I ordered a lego set that was $39.99 but needed to get to $40 for free shipping so I added on a single lego to my order for an extra .03 cents. It finally came today.

I ordered a lego set that was $39.99 but needed to get to $40 for free shipping so I added on a single lego to my order for an extra .03 cents. It finally came today.


Years ago I bought a stereo receiver that came to $399. I had a coupon code that I would get $50 off a purchase of $400. So I looked for the cheapest item on the site and I found that you could buy speaker wire by the feet and there was a monster speaker wire that was exactly $1 per foot. 15 minutes after the order I got a call from their ordering department making sure I didn't make an error. I explained the reasoning behind the purchase and told him that I didn't even care if I got the speaker wire I just wanted to use the promo code. He got a good laugh about it and that was the end of it..... Or so I thought. When my package arrived it was the receiver but no speaker wire but the order said box 1 of 2. The next day I didn't receive 1 ft of speaker wire.... I received a spindle of speaker wire. It was 1000 ft of speaker wire. I figured since the company was kind enough to contact me earlier I called them up. They were confused at first and was thinking I was upset. Eventually I was able to explain myself well enough and told them I would like to send back the 1000 ft of speaker wire. They told me that I could but I would have to pay for the shipping myself and that since I used a promo code that I would be getting charged the $50. I told them that I would just keep the speaker wire since the spindle and speaker wire was easily over 50 lbs. I ended up selling the speaker wire and I made about $400-$500 selling the wire. I guess that's the difference between the companies purchasing department and their customer service rep.


just to get this right, they accidentally gave you 1000ft of wire and had an attitude about you returning it?


Yup. The purchasing department was really nice and wanted to make sure that I didn't make a mistake. I figured they wanted a happy customer. To be fair the CSR was probay a minimum wage jockey that was probably told that the customer had to pay for the return shipping with no exceptions. Who knows it could've been a little malicious compliance on their part.


Nah. Offloading trash onto the customers so they don’t have to worry about paying for it’s disposal or overhead cost for storing it. Source: have done that to customers.


Maybe.... it was overpriced Monster speaker wire they were selling for a $1.00 a ft. I had no problem selling it though through eBay for $0.60 a ft.


my sister accidently received 150 feet of FT6 or ct6 whatever cable ? for internet my router ( basement) to my comp which is upstair


150 feet is the length of approximately 200.0 'Wood Spoons; Wooden Rice Paddle Versatile Serving Spoons' laid lengthwise




What about laid side to side?


Lol what a trip. This reminds me of when my Playstation 2 broke randomly and I called technical support to explain and get it fixed under warranty. The guy I talked to was super nice and said he would send out a prepaid package for me, but really it was out of any warranty period (or something like that.. it wasn't eligible for free repair). He would put it in the system as a warranty repair to help me out. He also explained that if they could not repair it, they would need to send a refurbished unit. No problem with that solution on my part. Thanks dude! About a week goes by and I get a refurbished Playstation. I was like wow... that was fast turnaround. Cool! Another week goes by and I get what I assume is my original Playstation. I'm like well..... the guy that helped me was super nice. I'll let them know they goofed up so nobody gets in trouble. Support was adamant that I pay for the return shipping and a restocking fee. I just told them I'd keep it instead then since it was their mistake, not mine. Then the rep got all huffity and said that I HAD to return the extra unit. I just laughed and ended the conversation. Never heard anything about it from Sony again lol.


Well played


Fair enough


Where is the set?


It came last week separately, this single piece came today in it's own padded envelope


That’s extra hilarious that they shipped them separately!


Can we see the set


I got a set you can see


Where is it




At least Lego cares about packaging waste




Which set?


The Everyone Is Awesome set


Why does the lego piece look like a tiny O-ring? Curiosity from a dude who sells O-rings lol. Now I am wondering if I sell Lego...


A lot of big box stores have free shipping if you buy enough, and then you get 5 shipments on different days. Like how are they making money??


It still got you to buy X dollars worth of product from them!


For those wondering, the set came completely separately like a week ago, and it was the Everyone Is Awesome set. Also my mistake, it was 34.99 and had to get to 35 for free shipping, but the single lego piece was still 0.03 cents. https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/everyone-is-awesome-40516?ef_id=Cj0KCQjw9O6HBhCrARIsADx5qCRAUlGM10leRTCu72CCSWKXFqHoYnZEBIc0UkpyvEof4b8SA52MxusaAqnDEALw_wcB:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!790!3!529200390672!!!u!1337829805859!&cmp=KAC-INI-GOOGUS-GO-US-EN-RE-SP-BUY-CREATE-PLA-SHOP-BP-SP-RN-SMART_SHOPPING


I brought that set too. You telling me I could have gotten free shipping if I just brought one other lego???


Yup, the "pick a brick" section has every generic lego piece in production for sale individually


I'm going through similar emotions. I just ordered this set on Wednesday.....


Or if you spent $5.01 more you could have gotten a gift for spending more than $40 *and* free shipping. https://www.lego.com/en-us/page/lego-offers-promotions


I like how they gave you a big ass bag for the tiniest Lego piece ever


Not only that, it came in it's own padded envelope


Also, did you notice that in the photo it says THOROUGHG lol


They've always done this. It can go towards the gwp too


That’s a lot of plastic for one piece…


Exactly what I was thinking, what a waste.


At least OP got free shipping


An extra .03 cents would only put you at $39.9903 though. *edit: Confused by the downvotes, I thought my math checked out. They'd need 1 or more whole pennies to be over, not a fraction of one (.03<1)


Verizon Math


I don't know if I'm upset or happy that I got this reference


Pedants like you will burn in hell but I will be damned if you get downvoted for this shit


Lol I thought the same thing. Glad to see it had turned to upvotes now


I'm honestly confused by the upvotes


Are you confused about what 0.03 cents is or confused why someone would upvote pointing it out? /u/Elevenst isn't wrong. 0.03 dollars is *three cents* 0.03 cents is *three one-hundredths of a cent* 0.03 cents is 0.0003 dollars


That entire bag for a single lego?


Yup, plus a packing slip and it's own padded envelope


So much packaging!


I did that with a marine supply company. The cheapest thing I could get was one foot of rope. They actually called to ask if that's what I meant to order and then sent my other stuff for free without the rope.


The amount of package for that bit is heinous.


They always do that on purpose. You got the hack!!


And that, my friends, is how you play the free shipping game.


You mean .03 dollars. Or 3 cents. 0.03 cents is one third of a cent, I don't think Lego would sell anything for that price :)


0.03 cents is a lot less than a third of a cent. 0.33 cents would be close to 1/3 of a cent.


At least you’re smart. Most people wouldn’t think to do this.


My wife does this all the time on chewy and elsewhere. Same as OP they often ship the cheapo item that cleared the free shipping threshold by itself.


People who buy Lego hate animals and environment.


This girl knows how to shop online! You lego buying genius. ಠ‿ಠ


Modern problems require modern solutions


That’s big brain work right there!




Gaming the system. Nicely done. As an aside, we love the Everyone is Awesome set!




what about taxes


How did this violate rule 6? Too much backstory? Man, that's harsh.


I don't know if you tricked the seller for a free shipment, or the seller tricked you for the $0.33 for something they'd ship free anyhow. You, tho, chose the minimum of a compromise, OP. You gotta know how to stretch a dollar and it flows well both ways!