Vaccinated Americans now may go without masks in most places, the C.D.C. said.

Vaccinated Americans now may go without masks in most places, the C.D.C. said.


(Side note to this) > The White House has lifted the mask mandate for fully vaccinated staff on campus https://twitter.com/phil_mattingly/status/1392916567869083648?s=21 Edit: that includes reporters / correspondents


Bets on NewsMax/Infowars or whatever still having to wear masks in the next press conference? Assuming they still have press credentials carried over from the last admin.


Unless they just spew that crap for money, and actually already got vaccinated quietly.


That's a bingo!




Over at the conservative subreddit they are saying they’ll just lie about being vaccinated. The same subreddit that posts Jesus memes.


I’m sure the White House can ask for proof considering the national security ramifications of possibly infecting the President or other high ranking members of the administration.


Grand of you to assume they won’t lie and say they’re vaccinated already




I got the J&J jab (Jesus & Jesus)


True, but the White House has the resources where they could actually verify that if they really wanted to press the issue.




I truly hate how right you may be


The likely story is the cowards all got vaccinated already but they have to act like idiots to appease their idiot viewers.


We all know they are vaccinated. Probably first in line. It’s just better for business to rile their base up with this hoax/anti-vax bs.


My work just sent an email that we still wear them until OSHA gives the ok, maybe next week.


Yeah, the CDC saying it is all well and good, but all actual legal regulations flow through various state and county health departments and state OSHA departments. The rules will take a week or two to get updated.


Plus businesses can still keep their own mask mandates if they choose


I'm fairly sure my workplace isn't allowing people without masks until everyone can be maskless... this might be more beneficial for offices where the only people in the building are employees whose employers can verify their vaccination... but for retail business??? absolutely not.


My buddy's a retail manager and he said Corporate told him that employees will still wear a mask but guests don't have to... What is the point then?!


Its simple. They are more worried about losing customers than employees.


I think most people would be wise to keep a mask in their pocket until at least the end of the summer, just in case. Its not going to be an even application of new rules anywhere, in fact i'm guessing its going to be absolute chaos with some places relaxing their rules, other places not, and people being incredibly defensive about either. ​ I plan on keeping my mask off once i clear my 2 weeks but being ready to put one on out of respect for my surroundings whenever the need arises.


Oh you just know someone's gonna go to somewhere that no one has masks on but then go to CVS who may still want them worn and lose their shit over it. /r/PublicFreakout is about to be flooded with those videos


This already happened at my work today like three times. We asked customers to please continue to wear their masks (this was less than two hours after the announcement). It was explained to them that it was important the staff feel safe and that a review is needed before we remove the mask requirement. Several of them flipped out and started screaming at the employee that was enforcing this. It was ridiculous, they were throwing tantrums like children over a mask that they likely already had in the purse/pocket/car this morning anyways before the CDC released the news.


The problem is you can't selectively have a mask policy just for anti-vaxxer because they simply won't comply. Either masks are required for everyone, or everyone is going maskless. That's the reality.


Right, so if Target says you still need a mask to enter the store, you have to wear a mask. They can still refuse service to anyone


Can’t wait for the flood of videos of idiots not understanding what a private business can do on their private property. Edit-Yes, I’m *fully* and *painfully* aware of my fellow American’s behavior these last 15 months, BUT every time there’s some “big” change with the masks and whatnot, there’s a FLOOD of idiots who don’t understand what that means, and we see an uptick in these videos.


Have you been sleeping for the last 14 months?


You mean ANOTHER flood of videos? These morons have been doing this since day one. They always talk about how it's a "public place" and it's their "right" to shop where they want to. But then you talk about some gays or a mixed-race couple wanting a wedding cake, and suddenly it's all "the store owner has the right to refuse service to anyone!!!"


CDC can only "recommend", but enforcement agencies like OSHA "require." Generally OSHA is quick to adopt (as in, probably next week), but if you're in a state with a "state plan" OSHA office, then that office will only adopt after the state does itself.


Okay, so a related question - is lipstick still good to use if it hasn't been used since March 2020?




Why is my dog on Reddit?


Sounds more like a slightly confused Marine


Well, at her age you start to get a little confused


Hard to tell the difference between lipstick and crayons sometimes, but you know Marines, any port in a storm


Man I bet the lipstick market has taken a real hit this last year. Conversely I bet Chapstick is soaring.


I heard there's a thing called a lipstick effect where in times of uncertainty or economic hardship people buy little things to make themselves feel good and it's usually lipstick. You can track lipstick sales in times like this. However, because of masks, the data has shown that during covid it wasn't lipstick but nail polish this time.


On the other hand, more detailed eye makeup has definitely taken off, at least amongst Gen Zs. It comes in waves over the years of course, but there’s been more of a focus on eyes as of late.


Most should be, and there is also usually a little jar with a number in it on the label somewhere that will tell you how many months or years the product is good for, [like this](https://www.google.com/search?q=pao%20symbol%20&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-m)


>how many months or years the product is good for If you were using it prior to March 2020, it may be no good. If smell or consistency seem off, then buy new and trash the old. Edit: a word


Smell and consistency are two good ones to watch for, but keep an eye out for anything unusual. Does it taste different? Is it moving? Does it whisper detailed instructions on how to topple global regimes as you're falling asleep at night? If you have any reason to doubt its freshness, toss it out. Better safe than sorry.


I have lip products 3+ years old. If they smell the same and the texture is unchanged, I use it


ready to raw dog the world


Hey it's me, the world


Prepare thineself




You can still wear them if you choose.


Im ready to ditch the mask but still want everyone at least 6 feet away from me because that shit is awesome, lets keep the expanded personal bubble people its so much better.


I keep finding that people have completely forgotten about the social distancing once the vaccines were released. Like, yea, the Vax helps us with covid, but still... I don't want you near me.


Now I have to remind myself to make facial expressions again while talking to customers


I’m gonna miss mouthing the words to the songs I’m listening to while I’m on the elliptical.


I’m gonna miss mouthing “you’re a fucking idiot” to my fucking idiot of a boss under my mask. But today was beautiful. My work is following CDC guidelines and since I got vaccinated back in March, I finally got to be mask free at work for the first time in a year. My idiot boss refuses to get vaccinated and has to keep wearing the mask he hates so much


Honestly, finishing a Zoom or WebEx call, watching my webcam light turn off, and screaming FUUUUUUUCUCCKKKKKKKKK has been incredibly therapeutic and I’m gonna miss it


Shit there's someone on a meeting every week I have where I hear this same thing. Is that you? XD


> Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions. -Not your boss, probably.


Absolutely not. But that’s totally on brand for him. He’s the most reactionary plant manager I’ve ever seen. Refuses to plan for shit and waits until it’s a full blown disaster. Despite being told in advance every time.


My name is Rod Ogg and I'm here to Raw Dog.


Raw doggin air. I remember that thread


Good luck enforcing the “vaccinated” part


I think the point is, it doesnt matter. If you're vaccinated, youre fine. If you arent vaccinated, then thats on you. The only people I feel bad for are those that need the vaccine but might not be able to get it, but thats gotta be such a small percentage of the population we cant make policy based off of them.


Please let me get my second shot before the other idiots in my house go out without their masks because "it's not like anyone is gonna ask"


Damn. I'm gonna miss not having to force a Jim Halpert smile every time I accidentally make eye contact.


I’m going to have to readjust to not mouthing “fuck you” at customers.


*SAME.* The number of times I whisper "Jesus fucking Christ" to myself while looking at customers has increased by at least 8 times per work day.


The other day I audibly said “what the fuck” through the drive thru speaker after a customer canceled her order because we couldn’t give her dog a cup of whipped cream


what the fuck




I've let my double chin get way out of control


My lady-mustache management team is going to have to get back on the job.


That plus the constant mask readjustment where you open your mouth a bit wider.


Oh shit. Always weird to see something very specific that you do written out on the internet and realize everyone else does it too


Reddit will quickly let you know that you are neither clever, nor unique.


I like to pretend I'm wearing Spiderman's mask at that point Or when it's hanging off one ear: Top Gun pilot oxygen


I wear glasses so I've been holding my breath the past year :(


I’ve just been living life through steam googles. Feels like I’m preparing for a subterranean future appropriately


Oh good it's not just me


Now I have to re-learn how not to talk to myself in public all over again.


I'm pretty sure the bottom half of my face has lost the ability to emote in any way other than silently mouthing swearwords in public places.


Man you just reminded me I gotta start trying to smile at my coworkers again. It’s been a pleasant break.


Suddenly everyone is about to be "vaccinated"


The people who aren't vaccinated are the same people who already weren't wearing masks.


> The people who aren't vaccinated are the same people who already weren't wearing masks. Yes but the CDC announcing this will hinder businesses efforts to maintain mask policies. Will also likely force the hand of state governments as well. edit: (Mask policies would still be needed for individuals who are not vaccinated.)




I work in the pharmacy for Walgreens and if a customer complains to corporate that we told them they needed to be masked in order to be in the store we could be written up or fired. We are pretty much forced to allow unmasked people into the store and to pick up prescriptions around people who are high risk.


How do you enforce something like that? Check vaccination cards? Good luck trying to get anyone on board a "papers please" solution.


What would it matter anyway? My vaccination card is just a piece of thicker paper. Would be super easy to print one out.


Yep. Stories of people making fake vaccine cards started popping up pretty quickly after the vaccine became available to the general population.


Some businesses are literally doing that. https://www.fox13now.com/news/local-news/utah-bar-requiring-vaccine-opens-to-wave-of-support


The bar's response to naysayers is pretty great, especially their response to "let me zee your papers" comparison a lot of people try to pull. https://www.utahbayou.com/faps


FAPs lmao that's great


This is amazingly and hilariously well written.


What would be the alternative way to step down? My understanding is a lot of these businesses are waiting on the CDC to make a call.


> announcing this will hinder businesses efforts to maintain mask policies. No it won't, businesses can still require you to wear masks to enter their private property, just like they can require you to wear shirts and shoes. The people that will cause issues because of this were already causing issues about it before, so nothing really changes.


I signed up for the vaccine as soon as I was eligible, my second shot isn't until the 20th. Sucks that they couldn't just wait until everybody who wanted the vaccine had a chance to get it.


My friend already has a fake vaccination card. I can't get him to get a vax since he's scared of potentially dangerous chemicals, but he'll use a fake vaccination card to get into a concert and drop molly from random drug dealers. edit: damn you guys are quick to cut your friends out of your lives


What a guy


You spelled selfish asshole wrong.


I was talking the local grocery worker who said the same thing. People will talk about how they don't want to damage their body with the vaccine, but they'll buy a carton of cigarettes every week and a bottle of Jack Daniels every night.


Not to mention risk getting a virus that is KNOWN to damage your body even if you don't get very sick from it




[The full ingredients:](https://www.fda.gov/media/144414/download#page=2) * [mRNA: the tiny fragment of code that acts as a Wanted poster for your immune system](https://medlineplus.gov/genetics/understanding/therapy/mrnavaccines/) * [lipids: fat molecules the mRNA is wrapped in so it can get into the cells.](https://cen.acs.org/pharmaceuticals/drug-delivery/Without-lipid-shells-mRNA-vaccines/99/i8) * [potassium chloride: a necessary mineral, often used as a salt substitute. Helps stabilize the solution](https://www.google.com/search?q=lite+salt&oq=lite+salt&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i20i263l2j0l2.2558j0j9&client=ms-android-samsung-gs-rev1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#fpstate=imgv&imgv=1) * [monobasic potassium phosphate: another salt, this one acting as a buffer to keep the pH steady.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monopotassium_phosphate) * [sodium chloride: just plain table salt. Salts are important in a vaccine that has to be kept super cold.](https://www.drugs.com/mtm/sodium-chloride-oral.html) * [dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate: one more kind of salt, acts as an emusifier to keep the vaccine from separating like salad dressing](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodium_phosphates) * [sucrose: regular old sugar, a stabilizer](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sucrose) As you can see, there's nothing weird or scary in there. Edit: link fixed Edit 2: As has been pointed out, I forgot to include water. That's there to combine with the sodium chloride to make saline.


B-but mRNA sounds like DNA and I'll be damned if I let any scientist change my DNA!! *smokes cigarette*




You'd think it's easier to get vaccinated than to get a fake vaccination card


The vaccination is literally free, and places are offering walk in service now. You have to go out of your way to find and buy a fake Vax card.


Plus it's a crime to have one or sell them, it's medical fraud. They're already busting people for it.


Certainly it's cheaper since the vaccine is given free of charge


Get ready for a new wave of Karen videos


Yeah, I'm not ready to go commando at the grocery store yet; how long before I'm facing some creep in a LiveLaughLove shirt taping me with their phone and asking what I'm so afraid of.


Oh boy. Get ready for lots of liars.


Tomorrow is gonna ***SUCK*** for store managers.


I note the CDC made sure to mention that businesses still have the right to set their own policy. I’m sure that’ll get repeated ad nauseum tomorrow


Won't stop the Karen's from screaming at some 17 year old making minimum wage though.


WhY cAn’T wE fIlL tHeSe JoBs!?




The previous cdc guidance didn’t stop Karens either.


For sure. You can bet that didn't make it into the headline or soundbite. tl;dr! squirrel!


What amazes me is that stores have required you to wear shirts and shoes (and I guess pants were a given) for like, ever, and nobody had a problem with it. People are definitely gonna be confrontational even though stores are private places and have a broad range of freedoms


Can not tell you the amount of times 7-11 has had the struggle with the shirt and shoes policy. The only thing lower than Wal-mart on the Trashy scale is old 7-11.


I'm a store manager and I happened to call off today, but oh I so look forward to tomorrow.


I have to imagine most of them will just give up trying to enforce local mask requirements.


Yeah, for better or worse this effectively ends mask usage for everyone, vaccinated or not.


It’s happening right now for me lol. I’m at a planet fitness and the lady keeps arguing about not having to wear a mask because the President just said she didn’t have to 😂


fire off the Lunk Alarm on her


Lol, that woulda been hilarious. Should note I don’t work there, was just observing in between workouts. Felt so bad for the employees because they’re just following company policy.


I work as a front end supervisor at a grocery store. I've already had to explain to three people that yes, the CDC did say vaccinated people don't have to wear masks any more, but the company still requires you to have a face mask while in the store. I've been met with lots of swearing and insults so far, so it already sucks.


Literally reading this thread in a bar and just heard a guy come up and say to the bartender "the CDC says we don't have to wear those stupid fucking diapers anymore" with no mention of vaccines. Get ready for the stupidity.


Yeah really I don't see why the CDC even bother to make the announcement. All that's going to do is create a bunch of trouble. At the very least they should have said it at some time in the future not like oh yeah the next day without warning. I don't think any side of the political spectrum has a lot of respect for the CDC or WHO lately.


FYI This is not law or anything. Some states and/or private businesses will still require masks. Planes, airports, hospitals, doctors offices, and a few others will keep a mask requirement. Edit: I guess I should all it a mandate and not a law.


The reality is that few states or businesses will have the political will to enforce something that doesn't at least have the recommendation from the CDC.


Suddenly Republicans everywhere will have absolute confidence in the agency they've been trashing for over a year.


CDC recommendations have never been laws.


But they do strongly influence guidelines for businesses. There are lots of places doing dumb stuff like not letting touchscreens be used because people could transmit indirectly by touch. But that was based on initial guidance from the cdc.


It generally goes like this: CDC publishes guidance -> States make individual mandates -> Businesses do what their local governments tell them to do This CDC guidance is meaningless until individual states update their current mandates (or remove them), unless of course you’re somewhere without any mandates at all. For me, in Oregon, I expect absolutely nothing will change because most businesses want to protect their employees and customers and our vaccination rates are still quite low. I don’t imagine the Governor will lift the indoor mask mandate because of this, especially when she recently said that will only happen when we reach a 70% vaccination rate. That said our Governor has flip flopped on this shit a half dozen times now, so who knows what will happen.




Went down to Kentucky for a hiking trip about a month ago and had to get gas. Made a joke to my fiancé that everyone must be vaccinated because there wasn’t a mask in sight.


It's going to be a weird trip to the grocery store this afternoon...


This is just CDC guidance - stores will probably not be quick to get rid of masking since they have no way of verifying who is vaccinated without posting someone at the front door to check cards.




Wal-Mart basically led the charge, as hard as it is for me to admit. They'll be the ones rolling it back too.




Masks are on Rollback™️ at your local Walmart!


There is a 0% chance a store is going to pay someone to sit out front and check vaccine cards.


I live in Ga, and while all of the stores “require” masks, I’ve seen literally none of them confronting people who don’t wear them. Early on, the anti-mask idiots proved that they were actually violent idiots, and no one is gonna risk they’re safety or possibly life for a minimum wage retail job.


Also in Georgia, and the only ones I saw enforcing it were the ones giving them out for free.


Bold of you to assume people care what the store says given they weren't willing to wear masks even prior to this announcement


I suspect it will be a while yet before businesses stop requiring them.


Introverts in shambles


I will still wear a mask in businesses until they take down their “Masks are required” signs simply to make it easier on the people that work there. They will undoubtedly face an onslaught of “but the government said I don’t need to wear a mask anymore” crowd and it will just be easier to respect their policy than be lumped into their increased stress factor.


>but the government said I don’t need to wear a mask anymore A common statement from the people who didn't wear masks when the government said they should.


That was never optional. Businesses make their own rules.


Absolutely. However, even though a lot of people wear masks where I live the businesses here have been pummeled by just as many that do not understand how private enterprises function. It will not change my life to have to continue wearing a mask. I am really looking forward to going out to a restaurant, catching a movie on the big screen and taking a nice vacation, but I don’t feel my state’s positivity rates warrant that yet.


Funny enough it says in most situations masks aren’t needed, but one of the situations where vaccinated people still should is “when inside businesses that require them.” But you’re right, dumb people gonna dumb.


Hell yeah. I ain't never wearing that shit again.


I’m glad we’re at this stage, but can we still hold off blowing out candles on a birthday cake? Cause that’s always been gross...


I suggest a quick fart instead. It makes the candles glow brighter.


Nice. Just got my second dose today.


Sweet deal, just a heads up though fully vaccinated would mean about 2 weeks after your second dose.


I wonder if this is a political decision to encourage people get vaccinated.


That probably factored into the decision. Wasn't Ohio trying some kind of raffle? The more people get vaccinated the better off we'll be.


A lot of minimum wage workers are about to have to deal with way more shit than they should have to, on top of the ridiculous shit they already have to endure.




Who is going around checking to make sure that the maskless people are actually vaccinated? I’m done expecting my fellow Americans to do the right thing.


>I’m done expecting my fellow Americans to do the right thing Just as a note. If you come out of this experience with a better view on humans, then I want what you’re smoking


2020 proved, definitively, that if aliens ever attacked Earth, the first thing the government would do in response is lower interest rates.


I always thought it was ridiculous in every zombie movie that there would be that one asshole who got bit, hid it from everyone, then kept completely silent about it even while turning and killed everyone. Turns out they were completely right and we're fucked.


Turns out reality is like 30-40% of the population was bitten but figured they could hide it


Turns out 30-40% of the population will actively *try* to get bit because they don't think the zombies are real and even if they are, getting bit is totally not a big deal.


Newsflash: they were zombies all along.


*holds gun to own head* always was


I do have a better view on humans in one regard, the sheer will we have to focus in on development. Most people were claiming we'd be stuck in this for 2 or 3 years and vaccines wouldn't be ready by at least 4 or 5 years. We got in done in (by the time the virus was considered a pandemic) 10 months. And not to mention that these new RNA vaccine researchers will be putting in efforts to see what other viruses the next RNA vaccines are effective against. Some are even saying we could make in RNA vaccine for HIV. This pandemic gave me a better appreciation for the progress humans can make when under pressure. Edit: Some of yall are some really pessimistic and depressing folks. You can't go through life saying everything is one step forward and two steps back.


Well the mRNA tech was under development for many years prior to the pandemic. It was the ideal opportunity to test it out.


The time saved by having your body synthesize antigens to trigger an immune response instead of synthesizing it in a lab is, to me, the coolest part about mRNA vaccine tech.


That's partly why they were able to be rolled out so quickly. They didn't have to develop the processes necessary to create the virus/viral particles, inactivate them, purify them, and reconstitute them into an injectable vaccine.


Isn't the J&J one not mRNA though? That was ready to go only a little bit slower than the mRNA ones, so they still did get it done insanely fast


J&J / Janssen is a Viral Vector Vaccine


The vaccinated folk were the only ones following the mask mandates in the first place lol


r/nonewnormal in shambles.


I was told MASKS FOREVER?!??


“But I will not evaluate how I was duped and I will not protect myself from the next boneheaded conspiracy. Nope, ego can’t take it. I’ll go even *deeper* into my reactionary beliefs”


"But if this was all a ploy by the Democrats to exert fascist control, why are they letting up now?" -a real post on NNN


No, no. The masks would eventually turn into hijabs and burqas. s/


I saw someone make the joke that we should tell them that the vaccine spreads through a vaccinated person's exhaled breath. So the only way for them to remain unvaccinated is to wear masks when out in public. It's dumb enough to work tho...


you joke, but right wingers have been doing this for awhile already, the whole "vaccine shedding" thing. that school in florida banning vaccinated teachers etc


The person who started the whole "wear a mask to stop vaccine shedding" is a chaotic good genius.


My brother and sister-in-law are anti vax and "red pill" asshats who called the pandemic a hoax. They called people sheep for wearing masks. My dad got his 2nd shot a week ago and they asked him not to come over because he may she'd the virus from the vaccine to them... They aren't afraid/concerned about the real thing but a demonstrably false idea they are dead serious about.


If they think the pandemic is a hoax, does that mean they think the virus itself is a hoax too? And if they think the virus is a hoax, how could a vaccinated person be shedding a virus that - to them - doesn’t exist because it’s a hoax? Or are they the “it’s not that bad, it’s just a cold/flu” people? In that case, why would they be afraid of someone shedding “just a cold”? I don’t understand their logic.


It's not the virus that they're shedding. It's a spooky disease that comes from the vaccine itself. So there's no conflict for them.


That's what I mean. They legitimately think the vaccine is airborne and they'll "catch it". So we tell them that if a mask is enough to "block oxygen" that it'll block "vaccine shedding". Hell, someone can probably make decent money selling special vaccine masks to keep the rubes safe.


Next step is marketing an "injectable antidote" that protects against the airborne vaccines.


It would be wild if the people that you see out in public with masks are the ones who said covid was hoax and now their scared of the vaccinated. My 2021 bingo card doesn’t have that on there but I’m ready for some good shit to happen so it is now.


"Your kids' kids will never know public spaces without masks" was something I read around November when things were absolutely out of control. I swear some people get boners off of misery.


Sort by controversial to be pissed off no matter your views


Walking around a town in Georgia, everybody is vaccinated I guess.


Alternative site, no paywall, same information: https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/13/health/cdc-mask-guidance-vaccinated/index.html


No need for news websites. [The CDC site](https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated.html) is public and the only official source. Any extra info from news outlets is unofficial. u/Chuuno


This is very exciting, and a big deal. Congrats to everyone who got us here! And a big thank you to volunteers out there poking us! BUT Stop saying "I told you so!" & "I knew better than the CDC which is why I stopped wearing a mask a long time ago!" They do their own research and need to be very conservative on these issues. Mistakes made by them can be catastrophic. They announce information when they feel it is the best time to announce it. The CDC probably knows how to handle a large population during a pandemic better than you.


I feel that this will embolden the anti maskers who will now claim to have been vaccinated instead if having a mask exemption.


I mean, it will. But what's the alternative at this point? Some people will never get vaccines or comply with mask rules. We can't keep the whole world half shut down forever because of them.