TL;DR Nintendo will all ways find a way to win when it comes to handhelds.

TL;DR Nintendo will all ways find a way to win when it comes to handhelds.


psp still got a great standout


The psp would have done great with any one else. I think they sold 88 million by the end of its run which is no small thing. But the DS crushed that with 154 million sold.


And they'll keep crushing it even when this comes out because their primary market has and will always be children and casuals. The steam deck is an entirely different market.


Yeah 95% of gamers are casuals.


Dark Souls 3 hit the 10 million sales mark after 4 years - including heavily discounted sales. Pokemon Sword and Shield hit 21 million sales in about a year and a half - at full price.


mario kart 8 (the ona that was made for WiiU i think) sold 10 mill last year , 35 mill in the life of the switch + another 8 in WiiU


>the ona that was made for WiiU Intentional or not, I read that in Mario's voice.


It's a me, mol186!


Crazy metric but maybe not the best. Pokemon has such a following that's it's literally the most valued media company of all the time and a lot of that comes from non-casuals as well.


My very similar comparison I like to make is that Bloodborne only sold about as well as Xenoblade Chronicles 2 but you would never realize it if you looked at chatter on the gaming subs.


I’m thoroughly convinced a lot of people only pretend like they’ve played a game to get in on conversations


it aint just games, im at the point where someone could say "i drank milk this morning" on the internet and ill think "thats probably bullshit"


You fucking did not. Get out of here with that shit. Empty gallon pics


Here's a fake award for a great comment.


Bro I drank the milk I swear


I'm still really salty Nintendo stopped production of that game. After pyra got added into smash, people wanted to play the original game, but the only way to do so was through a digital only game because they stopped production of it before. I love monolith soft so much, they made breath of the wild, skyward sword, pikmin 3, smash brawl, a ton of animal crossing games, and then of course the xenoblade games but because Nintendo stopped producing physical copies despite still producing games that sold less I can't play it. Unless, of course I wanna spend like $100 on a game that I don't know if I'll like


Right, look at pokemon go when it was released. It had A TON of people download and play it despite it was released as an objectively worse version of their previous game ingress


Ingress was good, but there were too few players and stops too far apart. Game ahead of it's time really.


Most valued media company of all time???


Yep crazy as it sounds https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_media_franchises


Holy shit


More than star wars and Marvel. Holy shit is right. Never realized.


You think thats crazy heres [three million from jets](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Jet)


How in the hell did Dora the Explorer beat out Simpsons. Thats insane lol. Suburban families with young children must be one hell of a market.


I'm amazed Simpsons is still going that's some Gen X shit


It boggles me that #7 on that list--above Mario, Harry Potter, and the MCU--is Anpanman, a Japanese kids' franchise that I, a huge media dork, have never heard of, which is basically completely unknown in the West. Also, kind of grim to consider the profit breakdowns. Winnie the Pooh: video sales, $64 million; box office, $460 million; retail sales, $80 *billion.* All the shows and books and stories that we love are nothing more than marketing for the merch line, as far as the franchise owners are concerned.


The merchandising thing has always been true for media aimed primarily at children. If there isn't a toys market, you're missing out on tons of profit. That's why Sony and Disney had to renegotiate their deal over Spider-Man; Sony had 100% of the merchandising and Disney wanted a cut. Same reason why Young Justice was cancelled originally. The show was aimed at teens, but was polling especially well with teenage girls. Teenage girls don't buy action figures though, so low merchandising sales led to the show being axed. Edit: I also wanted to tack on the stupid golden armor from WW84. Completely useless from a plot perspective and added nothing to the movie, but now DC can sell a special action figure with that outfit.


I love how Fate is on here with $4.5 billion, of which $4.3 billion are FGO and the actual visual novels aren't even mentioned because they're so insignificant


A franchise is different than a company


It is so fucking wild to me that Hello Kitty is just casually second on that list, like it’s not something that I see in novelty shops that no one ever buys because why would they.


Ever thought about the sheer amount of people over here in Asia?


My wife is a huge Hello Kitty fan. There is a very large following and seems like there is a licensed merchandise drop all the time. There is even a Hello Kitty cafe- a mobile truck that goes from city to city to do a Hello Kitty pop up shop sometimes. We are Americans and there is always a huge line whenever we go to the one here in NYC.


Jet aircraft sales for $3 million?


TIL... That's insane. I knew Pokemon was big, but never the biggest. I always assumed it would have been like some Disney thing.. or star wars or harry potter.


All of them don't know how to capitalize on making good video games, causing games to be developed by different 3rd parties working in a rushed schedule to reach the release date of the movie. After the movie window, they disappear from the earth, only to be seen when the next movie releases. Pokemon on the other hand is an video games first, anime second, merchandise selling machine. Their characters are immidiately recognizable and have been a constant part of the media landscape for over 25 years. The movies are there to add to the franchise, but are not the primary source material for the franchise. Even the Dungeon Fighter Online video game beats the Star Wars box office sales.


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest-grossing_media_franchises Pokemon is the highest grossing media franchise of all time specifically. It's the $80 billion+ USD in licensed merchandise sales that does it lmao


Dark Souls is also a niche franchise. I have several friends that game weekly, daily when we can get together. Of the group, I'm the only one to play souls-likes, because I'm the only one masochistic enough. Avoiding Dark Souls doesn't make you a casual. It is just a sign you don't actively hate yourself.


I've only played the demon's souls remake. I beat it because I wasn't going to let it beat me. Looking back, I'm not sure I even enjoyed it. I have bloodborne sitting there but man I just don't know. Even sekiro.... it just seems like work.


For comparison though, GTA V hit roughly 11.21 mil copies (815 mil dollars) in 24 hours. A billion in 72 hours. 145mil. copies in 7.5 years which is 42% of sales of all GTAs. Also, Vice City on IOS 10 years after the og release FFS, got a million bucks in sales in like a week. Just to realise ho much take2 mskes from rockstar alone.




I think their games cater to everyone, rather than being specifically focused on mature audiences only. And they are pretty good so none can complain


Seriously. It’s so annoying hearing my “true gamer” friends say they won’t even try Mario Odyssey, Zelda, Mario Kart, etc because “those are just a bunch of kid games. You need to grow up.” It’s sad that they are missing out on such amazing games just because there’s no pew pew pwnage, teabagging, and shit talking. Somehow I’m not a real gamer since I often prefer the beautiful art, extremely tight controls, and fun and inventive gameplay from Nintendo games over spending $60+mtx on the exact same annual iterations of COD and Madden. The same people who say Nintendo games should be $40 because they are low quality and cater to kids, yet will spend hundreds on ultimate team or gun skins while struggling to pay rent. Idk how Nintendo got this weird stigma by the hardcore crowd but I feel bad that they’re missing out.


The people who decry Nintendo games for being for kids, but think that COD is what constitutes 'mature'. It's a game made to appeal primarily to teenage boys. It's almost the definition of 'immature'.


In my experience it's usually the teenage boys that are saying that sort of thing in the first place. Kids want so badly to look more mature, and when we actually get there we get nostalgic for our childhood.


Online fps is for casuals.


Agreed for most people, but there’s definitely some hardcore gamers who only play online fps. The hypocrisy is kinda what I was getting at. I believe a true gamer will play any game if it’s good, while just sticking to the same annual online fps installments seems casual IMO. Also I believe a “grown up” knows what they enjoy and doesn’t care what others think, rather than being guided into a small lane of games that you’re told is hardcore.


As someone who ~~is~~ was (3 kids plus work makes it tough...) a really hardcore gamer I have to say that titles like Mario 3 & 64, Zelda Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, & even Links Awakening, Mario Kart and many of the iterations, and finally the original Super Smash Brothers with all of it's terribly balanced characters are among the best games ever made. Also I am still of the opinion that Nintendo has created the most important developments to the evolution of gaming and gaming consoles. To me anyway, the Super Nintendo Controller is still the basis for all of the other modern controllers that have been created. I know a lot of people hated the N64 controller but I think it was a great step and introduced the thumbstick. Also I still think that the idea of the Wii Nunchuks is still good and it'd be interesting to have a modern switch pro, Xbox or PS controller that's split in two so that you don't need to have both hands in front of you (not that it matters) to play. One of my greatest video game moments is when my friend and I finally won a Halo Multi-team match (6 teams of 2) but honestly I've spent way more time laughing my ass off with friends playing Nintendo than I have all my other gaming experiences combined.


I swear I’ve read this comment verbatim on another thread.


From the consumer's point of view, popularity is important mostly because it will motivate the companies to make games for that platform. For the steam deck, this isn't so important because the games are already there. Regardless of how much copies sold, I don't think it will influence the product's quality.


[The DS lite alone outsold the PSP](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_DS_Lite). Nintendo just dominated the handheld market that hard, and Sony, you should be proud to even have a handheld this successful. It's no small thing to be successful in what was basically a monopoly


PSP was the 11th highest selling console of all time. Idk why people who make these posts act like the PSP was a failure. It did better than the gameboy advance.


TBF the Game Boy Advance had one of the shortest system lifespans of any of these systems. It released in Japan in March 2001, and in other regions in June 2001, and the DS was announced in May 2004, less than 3 years after. By comparison, the PSP was released in Dec 2004 and the Vita was announced in June 2011. People point to the GBA as being relatively unsuccessful among Nintendo handhelds but most other handhelds had at least 5 years on the market (even longer than that for the Game Boy) before the announcement of a replacement. Its not inconceivable that the GBA would have broken 100 million units sold if it had gotten a full 5-6 year lifespan rather than being replaced by the DS in 3 years.


The PSP is still the best handheld imo. It just lacks games. I use mine all the time


This is how I feel about PS Vita. I never felt like I wanted any handheld before then. They always seemed to have something different to what I wanted. Then this one came out with home console gaming on the go which was perfect for me. I finally got my first handheld and I was so excited and Sony ruined it by trying to be greedy and not putting any effort into it. I still play mine and I love it but I just wish there could've been more support


The games cost too much to produce, almost the same as a full fledged console game if I recall for smaller return, so not many wanted to put the same effort into making a game that would sell less. The games that exist are pretty great though


I feel like part of that is Sony's fault. Making proprietary cards that can't be used for anything else, giving up as soon as things started to look bad. They did the same with PSP but they put more effort into it. If they gave up that early on PSP, it wouldn't have as many games as it did. I often look at the PSP games and I'm so jealous. There were God of War games, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts, GTA, Resistance, Killzone, Final Fantasy, Monsters Hunter and tons of portable versions of console games like FIFA, PES, MLB, WWE, Marvel games, movie games, racing games, fighting games, etc. Vita had some good stuff but it could've been so much more if Sony had put more effort into it instead of giving up so early


They were too ahead of their time lol


I was and still am definitely all in on Nintendo handhelds, but the PSP was worth it for Patapon alone.










**F E V E R ! !**


And Loco Roco!


It's basically just my GBA now.


Yup mine's in easy reach and uh... doing it's best impression of a SNES and a GBA.


Why need games when you can fill it with porn? At the time it was a big deal.


It's currently also a ridiculously great retro emulation handheld


Why the fuck does anyone care about "killing" anything. Competition is GOOD. Consumers can only win with all these choices.


Same way people say will kill World of Warcraft tho WoW it seems to be killing itself on it’s own


As a FFXIV player I've been seeing so many people abandon WoW for alternatives not just XIV. It's insane how a mighty Behemoth has fallen like Blizzard and WoW.


They got too fat and complacent on their previous laurels and greedy corpo fucks replaced the people who made games for enjoyment instead of extreme profits i.e. activision doing its thing.


Hasn't most if not all the developers that made it huge left as well


Yeah. I think the entire original dev team is gone now.


I mean they have been around for something like 17 years. That is a damn good run. Hardly anything lasts that long.


Exactly. People talking about WoW dying is like going to see Paul McCartney and lamenting the Beatles. The fact that WoW still exists is amazing. It's beyond ancient. It was old in 2009.


WoW is a 17 year old game.


Yeah, whatever mmo you play (ESO for me) there seems to be a lot of WoW refugees come in and be astounded that more modern things can actually look and play better than wow, and that communities can actually be helpful and nice instead of toxic. :P


Hell, I play MMOs for the story and both ESO and SWTOR are leagues ahead of WOW in that regard.


I tried WOW and I just thought the gameplay was dull even back when it first came out and everyone was getting into it. I like FF14, and I like that it has controller support. I was debating on whether to try this or ESO a week ago, I don't really play MMOs and the only other one I liked was Wakfu, but FF14 seems pretty chill. I haven't gotten to the Heavenward stuff yet, but I love ke crafting and gathering and I like how those classes all go hand and hand with each other.


It's been almost 20 years, they need a whole new game at this point


Honestly, it's more surprising to me that it took this long. Seventeen years of a single game dominating the category is quite a run.


Wow is some 18 years old by now. It’s just dying from old age. For my own sake I’m not playing wow any more. Not because I got into another morph, but because I got bored with the same thing over and over and over.


To me the steam deck is most competitive with, like the Xbox and Playstation. Nintendo has unique IP I will never play anywhere else,whilst the other two.... nothing that makes me rebuy the HD version for 60 bucks 15 years later just to experience it again. I think the Steam Deck is just a great cheap laptop alternative for basic gaming. That has nothing to do with Nintendo.


> I think the Steam Deck is just a great cheap laptop alternative for basic gaming. That has nothing to do with Nintendo. That's because it is.


and we already have the games and account. I find this steamdeck really great. I can go on vacations and play almost everygame in my library.


A built to purpose appliance style device that makes it easy to play games you already own. That's definitely a big step up from previous efforts. I'm ready to buy one after seeing reviews


I can’t easily play with a laptop on my couch or in bed. Trackpads suck, using a mouse when you don’t have a table to put it on sucks, staring down at my lap sucks, needing to have a table in front of me for ergonomics sucks. Meanwhile, I play my switch everywhere in the house. It’s not just about portability, it’s about being able to simply pick up and play for a few minutes wherever I can be quietly away from the kiddo sleeping.


There are a lot of really good exclusive PC games that require a controller or are better with it that will go amazing with a Steam Deck. And there are a lot of slow PC exclusive games that aren’t going to need lightning fast reflexes that the trackpad will go good with also. There’s a market for everything here, all these things have a role to play and can exist simultaneously.


Don't forget that there is a dock that allows you to plug in a monitor and some peripherals


This is the way


Just wanted to add that there's another market for the steam deck. The steam deck is going to allow me to play games off my PC's hardware at home and stream it to the deck. So people who are really into gaming and have nice setups at home might want to buy one of these for when they're traveling. There's cheaper ways to do something like that, but not very streamlined or user friendly.


Holy shit I didn’t even know this was capable of doing that. I reserved mine yesterday and now I’m even more excited about it.


Because immature people wrap up there entire identities within loyalty to their brand. I still remember hearing boys getting bullied in grade school over liking nintendo over sega or PlayStation because one was going to “put the other out of business” and somehow that was going to be a good thing for them and theirs.


I agree immaturity and tribe mentality are a large part of it, but lately I've realized there's a third factor many people don't talk about: It's about reassuring oneself that they made the right choice. A lot of people (which certainly includes kids and teens, whose videogame purchases are controlled by the parents), can only afford to have one console. Choosing one means giving up the other. But if people on "the other side" are having fun, that might mean you chose wrong. So people spend a lot of energy trying to convince others (and themselves) that they chose right. It takes a good sense of self to be able to look at the other side of the fence and say "I'm missing something over there, but that's okay, I'm happy here". It's easier to convince yourself there's nothing to miss there. Not saying it's excusable, but it certainly made it more understandable once I looked at it in this light


Always has been. Not even about the money. Because admitting to others and to *yourself* that you made a wrong choice (essentially a mistake) equates to one being stupid. Just in general few will admit that something they like (be it music or movie) is bad.


I feel like people are brainwashed and don't realize that as the consumer, you should always be after the BEST product, not the company that you're used to, or one that *says* they care about you.


In gaming, the "best" systems are the ones with games you want. This has always been Nintendo's trump card. And why a lot of people own a PS+Nintendo.


Is this sub even reflective of more than like 10% of gamers irl? Everyone I know who games has some combination of having Steam, a PS, AND/OR a Switch. I feel like the only real direct competitors in this whole market are Sony and Microsoft, and that's because they're always basically toe-to-toe with specs and games.


I try to explain this logic across many platforms. Cars, tractors, guns, rods/reels, etc. Buy the best one (and best trim model) that fits your needs and is in your budget. Don't get me wrong, I have my favorite companies I go to first (Ford, AC, Tikka/Ruger/Marlin/CZ...) and Nintendo is one. I am also an casual old gamer.


I can't even count the amount of conversations I've had with Glock fanatics that are borderline offended that I don't own one. Like yeah, they're great, but my M&P just suits me better. Why can't we all just get along? Lol


I am a big Glock fan, but keep my mouth shut because usually the loudest fuck in the room is the guy with like 8 and a maxed credit card, he will tell you why you fucked your's up and disregard the fact you agree they are great. Edit, also adding: Don't own an AK, but the drunkest dumbest asshole in the vicinity will engorge his forehead and neck veins screeching about why 7.62 is the dominant species.




I’m a Nintendo fan and this is why I am so glad the Steam Deck is coming out. When Nintendo has no competition, they get lazy, and take advantage of their fanbase. (Also the Steam Deck looks amazing and the only thing holding me back from possibly getting one is the price.)


Depends on what you have currently. I have a good backlog in Steam and don't have a Switch. Even if the unit itself is more expensive, if you count the games, Steam Deck is cheaper, especially if you have regional pricing.


I dont think it'll force nintendo to innovate, they have their market locked down(exclusives) and won't ever release those elswhere.


The Steam deck doesn't compete with Nintendo at all. It's a low end gaming laptop in a slightly more portable form factor. It's a very very niche product and it's market boils down to people who want to play PC games (which aren't spec dependant) on the go but don't have reliable internet to make steam link a thing, and have the spare cash to drop on a specialist tool instead of a more multi purpose cheap laptop. It'll still probably move several million units, but it's not doing much more than that. For that matter Nintendo hasn't really tried to compete with anyone in the last 20 years. There's a reason no one else has bothered to come out with their own console; there's just no space in the market to compete with sony/microsoft. Nintendo has stuck around due to being exhibit A for blue ocean marketing and their success is pretty much solely defined by appealing to their own market niche rather than beating out the competition.


"Killer" is just an old marketing term. I'm pretty sure everyone here knows that thing won't sell nearly as well as the Switch, but it is a great device for enthusiasts. I think the Steam Deck is actually the gaming laptop killer, as those will disappear completely in favor of a more comfortable switch-like form factor. Valve has the right idea here and I'm excited to see how the industry changes after this.


Yeah whenever I read that phrase "____ killer" I take it as "This hopes to be an actual competitor for:" but I guess some people take it as "will completely obliterate ____ from the market"


Every generation: "Which of these plays Pokemans? My kid likes the Squirting one."


Had this same conversation with the wife. Nintendo doesn't compete with hardware...they compete with IPs.


They need exactly 4 titles per console release. A Mario game, a Zelda game, a Pokémon game and a smash bros game. If they released nothing but those 4 they'd still sell a huge number of consoles.


Mario Kart is equally important.


I'd argue more so than a Smash game, especially for handhelds Iirc there's only 1 portable Smash game but like 4 Mario Karts between the GBA and 3DS


Animal Crossing helps, too. It’s not the most popular franchise, but it sold over 30 million copies, and it’s the only reason my son wanted a switch. Very very popular with young girls and teenage girls last year, and if I remember rightly, so was Wild World back when I was young enough to be interested in that sort of thing. I know for sure AC:NH was the most popular game in my 17 year old sister’s social circle last year. At least 4 of them I know of ONLY bought a switch in spring/summer 2020 because they wanted play AC. The pandemic helped them make the decision to buy a switch, but Animal Crossing was the only game they bought. I know all this cause they’d invite my son to some of their virtual animal crossing swap sessions/ meet ups.


It's kind of the same logic with Disney+ as a streaming service. By all accounts the others have more diversity, larger collections, and some have better UI's... But Disney+ has Disney, Marvel and Star Wars.


And also the entirety of 21st Century Fox's catalogue.


*Cough* firefly *cough*


Better UI? Maybe against Netflix's, but Amazon Video's sucks, HBO Max's isn't that bad, but could be better, I don't know any others. Disney+'s UI is really good.


all the teenagers love the squirting one, too


Well no shit. What? You want virgin Venusaur instead of gigachad Blastoise?


Fans: "Oh but you can play it with the steam deck you just have to go to this website and d-" Others:"So it doesn't have pokemon."


It's like people who hack a MacBook so they can install Windows to play PC games


Or telling people to buy a Windows laptop and just turn it into a Hackintosh if they like MacOS so much.


It does not need to kill the Switch - it just needs to be great in its own right, which I think it will be. Nintendo Systems always have the pull from their exclusive titles, so no device is going to kill the Switch.


Yeah. People are obsessed with the idea of “beating” Nintendo. But if the generations of comparisons between Nintendo and Sony/Microsoft have proven anything it’s that Nintendo doesn’t try and doesn’t need to “win”. They just have to not lose. The steam deck is probably going to be a great piece of hardware. And it will probably sell very well. And Nintendo’s bottom line will likely not be affected in any noticeable way. Because they aren’t competing with anyone. They are just doing their thing. Their thing that has seen them survive longer than any other gaming company, repeatedly while having provably the worst hardware compared to their competitors.


Sort of like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, the former not needing to compete at all in order to "win", the latter trying way too hard to compete and *still* "losing".


That’s quite possibly the best analogy I’ve ever seen.


> the worst hardware compared to their competitors. Weakest. Weakest hardware. Weaker doesn't necessarily mean worse. The Switch form factor and hybrid nature puts it leagues ahead of the alternatives on a hardware level for many consumers. The Wii U's issue wasn't strictly hardware, but the tablet controller was a glimpse into the future. The Wii was underpowered, but it had a lot of great addons that would technically be considered "hardware." But I'm probably nitpicking here.


It’s a fair distinction to be made. Perhaps I chose my words too hastily. I definitely don’t think Nintendo’s hardware is bad. If anything their choice to use weaker hardware makes sense from not just a cost stand point but also a stability one.


The Wii U had many hardware, software and marketing issues which contributed to its failure. The Wii and Switch made hardware specs irrelevant by offering a novel appealing function that attracted masses of gamers and non-gamers. This crossed generations and sold millions of consoles to people who couldn’t tell you what a GPU is and think a teraflop might be some kind of dinosaur. Nintendo is just playing a completely different game with a completely different market and has been for a long time now.


It makes sense when you think that Nintendo has been selling entertainment for significantly longer than the companies competing with them have been in existence. Sony started as the Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, Ltd. In 1946 before becoming Sony in 1958. Microsoft started as Microsoft computer products in 1980. Valve was started in 1997. Nintendo was started in 1889.


Nintendo has existed since before corrugated cardboard was produced in the US


And that corrugated cardboard would later be used for Nintendo’s entry into VR…


Nintendo has been around so long that Christopher Columbus brought back Nintendo games when he reached america.


honestly thats a great argument for valve. everything else was created to do other shit, valve ws created over twenty years ago just for games and they stayed with games


Nintendo has only ever sold games as well. They just started with card games. Nintendo is also the reason we even have a video game industry after 1985.


Well.... sort of. There was a floundering period in mid 60's where they did some other stuff, rice, taxi's, "Love Hotels" all of which were unsuccessful. Which is probably where they learned to stay focused on the one thing they could do, entertainment, from cards, then toys, then games.


Agreed. This is about creating competition(to me), not killing the switch.


I think people say switch killer but subconsciously just mean it on a personal level. Many ‘serious’ gamers really want the switch with better hardware. However a large chunk of switch owners really just want more mario kart. Steamdeck looks great if you hate the lack of power on switch or the lack of call of duty.


what if half life 3 comes out with steam deck tho?


In a shocking twist, HL3 will be a Switch exclusive.


"Fuck the fans." -Gabe Newell


How dare you


I haven't seen such polarizing opinions on video game hardware since the console wars of '13


Oh my sweet summer child... Console war... console war never changes... *Stares off into the nuclear sunset*


Blaaaaasssttt prooocessssssiiinnnnggggg


Nintendon't 2: Electric Boogaloo


Honestly, who is saying it's a Switch killer? I highly doubt anyone at Valve thinks of it this way. Anyone who thinks that way is completely misunderstanding the market and the target audience of each device.


People are oblivious, The Switch and Steam Deck are not competition just because they are handhelds. One has Mario. Mario isn't going anywhere The other is a portable PC. Which is bad ass for a totally different reason.


I already have a switch but I also reserved a steam deck. I will still use both for different reasons.


All the Steam Deck did was make me not want to buy a second Switch even if it has a slightly bigger OLED screen. I'm not selling the Switch I already have.


They can both have Mario if you're creative enough ;)


It runs arch Linux. Pretty sure you just `sudo pacman -S mario`.


Or Python pip install mario


Websites that quote Reddit and Reddit. For every one of those Steam decks sold, Nintendo is going to sell 100 Switch units this Christmas. It’s been a stupid comparison (that was likely astroturfing) from the beginning.


Idk... either a small percent of ppl actually think that or the people who make these memes just be making shit up


I've seen at least a few memes at the top of this sub in the last 2 days that clearly are pushing a message that Switch=bad, SteamDeck=Good


Game Gear was way ahead of its time


I still have mine.


It went through 🔋 Like nothing though


I bought an AC adapter and car adapter early on. Best investments for it by far.






Children/ teenagers


It's like people forgot that it's summer


People in the online gaming communities always underestimate the power of the casual market these days. Gaming is far from the niche hobby it started as and the casuals far outnumber the well versed hardcore crowd now.


All my pc friends have Nintendo switches as well. Just like me, it fits two different target markets, but overall I do see the indie game market for switch dying due to this. Why buy a $20 game for switch when I already own it on steam. The switch will absolutely have a better player experience though, the steam deck will have access to my 500 game library. Totally different worlds.


Yeah... this right here makes sense. I'm not the target demo for the steam handheld. I have my laptop for that... and if I have trouble running something on my laptop, I can literally stream any game from my tower onto my laptop. For the kids, I have a switch that I also occasionally play. That keeps their grubby paws off my pc. I see no room for this handheld in my collection, and I guess that's probably true of a lot of others as well.


Yea, I hate my switch almost as much as I love it. There are a lot of titles like deadcells and hollow knight that I struggled to choose which to buy it for. I wanted that handheld experience, but I didn't want the sub-par hardware, lack of any community whatsoever, planned obsolescence, always behind on updates experience. With this, I'll only be buying first party Nintendo titles on my switch. (An ipad with a Bluetooth controller is not "that handheld experience" in my opinion)


In its defense the PSP did pretty well on its on, 80+ million is nothing to overlook. I mean yeah the DS crushed it, but it’s still a major success when compared to other things like the Game Gear, TurboExpress, or the Vita.


I have a vita. It's a bloody handheld console with two sticks. Two sticks. It's all I ever wanted from a handheld console, the second stick to gap that bridge, so close yet so far. Without a second screen, without many features more, just a good console with two sticks. And Sony abandonned it as fast as it came out. For fuck's sake.


Also one of the best handhelds for emulators. And I actually liked the Vita, the screen was real nice and they did try making games for it. I still miss Soul Sacrifice.


I'm getting a steamdeck purely for the fact that I can sell my CSGO inventory to pay for it. I don't really play the game anymore and having the ability to play my PC games in bed while watching Netflix or whatever sounds worth it to me


I like playing RPGs on the go and honestly games and like slay the spire and Yakuza on the go seems fun. I literally bought monster hunter stories 2 on switch over steam cause I can play it on handheld. Some games I find more fun on handheld mode.


For my money, best i can do is a retroid pocket.


PSP was ahead of its time.


The unsung hero


Psp was so underrated, just didn't get enough support


why does everyone suddenly think the PSP failed?


No idea. Every one in my highschool had a PSP.


Sony was hoping to beat nintendo in the handheld console market with the psp. The psp did sell more than the GBA, but the DS crushed it even more and relegated the psp to the second place. [https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/UsefulNotes/PlayStationPortable](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/UsefulNotes/PlayStationPortable) calls it a "successful failure" due to this and explains it quite well.


The psp wasn't overrated, it did great. Now the ps Vita on the other hand was extremely underrated, and failed because Sony didn't support it enough.


The PSP lived longer than it should have because of the Homebrew Community.


People genuinely think Valve is trying to kill or compete with the switch? Even Gabe said in the IGN interview that they aim to create a new product category. I don’t know what switch users think about the Deck, for I am not one, but If I had to put my money on one of them I would do so in the Steam Deck. Not because I think it’s better, but because it’s what I’m looking for: A more portable, powerful and affordable mini pc. The main reason you would get a switch it’s because of its exclusives, which is completely reasonable and the reason why most people buy it. You don’t buy a switch and say “Oh duuude, can’t wait to play Skyrim on this”. Well, now if you belong to that demographic at least you have an alternative. For me it’s just that, a mini pc that would allow me for easier LAN parties and that sort of thing. Love the idea of playing a game with a friend, closing it, going to his house and continue where we left off. [disclaimer: I know laptops exists, but I’ve always considered them overpriced, unbalanced and overfeatured. Don’t use neither the keyboard nor the trackpad it comes with, among other things, so always considered them nice PCs with useless features I’m actually paying for] Hope it does well if it ends up delivering what they are promising.


True, the competitor here are gaming laptops, not Switch


Nintendo also has a knack for doing genuinely interesting hardware gimmicks most generations and having some solid games that take advantage of it. A lot of the things they fiddle with later end up in other company's products. (And not always gaming companies; their modifications to then-current pedometers for the Pokewalker influenced later products like Fitbit.) Their willingness to experiment and deliberately veer off the "standard gaming" path is going to keep them apart for years to come, and it's hard to drive them out of their niche when they keep the novelty factor. "If you sign up for an online account - which is a 1/6 of the price of everyone else's online account - we'll give you the entire first-party NES and SNES catalogues for free" certainly helps too.


I have a switch that I use very regularly and I think that steamdeck is very cool though I'm not interested in it myself. It's not really the same as the switch cause it's a pc just portable so I dont think there will be a lot of competition between the two


I'd rather live in a world where 100 competitors try and fail than none ever try. Variety is the spice of life


didnt psp sell like a shit ton?


PSP was ages ahead of its time


Game gear was pretty great. It ate batteries like a mother fucker. But it was still great.


It would take something like 75% of all Steam users buying a Steam Deck to even match the number of Switches sold to date. I don't think even Gaben is hoping to beat the Switch because he doesn't have to. It's not a switch competitor because you can't compete with Nintendo, they don't allow competition. A Switch is the only way you can play their games legally. A Steam deck is a handheld PC that will let you play any PC games you want on the go, plus for the Jack Sparrows out there you can always install an emulator for the Nintendo games you want because it is just a PC. They aren't trying to compete with Nintendo they are trying to become dominant in the handheld PC market buy selling cheaper than anyone else can and making their money back from Steam fees for all games sold on the platform.


Win what? Jesus Christ this cringey tribalism. Feels like lord of the flies in here.


Steam Deck is a portable PC and does exact opposite of all of these systems. It already outclasses all of them, including switch, by lightyears. I didn't think of it as Switch Killer, but to be honest, I lost all interest in getting Switch when I heard about Deck.


This is gonna make my forearms jacked though.


Nintendo fansboys have the worst memes.


to be far the vita was a flop out of the gate, the PSP had what it takes, and prob is the best rival the big N has had with hand held, the gamegear was just a master system, but it killed batteries super fast (6 AA in like 3 hours, thats nuts) Nintendo has one thing the others always lacked one a huge fan base that regardless will buy the other systems around them but never abandoning Nintendo, and as I said battery and cost will always be there for the big N


The Vita and the Wii U had everything needed to be successful except adequate advertising and support. The vita had the proprietary memory card issue where there was no adapter that could be made for cheaper memory. The Vita literally can do everything the PSP can do and more. It could do things the 3DS couldn't yet was more of a complementary hardware since they both did different things.


Was this post made by a child? PSP did incredibly well. Best library I’ve seen on a portable device from all genres