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My wife was attacked like this in a walmart. Police said “Don’t let the prosecutor talk you down. They will tell you a pity story and say they’re perusing lesser charges.” Day of the trial county prosecutor asked us to meet him at courthouse before trial. Tells us he spoke with the family of the defendant and he “didn’t take his meds that day is remorseful” so they’re dropping sexual assault charges for common assault instead AND going for time served because he’s already “been held for 3 weeks since the incident” I said that’s ridiculous and as smugly as possible the prosecutor said “Welp, not for you to decide.” then tapped his desk and said “Trial starts in 5 minutes, you don’t need to be there.” We went anyway and discovered the guy tried to say my wife and him were dating but when he was unable to name her they showed him pics of women to see if he could pick her out! Instead of that solidifying the fact that he did not know her the prosecutor came to the conclusion that he simply was not in the right frame of mind and even argued with the judge who said he wouldn’t be released until the following week. I hope this poor woman sees justice but my experience has been that victims don’t.


Well, *I* feel sick… How wretched…


I’m so sorry that your wife went through but I’m glad you’re sharing this story. If people knew how gutless,just apathetic, utterly motivated by only taking “slam dunks”. They rather make bullshit deals allowing the same predators on the street time and time again than putting them away.


What the fuck? That is some bullshit.


What the fuck Is wrong with some people? I 110% hope he gets caught. What a pathetic, disgusting thing to do to someone. Definitely fits the piece of shit criteria.


Poor impulse control + lower than average intelligence + hypersexuality


That must have been terrifying!


Also looks pretty aggressive for groping. How is this not sexual assault?


Is groping in itself considered sexual assault?


Imagine being that jobless and pussyless you resort to that behavior. Put em all on an island


BIG ‘fuck you’ to this rapist piece of shit.


“Groping”? I know that’s what article says, but the girl was sexually assaulted. Let’s call it what it is. No hate to OP. It’s the article wording that trivialized her assault by saying she was groped.


People get so offended by the movement to combat sexual harassment against women but like how would you feel if you couldn’t feel safe literally anywhere? This shit is so sad to see.


I think alot of the people that get offended by it are ones that commit the harassment themselves as well


I (a man) was never harassed, so obviously it doesn't or happen or isn't a big deal. /s I imagine that's their logic


The majority are the people that are worried the movement goes too far (like what has been seen with other recent movements) there’s the pos scumbags that support sexual harassment and shiz, but the majority are not those


Nobody is "offended" over stopping sexual harassment. People get pissed off when, like anything else, things go to far. I had to sit in the yearly training for the sexual harassment training, and was told that I could be harassed AND NOT EVEN KNOW IT. The fuck? People who are going to be sick fucks are going to be sick fucks. People who are not going to be sick fucks don't need repetitive reminders not to start.


Serial rapist in the making…


so down bad you groped a shop employee , just sad