How we liking the new guys?

How we liking the new guys?


Sadly, I doubt that Mobius will have a big role in the future of MCU compared to the other 3.


What if he's a variant of Silver Surfer but his Nexus event was liking Jet Skis instead of Surf Boards.




The Jade Jetskier.


I hope someone fan arts this.


I’m on it Edit: [Here it is](https://www.reddit.com/r/marvelstudios/comments/ojksbl/mobius_silver_surfer_variant_the_jade_jetskier/)


Cool, when you get off your jet ski, can you try drawing Mobius on one?


Thanks for giving me my first real laugh of the week!


Tell me when you're done please!


I'd kick in for a commission.


At this point, the Jaded Jetskier


The funny thing is there is a sort of cosmic equivalent variant for Silver Surfer in DC comics. A time traveler who kind of swims through time streams. His name is Wave Rider.


Oh wow, that’s cool. I assume the name of the Waverider time ship on Legends of Tomorrow is a reference to that




DC also has the Scarlet Skier; https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Dren_Keeg_(New_Earth)


Yeah. He’s an obvious comedic parody though. His name is literally ‘geek nerd’ backwards. Maybe someday we’ll get a comedic *What The?* series for stuff like this. A decade ago I’d never believe we’d get a *What If* series or that Thanos would be a household name. Anything is possible.


Waverider was really cool to me when I was a kid.


Oh, wow.


Qucik... call New Rockstars you may be on to something.


brilliant even more if we find out galactus is the guy at the end of loki season 1.


It's going to be another Loki


God I hope not, that's the most cliché twist I can imagine.




If this isn’t the case, we riot


They turned a 10 second gag about Jimmy Woo learning a card trick into a storyline in a show that had nothing to do with Ant-Man. If you don’t think Mobius riding a jet ski is a potential plot device for a Blade reboot then you don’t Marvel.


He did mention vampires.


He will join Nick Fury in SWORD imo


I really really hope so.


Please make it happen


Twist: he *is* Nick Fury, but 616, not 1610.


And his eye?


Nexus event was that he didn't lose it. It's a long story involving jet skis and toast cut on the diagonal.


>Nexus event was that he didn't lose it \-Fury doesn't lose his eye \-Fury doesn't look as badass and tough \-as a result doesn't rise through the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D as quick, people don't take him seriously \-no one listens to his avengers idea \-Never meets Tony Stark \-Never forms the avengers \-Loki & Thanos' army destroys New York \-Thanos conquers Earth yep see why the TVA had to nip that one in the bud


Scratched by Crocki


Feel like he is Howard stark


A variant of Howard Stark who actually had Howard Stank written on his birth certificate and as a result had really low confidence and never invented anything Edit: other than an epic jet ski


I think one of three things will happen with Mobius 1. He is a Thor Variant. He was picked up due to wanting to live as a human in the 90s. 2. He dies in the episode becoming the glue that brings Loki together like Coulson did in Avengers 1 3. Mobius becomes a "time cop" type of person on his own. Attempts to rebuild the TVA as a beacon of light and good in the universe.


> He is a Thor Variant. He was picked up due to wanting to live as a human in the 90s. Terrible theory; he's a Loki variant. All of the TVA are. No, it doesn't make sense.


I feel like the occasional implications of multiple Mobiuses might make this marginally more feasible, but I agree he feels the least likely of the 4 by a long shot.


It would be cool if they show that the rings on Renslayers table were from multiple variant Mobius', and they form a Mobius Loop.


If people like him they might just keep bringing him back, like Coulson. At least I hope so cause I love him lol


Until you find out he’s actually KANG!


He’ll probably stay as a regular in Loki for S2


Are they gonna *do* a season 2? I certainly hope so, but… are they?


Yep—[it’s all but confirmed](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.inverse.com/entertainment/loki-season-2-confirmed-shooting-date-january-2020-release/amp)




Florence Pugh was amazing as Yelena, so excited for her future appearances in the MCU


Agreed! She fucking owned.


She brought emotional weight and vulnerability while still also being sarcastic and witty. Definite highlight of the movie. Can’t wait to see more of her in the MCU!


I agree. She might be one of the best actors in terms of actual acting skill in the entire MCU right now.


I was about to attack you for leaving RDJ out of this comment. But then I remembered and got sad…


I loved her making fun of Natasha's hero landing.


It may be recency bias but she's shaping up to be one of my favorite MCU characters. Sometimes the humor in these movies fall flat for me, but her hysterectomy and poser jokes had me on the floor


For me it was when she was trying to get Nat’s approval for the vest (which Nat ends up wearing for Infinity War, cool throw in imo), and she is like “see I knew you liked it!” The accent and her childish joy had me smiling from ear to ear


“It’s so cool!”


Especially that scene where she was disgusted when she tried to do the Black Widow pose


Yes! I love the sassiness she brought to the character and her relationship with Nat.


When she’s flying the helicopter and says “I think we are both doing good job” while the shits hitting the fan made me actually laugh out loud, which is rare for a marvel movie.


And shit was literally hitting the fan lol


She was also really good in Midsommar, one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen.


Her emotional distress in that film was the realest depiction of those feelings I have ever seen. So good - lots of credit to Ari Aster as well, of course.


That fucking scream/cry in the beginning is GOATed


Ari Aster has a way of getting genuine gutwrenching cries out of his actors. Pugh in Midsommar and Toni Colette in Hereditary.


Toni should have won an Oscar for her performance in Hereditary.


She is absolutely INCREDIBLE in Little Women. Like she completely steals every scene she is in despite an absurdly loaded cast. Go watch that movie if you haven’t. It rules. Such a joy.


I actually like her character a bit more than Natasha's, but I sure am going to miss that poser.


Yeah, she was complete show stealer. I mean, she is an assassin, but there's this child like innocence to her character that I can't help adoring. Looking forward to see her in Hawkeye!


Easily the best part of the film


I thought Agatha was my favorite, then Walker’s character developed then he became my favorite addition. Then Owen Wilson killed it as Mobius. But Florence Pugh as Yelena is just incredible. Great job Marvel for your casting and keeping ways of introducing new characters in interesting ways.


Same here. They all got a little better than the last. Which is impressive because Katherine Hahn set that bar HIGH!


Oh yeah, did she ever!


But she killed Sparky (even though he technically wasn't "real"). But also Walker killed that guy (even though technically he was a "terrorist"). But then Mobius has presumably pruned countless variants and reset just as many timelines (although technically we don't yet know if those people are "dead" or what really happens to those timelines). And finally Yelena has personally killed countless people and started wars to destabilize nations (although she technically was under mind control at the time)....soooo yeah




Sometimes I'll start a sentence, and I don't even know where it's going. I just hope I find it along the way


I just wish all of them got a theme song


Where is the Sophie Di Martino love?


yeahh she has my love idont know bout others


True. She my absolute favorite! Just going by the choices presented lol.


still don't believe that Wyatt's dad is Kurt mf Russel


Half-brothers with Star Lord.


So he's star lords half brother?


His point is that if Wyatt Russell is Kurt's kid and Star Lord is also Kurt's kid, then they are half siblings. But kinda bad joke. That said he is the half sibling of Kate Hudson. Also Chris (star lord) does have one celebrity connection. He is Arnie's (The Arnie) son in law.


Don't leave out his mom is Goldie Hawn!


Shit. Sorry that was one of those givens. Really legacy actor there.




She stole every scene she was in and in Midsommar I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. The cheesy wrestling movie Fighting With My Family could’ve been terrible if she didn’t carry the whole thing. She’s got nowhere to go but up!


I like when she jumped down from the ceiling and landed in a typical Black Widow pose then she gets up and cringes, haha.


That was the funniest scene in the movie lol


Oh wow, that was her? I happened to watch Fighting With My Family on a bored afternoon during lockdown. It blew me away (expectations were extremely low tbf) with how grounded and emotional it is, despite being what you say it is; a cheesy wrestling movie. You're right, she absolutely nails it and I could not have possibly cared about the plot if her performance wasn't so convincing.


Midsommar was wild. I went into it without seeing a trailer and it blew me away. Pugh nailed it.


I was already excited about her being cast as Yelena after Midsommar but she was so much better than I had anticipated. Her ability to go from tough and stoic to emotional and vulnerable on a dime was really gripping. The scene after the final fight when Nat apologizes to her and she just brushes it off, "Oh, you don't have to say that." Then the way she just falls apart after, "hey, it was real for me, too." You couldn't help but feel that scene. Her range made the family aspect of the movie believable. She nailed the hurt younger sibling.


I think the “hurt younger sibling” aspect of the character is what made her so relatable and likable. You nailed it.


Her best younger sibling moment was when Natasha says she likes the vest and Yelena double fist pumps saying “Yes! I knew it was cool!”


The genuine praise from your older sibling is always exciting haha


Her jacket monologue was one of the most relatable human moments Marvel ever had.


I hope Yelena has a crossover with She-Hulk so Tatiana can fight with Yelena again. EDIT: Dream is dead, forgot Orphan Black characters name was Helena not Yelena... You can see where my brain farted. Leaving the original because I believe in eating humble pie.




Would love to see her and Maslany go head-to-head and do a two-woman show where they play 17 characters each.


Her ability to play "stoic front, but deeply hurt under the surface" is incredible. Actors can usually just play with one layer visible at a time. She plays with 2.


I agree. What I love so far is that Marvel answered the question what comes next after a majority of their superstar cast has retired. The new shows have been incredible.


It’s got me excited for the future for sure and they’ve done a great job of not allowing their main characters from running too long and getting stale.


My thoughts entirely on Yelena, who absolutely stole the show away from Nat (poor woman can't even catch a break in her movie!). I'd probably go Agatha, Mobius and Walker next, but really it's splitting hairs at that point.


I think Nat's really underrated in the flick. She plays the straight man in that movie and she plays it to perfection--yeah, everyone else is more boisterous and entertaining but it's because her stoicism and her emotional arc are anchoring it that it works. Wish they'd finally done the goddamn Russian accent tho...


I’m actually glad Nat had that type of demeanor in this movie. Every character in Marvel being funny/quippy gets old. It’s good to have a female character that gets to exhibit the same stoicism as Cap.


Unless she’s actually with Cap, then she gets to be the quippy one.


She had an accent during the Budapest flashback when she blows up the building. It’s subtle and hard to miss but it’s there.


Yeah Scarlett Johansson is so hard done by


I liked that Yelena was a grounded Widow, very practical and straight. No glitz, just grittier. No head whips. Very "This is the Russian way" vibe from her.


Did I miss the Walker character development? The guy was unstable and insecure and then he took a serum that makes him superhuman and was still unstable and (admittedly less) insecure. Then he killed a guy who was surrendering, got away with a slap on the wrist and then ended his story somehow in a better position than he started with. The guy was the embodiment of toxic white privilege.


Florence killed it as Yelena. Really liked her job on the movie. And Owen Wilson is also amazing as Mobius. Not a big fan of Walker, but Agatha was really fun to watch.


Besides the title characters, these are all the best characters in these installments, along with Darcy, Zemo, and Red Guardian.


I can’t believe WandaVision not only made me like Darcy but actually made me want more! That’s good writing! Especially because I personally didn’t care much for her in Thor and really didn’t like her in Thor More.


Thor more 🤣🤣


Really should’ve been the name!


Thor Four: More Thor


I’ve been saying this since they announced a new Thor. I still call it that half the time


Thor Four: More Thor or "Gorr's Score"


Thor was extremely weak. Just my opinion, but Marvel movies were heading towards a cliff with Thor, Thor Duex, Iron Man 2, but corrected course with Avengers then figured out the winning formula with Guardians of the Galaxy.


I thought Thor 1 was pretty solid. Thor 2 I didn’t care much for at all. Ragnarok knocked it out of the park for me personally, I do know some people that thought there was too much humor but I loved it.


I know Taika is credited with fixing the Thor franchise, and don't get me wrong, Ragnarok was by far the best. That said, I was really surprised how much quippy one-liners Thor had in the original movie. I thought all the funny came later on in AoU and later, but after rewatching I see that it was always there, it just got emphasized a lot more in later installments.


I think Thor 1 is a great MCU installment. Not only was the music great, but the comedy landed way better than Dark World and the tragedy of Loki was phenomenal. His confrontation with Odin about his parentage is one of my favorite interactions in the whole of Phase 1 and maybe the MCU. Loki is so clearly hurt and angry and scared.


Loki is one of the best MCU villains and Thor 1 is part of the reason for that. I’ve even seen people say Loki was a better villain in Thor than in Avengers and I can understand their reasoning


Rewatching the different phases is quite fun to see how their approach changed over time.


I don’t dislike Darcy but her voice be getting on my nerves. It’s like scratching a chalkboard.


Don't forget the GOAT Classic Loki


Don’t forget my guy Jimmy Woo


Oh dear god! Here me out, The Adventures of Jimmy Woo and Mobius!


Hundred percent agree with this - the guys you've mentioned have all elevated my enjoyment of the shows/films considerably.


I feel like we’re completely forgetting about Monica Rambeau. I know technically she was introduced in Captain Marvel, but like, she was truly introduced in WandaVision. And she literally became a superhero in the last episode.


I love all four characters.


Florence Pugh was so instantly likeable as Yelena. I am now pumped for the Hawkeye Disney+ show. And I didn't know that what the MCU really needed was Owen Wilson being the most "Owen Wilson" he can be. I really hope that they have more planned for him, too.


>Florence Pugh was so instantly likeable as Yelena. I am now pumped for the Hawkeye Disney+ show. I'm suddenly wondering if Florence will be showing up in Hawkeye's show.


Based on the end credits scene of Black Widow, it's pretty much a guarantee.


Mobius is so full and great character. I hope he will continue to present in universe




It took me a hot minute to realize it was Owen because I was used to a certain comical humor he would do in movies, plus the moustache threw me off. Once I realized it was him, I am impressed on his take with this character.


His whisper acting is some god-tier shit!


Huge fan of these new additions to the MCU! I would say something about Yelena, but others may not have seen Black Widow, yet :).


That "You are a poser" scene. I laughed hard at that lmao...😂


It was good, but I loved her selling how cool the vest is.


"Ugh,that was disgusting." Speaking of the poser scene haha. Hope you understood that reference 😉.


Each poser instance just got funnier and funnier


The “it was real to me” scene is honestly one of the most emotionally resonate scenes in the entire MCU. Florence is by far one of the best parts of the MCU now.


I'll be really bummed if we never see Mobius again. The others should definitely pop up at least once more, if not a lot more. I'm just worried Mobius is a one and done.


Loki is rumored to be getting a season 2 so I assume he’ll pop up there


Yelena stole that movie.


Easily the best part of the movie. The whole "poser" schtick had me dying laughing, then the dinner scene she knocked it out of the park.


I didn't feel she stole the show at all, but she was a great addition and look forward to seeing her in Hawkwye. Harbour and Weisz were also great and hopefully we'll see them all in the future.


I'm not convinced Agatha will join the Thunderbolts. Thunderbolts seem to be grounded characters, often at peak physical fitness or enhanced individuals with tactical skillsets (US Agent/Yelena Belova) or superpowers brought about through science (Red Hulk/Abomination/Ghost). Agatha sticks out on that team like a sore thumb. And narratively I don't see her playing ball with other non-magic wielders and taking orders from the Government. It's clear to me she'll most likely be a part of Doctor Strange's World, and if she were to ever join a team, it'd be the Midnight Sons.


Yeah, Im on the same page as you here. I like the idea of the Thunderbolts being a more grounded group of “heroes”. Having a literal witch join the group would just feel weird.


Agreed but they’ll be grounded + Abomination


Fair point, but at least his schtick is still *sort of* grounded in the sense that he is a physical attacker. He’s strong, but not much else. When you throw a magic user into the mix, especially one as powerful as Agatha, they can basically do anything (fly, shoot lazers, teleport, create barriers, shape shift, etc). At that point, what do you even need the rest of the team for? I think that’s also why they kept Dr. Strange at arms length from the Avengers since he kind of renders heroes like Cap, Hawkeye and Nat kind of useless.


Are people speculating she would be? I can’t see her in a team like that at all.


I think Agatha is going to reappear in Fantastic Four's reboot, as the nanny for Franklin Richards to keep him from harming himself. It's the most true-to-comics way to bring her back and we know that movie is around the corner.


I think so too. And it will almost certainly be a sudden twist ending post-credits scene teasing the sequel. Like I can see it going like this. The Richards are seeking out a nanny to assist them because of their superhero duties, and have contacted an agency or whatever. So then someone knocks at their door, they open it, and it's a dramatic reveal of Agatha with an instrumental version of "Agatha All Along" blasting. Have her ham it up at the camera a bit to imply that yes, she's back to normal, and she might be up to something. And it ends like that. No explanation or anything until the sequel is released.


Monica and Sylvie need equal love as well


Mobius is 👌 I think it was Episode 3 where he didn't appear in the episode, and I'm not sure if it's just coincidence or what but I wasn't the biggest fan of that episode haha Is Black Widow worth spending $30 to stream?


Nah, my buddy and I also thought episode 3 was the weakest episode. The other episodes go all over the place, and the plans change constantly. Episode 3 was the most “normal” in terms of interesting things happening. We didn’t really learn anything major about the TVA, and basically the whole episode was just “we have to get to the ark”. Compared to everything else going on in the show, that’s not a very exciting premise for an entire episode.


I understand the bland reception to episode 3 but it was necessary world building for the relationship between Loki and Sylvie. Also the close-up of the planet coming apart in the moon's atmosphere once they get into the city is one of the more physically imposing and claustrophobic special effects I've seen and I was really impressed by it.


Black Widow probably falls somewhere in the lower middle range of Marvel movies, but I don’t particularly regret my $30 spent on it. $30 is definitely not cheap but despite not being a great movie overall, and falling a bit flat in the latter half, there are great characters and dialogue (Yelena and Red Guardian) which really served to make the movie enjoyable and make it feel like a meaningful addition to the MCU.


I agree. Lower middle range is where I rank it too, but that's not a knock on Black Widow. It's just a testament to how many great movies are in the MCU. At this point, it's tough to crack into the top 10 even. Just to start arguments, my top ten are: Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Endgame, Ragnarok, Avengers 1, Civil War, SM Homecoming, Infinity War, Captain America 1, SM Far From Home.


If you can, go see it in theaters. Might be biased due to my love for the cinema and my love for most of what Marvel Studios puts out, but opening day really felt good after over a year of doing nothing. Movie came out on my birthday so that's pretty cool too I guess


Yes its a great one time watch in my opinion. Its not anywhere near the great mcu movies but its still entertaining and fun to watch. Florence imo stole the show. But some characters are poorly written and personally i did not like the action sequences(tbh i wanted the movie to have grounded action scenes but it was explosions after every 2 mins). Still i do not regret the $30 i spent on it and imo it was still an entertaining and great watch.


I just love Sarah Finn more than anyone recently, what a great job she has done for all of us


Where’s Monica? 🤔


Wandavision has definitely been my favorite so far. I want to know more about what is going to happen with this storyline going forward moreso than FatWS. But I’m also partial to alternate reality and time travel shenanigans. I enjoyed FatWS but from the previews I was expecting more a buddy cop kind of show with more interaction between the two. Flagsmashers were a little on the weak side as villains, too. Never felt like there was any kind of huge world-ending conflict there, just people unhappy with their treatment. Perhaps this is the goal, and I’m not going to try to argue that comics (and by extension, their adaptations to other media) cannot be used to make political or social commentary. That is central, in fact, to many comic series. The stakes just weren’t as high as the “rewrite reality” or “unleash the multiverse” stories of WV and Loki. I’ve enjoyed Loki a lot, and I reserve the right to change my statement that WV has been the best so far once Wednesday gets here.


I think they like to save the world-ending conflicts for the bigger team up movies.


Where is Sylvie?


Thank you! I was looking for someone to mention Sylvie, I'm really hoping Marvel does more with her character.


Sylvie is fantastic and her and Loki's...thing they have going on is the beating heart of the whole story.


Yes.. Later this year, we will get whole new cast for new movies - Eternals & Shangh chi.. Damn Excited


They are all great. Walker is great because how thoroughly I disliked him.


I love villains that you hate with every fiber of your being (Ex. Homelander), but I think whatever Walker stand out was his character development towards the end, where he was a little less of a douche.


I care about them.


unpopular opinion: i think john walker was an excellently written character in fatws. he doesn't deserve the hate, he was shaped all his life by the government, that's not his fault.


Honestly, he was the most interesting character in FATWS for me. I think as an actor, Wyatt Russell was able to deliver a performance that elicits the right kind of reaction for every phase of development of his character. His introduction as the new Cap was naturally to be met either with resistance, outright hatred and even ridicule. But as we learned more about the character and how complex he really was, Wyatt Russell was so good at stepping up his game that every turn John Walker had from violent and vengeful, to him being disgraced and desiring redemption, each one was done so convincingly that I couldn't help but appreciate the character.


damn, i though i was going to have to defend myself. i am so happy to see that everyone agrees.


Well, I love the character. Now that he is U.S. Agent, I hope we get to see more of him soon. I'm excited to see the direction the character is headed.


I think this is a popular opinion. He's an immensely popular character.


This is not an unpopular opinion. It is a fact.


He was the bestest part of the show. Change my mind.


How is that unpopular.


Not an unpopular opinion at all, especially on this sub. He was the most interesting character in tfatws imo


He’s a fantastic character and everything about him, how he was presented and even how he dressed was expertly crafted to garner the reactions he got. Brilliantly done!


i agree. i have no idea how he is in the comics (although i would like to know) but i love him as a character in this series.


Interesting character in the one comic run I know him from (Ed Brubalers Cap run - which is where a lot of MCU Cap was adapted from). He’s more complex in that he literally thought he was Steve Rodgers, his mind is seriously wrecked.


Unless I am conflating stories, that was a different character. That was 50s Cap, not John Walker.


To be honest, he had the best character development/arc in the show, and it wasn’t even close. Going from the golden boy, to falling from grace, to picking himself back up and finally filling the shoes of a hero was a pretty compelling arc. He also had the best moment in the show in my opinion when he cast down his home made shield, giving up on the title of “Captain America”, in order to do the right thing and save people. It’s kind of baffling really that they did such a good job developing Walker, but kind of forgot about Bucky, and misfired so hard on Sam.


man, i am glad to see that john walker is not hated as much as i thought he was. he deserves more respect.


The way a normal time analyst is better written than the villains and legacy characters


1) I need more Agatha shot just directly into my goddamn veins, please and thank you 2) Walker's whatever. The botched face turn is one of the few complaints I actually have about CA&WS. 3) Mobius is great. His no-selling Loki's whole schtick (while clearly having some sympathy for him) is amazing. 4) Yelena's fucking awesome. Such a great foil for Nat. Her and Natasha's conversations in the first half where nothing's happening but they're discussing their histories and their futures and showing affection and sniping at each other's life choices could have been the whole movie and I would have been okay with it.


I don’t want to be dramatic but I’d die for Mobius. Lol


Yelena > Mobius > Walker > Agatha


All incredible characters


Love these characters! Taking away Taskmaster's voice, one of the best & snarkiest villains in the canon, not so much.


It’s weird, but Ive ended up liking the side characters in all these shows/movies more than the titular characters. Walker, Zemo, Mobius, Yelena and Red Guardian all kind of stole the show from the actual main characters in my opinion.


Red Guardian was fucking great. Can't wait to see how his story plays out in future films/shows.


Why show Mobius instead of Sylvie?


Agatha’s kind of a miss for me. I thought Agnes was a fun side character in the first string of episodes episodes but the performance & script got a little too hammy for my tastes in the last two episodes. Walker, Mobius & Yelena have all been terrific, absolute show stealers.


Thankfully we also got a powered Monica from Wandavision too. Can't wait to see her show up on the big screen.