Letting addiction dictate whole life including hobbies.

Letting addiction dictate whole life including hobbies.


Honestly I would express how you feel to your MMA teacher. MMA is the exact kinda environment to be in to get out of a weed rut. Im sure they will have your back and keep you on there mind with texts and calls to come to class. You're gonna figure this out man!! don't get to down on yourself!!


Yeah try and skip the step of smoking whilst doing hobbies too. I used to smoke all the time when climbing until one day I was on a multipitch in Krakow. Stopped after the 2nd pitch for a smoke break, had a panic attack thinking I lost some gear (it was attached to the back of my harness) and considered down climbing (dumb idea). It really fucks with your activities even if you're doing them stoned. You're not totally present. Make a plan and execute it. You'll thank yourself and we're all here to help with withdrawals. 3 years is better than 4,5 or 6 years. You can do it!




Thats a good way to aproach it