Wake up, sheeple! 🙄

Wake up, sheeple! 🙄


Actually I'm getting it because my medical doctor (who been treating me for 5+ years) suggested it. And my friends and family who had gotten vaccinated are concerned for me because I'm High Risk (senior, diabetic, HBP) And I endured Covid for 2 weeks in February.(Luckily at home, and not in an hospital bed with a tube down my throat) I did get a high antibodies count from it, but I rather not repeat the experience. (headache, neckache, fever, sore limbs. Aftereffects: hair loss and weak legs). The vaccines, combined with my antibodies will hopefully make the symptoms less serve if I should catch the virus again (either variant) My medical doctor is waiting on the tests results (heart, another blood test) probably to make sure I'm fit for the vaccines. So if all goes well, it'll be late July early August. (My job is giving Administrative Leave; 4 hours for the vaccines and up to 2 days for adverse effects.) And yes, I'm concerned about my fellow citizens. Most believed people thinking that way is a good character trait. 😉


I do think I have at least moral high ground over sociopaths who are apparently more than happy to see people sicken and die.


yea susan you fuck!!


I've been brainwashed, and am getting my 5G install finalized tomorrow!


Susan Vs Karen. The fight no one has been waiting for!!


Look, lady, just because *you* don't have empathy doesn't mean the rest of us don't.


If it means that I'm superior to this person who didnt get the vaccine and is currently bitching about others who did get it, then I'll gladly accept that


Aye bud, you're on a roll. A cabbage roll.


This from morons who believe everything a lying,orange faced, comb over PoS has to say.


I'm just gonna say it: I am superior to those who choose not to get it if they are otherwise able to do so.


Actually I did it to piss off trump voters the rest was just a bonus