Ay, shout-outs to moments where the narration isn’t limited to Harry’s point of view

Ay, shout-outs to moments where the narration isn’t limited to Harry’s point of view


The other minister. One of the best chapters in the series


Same here, I always liked Cornelius Fudge as a character; he's entertaining and served as a great personification of a lot of the typically ignorant views of the larger wizarding world. It was a pleasant surprise having HBP open with him in such a humbled panic, while simultaneously revisiting the tone of the earlier books before we had gotten so used to the workings of the magical world due to the chapter being from the Muggle PM's perspective.


What s great way to describe fudge!


In this year's re read this was one of my favourite chapters, and it's so underated... It's one of those that kinda come to life in my head still untouched by the cinematic world. I love it!


HPB has become my second favorite book in there last couple of re reads. It ties do much together and gives us such in-depth inside into Voldemort and how things that happened before his time shaped who he became from the very beginning


I’m so mad that it wasn’t in the movies!!


So am I!


Wasn't it?




I think one shot of the Daily Prophet shows a headline talking about the Muggle Minister being warned.


i agree 100%!


Hilarious. The one hiccough is the reference to the previous Prime Minister as a "he", when given the timeframe, the current Prime Minister would've been John Major, whose predecessor was the Iron Lady herself. On the other hand, I can totally imagine Margaret Thatcher trying to pick Fudge up and pitch him out the window.


I can't stop imagining Boris Johnson in such a meeting 😂


imagine hermione going up to him haha


I think he'd actually have a great time of it. Judging by his covid plan, his Brexit plan, he definitely believes problems can be fixed by magic


Actually it would be Tony Blair. It was 1996-97


He wasn't elected until May 97 though, the PM in the meeting would still have been Major.


I'm American so not up on 90s British politics (sorry, not being dismissive just don't know British voting years). Does that mean Tony Blair would have been voted in at the end of 96, early 97 and was in office in after the wizarding war started? Our elections are always on even years. I would have loved to see him with Bill Clinton though. Him and fudge would be bff's within 5 minutes playing saxophone and eating chocolate frogs


Our elections don't take that long, so Tony Blair was voted in on May 1st 1997 and entered office the next day, after asking permission from the Queen to form a government.


Damn that's quick! I wish our elections were like that. Anyway, he must have met Kingsley shaklebolt 🤣 poor man


Back then, yeah. But it clearly states that this happens with every new prime minister, which means, that Boris would have had this meeting, too.


The first chapter usually breaks the rule of the narrator being with Harry.


That’s interesting… never really thought of this chapter as being a favorite but since you mention it, you’re totally right! It’s great


A lot of people shunt it to the side because we've all been invested in the magical world for 5 years through Harry's POV and rarely others. There have been other chapters with someone else's POV or just random times but this one stood out to me more than frank Bryce until I read spinnets end


That’s such an interesting observation. Now I wanna read the entire series from one of the other students pov! I’m sure some fan has written some. Lol


I'm sure there are many but I wouldn't know where to find them




Wtf was that not in the movie? Would have been a great scene


It was not. Just the scenes of the bridge collapsing and the general downcast mood of everyone. In the book fudge explains everything to the muggle prime minister as well as introduces the new minister for magic


The opening chapter of PS - the Dursleys and Dumbledore/McGonagall leaving Harry on their doorstep.


That was excellent for showing us how unpleasant the Dursley's are right off the bat (Vernon picking out "his most boring tie" and considering it a good day because he got to shout at people, Petunia gossiping about the neighbor, etc.)


And setting up how spoilt Dudley was - his new word was “shan’t” and we see him throwing cereal at the walls. And Vernon referring to him as “little tyke” rather than disciplining him.


"Drop the bitch and let's gtfo before endless Margs ends"


"Leave it on the door step and get the hell outta here."


The whole Spinner's End chapter, love that chapter so much


What's there?


I love the way JK wrote in from Harry's perspective, but also love the little bits that aren't! The Riddle House, Spinners End, The Other minister.


First book when Harry’s broom is out of control POV switches to Hermione in the stands and setting Snape’s robes on fire.


Wow, yeah, good catch.


how did i never consciously register that the pov had switched from harry?


Is there terminology to describe third person narration that is biased toward one perspective vs narration that is more omnipotent? I’ve wondered for a long time


I think it’s third person limited and third person omniscient


Yeah! Great job ^^






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I love "The Riddle House", which opens GoF. Her description of the village, and the gloomy tone of the chapter are very well done.


I remember when first read it, for a minute a thought that the book was wrong, Even when the title was The Riddle Mansion (translation in my country), I did not understand what this Frank has to do with the PLOT. When I reached to the following pages was when I realized that was a different POV, almost like Vernon going to work in the 1st book... that amazed me and hook me in with more impulse... ohh good times. PD: It's crazy to realize that happens like 15-17 years ago


The first chapter of the books often breaks this rule.


I issue a challenge for someone to list all the moments where the narration isn’t limited to Harry’s point of view.


There aren't many.. The only other instance that I remember in which Harry is also involved is in the first book: Harry's second Quidditch game. The scene shifts between Harry in action, and Ron and Hermione watching him from the stands and rehearsing the spell they are going to cast to stop Snape from hurting him. The narrative also shifts in the 1st Quidditch game: between Harry flying and Ron/Hermione in the stands..


some of the first chapters i remember breaking the rule: 'The Boy Who Lived' (PS) 'The Riddle House' (GoF) 'The Other Minister (HBP) 'Spinner's End' (HBP) 'The Dark Lord Ascending' (DH)


especially the few times we actually got Voldemort's pov was so cool


There are fiew in the series: >*PS/SS: * >1. First Chapter >2. First Quidditch match: Hermione setting fire on Snape's robes. >3. Second Quidditch match: Ron and Hermione secretly learned leg locker curse to put on Snape "if he tries to harm Harry again". >*GoF:* >1. First Chapter: Npt everything is Harry's dream. There was Tom Riddle Sr story as well >*HBP:* >1. First Chapter: Minister of Magic visiting muggle PM >2. Second Chapter: Narcissa Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange meating Snape. >*TDH:* >1. First Chapter: Voldemort's meeting at Malfoy Manor.


I gotta admit, I agree that the moments where the narration switches to a different character are entertaining. It's especially fun when you have POV chapters for other characters, like *The Other Minister*(HBP 1), *The Riddle House*(GOF 1), and of course, *The Boy Who Lived*(PS/SS 1). I know there's at least one more I'm forgetting... **EDIT:** There's actually two I'd forgotten - *The Dark Lord Ascending*(DH 1) and *Spinner's End*(HBP 2)


My favorite instance is in Deathly Hallows when we get to read that night James and Lily died from Voldemort's pov- Voldemort approaching the Potter's house, killing James and Lily and then getting ripped from his body.


Voldemort's perspective while he kills James and Lily, plus a couple of other times Harry gets into Voldemort's head due to the horcrux.


Don't forget Frank Bryce! I felt really bad for him, personally.


Me too fr


None of my English Literature Professors had a “Best Seller”. Shakespeare made up words that are now acceptable e.g. “Weird”. Long live J.K.!!


Also in PS with the “I’m worth twelve of you, Malfoy” moment, when Hermione is just watching the game not noticing Ron, Neville, Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle rolling around in a full on fist fight at her feet.


there are also times when harry understands voldermorts pov so its almost like a voldy pov segment. like when he realises harry knows about the horcruxes


y e s -


That particular instance is bad writing tho. You aren’t supposed to switch character POVs in the middle of a chunk of writing. (For more detail about why it’s bad, Google “head-hopping”, as it’s a common writing mistake). Chapters like “The Other Minister” are fine examples though.


Bad writing? Haha. You can actually do whatever you want. It’s only critics who are gonna try to pick it apart.


I think they just meant if it's not done perfectly it can be confusing to the reader and is therefore not an encouraged writing habit. Obviously we love Harry Potter and the writing is phenomenal!


And yet, I felt like whenever the pov got switched which was mostly the first chapter in a book. I always seriously loved it. If you get 95% of the books in one pov then anothet pov get so interesting and different. I looked forward to such chapters. So common mistake or not, fuck the rules and do your own thing cuz that's a thing jkr actually did right.


"Bad Writing" yet people are praising it hmmm.


I agree. To me it’s jarring and the fact that it only happens in PS feels like some Early Installment Weirdness. The Other Minister and The Riddle House are great though.


I LOVED the GoF chapter which takes place in the Riddle House