Playing with console players when you're on PC

Playing with console players when you're on PC


Meanwhile asking another PC player: "Idk, I changed all the key binding within 5 minutes of having the game opened."


Yea I always check bindings when I start a new game. I don't want to have to change crouch from c to Ctrl or from hold to toggle when I'm trying to get invested in the story or during an online match. Plus having the same use button or special action button across all games is pretty nice.


War ignites between Team C crouch and team ctrl crouch! Lol I have always been more comfortable with C for crouch and Z for prone. I typically leave my keybinds in default though.


I use mouse 4 and mouse 5 for crouch and prone


MB4 has always been melee and MB5 nades for me.


Mouse 3 is my melee and G is grenades


F to melee, mouse 3 for nades here.


F is for respect


F is for friends who do stuff together


U is for uranium bombs


V to Melee


And yet apparently console has the confusing key configurations lol.


MB4 is always push to talk.


Left ALT is my toggle mute.


Agreed on MB4 but MB5 is either push to talk, or an ability.


Left ALT is my toggle mute.


I use M4 and M5 for lean left and lean right. I don't even know which is which, but my lizard brain does.


Ok this is unique


I've done it but I don't like assigning it to any action that I might do while aiming. Tensing your hand does make your hand move a little and I think every little thing counts. I save them for doing things I wouldn't be doing while I'm aiming.


i tried to bind mousewheel left and right to lean but it fucked me right up. summit uses v and b for leaning i think. q and e are good enough for me


Mouse 4/5 team.


mouse 4 and 5 are for grenade and melee!


My man


This guy, right here.


Right? The button further from you is nades because you're throwing them away from you! That's my logic.


I could see that working. This seems like a good keybind for dropshotting.


In the long run, it kind of isn't. From experience, you don't want any reason to tense up or rearrange your finger position while you're trying to shoot and aim. I remember thinking it would be helpful too, but leaving crouch/prone on the keyboard and leaving your mouse hand to worry about firing and aiming is much better.


Yes, this, so mouse buttons should only be for something that you wouldn't use while shooting/aiming like grenades or melee


I used C too when I started gaming in pc, but after competing in more fast paced fps like apex, CTRL is the way, c takes too much time because it's weirdly located. The downside is that any old fps ai enemies get obliterated too easily.


I use ctrl for hold crouch and c for toggle crouch when games allow it. I think the only game I've played that's had separate toggle/hold crouch bindings is apex legends though...


I mainly play EFT and Squad. I've been meaning to set ctrl to hold to walk. And shift hold to sprint. But I keep forgetting lol.


I just use caps lock to slam myself between minimum and fast walk. That likely won't work as well when inertia based movement comes.


Same here.


War were declared.


C = toggle ctrl = hold


Am I the only one who uses Shift?


Shift to crouch? What a weirdo... lol kidding. I have never heard of that though.


Shit is for sprint! Typo kinda works! I'm leaving it.


Unfortunate typo but I'm with you. It even has a little forward arrow for "fast".


It's default in Minecraft and nothing else I've ever played


I think Minecraft is shift to crouch so maybe it's a habit. I always have to change interact key to "E" in all my games now since I'm so used to it.


Yeah interact can screw me up cuz some games use F and others use E...


Shift is sprint, and also carpal tunnel


If I remember correctly minecraft uses shift to crouch and crtl to sprint as default. Now that I think about it, that sounds kinda backwards.


I thought mine craft sprint was a double tap W.. or I or up arrow for the weirdos out there :p


I've been alt crouching on Scavengers.


left alt for crouch, i have no idea how people reach ctrl


shift chads


Alt crouch gang


Alt is way more comfortable in games that require sliding. I’m sliding around in Destiny 2 all the time and it just feels way more natural to use your thumb than your pinkie.


I've never heard of alt crouch either.


Isn't alt default in Skyrim? Or is it Dishonered... I can't remember, it's one of those.


Shift is crouch tab is prone.


Whoever decided C was a better button then CTRL for crouch is literally Satan. I'll never understand it, but this alone is the reason I check key bindings in every single game I play on PC.


I believe it was Call of Duty. Duke 3D, Blood used Z (and A for jump since WASD wasn't common yet!) Half-Life had it as Control. (Also had WASD default!) Quake didn't let you crouch (WASD NOT default)


Quake 2 let you crouch and it was C.


> Duke 3D, Back when alt was strafe! Forget WASD not common, mouse control wasn't even common back then. The first time I heard of WASD and mouse aim was listening to an interview with Thresh after he beat Carmack. The whole idea of "always mouse look" blew my mind and changed the way I played forever.


Duke and Blood had optional mouse control, but the BUILD engine was so bad that looking up and down was choppy and stair-like. I believe you could actually enable X and Y axis mouse look separately to alleviate the issue.


I sometimes show the config of quake pros to people to get that wtf reaction. It was the wild west out there in quake 1-2 days. I believe it was thresh (the quake pro and namesake of league of legends champion) who popularized wasd movement. His config was literally built inside the game as a command. ​ [Here is config of legendary player toxjq](https://liquipedia.net/arenafps/Toxjq) . He shoots with c, forward is lmb, back is rmb. z for left and x for right.


My palm hurts when crouching with CTRL... It didn't used to when I was a kid, so maybe it's age thing.


It’s like *actually* crouching!


your palm? Don't you just use your pinky?


I use CTRL for hold to crouch and C for toggle. When games support both that is.


Downvoted for having a different opinion than me


\+1 for ctrl to crouch. -1 for toggle instead of hold. That is why PC is best. We all have our own preferences and we all get to enjoy them.


And for keyboard with highly nonstandard layouts it's pretty much required been using an ergodox for years, and sometimes I'll use esdf over wasd for some games that for whatever reason do not allow you to bind things to delete or backspace or end, since I want those extra keys :D


PC games with non-customizable keybinds are Literally Fucking Satan.


PC gamers reject and review bomb games without customizable controls, other than the most casual of games.


I mean, from someone who plays both, like 90% of console games let you fully customize controls now too


Correct approach. The answer to "what key is it to crouch?" should always be "whatever feels right for me".


The correct answer is "left ctrl"


I did the same when I first played Skyrim and other games that have weird controls.


*laughs in mmorpg* of course I need 50 keybinds, anything less would ruin my rotation


I NEED grenades or throwables on my mouse4 button on the side. healing on the one right behind that. It's so hard playing games when grenades are on g, why would I stop moving to throw a grenade?


Seriously, I can never remember which binds I've changed either so whenever someone asks I don't know what to say.


It's alt-f4


Or the classic “Press G” for any war game.


If you ever played arma, tell every newbie to double tap v in a helicopter. Bonus points for using directional voice so you hear the scream fade away.


This reminds me of GTA 4, doing online missions. "You can shoot rockets from that helicopter if you press Y" "OK. Oh shit, fuck you dude." XD


The hero we needed.


I remeber getting fooled with "F5" in the age of browsergames. Was in school and we had free-time. Damn was I pissed when my progess was deleted.




That's pure evil and I love it.


I bet you didn't do that again.


Well, he had to get even by fooling others now.


Satan - "I am a big fan"


The worst thing for me is either playing a game designed for consoles on PC and it doesn't convert the on screen button prompt, so it says something like "press R3 to open this door", or paying a PC game with a controller and it says to use the mouse wheel but it's not mapped to anything on the controller.


"Press 'Joystick 11' to open"


I recently went back to playing Elite Dangerous with a new hotas AND in VR. Took me a while to figure out where all the buttons even are, not to mention what they do.


imo, Elite is one of those game where you have to map all buttons yourself, and even there, when I haven't played in a while I don't remember what they are. Was about to land on a planet station and I accidentally drop all my cargo instead of deploying my landing gear.


This is why you unbind the drop all cargo button


That's what I did right after, lesson learned the hard way


"Press **the action button**"


Or you use a DS4 instead of an Xbox controller with your PC and it gives you Xbox prompts for everything.


I played GTA San Andreas on PC with a Switch pro controller, the dance missions were nearly impossible for exactly that reason.


Just so you know in the future, there is an option in steam to rebind everything on the switch pro controller so that abxy is actually abxy on the controller


The thing is, for that game at least, all my muscle memory is based on the original Xbox version, so for everything where the screen isn't telling me what to do I DO want it to think it's an Xbox controller. Using the shoulder buttons for flying took some getting used to, since I kept trying to contort my thumb to reach Black and White. This might be very helpful for other games in future though, so thank you!


Saints Row 2 on PC is like that on top of driving being impractical.


or because of a controller having like 12 buttons total they couldn't map all the actions to different pc buttons so space does everything from interacting sprinting taking cover rolling and a few more things. I'm looking at you mass effect.


I think that was just poor game design since I always felt like that game was clearly built for PC first.


That's funny, because some games on PC would nearly be unplayable on console because the absolute maddening number of keys to use.


WoW has entered the chat


I wish it was doable, I love WoW but hate gaming on a computer now that I work on a computer for 9 hours a day. It made me a couch gamer fast


Of course it’s possible. Final fantasy 14 does it and it’s amazing.


It's amazing how well they made it work too. I've seen a couple of other games try to copy their scheme and nothing else has ever felt as fluid, unfortunately, because FFXIV was built from the ground up with controller use in mind.


Remember when games used to release and they were finished, and they just worked? Me neither.


I mean, FF XIV barely worked at release, the game was remade basically from scratch, for 2.0 (A Realm Reborn). Best redemption story for a game ever.


Ff14 not a good example for released when finished they had to scrap the entire 1.0 and THEN build it all up to what it is now


Pepperidge farm remembers


Retail has native game pad support now doesn't it?


I mean ff14 does it really well so it definitely is possible


Wasn't there a controller support added in latest patches?


There is controller support, but it's purpose wasn't standard controller play. It was a move made to work with the xbox adaptive controller which is the go to input method for people with motor reflex issues. It has tons of specialized attachments so that people with all manner of disability can create a custom fit control method.


I’ll have to check that out, bet it is quite the challenge but might be worth it


It would be doable if Blizzard wanted to do it. FFXIV works very well with a controller, there is no reason WoW couldn't.


Nah ff14 does it well so it’s definitely possible just takes work on their part


Yup. Especially if you're a class that needs to shuffle through the party list like a healer or support. Ive been on controller since the launch of XIV, it's a learning curve but it's actually quite lovely to use.


I totally agree. I’ve been playing on ps4 since the launch of ninja and haven’t put it down since. Honestly wish some other big mmos start taking notes.


That’d be DayZ for me. Really excited to play it when I got a pc finally. Didn’t get into it cause there’s so much buttons.


\*Flashbacks of StarCraft 64\*


Hence radial menus


And modifiers. LT + another button. Its been like this on consoles for uhhh.. a long time. ​ This whole argument is inane. You can play almost any game on PC with a controller.


If I can fly in Elite Dangerous with an unholy amount of “this+that” with a controller, then I struggle to believe it will ever be a button mapping issue unless we’ve just gone full sim.


I was going to mention elite dangerous I got it for free on Epic a few months ago and the first thing I did was bind all the buttons to a PS4 controller so I can play it like it is on PS4. The setup on it is brilliant and now I don't even need to hold a key and wait for the display to come up, stuff like landing gear and supercruise is just baked in now.


I’m lookin at you, war thunder


Like Elite Danger--wait, I play that on PC with a controller. Somehow.


To their credit they've done a really good job of mapping everything you need to a controller.


Arma has entered the chat room


I don't even know why WoW is the top comment. Arma is a thousand times more complicated with every fucking thing their own key set. Change from car > walking > aiming > enter Helicopter, that were 4 keysets in less than 10 seconds.


Now I wanna play with a bop it controller. Damn it.


"PULL IT to rack your shotgun. BOP IT to fire. TWIST IT to reload"




Reminds me of the time, years ago, I tried to use Dragon speech recognition software to keybind things like “pew pew” and “dududududu” to different weapons in Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries. Never could get it to work right...


That was me playing monster hunter with a keyboard and trying to figure out combos and asking for tips from my friends that all use controllers. I gave up and bought a controller


To be fair I'm pretty sure the game is designed with controllers in mind considering where it came from. I think I tried keyboard briefly in MHW since I figured mouse would be better to use with bowguns but couldn't get the hang of it so just stuck to controller.


Imo I swap between the two fps for keyboard and controller for anything else. Especially like dank souls, keyboards are a no-go for me


I need to add binglebonkus to all my quick chats


Does anyone know if the modded controllers that let you rapid press binglebonkus are worth it? I know they are like $100, but when I am in an intense game, it’s hard for my left second toe to reach binglebonkus because I usually bind crouch to sparkledingle or concentric rhomboid.


It's X


X is reload


No, X is jump


x+cliff=death Solve for x.






Isnt it the other way around


“What button to shoot?” “the ( key”


Are PC players really going to act like controller's are confusing? lol Weird.


Meanwhile PC players have keyboards with random keys and macros which they rebind immediately. This comic makes literally no sense.


Really shitty posts on the front page today


It really doesn't. Whatsoever. I love Shen's comics and his art style is adorable, and I upvote it regardless. It makes no sense, but i STILL love it.


This should be reversed. A console player asking asking a PC player “how do I crouch?” PC player: “By default it’s ‘c’ but I use ‘CTRL’” Console Player: “…”


Controllers aren't that complicated either. It would take 10 seconds to find the crouch button and it'll most likely be the thumb stick. This comic shouldn't exist


As a PC player I definitely think it should have been the other way. Controllers have what, 24 inputs including the joystick directions? My mouse alone has 13 buttons plus most people customize their binds on PC so asking a PC player is much more likely to end in confusion.


My Fiancé plays a round of Overwatch on my account one day "I can't jump with Lucio" "oh yea that's right click now" lol


Or you have a mouse where you can unlock the scroll wheel for infinite scroll and bind jump to that on Lucio. Fun times. Although, I always thought they should have made his wall running a 1:1 Titanfall ripoff.


Logitech G502 Gang


I use my scroll wheel for Zenyatta orbs, Scroll up for heal scroll down for damage orb. It's easier to move them around faster.


To be fair you have to change the keybinds for a lot of characters in overwatch on Console. Personally I had to change lucios, echo, and moira


Yeah. Some PC players are incredibly elitist, so them acting like controllers are confusing is somewhat contradictory.


This whole cartoon doesn't make any sense to me at all, keyboards have so many more buttons than a controller does. PC people shit on consoles for not having 750000 actions keybound to side buttons on the mouse and all that shit... I've played a lot of games like DayZ on PC over the years and gave the console version a go and was not keen cause it really struggled to map out everything with the buttons available...


Console bad


Agreed. This is giving off boomer humor vibes.


Seriously. The entire point of controllers is to be streamlined compared to keyboards.


Made by a PC player


Bro I’ve seen those gaming mouses with fifteen buttons. Way goofier than a controller.


Yes...obscure archaic terms like "A" and "X". I can understand the confusion...


“Left bumper” WHAT COULD IT MEAN!?


I'm so glad our keyboards don't have "A" and "X" buttons... the horror!


I like how the artist had to make the keys extra big on the laptop to not downplay their joke. Even the artist knew that this ain't it.


It's less that it's confusing and more that it may as well be another language for how useless it is. Right bumper? Where's that on a keyboard? Explaining the translation joke would kill the brevity and it works as-is.


It is not about number of buttons but how the button translation works between PC and console that matters


Just wait till you have to explain vr controls


VR controls are way more intuitive. Teach them how the grab button works and they can do 80% of stuff immediately.


I actually prefer playing with a controller, I feel like games are literally designed for them first (singleplayer campaign). Multiplayer games on the other hand are best played sith a mouse and a keyboard(but that also depends on a type of game).


It depends on the game for me. Game requires to shoot stuff? -> mouse + keyboard if not always controller


my life is this in reverse. I play on PC, but an xbox controller just makes me happier playing games that (reasonably) allow it and none of my friends do


But console is so much easier than pc.


This isn’t a good post. This is stupid as fuck lol


It's left ctrl. If it's not, I'll change it to left ctrl. If I can't change the key bindings, I'm going to refund the game.


Idk if it's funnier if binkelbongus is the name of the button or the name he's being called for not realizing pressing left is how you do it.


Me on pc: hell if I know. My mouse has 85 programmed buttons on it.




And then the console player gets shit on because hes playing against other PC players


you know who's even worse? PC players who instantly swap to a controller, and then make you wait for about ten minutes while they try to get steam to recognize their crappy 3rd party controller, that doesn't have enough buttons to play the game, then they have to remap the buttons, and decide "I'll never need to turn the flashlight off" and then startle the witch EVERY DAMN TIME because they couldn't turn off their flashlight because it wasn't mapped to anything.


I don't think that has much to do with people wanting to use controllers as much as people you play with not being prepared/courteous to the other players. Typically if I wanna use a controller, I'm sure to have it set up before I start the game and if I find myself wanting to switch to controller, I wait until a good stopping point to do that. Also, who tf thinks its a good idea to play lfd with flashlight always on, regardless of your preferred control method?




Console controllers don't have that many buttons. Is "Right Bumper" really a confusing phrase? "R3"? Compare that to "Ctrl+Alt+Del"?


Anything is confusing when you're not used to it.


Ah yes, ctr+alt+del. A gaming shortcut staple.


I always rebind whatever is on mouse 1 to ctrl-alt-del to increase difficulty.


In the middle of a boss battle, an essential move!


Heres a little tip. Use ctrl+shift+esc and it will pull task manager right up, no blue menu


To what key does "right bumper" translate?


It's press everything until you crouch... :P


Let's take a second to appreciate the fact cross play is a thing that is growing year to year.


Playing with PC players when your on console: "How do I change my weapon?" "Just reach across the keyboard and push 0"


This woulda been funny if it wasn't cringing so hard to bias the joke against controllers