Nvidia Shield TV Owners Are Pissed About the Banner Ads in Android TV - The continued expansion of ads in smart devices is really starting to get on people's nerves.

Nvidia Shield TV Owners Are Pissed About the Banner Ads in Android TV - The continued expansion of ads in smart devices is really starting to get on people's nerves.


Slippery slope my friends, until people stand up in some mass, this is never going to change. Just continue to get further and further out of hand...


The funny thing is people are standing up in mass. Ad blockers are the largest consumer boycott in history.


"Disable adblocker to view this site!" Nah, I don't care that much about this random article on reddit


It's a great start. Problem is it's still barely noticeable by these companies making these changes. We have to get them to notice a change in revenue. Next up windows and android for their changes to updates, making them all mandatory and automatic...


Well if twitch is any indication then the future isn’t bright. They’ve nuked their own website several times trying to combat adblocker




The latest that I can find blocks the add, but Twitch still cuts off the broadcast with a message saying that there is an "issue" with the player and that I should fix it. That just really means that I do not watch live streams and only the vods later.


It just means.. that I don't watch Twitch anymore. Want to send a message? That's how you do it.


Honestly, maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I wouldn't even mind the twitch ads... I just wish they'd stop triggering them for *every fucking stream I start* within 5 seconds of starting it. Let me see if I'm even fucking interested in watching this stream before you start the ads. For me, personally, that totally kills discoverability. I don't browse twitch streams, because I have to watch 30 seconds of ads before I can see if I want to watch a thing... For each one I try to browse to.


I just preemptively drink a whole new verification can every time I check a link.


Dammit I just ran outta mountain dew


[Gosh, that's an old reference.](https://www.reddit.com/r/4chan/comments/1ggg4u/please_drink_a_verification_can/) And I got it. Does that mean I'm old, too?


Their ads would be better if they just made them a banner type ad w/o sound instead of being full screen, the stupid old ways never die i guess.


i don't know if you watch wrestling but AEW continues to squash some of their best matches by going to picture-in-picture and it completely destroys the story. i mean, we get it, you gotta have ads. i would rather have a full commercial that takes less time than have the screen split so small I can not tell what is happening AND HAVE FUCKING **LOUD AS FUCK** ads playing on my screen.


Same with Youtube when you want to check out a video. It's like queuing to see a video.


The fact that you get a pre roll ad if you change streams at all is just cancer. Sometimes you want to see what a few streams are doing and pick the best one. But nope, 30 second ad after every change. Most days I just exit the tab entirely after 2 of them back to back.


Except for a few streamers I have completely left Twitch. It is the absolute worst for both streamers and viewers 🤮


Another shitty thing that happens, if the stream freezes for you, which for some reason is pretty frequent in my experience, refreshing the page makes the preroll ads run again.


It’s the same with pirated games running better than legit copies because of DRM, which then pushes even more people to pirate because of better performance. Complete stupidity.




That's where gog.com is a lifesaver! Now if only they would make a linux client…


I wish there was an ad-blocker for YouTube through Roku. I’ve already largely stopped using the YouTube app in favor of an ad-blocking browser on my phone, so the Roku is the last spot where I get spammed with ads (two before being allowed to watch the video, typically one every few minutes throughout the video, and then again at the end; it’s disgusting).


Never going to happen, the masses are the ones allowing this because they don't care. If you're an enthusiast or a power user, it will always be an uphill battle to keep control of your devices because you're always outvoted by people who just want to stream baby yoda or whatever on Friday night and don't care if they have to wade across a few ads.


Here in the UK my local Sainsbury’s (similar to US’s Target) tried putting advertisements in the men’s bathroom instead of mirrors. Within 2 days they were smashed They replaced them A week later they were smashed and pulled off the wall They replaced them one final time before they were obviously smashed again Now the mirrors are back and there’s not a scratch on them. It would be nice to see mass advertisement destruction become commonplace


> People are taking the piss out of you everyday. They butt into your life, take a cheap shot at you and then disappear. They leer at you from tall buildings and make you feel small. They make flippant comments from buses that imply you’re not sexy enough and that all the fun is happening somewhere else. They are on TV making your girlfriend feel inadequate. They have access to the most sophisticated technology the world has ever seen and they bully you with it. They are The Advertisers and they are laughing at you. > You, however, are forbidden to touch them. Trademarks, intellectual property rights and copyright law mean advertisers can say what they like wherever they like with total impunity. > Fuck that. Any advert in a public space that gives you no choice whether you see it or not is yours. It’s yours to take, re-arrange and re-use. You can do whatever you like with it. Asking for permission is like asking to keep a rock someone just threw at your head. > You owe the companies nothing. Less than nothing, you especially don’t owe them any courtesy. They owe you. They have re-arranged the world to put themselves in front of you. They never asked for your permission, don’t even start asking for theirs. - Banksy


I wish my mind worked like that. Unfortunately for me, I am a sheep. It’s not until I read something like that I realise just how much of a sheep I really am.


There are some gas stations that are doing this at the fucking pump. only bright side is that they do allow you to mute the damn videos.


I have found several that have no mute. The stations that do this lose my business immediately, I will drive out of my way to avoid them


Same. I will drive out of my way *AND* pay more, if necessary. Fuck that shit.


The ones around me are unmutable. I've tried all the different "LPTs" and button press combos I've seen online. They don't work. Tempted to just tape over the damn speakers to get them to stop screaming at me.


i remember reading from one of Michael Chrichton's books when i was a kid, there were firms which obtained the rights to certain fish species and genetically modified them to have advertisements written in their scales. always stuck with me, as fantastical as it might sound




I do not need an incentive, give me an option to smash some responsible servers, I will be there. Next up large scale companies that have all but shut down customer service, or any means of live help. Coming for you next!


Reminds me of the scene in Ready Player One “our studies have shown we can take up 86% of the users interface with advertisements before inducing seizures”


Idiocracy - just a bunch of ad windows surrounding a small center "show".


Joe Rogan plays ads before and during his Spotify podcast regardless if you pay for premium or not. Remember, old guys, when cable came out? It was supposed to be channels without advertising. Then it became pay 249$ a month to watch reality TV full of advertising. This won't get better, it will get worse.


This is a misinterpretation of how it actually worked. Cable was originally a way for those who were unable to get signals with an antenna to get those same stations (complete with the same advertising) through the service. Channels without advertising were the very few (at the time) premium channels like HBO, which did not have ads. It's not that much different now, except some of the premium channels and 'commercial-free' streaming services now make you watch promos for their other shows and movies before showing you what you selected (on streaming services, anyway). HBOMAX and Amazon Prime are the two worst offenders. Amazon gets worse every day. **But there are ads anyway, it's just 'product placement' of endless shit now within shows and movies. Endless. Cars, soft drinks, beer, clothing.** \--Old Guy


That is what the slippery slope and further and further out of hand are referring to. Its happening right in front of our faces, these large scale companies have given up the need to be subtle about it. There is no positive outlook here and there is no means to slow them down or revert any of these new changes.


Just go back to pirating. I refuse to pay for a single thing on Disney+, Hulu, or any other new network or device system. I already spend money on Netflix and Amazon prime subscription. Paying for a shield just to be force-fed more ads seems infuriating. This wasn’t an “update”, it’s an advertising cash grab that they switched to once their base reached a critical mass, and it was all part of their plan...fuck em. Get a refund for the shield.


100% this. So long as people buy these things and continue to support the hardware with purchases ON the hardware then this will continue to get worse. Futurama's predictions will come to fruition. Sadly, evidenced by recent history, I don't see anything happening. They'll see the figures of purchases and continue down that slope. People will complain on social media, but nothing will happen because the $$$ is still there.


Kind of sucks when you support something that doesn't have ads only for it to throw ads in years later after there are millions of units in the world.


This exactly, for example, I've had no ads for 6 years with my shields send them just wake up one morning with them.


Ahh yes, the time until sellout variable, often overlooked...


You all that keep saying "buy these things" are missing the point that the Shield TV came out in 2015 and didn't have these things on it. It's the ad company google that shoved the ads in there.


Spent $200 plus tax for the device to not have ads. Cause if I wanted ads I’ll buy a $25 device lol.


This I think is a really important point. We all spent a lot of money on this device and if it was going to just get bogged down with ads, we would have just bought cheaper devices.


Imagine paying not 200 but about 1000 (if not more) for a device just to get bogged down with ads. Welcome to Samsung.


I got a fire stick for my old non smart kitchen TV. Don't care if I see ads on the menu. Was $20 and it makes the TV I got for free useable. I am mad about the TV I paid $500 for that came with Roku built in and it has ads on the homescreen.


Ads in TV/streaming have always baffled me. In the days of antennas, I can understand ads to cover the costs of broadcasting TV for free. Ever since cable and people had to start paying for TV, ads should’ve gone away. If I’m paying, don’t fucking advertise. Just to clarify, I fully understand *why* a company would. I’m baffled by the fact we so readily accept it. I suppose we don’t really have much of a choice, with the monopolies and all…


My 73-year-old dad told me that paid TV was originally introduced as an ad-free alternative to free cable. Nowadays, people pay hundreds per month for what amounts to 40% commercials.


Loud fucking commercials! Geez I have Hulu for free as part of my Verizon contract but I rarely use it. Turned it on one day and was annoyed and amused at how loud the commercials were compared to the show. Imagine having to pay for that shit.


The loudness annoys me more than the commercials themselves. There were literally laws passed about this for broadcast TV, but it feels like streaming services decided it doesn't apply and we are back to 50000 db ads.


The reason they seem louder is that the entire audio signal is squashed into the top of the dynamic range limit. For example the loudest thing in your cop drama might be a gun fight or a heated interrogation. The commercial just cranks everything up to gun fight. They say they don't make them louder, but they're lying.


They aren't properly normalized then. I have worked in TV, and we always had to make sure the commercials weren't put in the system outside a certain range of levels. Hulu Etc, should be able to do this. More likely they just over automated the system and "trust" that the advertisers are sending properly balanced commercials, which clearly they are not.


Get ublock origin and always watch on pc, problem solved.


It’s the main reason I’ve never even bothered to buy cable. I’d rather put that wasted money into a faster internet plan


Ah, you must live in one of those magical places with a choice. Here, Comcast cable has a monopoly, enforced by law (GA) who have made it more or less the law that you cannot have the fastest internet without also paying for the minimum cable service (10 channels, $50/mo plus $20 broadcast channel fee (which, coincidentally, all 10 channels you are already paying $50/mo for). So for 200MB internet and 10 channels, I pay $175/mo and pay through the nose for channels I get for free with an antenna if I had the choice. God fucking bless America right? Such a stupid country we are.


I live in GA. I have AT&T Gigabit Fiber internet and no TV service. I pay $80.59/month. Comcast is also available to me. I had that before AT&T Gig was available.


Sheesh bro! You're ballin! My family pays 60 and gets 200 down and 11 up. Im happy with that though :)


Fiber doesn’t necessarily mean you get the full gig. We have fiber here, and it’s only about 200 to 250 down.


Yea but thats sometjing on your end probably. Do you get 1gig down at like 3am?


My monthly bill in Ga (Atlanta suburb) with Comcast for 1200 MB is $115. I have no cable with them. You need to call customer retention and find a better plan!


What’s free cable?


You mean, what was free cable?


I've never heard of free cable, I'm in the US though. Do you mean OTA?


We pay to see ads that expect us to pay for their products. We literally pay to be riddled with ads. This is another reason why cable tv is dying.


This is the way. I’m old enough to remember when cable became a thing. It was originally supposed to paid TV, therefore no ads. Of course it starting having ads. Then came premier movie channels like HBO... same thing... paid service with no ads. Then they got ads. Any service that bills itself as “ad-free” will eventually fall. I’m waiting for SiriusXM to do it with satellite radio. I can already feel it coming :/


Netflix has been really good sticking to no ads. I think they know it would kneecap their user base of they changed.


if netflix introduce ads, they dont have a strong enough library to keep users. Netflix is doing a shotgun approach but dont have ips that last.


It's because of a survey of their users. [Nearly a quarter](https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/05/netflix-users-dont-want-ads-23percent-would-consider-canceling-report.html) said they would quit netflix if it started showing ads.


Who are the 3/4's of people that would keep paying for Netflix if/when they start showing ads?


They have paid product placement in nearly every original they produce. Does that count as advertisements?


I can handle product placement in content as long as it's not intrusive. There's a way to do product placement subtly, and then there are some shows/movies where they seemingly cram in some B-roll from an upcoming commercial and call it a day. The immediate example that comes to mind for me is the Pepsi scene from World War Z, though you could probably find a lot more shitty product placement in that movie. I can't remember which Marvel movie it was, but there was an annoyingly long shot of some fancy car dashboard and display turning on, and you could immediately tell that Audi or whoever demanded that shot be in the movie.


I remember watching an episode of *Bones* that suddenly had like a 30 second scene of the characters being amazed at this new car’s ability to park itself. It was the least subtle product placement I’ve ever seen in my life. And I’m including the Subway placements from *Chuck.* Edit: May as well [link a video. ](https://youtu.be/oDe9_c8QAM0) It’s about as bad as I remembered.


*Chuck* handled the Subway placement very well. It was a silly show, so they made the sponsorship silly. They leaned *hard* into the product placement and basically turned it into a running gag.


Technically yes, but I get it. If you’re a producer of a show and need to get 100 vehicles for your show, do you buy/lease 100 vehicles or do you call up Ford Motor Co. and tell them that you’ll make sure to get the blue oval in X number of shots if they give you the vehicles on loan? I’m not really sure how it works. I’m assuming the studio actually makes that deal with a manufacturer.


Netflix is a publicly owned company so at some point in the future they will start with the 3rd party (not affiliated with Netflix products) advertising. Nothing can be done about this. Once you go public it is a race to the bottom to increase profits into infinity. Shareholders aren't going to stand by and watch as free money on the table is left for grabs. They are going to demand that money and will eventually force upper management to implement advertising.




And investing it in another drive for my nas.


Legit, I have a whole bay open and I'm just waiting on the excuse to pull the trigger on the last 12tb. Netflix goes the wrong direction once and IDGAF.


It’s not “free money” if subscribers cancel because of ads. It’s entirely possible for Netflix to continue without ads. Just because they are a public company doesn’t mean they MUST start showing ads at some point




i rather have it done in the content vs splatter over the tv when you are watching something.


Problem is when the content becomes the advertisement: for example Space Jam 2 had product placement or self mentions Warner Bros IP unrelated the plot like every few minutes. Felt like an ad for hbo max and their "wide selection" rather than space jam 2


That movie was such shit


Yeah they are definitely going for alternative methods of advertising revenue but once they exhaust literally all of their tricks the traditional advertising will start to take hold. Important thing to remember about dealing with shareholders is that literally no amount of profit is enough. Once all of it is exhausted they will even trim out their workforce (permanent skeleton crews), and even start to sell off property and assets to keep the short term profit game alive.


Gotta have that year-over-year growth or your stock craters.


That's one of the things thatbpisses me off about the stock market. You can have a company where the management is happy, the employees are happy the customers are happy but share holders arent and that will make everyone else unhappy.


Does HBO really have ads, though? Worst I’ve seen is self-promotion to fill an awkward time slot gap.


They don't, that post is stupid. My dad has had HBO since the 90s and they've never had ads.


HBO has ads? I haven't had an HBO sub since I lived with my parents 20 years ago, but they put ads on it?


This is news to me. I have HBO and the only ads I see when streaming is pre-roll trailers for their other content. They promote other shows of theirs.


Instead of commercials and ads , Sirius XM just has the djs talk about the ads fast. It's no different




I refuse to pay for cable TV for that very reason. Part of your bill does go to pay for certain channels that are bundled with basic cable and can not be opted out of. So you're paying for certain basic cable channels even if you don't watch them and then there's ads when you do watch them. It feels like a big rip off.


But if they can get advertisements to you anyway and removing any ability on your part to stop it, why wouldn't they? It's not like you actually own the devices, you just brought the hardware components of a paid service. /s


I haven't paid for traditional TV channels for many years at this point, but I was just recently visiting my parents, and they still have DIRECTV. Besides it being incredibly annoying to watch anything due to commercials every 7-12 minutes (not sure if this is more frequent than it used to be, or I just forgot how annoying and frequent they are on traditional TV), they have now put adds between channels on the channel listing screen. After every 5 or 6 channels, this is an add in the shape of a channel bar. Its absolutely wild, I don't see why anyone would want to go back to traditional TV after cutting the cord.


For real.. tv now is built around ads and it’s gotten crazy. If you watch a show on any of the network channels you can tell they’re built around ad breaks, including as many as possible, and now many of the shows even feature promotional content during the show. Like when they film segments of a competition show in the “Mountain Dew lounge” or take a “Doritos break” or they show some stupid car commercial with the host of the show driving. You see it all the time and it’s so lame and just ugh why!? I’m paying for cable, I should get to enjoy the shows without having products shoved down my throat.


what was that line from Ready-Player-One? "we estimate we can sell up to 80% of an individual's visual field before inducing seizures"


Same concept was in black mirror where the guys room is basically 100percent tv screen so ads can play whenever. Similar topic in idiocracy with ads on everything.


He couldn't even close his eyes because the ad stopped and it demanded he continue viewing the ad. I can easily see that happening in meat space, probably already is.


I remember seeing a post a while back where an ad would pause if you hit the mute button. I wonder if that has continued.


It has, also ads that pause when the window the ad is playing in isn't the on top primary focus. It's beyond fucked.


I guess it's time to pump the output through a receiver.


One of the Belgian TV stations has this same shit, pauses when you move to another tab. Luckily it doesn't detect when you change window and I have my media playing on a dedicated monitor so it's not that much of a problem to me. Still annoying as fuck.


[How about this Sony patent?](https://cdn.slashgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/sonyadpatent_2-580x472.jpg) Looking forward to a future where you have to stand up and shout "Pepsi!" to get the ad to stop.


lol hands up and everything


I can't wait for the future that has TVs so irritating that I'm more likely to go do something else instead. I won't even own a TV if this becomes mainstream.


Time for a drink from the verification can.


50 million merits is still one of the best Black Mirror episode thus far. It had the stupid "ad on everything" problem, the fake "reality" TV shows (or rigged contests), the futility of modern work-consumption cycle, and even the shift from traditional irl social interactions to digital ones.


Don't forget the whole "achieve your dream only it's porn" thing, too. Or sponsoring a voice against them so that it doesn't have real power against them.


I hate how everything is trying to sell you something. Good human salespeople know, when they can offer you something extra. And it's such a great customer experience, when a good salesperson offers you something and you want to buy it. You buy this electronic stuff and it tries to sell you this and that. There is a place for ads and there are places that should be ad-free.


What bothers me most about advertisements these days is the emotional manipulation. I'll laugh when I'm good and ready to laugh Mr. Big Insurance Company. I would really love to see a trend towards unabashed honesty in ads. "Here's our product, please buy it, bye". They spend less money on ads, we waste less time watching nonsense; everyone wins


One type of ad that I loathe more than any other are ads about medicine. Let’s ignore just for a second how incredibly fucked up it is for there to even be medicine ads in the first place, because that’s infuriating on its own. But then these ads show you just the happiest fucking people on the planet, running around in a field with their family, or laughing at dinner with friends, or at the beach or some shit, ALL because of their MIRACLE DRUG!!! Ask your doctor, buy it now and you can ALSO be as happy as all these paid actors!! It’s the most disgusting, immoral, fucked up type of ad that exists today. Preying on people with real medical conditions to manipulate them into buying their overpriced bullshit miracle placebo pill. Also btw here’s a list of side affects that will definitely happen to you if you take this pill. All while you’re being shown the happiest people you’ve ever seen. Like nvm the side affects we’re reading off at 70 words a second, look at all of these HAPPY PEOPLE!!!!! :D Fucking disgusting.


And not to mention our drug prices are astronomically expensive because pharma companies spend 10x more on advertising than they do on R&D. Pharmaceutical ads really grind my gears


I'm almost in favor of a law that says advertising can only make objective claims that they can back up with data and only show the actual product in photos. I'm sure they could still game that, but it'd be better than all the bullshit psychological tricks they're allowed to get away with today.


>I'll laugh when I'm good and ready to laugh Mr. Big Insurance Company. This is the one that really kills me. I hope there's a special circle of hell specifically reserved the the person(s) responsible for the creative direction of Progressive commercials.


Those commercials make me cringe so hard i fall through my own butthole.


I cut the cord a long time ago (nearly a decade), and made sure to install network wide ad-blocking, as well as ublock origin on every computer. Reading your comment made me so glad that I have no idea what you're talking about.


I genuinely forget what ads are like for people who don't use ublock on their browsers.


Every single time new tech comes out for Home Entertainment I wonder if *this* will be what gets me away from a full Home Theater PC. Still waiting......... uBlock Origin takes care of all Hulu and YouTube ads. HTPC is still easily the best experience.


I blocked YouTube ads on my PC browser a few years ago. Recently used different browser and holy fuck has it ever gotten worse. Everyone should block them.


My partner doesnt use an ad blocker and every time I use his computer its a shock. I dont know how he can stand it


Ditto! It's an assault on my eyes and ears lol


For me it's the sheer difference in performance. Websites load so much faster with all the extra bullshit removed.


The internet is so much faster with all this tracking bullshit removed. I wonder how much bandwidth we waste on data collection


I optimize websites and tracking scripts are some of the slowest menaces I have to deal with. Even Google's own scripts will slow down some sites enough to penalize the site in their own search listings.


I agree with you 100% but I can’t sell my spouse on it because it’s still a pc which puts her off due to having to use a keyboard. Do you have a slightly different setup to get around this?


Why use a keyboard? I mean, it depends entirely on what you want to do on the screen, but there's no need to be reliant on a keyboard. I will admit I find it *easier* for certain tasks, but the keyboard for my HTPC lives in the entertainment unit and is rarely used. You can use Kodi to watch media and control it using your phone and the Yatse app. You can get a remote control like [this](https://www.amazon.ca/Wireless-Keyboard-W1-Multifunctional-Projector/dp/B0787Z1C2G/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=mce+remote&qid=1626789218&s=electronics&sr=1-8), or you can use a game controller (Xbox, Playstation, Steam, whatever) to use with whichever software you want. You can use VNC which basically lets you give keyboard/mouse input directly from your phone There's lots of options depending on what you're looking for.


This was by far the most helpful comment. I’ve experimented with Kodi before but like I said the keyboard (the physical input device) was a major hang up. Thanks for the recommendation and pointing me in the right direction. Please take this silver in appreciation.


I have Kodi added to Steam as an external application, and I have Steam auto launch in big picture mode. It makes for a super seamless experience for switching between gaming and watching content all with a steam controller. No keyboard needed. Edit: The other cool thing is the because the steam controller is so configurable there are community configurations for running Kodi with it. 10/10, would recommend


There is an app for iOS that lets you use your phone as a touch-mouse on a PC. Perhaps that was an option? EDIT: together with Windows’s on-screen keyboard.


The harder a company tries to sell me their product, the more pleasure I take in keeping my money out of their hands.


Then they cry when people end doing piracy. My man, if I pay, there should not to be ads there!




I only see the ads on my shield in the short time it takes me to turn it on and launch Kodi, so yeah, spot on.


Argh!!! 'tis a pirates life for thee


it's so intrusive. they should pay us to use the damned thing.


Or at least the shield should be like $100-150CDN now. Google should be subsidizing Nividia cause they have ads on the device now.


Google is one of the worst cuprits for excessive ad's and data mining arround. If you think they care to stop that then i hope you're ready for dissappointment.


Welp... guess I won’t be getting Android TV.


Every smart tv is doing it. Samsung, lg, even my tcl roku tv started showing a banner ad when I switched to hdmi1. F that. Pointing it to my new pihole later today.


While my old Xbox isn’t that great at being a streamer box, it gets the job done. I dropped fireTV after five years because it was getting slow and the newer models sucked.


I got the tcl because I like roku software more than any other smart tv. Having one small remote for everything is super convenient and I can use my phone to control it when my kids inevitably lose the remote. And it’s fast. Hopefully pihole fixes the ads.


It does.


Yup. Just noticed an ad on mine for the first time last night. Granted, it wasn’t intrusive, really, just a small box near the app menu. It’s probably been there since I got the TV like 8 months ago and I’ve just tuned it out. But, let’s be honest, it’ll get worse. I’m old enough to remember the rise of pop up ads on the internet. If there’s a penny to be made, these companies will find a way, no matter how consumers feel about it. Because if everyone does it, what choice does anyone have but to deal with it?


>what choice does anyone have but to deal with it? Piracy.


I made on of my SSIDs noads. Anything on that wifi name get dns from pihole.


I'm curious how you've set that up. Are you running multiple wifi routers, with different DHCP server settings?


“Now pay only $19.95 per month to watch your TV with fewer ads!” They will wait 90 after purchase to activate this so it will be too late to return the TV.


Ironically the original reason to get netflix.


I installed my Pi-Hole last week. It's great. I'm allergic to ads after filtering them in my browser for so long, so having any shiny new hardware I get display them to me is infuriating.


I had a pi as a plex server already running so it was an easy thing to just install it. My only issue so far seems to be that I have kids that play some ad-filled tablet games, and those games literally don't work if they can't display the ads.


Yeah, that's the next step - services just won't work if they can't serve the ad.


Not a single ad on my Apple TV…


Hell everything else I own is apple. Might as well. I just liked not having to have anything else connected and having 1 remote for everything.


Apple TV remote controls my TV. I don’t have anything else hooked up to the TV so I only have the one remote.


If this gets too annoying I’ll definitely look into that. Ty!


Apple TV is the best bang for buck. It runs smoothly compared to my in-laws brand new Roku, and my Apple TV 4K is like 4 years old now. Since they just came out with a new model just buy an old one on sale. The coolest part about Apple TV is being able to screen mirror all of my apple devices screens and AirPlay is great for music and videos. OH THE BEST PART. Steam link app on the Apple TV. I play my PC games with a PS4 controller linked to Apple TV, running steam link from the PC in my bedroom. All native too, just pick up my PS4 controller and press the home button… boom Apple TV on then steam link then gaming. If you have both devices connected to your router via LAN there’s almost no lag or latency at all


Wait. Wut. I didn’t know this. Wooo.


Or YouTube tv or Google tv or googles new AdFree TV.


Just get a raspi and make a pihole. Ad Free experience everywhere


Right, so an Apple TV.


The biggest bummer there is how well the shield does with a Plex server. I haven’t had an Apple TV in a while though, has that experience changed?




The entire point of paying subscription was to get past the advertising on cable networks. If we now have 500 services and advertising to boot, then suddenly cable or aggregators make a lot more sense


Nah pirating and grey market streaming are what make sense. I have no problem paying for services as long as they are convenient and not obtrusive. Spotify is great Netflix is decent though I’ve run through most of the good content Prime is great because it’s a bonus But outside of that everything is too spread out, Not enough content, stuffed with ads, terrible interfaces, too limiting on how many devices I can use it on ( I have 8 in my house if you count phones)


I largely don't pirate because Steam and Spotify exist. As soon as Amazon blocked our devices because a 970 gpu and a 4th gen CPU were considered "too old" for DRM, we pirated the movies we rightly paid for and couldn't watch. Turns out that the pirated versions were higher quality and less of a hassle than Amazon video. Amazon converted an entire college apartment of people simultaneously because they punished people who were obeying the rules. Once it started, it didn't stop on the movie front.


The people managing these companies have no idea what the hell they're doing. Its hilarious to me that they even managed to figure out 1 semi-working business model with the level of incompetence they display.


> The entire point of paying subscription was to get past the advertising on cable networks. Wait until you find out that the entire point of *cable itself* was to avoid the advertising on public broadcast. There’s no escaping it. They will seep into every last inch of your public and private life.


I've had a Shield on my "To Buy" list for a while. Just waiting to clear my budget up so I don't have to worry about the purchase. I won't be buying one until they take the ads back out. This is fucking ridiculous. We are not fucking walking wallets and people who want to shove ads in our faces every chance they get can fuck right off, they're not getting my money.




Ever since YouTube started interrupting videos with ads, I have been at war with ads and systematically blocking them wherever they show their ugly faces. I have a pi hole and ublock origin. I intend to switch from an iPhone to android just to use YouTube vanced and an ad-free Reddit app. This latest incursion verifies that I’m doing the right thing. I used to not mind ads very much, but they pushed and pushed, stealing more of my time (just as bad as stealing money imo) and becoming more of a security risk, so now I hate them almost as much as I hate terrorism and genocide. No ads will get any second chances. All ads will be purged. I don’t care who it bankrupts. They had their chance to keep using easy-to-ignore, safe ads and still get something from me. Now they get nothing.


Ah yes, the great ad purge.


I've hit a lifetime max too. I used to be just like you, until ads started lagging my web browser, causing performance issues, and becoming long and unskippable. Now I block ads, promos, paywalls, and sponsor spots with automated or community-driven software. Life is so much better. I would have taken light ads for life at one point, but they pushed way too hard. Better for security too.


I almost bought youtube premium just to get rid of the ads but the fucking scumbags started playing ads when I would wake up my tv, and then I wouldn't be able to select related videos from what I was watching as it would go back to homepage. Its insulting how far they're willing to go, playing an ad when I switch on the tv is fucking disgusting and beyond a joke.


They shouldn’t be surprised when people start to dust off the old laptop server running Plex, qBittorrent and a VPN.


I keep all my media local for just these reasons. I stream rip music from Tidal HiFi and store it locally on my NAS and I buy all my movies and tv shows on Blu ray and rip them to my Plex server so that I always have full control. I bought a movie on iTunes years and years ago for $30. I came back to watch it and it wouldn't play. Support told me that the movie was no longer available due to licensing expiration and I would not get my money back. That was my first introduction into just how incredibly shitty media business practices are. It's just annoying that your average user has to become more and more technologically advanced and implement more and more specific things in order to just have a not complete shit experience. Fucking aggravating how these companies will go to such lengths to hold you by your ankles and shake you until your last dollar falls out


That would piss me off.


I run my own launcher on the Nvidia Shield, so I dont see any of that. But I am worried they will find a way to block it.


Which launcher


ATV Launcher. I love it!


Time to sail the high seas.


Yeah. People are getting irritated. But companies don’t give a fuck. Lol. They care only about money not their customers.


They care about their customers...we aren't their customers, the customers are the ones buying ad space.


Unfortunately for us Plex users, there’s not really a better way to watch 4K rips with lossless Atmos/TRUEHD etc


Sideload HAL Launcher. Changed my entire experience. HUGE QOL upgrade.


Get a Pi-Hole. Having your own local DNS server that simply doesn't send requests for ads really nips that shit in the bud.


I have a pi-hole... doesn't do anything about the banner on my shield.


You need to configure it manually. I only blocked `androidtvwatsonfe-pa.googleapis.com` , cleared the cache and storage of a few things, and got rid of them entirely.


What are those few things? I've done it for the tv home launcher but it still gets the ads back.


A pihole doesn't help when the ad comes from the same server as the content.


It's why I prefer my Apple TV over my Fire TV. Apple TV might be frickin expensive, but it isn't cluttered with ads.


This right here. I love android stuff, but Apple Tvs are clean, easy to use, and no ads in the UI. It's worth the extra money.


I was actually upset the day those stupid ads showed up on my android tv. Things like that don't usually bother me too much but that really pissed me off. I can't stand the home screen now. I was thinking about getting a shield but after those ads showed up on my tv I decided not to buy any more android tv devices ever again.


Thankfully I am not the only one. I am so pissed about this! Looking forward to figuring out a sure fire way to disable or block the ads :(


PCs are small enough and cheap enough to use as streaming devices. I've been using one for years. Don't put up with this shit. I use [this](https://www.intel.ca/content/www/ca/en/products/boards-kits/compute-stick.html) but I'm thinking of switching to a Raspberry Pi for funsies.


Samsung Galaxy phones’ default weather app has ads. For a $800 phone! Something has got to change.


It is so hard to buy a dumb tv nowadays. None of the major brands support them anymore. It is ridiculous


I won't be buying anything that plays ads. The whole point of paying is to avoid ads.