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He is so fucking cool. What’s amazing is how he’s doing this and making it look effortless, and refusing to be intimidated. You fucking know how much kickback he’s going to have had from within the industry and the world for this, ranging from outright racist to patronising “you know, as a gay black artist you’re only going to sell if you tone it down”. He’s just said ‘fuck it I’m doing it anyway’, and I respect him so much for that.


LMAO, he really took all the hate from Montero and said “hold my drink”, this is funny as fuck.


I love how well he trolls with art


Fucking master class in telling people to fuck off with their anti gay criticism via his art. I need more.


May have gotten a little bit emotional which is awkward considering but I'm so proud of him. And I'm glad he gets to be the idol that young black gay boys like me in particular longed to see on mainstream media. Yay!!


I cannot help but smile. Teenager me from the nineties is straight up loving that I get to see this.




you mean gay up loving? there ain't nothing straight about this homeboy sdkfhdlsk


Mmmkay gurl.


There's a handful of stupid comments here. The problem is that in decades past, homosexuality was sold to the public as ultimately wholesome and family oriented; a couple may be same sex or opposite sex but ultimately they want the same thing as everybody else, traditional family values. The problem is that it gave straight people a pass for objectifying and sexualizing literally *everything* and demonized LGBTQ people for doing it as if we invented sex ! we were accused of making everything about sex, being obsessed with sex, while straight people did the same stuff and got a pass. So that's why the Lil Nas X video is so important, it's calling bullshit and putting a stop to it. there may be room to argue for and against sexualization in media, but either way LGBT people carry too much of the blame while straight people did the same thing and nobody cared .


Agree with your point about nothing being wrong with being frankly sexual, and good on him for not being afraid to show it with panache. But I just want to add that homosexuality being "sold to the public as ultimately wholesome and family oriented" is actually a very recent and short-lived reaction against a much longer and more pervasive background of our being presented as basically demonic, sad, twisted, sick, deranged, loveless, sex-crazed, pathetic, etc. And I don't think it was the wholesome representation of gays that "gave straight people a pass to sexualize everything" -- that was going on long before "the wholesome gay" image ever came along. I will say this: the concept of "gays are sexual too, just like you straights" does not really upset the cart the way "gays can love" does, because the latter is what truly goes against the grain of how we have been overwhelmingly represented.


I actually don't think that's the case.... or maybe we have different definitions of "very recent and short-lived"? In the 60s and 70s in the UK there was a vibrant (but underground) gay scene where queer people used the Polari language. Starting in the 70s and into the 80s, it was actually gay rights activists that advocated *against* that gay and "camp" identity and instead promoted a more "normal" and "mainstream" portrayal of gay identity, in order to get homosexuality decriminalized and ultimately (although it wasn't an original goal) to get rights like marriage equality etc. That fight was ultimitely successful; except that gay people had to start "fitting in." We now have toxic white gay guys who talk about "just because I'm gay doesn't mean I associate with that shit #nofemmes #mascformasc" There was (and still is) a huge chunk of queer people out there saying "marriage is for straight people and they are all miserable, why would I want to be like them?" And there are many who talk about "oh great, we can serve in the military now, so we can fight in wars we don't believe in and get killed, just like straight people." It's actually the fight for equal rights under the law that is "very recent and short-lived;" historically many queer people have wanted to live outside of that nonsense. I've always been among the ones fighting for those equal rights and recognition under the law and for fair representation in the media, but to some extend, their view is understandable and I'm pretty sympathetic. But! all this being said, the 60s and 70s was really not that long ago and I guess technically 50 or so years is really not that long so technically "very recent and short-lived" ultimately applies to both of our positions.


Exactly Growing up, I felt enormous shame about being attracted to guys but literally never considered that I might be gay. Gay people act effeminate and have boyfriends that they hold hands with, but I wasn't effeminate and I didn't want to hold anyone's hand I just wanted to fuck. I never connected that wanting to have gay sex made you gay! That's how fucking censored gay representation was in the '00s. Gay representation needs to be more sexualized. I agree that there's such a thing as too much, but we currently have way too little


Huh. I never understood this problem until now. It was always this vague cognitive dissonance trying to reconcile 'LGBTQ are people too, and the mantra of 'the LGBTQs sexualize everything ' bandied about. Thanks, great explanation. Take my updoot.


OK, this I can support.


> homosexuality was sold to the public as ultimately wholesome and family oriented What? Since when? Am I living in the same world here? edit - Also how do straight people get a "pass" for objectifying and sexualising everything? Straight female artists definitely still get demonized for displaying their heterosexuality in a way that isn’t watered down for children or religious people. Straight male artists less so, but there's usually enough resistance to spark some public outrage when they do it too.


Lmao thought the same thing. In most of the world where I come from homosexuality is pretty much perceived as weird and unappealing at best, if not sexual deviancy. Where is this idillic "homosexuality is family friendly" world? I'd love to live there lmfao


In the early 2000’s it was nice to see some representation of gay people in mainstream media, but far too often it was as the sassy gay friend, the eccentric hair dresser, and as the completely vanilla couple that weren’t ever even shown holding hands let alone kissing. While it was great to see gay people represented it was also so watered down as to be ok as long as we didn’t “flaunt our sexuality.” This idea of sanitized, or wholesome, gays in media was better than drug addicted sex addicts or sad men dying of AIDS that predominated queer media representation in the 80’s and 90’s it has long since served it’s purpose. We need artists pushing the envelope so that gay is no longer associated with any one thing and just becomes a facet of who someone is not the whole. Edit: I will say this is mostly true for western countries as there are plenty of places where gay representation has not progressed as quickly.


Personally I hate the gay media stereotypes we have now more than what we had 10+ years ago. Every gay character in a 2010’s film is portrayed as a victim now (where they have some traumatic story of a gay-bashing or are oppressed under a religious cult). Even if those are experiences I relate to, it’s just not something I want to see dramatised in a movie. At least in the 2000’s, the eccentric and carefree middle-class gay character with a stable job and dating life made me feel hopeful.


They are trying to talk about assimilationist. Same thing with corporations pretending to support gay people for once a month every year. It’s not actually accepting or embracing queer people, it’s turning them into a commodity or something that’s just comfortable enough for white liberals to ignore.


How is that even a bad thing? Corporations capitalize on Christmas and patriotic days too (July 4, Veterans Day, etc). Is that problematic to Christian patriotic Americans? How is it a bad thing that mainstream society incorporates queer love into something everyone can digest? Do you get upset that Valentine's Day makes heterosexuality a "wholesome and family oriented" concept for corporations too? Maybe I'm not understanding this logic right.


What do you mean


i edited


Christmas is a holiday related to the most popular religion in the west, not a sexuality and group of people. Assimilationism is harmful to queer communities for a multitude of reasons, its not actual acceptance or tolerance, it's stripping queer people of all their culture other than what can be slapped on something sellable to white suburban liberals.


How many queers actually subscribe to “queer culture” though? You do realise that Rainbow Gays (not sure if there’s a better word for it) are a minority in the overall gay population, despite them having the most attention and representation in the media. I’d consider myself assimilated into the mainstream cultures and social norms. Perhaps I'm failing to see what's harmful about it.


I mean, I don't have a statistic, but there's clearly enough to make a pretty coherent and vocal history and community


There was a certain amount of neutering to the image that was portrayed to the public during the era of fighting for marriage equality. It was in the benefit of that cause that being gay was sold as "they're just like everyone else, so they deserve the same rights".


Sure some female artists get demonized in certain circles. Kim K and Paris Hilton are great examples. Both of them happen to be worth many hundreds of millions of dollars. But yeah I guess it sucks for them to be demonized for their sexuality boooohoooooo


Hey, Elvis girating his hips was super taboo in his time. It's awesome seeing progress!


The song itself however, is not as cool as you’re making the social commentary out to be. It’s his previous song, with a slightly different tempo, and cadence. The end. Big fucken hooha


meh. sounds like you're mistaking "I love listening to music!" for "Im an authority on music." Your palate may not recognize certain subtleties, and you should avoid making statements based on that deficiency. You heard a song within the same basic definition of "genre" and, with your lack of appreciation for a variety of genres, considered it the same song. Every piece of artwork is not going to slap you in the face with it's message and it's importance, you may have to do a little bit of deciphering. And by "deciphering," I don't mean looking up "tempo" on thesaurus.com and learning the word "cadence."


You just sound like a 🤡 I’m literally a musician and can map out the notes easily. Same bloody song, different subject. Fly away 🤡


It wouldn't take a very experienced musician to map out the notes to a rap song so that's not saying much 😂 I can also google it so you being "literally a musician" is again meaningless. cute attempt at an argument though 😜 next you should branch out and listen to another genre other than the probably *one* that you're familiar with.


Well put, and an excellent point. We didn't invent sex; we just perfected it.




cute trolling


He's pissing off all the right people


I love what he’s doing.


My brain read it as: I love his dong, the first time lol




such a handsome guy, amazing artist


Uncensored version plz


Almost always just skin colored underwear


They're literally wearing dancers belts, go to Pornhub or something for porn * horny bonk *


I s2g you can see the outline of Lil Nas X's schlong even through the censorship when he's dancing and it's a-flippin-and-a-floppin.


Jesus this sub knows no bounds when it comes to thirst and desperation.


Jesus this sub for gay men is super horny for naked dudes


It’s desperate to find people hot now lol


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At 00:13 I was really worried that guy would smack his ding dong into the floor grid


not a fan of the music but it makes me happy to see him making music.


I think he’s trolling the hell out of the rap industry and I am here for it. Normally I find hyper sexualization of gay culture a little distasteful but he does it with just the right tone that it works flawlessly.


Mmmm he is so sexy!


Hard agree


This is one person who burst onto the music scene and has never looked back. If anything, he's only gotten better with time.


It's very nice to see gay black men represented in media. Rock on


Fucking hell! I just utterly love this kid! I'm amazed they got his huge balls into the frame!


Wait.. does he actually have tattoos or is it just for the music video? Never noticed them before.


Just for the vid


Wow. Giving Ariana energy for sure. Nicki, Lil Nas, Ari, Katy Perry, and Doja spare no expense when it comes to creating visual content. I love it.




I hate pixels.


Song is 🔥🔥🔥


He's legit an amazing human being and his humour is the best alongside his revolutionary music.


What’s the name of this song? Asking for a friend. Lol


Industry baby


Guys, they’re not actually naked. Even if it was censored you’d still see the balls when they turn around.


YAAAAS QUEEEN. This is awesome!


I love what Nas X is doing, I just can’t get into his music.


Same. It's shitty imo


Ricky Marin’s turn


The most Based musician out there right now.


Um… is there an uncensored version?? Asking for myself.


Camp queen. I wanna see him as a drag race judge


God this song is so catchy


Elite on Netflix be like


Is there an uncensored version?


I think it was made censored lol


That is so fucked up. Brave but at the end of the day puritan American.


is there an uncensored version?


I'm not a fan of his music much but I do love the work he does,this is good break every wall, ceiling and floor to make space for the gay artists to be themselves and have fun art is about expression,emotion,creation so regardless of what it is or if you like or not it's still an art wholesome to hyper sexual and dirty, innocence love to the most pervy porn, live,love,hope and art my guys...oh also rock on and be horny 🐺😈😋


Huh. I can't say that I'm a big fan of the music but it's really awesome too see that genre progress beyond guns, tits, and drugs.


Plenty of mainstream rap music is more than guns tits and drugs. This is such a dog whistle.


Doesn't have anything to do with dogs.


What an ignorant and racist statement. There are several rappers who don’t rap about any of that. Maybe you should actually explore the genre instead of drawing baseless conclusions.


Racist? I'm talking about music. Not the color of their skin. Why would i explore a genre of music i don't like?


It’s racist because rap is a predominantly black art form created by black people and you’re dismissing it as “guns, tits, and drugs”. You should explore it because your opinion of it is uninformed and you look stupid making claims about it.


And you equate not liking the music with not liking black people? That doesn't make any sense. Please stop being so irrationally insulted right now.


No. I equate you labeling a genre heavily associated with black people (that you don’t even know anything about) as “guns, tits, and drugs” as anti-Black racism. You think I’m irrationally insulted when you just lack critical thinking skills.


Are you trying to say that rap has not ever been almost exclusively about guns, tits, and drugs? Have you ever heard early rap music? It started as gang banging music dude. It's nice to see that the genre is not like that anymore. Sorry that history hurts your feelings, but it has nothing to do with the color of their skin.


Early rap/hip-hop definitely wasn't about "guns, tits and drugs." Rap/hip-hop started in the late 70's early 80's, and was far from the sound and message of gangsta rap in the 90's. Also, gangsta rap itself wasn't just "guns, tits and drugs" with a good amount of it using the sound of gangsta rap but the messages were those of speaking out against racism and injustice towards the black community, especially the police. Another thing, do you try to speak so broadly and generally about rock music, especially classic rock? So much rock music from that era revolves around drugs, alcohol, women, partying and breaking the law.


I could be wrong about the actual origin of rap music; I grew up in the 80s/90s, so that's all it ever was to me at the time. It's been changing in the past decade or so, which is what I was acknowledging in my comment. Rock music? Most of early popular rock music fell into two categories: hippies or tits and drugs.


You’re very wrong about pretty much everything you’ve said lol


And I’m sorry you’re not embarrassed that you feel so inclined to confidently speak on something you don’t know anything about.


Oh no. I might be wrong about music! How awful! People are probably going to die because i have an opinion about music.


Lol I’m not gonna call you a racist, but this is completely ignorant Rap started from DJs and MCs rapping over disco beats at parties Gangster rap wasn’t even a thing for the first decade of hip hop. It’s never been almost exclusively about guns, tits and drugs. For every drug reference there’s a rapper talking about political or social issues




Fucking cringe


Jerk off before you post


This is nothing new 🙄 they’ve been selling sex for years


From which gender? Oh ok


Oh ok 🙄🥴 his videos are always on point but his music is trash…. Has no many of you want true music and better representation frank ocean was it


Oh my goodness!


He crazy


In the best way!




That’s fun


This guy’s livin’ on RAID9.


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Do you think they’re all wearing c strings in the scenes with the blurred out pelvic areas? Haha


Jack Harlow tho.. 😍😍😍




Yea im not a huge fan of his music either. I love the videos though and his attitude when he gets hate lol


That’s subjective.


also wrong


Taste in music is subjective. Each person forms their own opinion whether they like it or not. I happen to like it. My opinion is just as subjective as someone who doesn’t like it. It’s not a matter of wrong or correct.


that's the joke, bud


Where’s the funny?




I find him extremely gimmicky. I’m glad he’s gay and proud, but I also feel he’s using his gayness as a marketing tool in place of a quality product.


I think he's not using as a gimmick, but as a weapon -- and I 100% live for it, even if the music isn't always my cup of tea. Not being *my* taste doesn't make it bad, though.


How is dancing naked changing the industry?


How often do you see male bodies portrayed in the same way that females’ are in rap videos? How many gay rappers do you see make it to his level? You’re not as smart as you think you are


I'm gonna play semantics here but he really isn't a rapper anymore more so Hip-Hop/Pop


Personally I don't think that being objectified like women are in rap videos is something to aspire to. It's funny because this sub complains about the shallowness of the gay community and the pressure to focus and conform to a certain type body, but then it sees the objectification of the male body as something positive. Ultimately this is encouraging men to have the same body issues as women have.


Men already do


Whether or not something is “objectified” definitely depends on perspective. WAP was made by two women and the entire video features women’s bodies exclusively; is that considered objectification? Showcasing your body in a sexual way is empowering to a lot of people, which is why rap songs by women targeted at women still feature the female body. The same principle applies here.


> Showcasing your body in a sexual way is empowering to a lot of people That's an opinion I understand but that I disagree with. I don't believe that using your body sexually is empowering, to me it's instead an extreme expression of capitalism where almost everything can be bought and sold, including our own bodies. It's the commodification of our bodies and sexuality and I see this as alienating, not empowering at all, just my opinion anyway.


Your beliefs aren’t relevant though


Exactly! I really don't get why showing naked fit men dancing could be considered "changing the industry". Sounds like a "look at how edgy this is, make it go viral" kind of thing.


I'd probably say that your misunderstanding might be coming from a lack of cultural knowledge.


I guess so... I'd be happy to learn!


You won't get much acknowledgement for speaking the truth like this but know I'm with you 100%


No one's stopping males from doing so, it's just most people don't want to see it. The female body is just more appealing in general and this video is nothing special anyway, just shock factor. Besides, literally no one cares who he's dating either.


Is this how you want to represent about the community?


Represent that black men can reject hypermasculinity and be unapologetically queer and feminine if they want? Absolutely.


Why do you guys always see colors in everything. I'm not talking about the black men being masculine and being feminine, I'm talking about dancing in naked part. This will not help in many people stereotype gay men as sexually promiscuous.


It’s all black men in the video. That’s not a mistake or coincidence. Heritage and culture are real. Being “color blind” isn’t woke, it’s lazy.


>Why do you guys always see colors in everything. “Why do gay people always see things in terms of sexuality”. That’s how you sound right now. It’s relevant because oppressors **make** it relevant. Blacks don’t want to see things in terms of color anymore or any less than anyone else. But if it’s **made** relevant in our lives against our will, then we’re going to treat it as such.


I think the point is quite literally that stereotypes are not a thing. You can be a classic stereotype and still be fucking awesome. Why feel shame?


Who fucking cares


Why are you guys so scared of sexuality


Yes. Next question.


Respectability politics are bullshit so yes






Yes, this is exactly how I want the community represented. I'm so fucking sick of assimilationism being the face of queer acceptance as it almost always backfires for queer people.


That's just naked men.. nothing "revolutionary"


I found Jack Harlow's "no homo" energy funny in an ironic way. And the derogatory use of "pussies" was a choice.


Naked choreography. Groundbreaking. Do another.


Uncensored please




Oh damb, I’ve never listened to Lil Nas but this slaps lol


Looks like a good porn in the making


He deserves nothing but love and praise ❤️


Oh man. Is there an uncensored version? 👀


Lil Nas X never misses. Goddamn.


An idol for all, and i love it


This is a asome thing for him to do.


The cameraman sure had a fun time


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What’s the demographic breakdown of his followers?


Cooler people than you probably.




No respect for you.


Never asked for it, this is a place to share opinions and i know im in the minority when it comes to this.


Why is he disgusting


That seems... Unnecessary


Ayy this is pretty gay


What is great about this seeing naked men in the music video?I’ve never seen naked women in the music video almost naked but not completely naked I don’t get what’s good about this