food show on Disney+ and he has multiple unnecessary helicopter arrivals in that as well.


Funnily enough, my favourite Ramsay stuff was his original Kitchen Nightmares on Channel 4. You can see he's genuinely getting to the bottom of a restaurants failings and trying to help them out, like a consultant. In the US one now his team just do a $20k makeover and plug in a new menu off the shelf. Its lost a lot of the personal touch.


The Gordon Ramsey ‘Hot Ones’ episode is golden.


I like kitchen nightmares but sometimes I get a little triggered. I swear the people in that show plant things, and like I understand it's for ratings to make the show more interesting and in the end they *are* doing the guests a HUGE favor. But like, it's always rough seeing an obvious plant and then the guests freak out because they're being shit on for something that they didn't even do.


Can you blame him helicopters are super cool and fun to ride in.


Helicopters are to planes what motorbikes are to cars: smaller, more versatile, arguably more exciting, and much, MUCH more dangerous.


UK: "Dear oh dear. Gorgeous." US: "Y'ALL FUCKERS READY TO COOK SHIT?!" *background explosion*


Does that dude have cheek implants?


Thank you!!!! I’m sitting here and after watching that it’s all I can think about! Bahahhaa


Me too..


Looks like overdone filler haha


That's what I thought, too. Poor dude was like "I'm gonna look my best for the tele!" Sad day.


Everyone brought in shopping bags this dude stuffed a weeks worth of Lidl shopping in his cheeks like a hamster


Being british, you missed the opportunity to address him as that cheeky bastard.


Hmm... Damn that would've been something. Just perfect 👌


Mate looks like jigsaw.


the puppet's name is Billy


That's the only thing where the US version is more subtle.


UK version's fireworks, dem cheeks.


At first I was like what the fuck are they on about...cheek implants? I didn't see anything like that stand out on the first viewing, I wonder which one it was? Then going through it again it's quite obvious who had the cheek implants, hell I saw his cheeks come around the corner before he did. Yep that's him and yep those are.


Reminds me of the ~~stroganoff~~ *Bogdanoff* brothers ~~or whatever they're called~~. The smile gets very creepy.


Why does too much plastic surgery always end up making people look like the belong in [Beauty and the Beast from the 80s](https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/beauty_beast_tv_8817-h_2017.jpg)?


I was gonna make a joke about the beast looking like Ron Perlman, because most cat-like faces look like Ron Perlman, but I looked up the cast and it actually is him.


Reminds me of that girl in [Eraserhead](https://www.google.com/amp/s/screenrant.com/eraserhead-movie-lady-radiator-meaning-explained/amp/)


I'm glad other people noticed that because I could not concentrate on the rest of the video after seeing that dude's rubber face.


I was just sitting here wondering how he could see over his cheeks.


We like explosions. 5 years from now the highest rated season of Master Chef America will be Ramsey piloting/driving military grade hardware while blowing shit up. There won’t be any cooking. There won’t be contestants.


... any more.


It’s RAW! It’s RAW!


Nothing is RAW after coming into contact with high explosives.


"*How the fuck did you burn Ice~~cream~~land?!?*"


Today on a very special episode of "Ow! My Balls!"


Americans have never been noted for subtlety.


Is this my cue to whip out my dong?


Only if you helicopter it.


Fwk fwk fwk fwk fwk fwk


Of course


Worked for LBJ.


Well when you're hung like LBJ, you can afford to show it off all the time. Btw, I can't read the time on my watch, can you read it for me?


[We cannot achieve much with so small penis, but you Americans, wow, penis so big, SO big penis!](https://youtu.be/TuEKb9Ktqhc)


They proved that with japan




United Statesian here. I can only watch Gordon in his UK or non-US shows.


United Statesian will be part of my vocabulary henceforth.


I can't stand how badly overacting guys in the background


“OK everyone, so when the helicopter lands we need high energy and excitement”


"mommy what's that in the sky??"


“That’s the moon, dumbass.”


"Perfect orbit my ass"


I'm fucking crying


“I don’t know.” Damn, how quickly do you think that kid lost faith upon realizing her mom can’t recognize a helicopter?


Said "I don't know" before she even checked what it was. Low effort parenting.


"Look mommy, there's an aeroplane up in the sky"


did did did did you see the frightened ones


Did did did did you see the falling bombs?


that show style where all is staged and faked is pile of shit for my taste. And that normal in USA shows, too much staged, overacting and full of fake things. USA can present a video of a dog pooping in a way that looks like an amazing event I don't like this type of shows but prefer the UK version.


"pile of shit for my taste" has now been copy written by Gordon Ramsey as a critique of contestants food.


Felt like I was watching some North Korean propaganda where the great leader comes to host a famine contest.


I went to a filming for James Cordon talk show years ago. They had a fake bar area a bit closer to the stage than the other seats and while waiting in line a woman came up to me and my friends and asked us if we’d like to sit at the fake bar and if I would like to be the “bartender.” At first I thought it’d be cool but then she started emphasizing how excited we have to look since the camera was likely to pan over us when cutting to/coming back from commercials and stuff. I immediately lost interest but wasn’t going to say no and ruin it for my friends as well. Several times throughout the taping the woman kept telling me to look more excited and I was trying my damn hardest even though I felt like a complete moron but they just kept saying “more.” I just wanted to tell her I’m only here because my friend got free tickets and I’ve literally never heard the name Jame Cordon before yesterday and I couldn’t give less of a shit about this boring ass show. They also had the audience do a bunch of fake cheering while pretending certain things were happening. So now when I see these over dramatic fake background actors I assume it’s somebody who is being forced to look like a moron.


Yeah either paid to perform it they had a warmup man - just totally false reactions


Knowing how film production works, this likely isn't the only take of the helicopter coming in. These extras probably had to fake excitement like 10 times at least.


One of the reasons I like the Great British Baking Show is because it relaxes me. A field, a tent, funny judges and competitors that only compete against themselves. Very calming and enjoyable. I’d be afraid that if they did an American version it would destroy it.


Agreed. And all the contestants are just normal people who love to bake and will help their fellow contestants out. None of them are professionals or wannabe food network/Instagram stars.


And They focus on the food. No heartbreaking stories. No ' i have worked my entire life for this one moment, it is the only thing i have ever wanted since i was a kid'. And certainly less drama in a cooking show.


Exactly: they do these quick, 15-second blips where they narrate, “Jenny enjoys walking her dog in the park when she’s not baking,” or, “Mark enjoys baking for his coworkers.” In the US, it’s a mini-biopic eager for an invite to the Sundance film festival.


Plus there's no dramatic visuals like them being all emotional or having a hard or sad life. They could say "John works as an accountant and enjoys to bake in his spare time" accompanied by a clip of him using a calculator and typing on his computer.


Here's Debbie crying her eyes out in our Green Screen Van. HOW'S IT FEEL TO BE A TOTAL LOSER DEBBIE??


They'll do the mundane "Alex enjoys sharing his creations with his two nephews" kind of thing but then, in the same tone, do something like "Not only is Martin a world class blacksmith who make swords for the royal family, but he has two cats named Biscuit and Muffin!" while showing an unflattering picture of them walking some up some cloudy road in northern UK. There are some contestants where all of these "real life" looks kinda upped the ante in terms of the amazingness that I would want more elaboration on, such as Sophie Faldo - soldier, drill sergeant and stunt woman - and Brendan Lynch - florist and practicing Buddhist living in the UK.


UK shows do have that, MasterChef and GBBO are probably the exceptions really. The producers just figure that the primary audience wants that homely, cakes-just-like-granny-used-to-make feel to it. UK X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent etc have that ridiculous OTT feel to them, not dissimilar to the American version shown here. Anyone shown to have a heartfelt backstory is guaranteed to go through, probably thanks to one of the judges “seeing something in them” and “giving them a chance for the next round”. And like The Apprentice when someone loses there will be the multiple pickup shots of them walking out with their suitcase.. “can you do that again love we need another angle for our hyper edited show, and can you try sobbing a little bit this time yeah?” All of these shows are pitched in a way that manipulates the audience they know they will be capturing to be honest. All reality TV is a sham. (I may have got a bit carried away with a rant there)


Come Dine With Me especially. Even in that show's case the drama is more subdued.


Know a bloke who was on Come Dine with Me and the editing was unreal, one of the other contestants came out as gay during their night and everyone was respectful about it. Then when it came to the editing they made it look like everyone else was pressuring him into coming out. The other secret is they all get really fucking drunk, same bloke I know said he's amazed his kidneys survived the full week.


For comparison: - UK Master Chef - Season 10 Episode 1: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5x88yr - UK Master Chef Professionals - Season 10 Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FySryYZgpQ


I LOVED Masterchef AU because of that vibe too. It felt like watching a summer camp of cooks all having a great time and learning how to make great dishes all together.


You're acting like Diana leaving out Iain's Baked Alaska didn't divide the nation.


The nation was not divided, she shouldn't have done that.


Our only division on the subject was whether she should be executed directly, or first subjected to 3 hours of uninterrupted tutting.


I can't agree more. He might have used her freezer by accident but there were others she could have used. I really liked Iain, too. Insult to injury - she didn't even come back the next week because she was sick.


Lol that was a split felt the world over. I felt so bad for the contestant and honestly it was probably best that she was sick because I can’t imagine anyone appreciating her after that.


Everyone on that series liked Diana, they actually got angry with Ian after it aired because he claimed Diana tried to sabotage him. Like I said in another response, the hosts confirmed his ice cream was only out of the freezer for like 40 seconds. It would have splodged out either way. This was probably the most manipulative editing the show has ever gotten.


I really appreciate that clarification! The editing was definitely unfair, and 40 seconds is nothing.


It's the great British bake off. Did they really rename it in the US?


Yes, iirc it's because Pillsbury had a trademark in the US for Bake Off. So they had to rename it.


British version: funny judges, calming music, relaxing vibe, and talented but humble cooks only there to have fun and maybe show off a little. US version: abusive judges, dramatic music, feeling of constant suspense, and with overconfident narcissistic amateur cooks, who want to constantly remind us that their grandfather died a decade ago but their still not over it. They lost both their parents in a murder-suicide. Their spouse is dying from terminal ass cancer. All 6 of their kids have hepatitis A through Z except the special one who has to wear a helmet all day. And they're here because they want to inspire little Jimmy. Italian version: same as British but with big tits.


I'm going to have to watch the Italian version.


Even if the big tits are on the guys?




There actually is an American version. Some of it's on Hulu. Judges Paul Hollywood and Sherry Yard, it's a holiday bake themed show and it has the same spirit mostly from the ones I've seen so far. The Canadian one is pretty good too if you can find it.


I love the Canadian version. One of the contestant won baker of the week and she was like "It means so much to me because all the others are so good!". This is refreshing after seeing so many cut-throat backstabbing competition shows.


The Canadian one may be available for free on the CBC website


"I'm the best and everybody knows it!" *cut to some judge yelling "this is disgusting!"* *Uneasy violin noise* "I cannot lose! I'm a winner" *Cut to another judge retching* *More uneasy violin noise* "I will win, mark my words!"




You should check out Crime Scene Kitchen... But probably only if you're interested in baking, specifically..


They started doing the Canadian version and thankfully it’s just as chill. It’s so relaxing and wholesome


The Canadian version is pretty good, seems they took a leaf out of their book.


That's what I like about "The Repair Shop" (BBC One). It's just... "gentle" viewing. Something precious is broken, and we watch it get fixed. Noice.


And they’re actually usefully informative at the same time, which I really enjoy. I would love to spend a day just poking around the shop with Jay Blades


They already have done an American version of the show... And you'll be shocked/happy to know it's actually a carbon copy of the UK and just as wholesome. "The Great American Baking Show - Wikipedia" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_American_Baking_Show


They changed the name because there was a trademark issue with American Bake Off


Try watching Making It (it's on Hulu)


There was one season of an American version. The GBBS married host Paul had an affair with his American co-host. BBC version enjoyable because it doesn't have the personal gut-wrenching hallmark card background stories. "I bake cupcakes because my cousin twice removed was born with only one testicle."


The US guys are out here doing a WWE entrance😂




Are there even contestants in the US one..?


Yeah, and you get the pleasure of seeing Joe "not a chef" Bastianich emotionally brutalize them over having Garlic Bread on their dish because "It's not Italian".


He's insufferable


I think it's just the character they assigned him to play (the Simon Cowell "grumpy/hates everything" judge) so that they can have those dramatic moments where the underdog contestant who overcame personal tragedy goes up against a scowling Joe expecting to be ripped apart as the tense music builds. Then the music stops, the camera switches between Angry Joe and the poor contestant, there's a beat, then positive music swells in as Joe praises the contestant and says he loved the dish. Relieved contestant now in tears thanks Joe as overdubbed applause and cheers starts playing.


You're hired


Cue music, fireworks, and tears


Just tell me who wins so I can save myself twenty episodes of this exact thing every fucking time.


I don’t care who wins, just show me the contestants cooking and their final products


Show actual cooking? This is an American baking show! Cooking is not allowed to be shown, only inter-person drama and artificially crafted tension.


I worked with him on a show and he was really a nice guy including to the contestants.


I would have figured by now that most people would realize that "reality" tv actually means "scripted bullshit" tv. While I cannot attest to every action Joe's ever taken, I have also worked with him and he was extremely nice. It is a character that is being hammed up, nothing more. Just like Gordon isn't as big of an ass as it appears on these shows either.


Oh, did someone happen to make chicken parmesan and get brutalized for that not being Italian either since it's an American dish?


They got the uber-BS US TV spot on in this British show: [That Mitchell and Webb Look - I'm looking for a gift for my aunt](https://youtu.be/cg4z7mzaVco)


It’s like you’ve met my aunt


Yes, She's my aunt too.




I mean, this was actually satire of a particular type of show that was very prominent in the UK at the time the sketch was broadcast. So not only a US phenomenon. Shows on UK TV channel 4 were very guilty of this format and in particular shows like *How to look good naked* presented by Gok Wan (remember him, Brits?) make this sketch almost look understated. 1 hour show, 15 minutes of adverts, 10 minutes of content and majority recap/intro sections using the same footage over and over and over.


Lol that kid doesn’t know what the moon is…dumbass.


"Mommy, what's that thing in the sky?" "FOR THE LAST TIME JAYDEN, ITS THE FUCKING MOON, GOD YOU'RE SO DUMB"


Hahah my initial reaction as well.


Yeah US shows are way over the top. I love game/quiz shows. After watching UK ones I can't watch US ones. Most UK ones are like jeopardy. They answer questions, it's calm, have a little fun chat, maybe some few laughs here or there, then back to answering more questions. The reward amounts are low. In US constantly loud noises/music on, people clapping every 5 secods, contestants are whooping and hollering after every little thing, everything is 100k-1million. The Chase, The Wall, 1vs 100, are just some that both have and you can clearly tell the difference. Same with competition shows. Great British Bake Off, The Great British Sewing Bee, etc all the contestants are normal looking, nice, drama free. It's about what they are making/doing. It's relaxing. In the US they all have to be beautiful or have a sob story, bonus if they are both and it's not about what they are making/doing. It's about the people and drama between them. I just can't watch the US shows anymore. It's so irritating.


The best is Pointless. Often they are playing for like £200 but people take part cause they love the show, not for money


Don't think I've seen the actual episode, but one of my favourite clips of Pointless is on a celebrity one when James Acaster sits down on the edge of the stage, asks "are we allowed to sit down?" and then everyone just has a nice sit down and carries on playing like that [Found the clip](https://youtu.be/ZTaHJe__U5c)


Love pointless! It's so laid back but still moves at a fair pace. The introduction of the new "jackpot booster" round before the head to head means they can cut out the waffle chats to contestants during round 1 which is nice


It's fucking raw! You couldave killed somebody!!


MasterChef US has the most bullshit fake drama. I haven't seen UK yet but Australia is a 100 times better. I imagine UK would be closer to the Australian version.


UK version is people quietly preparing their meals, presenting them to the judges and the person who loses each round congratulating the others before they walk off camera.


US version is a bunch of folks being told to drum up drama, and when they win any rounds they're very rarely humble. At the end the 3rd best contestant throughout win because it's rigged and they try to subvert expectations.


You’ve just described every US reality show


UK version is the most casual and serious at the same time. Drama=0, just the cooking and food judging, maybe some tears in the semi final eliminations.


The most tense it ever gets its when a contestant is 20 minutes late plating up for the food critics and the presenters say "anytime now would be nice" while the contestant probes their souffles repeatedly apologising Meanwhile in America they'd probably be swearing at each other and critics storming off


MasterChef Australia is absolutely the best. Lots of heart, big challenges and likeable contestants. Starts again soon I think!


LegoMasters Australia is also the best, loveliest version too


UK: It’s all about the skill and the cuisine US: Yeah but we have fireworks and a helicopter


UK: It's all about the base base base base, buttery biscuit base


...and the most recognized British chef


UK: All about the contestants. US: All about the hosts.


Thing is that all the good hosts for the show are British. That Joe guy is an ass.




Repair shop is such a good program. It's relaxing and still fascinating watching the experts at work. Plus you can see how much the repairs genuinely mean to the people with the item. It's just such a wholesome show.


Lol silly buggers


I expected something edgy but upbeat from Gordon Ramsay like "Welcome you donkeys" with a smiling face lmao


This is why I stopped watching Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef in US. Full concepts are already reality shows but they make them so much more over the top for some reason.


I watched all US and UK kitchen nightmares and the difference is pretty stark. In both versions , it's pretty formulaic (Bad restaurant, GR comes in, tells them food is bad, they are reticent to change, accept change, menu and decor makeover, end). The big difference is the intensity and focus of each episode. In the US the editing is super dramatic, with uplifting/stressful music and the focus is on the drama of the owners (It's crazy the amount of fights in the US version with loan sharks coming by, family stealing inheritances, brothers who hate each other etc). The UK version feels more like a documentary, that follows Gordon around in restaurants. There is some drama (love the ex boxer and his wife in Wales just yelling at each other constantly), but the way it's filmed is genuine.


Also in the UK version Gordon was far more of a mentor figure. Yes he'd call people out for being morons, but he genuinely wanted to see the other chefs thrive and learn. In the US version he just takes everything up to 11 and screams at everyone every five minutes. It's not his fault of course, but there's a pretty big difference between the two shows.


I mean sure, but then you have Amy's Baking Company in the US. Probably the greatest reality TV episode ever seen.


Absolutely, completely mental episode. The only one that can semi rival it is the burger place in LA where the owner stole his son's inheritance money from their Australian gangster grandfather which also has a chef who yells at the owner's wife to take prozac and also they are convinced that there is a secret yelper society war waged against them.


Even Hell's Kitchen is unbearable. The UK one was good cooks trying their best and the US version had picked embarrassing idiots who kick off and say cringeworthy things all the time with lots of overly dramatic music. Gordon loves his American versions. He must get 10 times the money.


Australia is the best one. MC Australia Professional was the absolute best. Season 2 was probably the best season of reality tv ever made. Can we have a whole sesson where the chef judges for mc from around the world are the contestants? Marco Pierre White is the host judge and guest judges can be old mc contestants or actual Michelin judges. I call it Master Chef Masters. I'd watch the f**k out of that.


I love love love love Masterchef Australia. Especially the first 10 seasons. Now that is wholesale the most wholesome positive show. I like to see how the people find skills, improve themselves and the way they encourage the contestants is heartwarming.


Masterchef Au season 12 was really good, they brought back past contestants and they were all awesome!


[Relevant Stephen Fry video] (https://youtu.be/FuPeGPwGKe8)


I’m always curious to know where they find these super enthusiastic people to be in the studio audience. Are they paid? If not, what’s in it for them? Or are they actually that enthusiastic about the show? It CAN’T be the last one right?


UK it's a job not a celebrity. ​ Why they got family there ? They haven't won anything yet.


The United States likes things big, explosive, and scary whereas the UK likes it classy, calm, and direct.


This precisely sums up what I despise about US reality tv