Day 2 - The struggle it's real.

Day 2 - The struggle it's real.


When you focus on creating something you mind will quieten a bit I think. When I'm working the thoughts of using are far away, as well as being 130+ clean... the voice in my head has calmed down quite a bit. Your breathing exercises sound like a good idea, but remember that you can hyperventilate if you breathe too much oxygen so take it slow, that was one of my problems. Also maybe consider focusing your attention on something in the present when you're anxious because you're anxious because your thoughts are taking over from the reality of you being in the present moment. If I feel anxious these days I focus my senses on where my body is touching the chair I'm sitting in or the floor I'm standing on. That brings me back to the moment somewhat. Good luck. I wish you the best. Keep visiting the forum and stay clean! It will be worth it in the long run.


My boyfriend and I have struggled to quit for ages. I’ve been diagnosed with CHS and he has been suffering with severe panic attacks and anxiety for a long time. He finally got a diagnosis for BPD and started taking medication for it. While it’s not perfect for either of us, this has been the only time we’ve really seen success. His anxiety isn’t consuming him, panic attacks haven’t been waking him up. He’s tried to quit a handful of times while we’ve been together, and this is the first time it truly seems like it’s helping rather than hurting. Our appetites have returned, we can regularly eat meals again. It’s the little victories. It’s been far from easy, but it helps to try and take it day by day. Guilt and shame are not good motivators. Every day we just try to be a little bit better - whatever that might mean for that day. The cravings for me have become much less frequent and easier to deal with. When I find my mind fixating I just try and take a walk. I’m so sorry the anxiety is weighing on you, and I can’t imagine the fear. Stay strong!


The feelings of anxiety and panic and worrying that something bad will happen is normal in withdrawal. Like a lot of us, it sounds like you used weed to basically bury all of these negative feelings and numb yourself to them for a long time. Now they’re all coming flooding back now that the numbing agent (weed) isn’t in your system. So the fact that your anxiety is so bad right now is BECAUSE of weed. These feelings will get less and less, and you will naturally find ways to cope with them. The first 4-5 days are definitely the worst. You’re on the right track finding things to work on and distract yourself with, such as puzzles. I’d also highly recommend exercise if you’re not already doing it. It’s a great avenue for emotional release, naturally reduces anxiety, and increases brain plasticity, which means your brain will adjust to not being high all the time much faster. It will also improve your sleep.