Police Destroy 1,069 Bitcoin Miners With Big Ass Steamroller In Malaysia - Malaysian authorities did not mess around when they broke up a cryptocurrency mining farm and charged the operators with stealing electricity.

Police Destroy 1,069 Bitcoin Miners With Big Ass Steamroller In Malaysia - Malaysian authorities did not mess around when they broke up a cryptocurrency mining farm and charged the operators with stealing electricity.


That's going to be quite the mess to clean up.


Malaysian here. We don’t really care much about making a mess, or cleaning up, or recycling


Well, stop that


You did it! You stopped pollution!!




He's the messiah!!






We did it reddit!


I didn't realize I sorted by controversial.


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Literal 0 IQ solution. Why would you fucking destroy perfectly working machines? It isn't a bunch of unsalvageable drugs. Edit: jesus christ people. Use them, recycle them properly, sell them. Don't fucking roll them. Stop trying to argue, stupid shit is stupid.


From my understanding it is fairly common in Malaysia. Major corruption means they have to publicly destroy or else they have issues with police seizing things and selling on the black market




Governments do these all the time to prove a point. A common example are illegally imported supercars: https://www.motor1.com/news/514973/philippines-destroys-illegally-imported-cars/ https://blog.dupontregistry.com/lamborghini/illegally-imported-lamborghini-murcielago-gets-absolutely-destroyed/


Destroying something perfectly fine to prove a point. Petty bastards.


If you were let’s say to keep and sell them to reap the funds. Then imagine that funds will now incentivize government to keep seizing cars to use funds that weren’t there before. Leading to more corruption, I posit to you that maybe destroying them serves actually a value in stopping the crime and not incentivizing a government corruption. Because I can tell you, the crime of importing cars illegally is tiny compared to the magnitude of corruption Philippines cannot seem to untangle itself.


They do that in America with civil asset forfeiture. - doesn't work that well either..


Joke's on you; even in America, cops will just steal shit anyway.


It proves a point, but not the one they think they're proving.


actually, it's probably not the worst thing for the government to do. it publicly demonstrates that the officials aren't taking the expensive goods and just keeping them for themselves.


How do you illegally import a car?


Every country has different import laws. Example: in the USA, you can only import cars that pass their federal safety standards. If they don't, they must be atleast 25 years old. This usually translates into any car not sold directly in Canada or the USA has to be atleast 25 years old (production date of 1996 as of right now) to be imported to the usa


Download it, duh


You wouldn’t!


Don't pay the hefty tax you'd pay when you legally import it.


This is a poor example though as the equipment isn't imported illegally, it also isn't illegal to mine. These people were done for abstracting electricity not mining.


Why would you want to destroy perfectly working drugs?


They do this with fentanyl


They steamroll fentanyl?!?!


That's how they make the patches


*You wouldn't steamroll a policeman's helmet...*


It prevents from them from being stolen for personal use and from anyone accessing the data on them. Same as why illegal firearms are destroyed and pedophile computers are destroyed after the trial ends.


Also from previous threads on this, those machines are highly specialized to ONLY mine crypto. They cant be repurposed without extensive electronics knowledge for whats basically spare parts, so its not like Malaysia destroyed a bunch of AMD gpu's.


what's the police going to with them? sell them on ebay?


Government auctions are a thing


Wouldn't that just enable another group to buy them and setup a second mining operation?


So long as they don't steal electricity, then it's no problem.


This is s9 its not really profitable if you paid electric here. So its a problem


Yes, for real, yes. They are worth quite some money.


Why tf not. If you sold each machine at $500 a piece just to get rid of them fast you’d make a half million USD.


... because they don't want to supply the miners they're trying to crackdown on


Sell 'em and then repossess them when they find them again, ad infinitum. Boom, there's your budget.


They call that strategy "invading the middle east"


I suppose they could load them up with spyware and stage an elaborate sting or something but seeing as they've managed to seize at least a thousand devices they might not need to.


Crypto mining isn't illegal though. They were arrested for stealing electricity. They can just supply it to the miners operating legally.


They could be having similar (but less severe) issues to China where they're struggling to keep up with power demand. So they don't want to ban it but they also don't want to facilitate mining


Not really no. China's having trouble with power supply because of a heat wave. We (Malaysia) are hot all year long baby. The few crackdown on miners in Malaysia are all because of miners stealing electricity. Considering all the modernisation done by the electric company this past decade, and I imagine the huge amount of energy usage unaccounted for in their system, this isn't really surprising






Imagine each of those machines has a 1080ti in it, the amount of money lost is insane, lazy solution just to send a message...


Those are ASICs. They dont have a GPU...


And ASICs are useless for anything other than mining. It's in the name, Application Specific Integrated Circuit.


Made as cheaply as possible, so not much room to repurpose them. They're hardly more valuable than scrap if you're not allowed to mine anymore. This is why I hate what ecoins have become.


They don't have that though.


Yeah he’s wildin these are ASIC miners. I can’t tell which ones from the picture or article but they can most likely still be had for $200 minimum. But now they have a huge clean up and recycling issue to deal why instead.


Also they cannot do anything else than mining. So it’s not worth it to keep or sell them.


Article says totaling 1.5 mil USD so that makes them just under 1500 a piece.


Yeah not sure if they’re using msrp or not.


Like when cops have a “$100mil drug bust”. They use the highest possible street price, and include the weight of all the packaging seized (coolers, etc).


"Today we've sized over $300 in maried iguanas from a single student at Big Grass highschool" *Shows picture of less than half an ounce*


Half an ounce of wedded iguanas?


Didn’t know that pretty funny haha


That’s a good point. It doesn’t say.


You only have a huge clean up and recycling issue *if you care* It's *Malaysia.* Let's be real here people. These aren't going to an eco friendly electronics recycler. They're probably going to be crushed into a brick and thrown in a landfill. Or the ocean. Probably whichever is closer really.


Bitcoin isn't mined with graphics cards. These are ASIC miners. Other non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies are mined with graphics cards.


Those are ASIC miners, no GPUs inside.


Toxic electronic waste. Now extremely difficult to separate and dispose/recycle.


There are no batteries, CFL lamps, etc. in these. I'm not sure why they don't want to resell them, but if there's some reason they want them off the market, the first step in recycling is shredding ([source](https://www.recyclenow.com/recycling-knowledge/how-is-it-recycled/electricals), [source](https://www.thebalancesmb.com/introduction-to-electronics-e-waste-recycling-4049386)), so this isn't going to hurt anything. Also note, these are ASIC miners, so the chips within are purpose-built to mine bitcoin. They can't do anything else. Edit: [They were told to destroy them by court order](https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/19/malaysian-police-steamroll-1point25-million-worth-of-bitcoin-mining-rigs.html)


How do you think they recycle basically anything? Pro tip: it involves shredding it to bits.


Bold of you to think Malayasia cleaned the mess up and didnt just walk away


Who knew dope grow-ops would be replaced by computers this quickly?


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Just waiting for 3D printing tech to progress into full on biological synthesizers and replicators.


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I recall seeing hemp-based filament at my local 3d printing store so we are getting close :)


Dada Technology


You wouldn't remilitarize the Rhineland


I think this is the strangest example of Godwin's law I've ever seen...


You wouldn't steal a policemans helmet


You wouldnt download a car!! Honestly, I wasn't old enough to remember that ad campaign but I feel like it deserves to be memed all the same


We just might be talking about two different ads here....https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ALZZx1xmAzg


This satirical take was brilliant, I'm saving this to my WL playlist I use for everything on the internet I like. [I was referencing the original OTT Version that was a genuine anti-piracy campaign](https://youtu.be/HmZm8vNHBSU).


Yeah but...you wouldn't steal a joke....and then steal it AGAIN


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Malaysia enforces the Death Penalty for anyone convicted of trafficking drugs in the country. It makes sense that criminals would choose something with a significantly lighter punishment.


People who are super into tech... I wouldn't be surprised if the first main usage of quantum computers would be in crypto mining ops.




Correct, meaning at such a point, you might as well use the computational power for mining....


I feel like people would switch over to a more sustainable and energy efficient cryptocurrency before they invent quantum computers to do the stupid Bitcoin busywork but I could be wrong lol


Brb, building crypto currency that uses shores algorithm as proof of work.


Ethereum 2.0 is already working on that


Ethereum is trying to do that exact that. Which is likely why it's the underdog bet for a lot of establishments. Gets rid of all the energy waste and turns into a sort of share holder scenario


There is a company in Australia who makes modular data centres. They partnered with a weed growing farm to put solar panels above the greenhouse to power the servers, and funnel the heat into the greenhouse. The servers will be a crypto mine of sorts (cant remember which one) so its really coming full circle it seems with a solar powered bitcoin farm fuelling a weed crop.


Only Vice would say “Big Ass Steamroller” in an article title


Especially when it’s just normal sized, and also not powered by steam.


I feel betrayed


"It's not about the money, it's about sending a message " Massive joker vibes right there...


Now that's what I call a society.


This says a lot about our society🤡🤡


My guess is that the politically connected miners are still active, they are the ones that pay the greatest bribes


https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-34313745 Burning literal tons of elephant tusks to send a message to poachers


They didn’t even go in a straight line the inefficiency tho


All this means that Bitcoin miners who are still mining, can do it with more ease.


LoL. They are only charging the "operators" not the people who walked away with the bitcoin.


ofc, they want to make setting up farms less attractive. They will deal with new rich in other ways.


I'm more inclined to think that those in power there want to keep their foothold on the public with their currency. I wouldn't doubt that those people also may be bitcoin mining and the "illegal part" is that it is someone else doing it.


The illegal part was that they were stealing electricity


It can't be that a government wants to eliminate an objectively harmful side effect of crypto mining. They *must* be threatened by the beacon of freedom and economic independence that is crypto. Edit: /s (I can't believe I actually had to add that)


From the article you apparently failed to read. “Sarawak Energy Berhad estimates that it lost RM8.4 million ($2 million USD) in energy that was stolen from its lines for the mining operation, the outlet reported.” That’s the illegal part.


Are you aware of the fact that Malaysians are free to buy whichever currency they desire, and what might shock you is that the Malay government doesn't have controll over all but one of them? Furthermore, the other currencies also have the benefit of not wasting energy and contributing to global warming that quite literally threatens to drown them.


You stamp out a good bit of interest by attacking the one failure point in your country. People running farms. Only emboldens btc though.


Why would they? The crime here was stealing electricity to mine the coins. The operators are the ones profiting here, not the people buying the coins off them.


I'm guessing the end recipients failed to pay their protection money to the right people


I don't get your point, the government weren't trying to make mining more difficult. The individuals were stealing electricity so had their stuff destroyed.


it not fair if you have to compete with "free" electricity ;)


Most people who are into crypto don't realize the real profit from mining comes from stealing electricity or having is subsidized (which means you're having someone else pay for your electricity).


Also, it seems like destroying all this hardware in the midst of a cpu shortage is a little wasteful.


They're Asic's, not general purpose processors.


The method of destruction is dumb. A lot of that could be recycled.


They can't be recycled as useful electronics since the chips within do one thing and one thing only: mine bitcoin. There aren't hazardous materials (e.g. lithium-ion batteries, mercury lamps) to be removed. The materials can be recovered, though, and the first step in that is shredding, so this would have no impact. [Source](https://www.recyclenow.com/recycling-knowledge/how-is-it-recycled/electricals), [source](https://www.thebalancesmb.com/introduction-to-electronics-e-waste-recycling-4049386)


Can you not still recycle the materials after crushing them?


If it gets recycled it will be sold by the cops and pocket the money themselves. Destroying it is the only way to ensure cops wont be corrupt.


This isn’t a steamroller it’s a smooth drum compactor with vibratory capacity. Looks like a h11 which I personally wouldn’t consider big. Edit: would have liked to see a sheep’s foot hit them


This guy steamrolls


He just said it was a compactor


^ this guy reads the comments


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A complete waste. They could have sold those on the secondary market and recouped some of the funds from the electricity theft.


I'm not sure what model of miners were destroyed, but there's a good chance they are older ones that now produce less in Bitcoin than they cost in electricity. These are only profitable if you steal the electricity, meaning that the only market for them is criminals.


But then people would use them to steal electricity again.


True. Maybe they could sell them out of country? Maybe not as easy as it sounds, but, doggone, they are literally crushing valuable equipment just to make a point.


Likely older gen ASICS that aren't profitable unless you're stealing power.


They are not doing it to make a point, they are doing it because it is the most effective solution for them. Some governments put the law above saving a few dollars.


Lol no you gotta pay scalper prices.


These are ASIC machines, only useful for wasting electricity.


Court ordered them to be destroyed


They became property of the police/government. Not the electricity company. Though, the police/government could have sold them. But, not for the benefit of the electricity company.


To be fair, is there such a thing as a small steamroller?




Omg, that's cute


Somebody should make a “your mama” joke


I wonder why they are still called steam rollers when they are diesel powered




Yet they didn’t get the wallets . . .


I keep seeing this but the accused crime wasn't mining it was stealing electricity, I don't think they know or give a shit about the token just that some asshats were fucking up their grid


They fined them *almost $2,000*, though, for their $2 million in stolen electricity! That'll show 'em!


And destroyed their 1.25 million dollars worth of miners


Hopefully dissuading others from stealing billions of electricity. These aren't the only criminals in Malaysia. This just shows that the Malaysian authorities can see the bigger picture unlike US redditors that once again can only see the blood of vengeance.


My first thought was "how sad seeing technology go to waste" before realizing it was waste from the day it was made as an ASIC


Jesus there is a lot of wrong assumptions in these comments. Those are ASIC miners. Purpose built to mine and can't really be easily repurposed. They also do not contain video cards.


To all the people saying those parts can be recycled and sold again, they’re more than likely ASIC parts. They’re parts that are only meant for mining and can only mine. Yes it is a waste for sure but they probably didn’t have much purpose beyond mining.


I work in electronics recycling - crushing components like this makes responsible recycling basically impossible. This shit is going into a landfill to leech toxins for many years. It's not about re-usability, it's about reclaiming precious resources (base rare metals and such) so we don't have to mine for them (no pun intended) and continue destroying our planet.


Right. The fact that theyre ASIC is meaningless. The point is not about giving those to a poor gamer in need, it's about ensuring the toxic components don't end up in a landfill by a water source.


Why destroy them? Why not sell them to a legitimate bit coin person/company?


Last time someone posted something like this (it was exotic cars being demolished when their owners imported them without paying import tax - I believe it was also Malaysia), someone asked the same question: Why not sell them and make money for the government or for things that will benefit society? The answer was basically that the government did not want to appear corrupt or to be making money off of someone else's illegal actions. If you sell the items, it can cause people to think the government is after these people only for the money/to get something from it, not to follow the law, which for some people is important. It also prevents corruption from within the government - ie: "We had 100 computers, it's a shame we have to destroy 90 computers, really bad that 80 computers have to go to waste..." or the notion that whoever gets a chance to buy that item is somehow connected to the government/getting a better deal than they would otherwise. It's not fully logical, but if you destroy the item in public, it does a few things: it sets the example for others - your shit will be publicly destroyed and there's nothing you can do about it -, and it completely does away with any theories of impropriety by the government (they may still be corrupt in other ways, obviously, but not in this situation). I'm not sure I agree with the thought process, but that was the general consensus here about why destroying it was more preferable than selling it for profit.


[East Asia seems to just love crushing stuff](https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/philippines-customs-crushed-a-mclaren-620r-1-2-million-in-cars/ar-AALdYS1?li=BBnb4R5) But, like you said - they like to get spectacular to try to dissuade other people from doing something similar as a show of force. The thought process is pretty flawed. I think [this strikes a better balance](https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/amp26858844/us-auctioning-jdm-cars-r34-skyline-gt-r/) of recognizing the value of the asset, and not just turning it into tin cans, while also not letting the car necessary run free and set an example to other illegal imports. I think this is a better way of doing it - the asset's still separated from its illegitimate owner, but it's not the car's fault and it doesn't deserve a crushing.


That makes a lot of sense Also, in general I am in favor of these wasteful machines being destroyed


Seriously I hope more countries will do this. We are in enough shit with climate change already.


All things legal, I wouldn’t mind if money seized by the govt went back into the govt the same way taxes are.


Well not necessarily because now the government is incentivized to seize money from people like how cops work in the US


Those are highly specialized ASICs, they only work for Bitcoin mining (or maybe other SHA256-based PoW Coins). It’s just worthless for anything except that.


>legitimate bit coin person/company? A what


you know, a person who will use it to responsibly destroy the environment/fund terrorism. responsibly


It's about sending a message


But for real. We’re reading about it all around the world; the message has clearly been sent and received.


Frankly I don’t want anyone mining this shit, doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not, it’s still an environmental catastrophe


What a show of strength! I remember those old black and white photos of guys in fedoras breaking open barrels of alcohol.


That would be fun lol


1069? *Nice*


I'm sure the hard drives mysteriously vanished as well.


So much electric waste though... Plenty of the components can be reused and repurposed, albeit not all of them but so much waste.. You can strip the components from it at the very least and sell it to manufacturers who can repurpose it.


Those are ASICs (Application Specific Computer) this why people hate Bitcoin mining so much specifically. Those computers can’t be reused at all, they can only perform SHA256 hashing on bitcoin transactions. Atleast ETH miners can work as regular GPUs, and won’t even be mineable later. Bitcoin doesn’t want to move forward though and continues its waste.


Application specific integrated circuits.


I don't think component-level recycling is economically feasible. As far as I know, we don't have mass desoldering machines. And either way, these components are well-used. I don't think they'd be trustworthy in new products. The most expensive part, the ASICs, can't even be repurposed.


what a fucking stupid solution. why not sell the hardware to pay for the electricity? why does their property even need to be confiscated - is it illegal to own it ?


The article mentions them razing people's houses for electricity theft. I guess they aren't fucking around.


It seems more likely that the houses burned by accident due to the electrical load


Creating a profit motive for government seizure of assets is a bad idea.


I came here just to cringe at all the misinformed comments about the graphics cards being destroyed even though ASIC miners don't have graphics cards in them. People love to hate on crypto, but seem to know nothing about it.


Is it easier or more difficult to recycle the materials after being steam rolled?


The same. E-waste gets shredded to bits.


Bitcoin et al are ecological disasters in and of themselves. How we're allowing them to continue simply proves that our species is destined to destroy itself.




That steamroller operator is having the time of his life.