Covid cases in U.S. fall to levels not seen since March 2020

Covid cases in U.S. fall to levels not seen since March 2020


I work EMS and we were running almost only covid patients for February, March and into April. Then half way through April we hit a wall and have had almost no covid positive patients since then. Obviously this is anecdotal and just my experience, but it was so weird to be running nonstop with our local hospitals over max capacity, and then almost nothing for a month and a half for covid patients. We are surprisingly busy lately though with other calls. We are on track to have increased our call volume by at lease 25% than our average of previous years (2020 excluded).


We saw a huge dropped in April to May in NYC and NJ. Vaccines are now available without appointments and even in the subway station you can get vaccinated. This is the way!


UHG. I wish I could come back. I miss the land of pizza and bagels.


No new cases or deaths in the county I work in. Today was the 1st day that happened since last spring.


Amazing. I hope this sticks. I really do.


It's based on vaccination rather than changes in human behavior so it will definitely stick.


The numbers speak for themselves. We should show this information to someone who says "vaccines don't work". People are wearing masks less, going out more, and seeing friends or family members more and the numbers have gone down exponentially.


> We should show this information to someone who says "vaccines don't work". Good luck with that. Many of the same people who were saying that COVID was just the flu and that the numbers were being inflated under Trump are now saying that the real numbers are being covered up to make Biden look good (and they point to the nursing homes in New York to show Dems working hard to cover up the death toll of the "flu" which is supposedly not actually killing many people.) Rationality simply does not work on the irrational.


Oh man have I tried. It's pointless because if you try to present any facts, they just say that "you can't trust \[insert reputable news source here\]" and then pick out an article from a small right wing "news" site that is basically a glorified blog and doesn't actually include any citations or quotations. The big thing they are on about now is how the NIH funded "gain of function" studies in Wuhan and Fauci is "trying to cover it up" which proves that he is and has always been wrong about everything.


"Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone." -Ayn Rand


“One day - it’s like a miracle - it will disappear.” Looks like Trump was right after all. /s


By Easter (2022).


I avoided covid this entire time only to get viral meningitis in May of this year 😐


The entire cohort of my friends doctorate program got norovirus at their socially distanced graduation.


Yikes, but this one spreads like wildfire worse than probably any other disease, there have been multiple cases of cruise ships where the entire ship has become infected with noro. I am not a disease specialist but I've witnessed the spread of noro and if its in your house or environment its basically impossible to avoid.


My microbio professor told us most cruise ships spread some variety of norovirus but a lot of people just think they are seasick. Super easy to spread.


I think people get it at hotels and airports a lot too, but then all go different places so the concentration/source isn't as obvious.


I watched a documentary about how big cruise ship operate, and norovirus is so common they have a standard process to scrub the room etc, plus seperate washing machine for the bed linens etc


My son was patient zero at Christmas a few years ago. By my count, at least 26 people got sick


My household got it a couple years ago, we have no idea how it got into our house, it was awful. I didn't eat proper foods for 2-3 weeks after my last bout with noro. Literally couldn't stomach it. If someone says they feel like they are dying while having this I definitely believe them.


My wife ate a lot of seafood the night it hit us. Three years later and she still won't eat seafood lol


This is pretty common actually, I've had a lot of family members throw up from x kind of food, really turned out to be the flu or noro, but they never ate that kind of food again


Correct. This is known as taste aversion or conditioned aversion. Makes sense from a biological perspective.


Barfed up licorice in third grade, still can’t stand it to this day.


Yo, textbook example right here. Lol. I had an aortic dissection in Feb 2020. Had just finished eating some great spicy homemade tacos. When it first hit me it felt like heartburn. By the time we got halfway to the hospital it felt like blowtorches & knives. I blacked out from the pain when we got there. I can't eat Mexican food anymore. Probably never again. The smell makes me queasy. Used to looove Mexican food. Now I want nothing do to with it.


Wow, aortic dissection. Glad you’re still here with us.


Dogs evolution - that's just free real state.


then there is all the alcohols people avoid after an acute case of poisoning themselves at greater than expected levels.


It's tequila. It's always tequila and the story always starts "I use to drink tequila but once..."


I had a friend who once ate raw cashews and threw up (cause they were raw, and thus kinda poisonous). Later on she told someone she couldn't eat cashews cause of this, and they didn't believe her, so they started throwing cashews at her, to like tease her. When the 3rd cashew hit her in the face she projectile vomited all over him. The mind is no joke.


Who throws nuts at someone's face? Besides Dee I mean.


He fucked around and he found out.


Wait. I've eaten raw cashews before. Is that bad?


Raw hulled cashews are not poisonous. The shell contains compounds similar to those in poison ivy and should not be eaten.


Happened to me with vodka. I got drunk on vodka and ate sushi for the first time. I can no longer smell either of them. I’m an idiot.


Took me 10 years to eat oysters again last time. Now I stuff my face with them every time I'm in a place they don't cost $1 each. $3.50 dozens in Florida and I turn into a gremlin


new years party for me a to ring in the new year 2 years ago. everyone got ill, i was lucky i got a lighter case than many


Yep. In my language we fittingly call norovirus with a word that loosely translates to "interaction sickness" or "passed-around sickness."


We call it the “double dragon” in the navy. On any deployment on a navy ship you’re almost guaranteed to see a small outbreak or two during the length of the deployment


Nothing is worse in medical than when the double dragon shows up. It’s all hands on deck, and the ward turns into the poopy suit zone.


It’s the most common cause of viral gastroenteritis in the US


I'm so glad we're talking about run of the mill viruses again. Thank fuck.


Was there a dinner or something they all had to handle? When did this happen


One person said there kid had been dealing with what they thought was food poisoning. Must have been that. I didn’t know it was that contagious


Nope. We were travelling around visiting family and he was just turning one so he was getting a lot of attention. Once we got to my wife's grandparents we changed his diaper and he had diarrhea, but by then, it was too late. It was definitely the sickest I've been in a long time


Everyone caught this at Thanksgiving once. 12 people taking turns shitting their brains out between two bathrooms. Not fun.


It was nice of them to take turns though.


Norovirus is ridiculously contagious. I dread when anyone I know gets it because it starts spreading through friends and family.


I got viral meningitis 2 years ago and all I can say is I’m glad it was not bacterial. Hope you’re doing better. It fucking sucks.


Its absolutely terrifying to know if took me 14 days to get a diagnosis and if it had been bacterial i wouldve just straight up died before I even knew something was wrong. I’m very grateful, glad you’re doing okay from it now too. Did you make a full recovery? I’m in PT right now to help get my muscle tone back up cause i spent the whole month in the hospital bed


Yeah for sure :( It’s crazy to think bacterial would just mean death. I did make a full recovery (afaik) but I believe the fact that my father recognized the symptoms (mainly stiff neck and headache) so early is what allowed me a relatively quick recovery as opposed to yours. I’m happy you’re still here. Don’t give up. It’ll take time but you’ll be back to normal soon. It may be a new normal, but it will be okay.


How long did it take for a Dr. to finally perform a lumbar puncture on you?


The fourteenth day of my symptoms i got the lumbar puncture, spent a week in the hospital. Went back home, then got swelling on my brain and lost a few days, woke up in the icu randomly one day with no recollection of what happened, they gave me a second lumbar puncture when i was out. Had two mris too.


Ugh i'm sorry you dealt with that, that sounds so awful. I'm a medical student, and we all hope and pray we don't miss diagnoses like this in the future. Always looking out for things like neck stiffness, headaches, light sensitivity.


I had just finished recovering from double pneumonia right when COVID hit.


Aw christ! Glad you’re doing better now! That sounds horrendous 😭


I got strep for the first time in 10 years. Makes no sense.


I managed to get COVID from my mom who was due to get her vaccine a couple days after she tested positive. Had to spend Christmas and my birthday in quarantine because I was in close contact with her (driving a half an hour home and also living with her ofc)


Nice. I got an STI


Happens to the best of us, hope you have a speedy recovery!


I got a combo of streptococcus and tonsillitis about a month ago.


Yeah, I took one trip during COVID. Followed protocol, was as safe as could be... got Lyme Disease... oof.


Lol. I mean that kindly. That fuckin' sucks, but...lol. It's like getting COVID right after getting your first shot.


It's like rain on your wedding day.


and who would've thought, it figures


I have a fungus growing in my lung. Cough, occasional chills, abdominal pain (fortunately not communicable person to person), at least I get to start taking antifungal pills 2 months after I first started coughing up blood (month 1: "try stronger antibiotics" month 2: it's probably not bacterial, let's run some tests.").


I got salmonella, shit fucking sucks


Me too, just to get a hiatal hernia.


I got strep. Twice.


weird, it's almost as if vaccination works


Was gonna say the same thing. Here's a real-time example of the effect of vaccines. Point it out to anti-vaxxers. Stick in their face. It won't make a difference. You'll never change someone's mind once the heels are dug in.


Their answer will be "because it's summer" or something like that. Or that the numbers are cooked.


"See? Trump was right when he said it'd go away by summer!"


I actually said "yeah, 2021 maybe" after I saw that statement. I guess _I_ was right. Hah.


You are officially more qualified than Trump to be President.


See I actually feel like I was acting insane now for being so dramatic about how this virus was going to fuck us up. You couldn’t get more bearish than me. And now it’s fixed! Like damn, you guys made a fucking miracle happen. I can’t believe that this was just taken for granted though. That could have been SO MUCH worse.


> for being so dramatic about how this virus was going to fuck us up It only killed a half-million Americans and drove the worst economic crash since the depression. The way people carried on after 911 you'd think the world had ended. This was waaaay worse.


We had a literal month in the US of worst casualties than 9/11. 9/11 was bad, my issue is people didn’t react with any urgency this time, just proceeded to act like it was a cold.


Official numbers are going to eventually revise up closer to a million though it may take years to see in the data.


> I can’t believe that this was just taken for granted though It's a little like coming across an accident that just happened and thinking if you hadn't forgotten your keys it might have been you in that accident. Even though correlation does not equal causation, sometimes the case for the correlation is so great that it is undeniable. The fact that this thing began to settle down after Biden achieved his first goal of 200 million doses in his first 100 days definitely points to why we are where we are right now. It makes you wonder if we'd be in India's shoes right now if someone hadn't actually taken the reigns on getting our country vaccinated.


Unfortunately the old saying "you can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into" is correct in this case. If they wouldn't listen to the science and statistics about how effective vaccinations were before all this they're not going to care about the numbers you can tell them about today.


Better to talk about feelings with those people. Ask them what made them lose faith in science/government/msm.


Losing faith in MSM is easy. Government I can see it but not to the extreme. And science? I mean there's corruption in everything but vaccines have been a practice for over a century... C'mon guys.


Seems like some people think its a black and white thing. That the MSM is either trustworthy, or it isn't. As if it is one centrally controlled entity. The way they talk about MSM makes that apparent. Just like "the government". Even with science they tend to think its appeal to some authority. Its more reasonable to see its all gray, its more decentralised, and its about probabilities and likelyhoods if you want to understand the world. There is NO easy answer.


Black and white thinking is at the core of almost all political issues. Just look at anything on reddit. *Anything.*


That seems rather black a...oohhh


I wonder if part of the lack of trust in science and medicine, at least in America, comes from so many people not being able to afford insurance and not getting proper healthcare for their entire lives. At that point it's just easier to believe that alternative/or just no medicine in general is better, and that real medicine/treatments are just a scheme because it's easier to believe that emotionally when you can't afford real healthcare.


My supervisor at the hospital last year told us it would disappear last summer and we should stop complaining about the lack of PPE. I had bought n95s ahead of time because I saw the train wreck coming and had enough for my entire unit for a month if we reused the masks a few shifts each, which we ended up doing anyway but they still refused to let us wear them because we were "scaring the patients". Lol of course covid really through the entire staff before summer even hit but after that conversation, which was the 5th or 6th time I pleaded with my supervisors and the CEO of the hospital to make adequate changes before one of the high risk staff gets sick or we infect the patients we are suppose to be caring for, I quit. It was complete insanity what that hospital was doing. Looking back There were covid patients on every unit in the hospital getting aerosilozed treatments with no PPE for anyone lol. After realizing hospital admission and medical professionals didn't take seriously I gave up on convincing the public. The CEO finally gave in and made changes when a doctor refused to send any more patients to that hospital because she was scared to step foot in it herself. She also told him all the staff and our families were probably already infected, which they were lol it was so fucking ridiculous I can't believe it actually played out like that. But I dont think its just because they were all ignorant of what was happening they didn't want to end up on the news until all other hospitals in the area had covid positive patients too because people would be scared to come there. Which is even worse, that it happened for money.


Incompetent leadership killed a whole lot of people. In some way, I hope this prepares us for an even worse virus. That protocols will be in place, PPE will be stocked, and people trained. But maybe it all wasn't bad enough.


We WERE prepared! There was a playbook, alliances with public health officials around the world, and CDC inspectors in China! We were goddam prepared! But nothing could survive the malign influence of the Republicans and Trump! Damn them to hell!


Trump admin scuttled the national response plan for stuff like a national testing database, PPE production grants, testing kit production grants because it was hurting blue states more. I will never forget that shit.


I heard a nurse who is suing the Houston hospital she works at for their policy of having their employees vaccinated on NPR today. She started saying that she wasn't comfortable because the FDA hadn't fully approved it. When the host (who grilled the shit out of her dumb ass) told her that the FDA was likely to be approving both Moderna and Pfizer very soon, her response was, "Well no, that's too fast, so I don't believe in that." She had an idiotic, form-letter response to every challenge, even stating that "tons" of people in her hospital were coming in with blood clots, paralysis, ringing ears, chronic headaches, and more, and that the staff was in fear of reporting those effects due to some kind of retaliation. The hospital's CEO came on after her and said that was all nonsense, because of course it is. Always moving the goalposts, these people. There's always a reason. Meanwhile, those of us who are getting vaccinated are bringing these numbers down on their behalf.


These people can suddenly find a group of likeminded people very fast. Who give them the feeling they are better and smarter than the rest of us. It must be some kind of drug for them. You have one side which make them feel like shit. And one side which makes them feel good. Feelings got them into that place.


Man, you know what's worse than ringing ears and headaches. Death. Death is worse. Even if these stupid bullshit symptoms from vaccines were true, it's still a better outcome than most of the "long covid" symptoms.


The best part was she said she already had COVID so her attitude was just like “whatever” as if her patients’ safety was nothing to her.


>I heard a nurse who is suing the Houston hospital (...) on NPR today. If people are curious about that, this website has that interview which you can listen to (it seems like the same interview at least). Just find the "Listen" link below the graphic at the top. [https://www.nprillinois.org/post/houston-hospital-system-mandated-covid-19-vaccine-117-staffers-sued#stream/0](https://www.nprillinois.org/post/houston-hospital-system-mandated-covid-19-vaccine-117-staffers-sued#stream/0)


It's actually dumber than that. The same people who say "see told you it will be over after Biden is elected!" will also say "See told you social distancing didn't work!" or "see told you Abbot was right!" or even "See told yall we don't need vaccines!" It's absurd and sad


If numbers don't go down: See, vaccines don't work!! If numbers go down: See vaccines aren't needed!! Wait...what?


Tell a wall, it'll be alot less frustrating.


You can't reason people out of a position they didn't reason their way in to.


This. I had a guy overhear me talk about Biden's current infrastructure plan. He then went on a rant how him shutting down the Keystone Pipeline and "selling the country to Russia and China" is going to kill America. And how him reading Russian news shows how much of a joke America is to the world, apparently, and Trump was saving this country. Heres my problem with the average Trumpist-logic. - Russian news is controlled by the state. Russia at this point has a solid reputation of spreading disinformation to the uneducated American voter and that's how they interfered with the past 2 elections. - Biden, shutting down the pipeline, was because it posed severe environmental concerns and would accelerate the depletion of the world's oil reserves years before scientists have been estimating. - Biden's infrastructure plan includes building silicon-semiconductor refineries and lithium-ion battery plants in the U.S. as well as put out aggressive federal tax-credit to EV buyers. This would in-term create not only more blue-collar jobs, but also give them better security. There's computer chips in EVERYTHING these days and putting America on top of the market in lithium-ion batteries would keep the economy growing for years to come. - His tax increases DO NOT APPLY TO THE MIDDLE CLASS. It applies to anyone making above $1 million and his increased funding of the IRS WILL NOT AFFECT THE MIDDLE CLASS. It is giving the IRS the ability to audit large companies and individuals who have been skipping out on paying taxes. I understand the problems with having Biden as President as well. The whole sniffing thing is very odd and he has taken questionable donations from large businesses before. However I find a run-of-the-mill politician better than a shady NY conman who has been kissing ass to dictators like Kim Jong Un.


I don't think the anti-vaxxers concerns are about whether it works, it's about what else those vaccines are doing to you. Which they make up as necessary, which is why nothing you ever say will have any effect on them.


I think this is it exactly. It doesn't even have to be something specific like vaccines cause Autism. It is often just a distrust for all vaccines in general - the cure is worse than the disease kind of mentality. Again, not based on any real data, just a bad opinion of the whole thing.




I had someone I told I got my second jab a few weeks ago say that they were worried about me sloughing off the protein made by the mRNA in the vaccine on them, they were worried about the unknown long term effects of that protein…. Like, you’re not worried about the -known- long term effects of covid-19??? You’re more worried about unknown effects when there are no known long term effects to the vaccine yet the disease itself has a high chance of permanently reducing respiratory capacity, neurological effects, etc and so forth. Ok bros…. You’re making totally logical decisions 🤦‍♂️


Worth noting that these are the raw numbers not adjusted to account for vaccinated people. Infections in unvaccinated people are still incredibly high. The Washington Post did a story where they adjusted the numbers and how the country’s declining covid-19 case rates present an unrealistically optimistic perspective for the half of the nation that is still not vaccinated. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/interactive/2021/covid-rates-unvaccinated-people/


Unfortunately, I think we are reaching the point of "We made the vaccine available, we made the vaccine free, we published the crap out of the science, we continue to make strides in putting the vaccine in even more local places, but if you want to die from a preventable disease, then so be it"


That’s the most tragic part of this to me. Someone is going to die of a disease when there is a vaccine readily available that would prevent it from happening.


I am out of fucks to give. I've begged, reasoned with, explained, empathized, and I'm all out of fucks. If people refuse the vaccine and get sick, I really don't give a shit anymore. I walked to a fucking Albertsons around the corner from my house, didn't have an appointment, got to pick my vaccine, and walked out within an hour. No excuses. I understand the more people don't get vaccinated, the bigger chances of some freak mutation starting the whole train over again, but I'm perfectly willing to take a booster if we get there.


A local cop in my parents town got sick and tired of COVID19 a few weeks back. My mom was telling me how tragic it is. The cop didn't get the vaccine because they were concerned about how it'd interact with their high blood pressure medication. First off, a huge number of Americans take high blood pressure medication, so it'd be safe to assume the clinic trails included people who were taking high blood pressure medication. Secondly, literally hundreds of millions of doses have been given out with very small rate of issues it'd be safe to assume literally millions and millions of people on high blood pressure medication have gotten the vaccine. Thirdly we've known for a long time having high blood pressure is a key risk factor in getting side affects from COVID19...so WHY THE FUCK WOULDN"T you get the vaccine ESP IF YOU HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE. I have high blood pressure and where I'm at, a rule was put out "if you bring a doctors note that says you have one of those conditions you can get the vaccine early" I called up my doctor, told him this, he send me a signed letter and I got my fucking vaccine. Back to my point my mom was like "Its so sad that cop died" and I said "The cop was a fucking moron, he should have gotten his vaccine" to which she said "What about his family?" and I go "If he loved his family he should have gotten the vaccine"


Certain members of my family have been repeating some variation of this: “I’ve been saying all along that the media would suddenly stop caring about covid soon after Biden got elected! Not a coincidence!” ....as if the current administration’s impressive handling of the vaccine rollout had nothing to do with a drop in cases, and instead the whole last year+ of chaos was a ploy designed solely to sway the election.


Meanwhile, I know someone that has said: "We don't know if the vaccination works, there could be a variety of other factors contributing to the decline in cases that we're not aware of." This person even specified that washing hands could be a contributing factor, even though COVID is airborne. Also, does this mean that nobody washing their hands for the past year? I don't even know.


You'll still have people tell you with a straight face, "told you the Covid hoax would disappear as soon as Biden got in office". If you plan your replies carefully, you could have them praising Trump for the vaccine rollout within 5 minutes, though.


Not only vaccination but vaccinating earlier. America is still the most infected country in the world having had the most total number cases of COVID. And now America is something like 20th in the world for daily cases and deaths... without really changing much except being 50% vaccinated. All the while India and Brazil are struggling with supply and might surpass America by the time it's all said and done.


I mean really, having 50% of the population vaccinated is really quite a roadblock no matter the timeframe. Pretty much every country at that level is doing just fine. Yes, we didn't really get hit by the third wave. But everybody else who did get hit by it, and has since vaccinated, is coming down as well.


and my 5G reception has never been better!


I'm from Miami and spent last weekend in New York. I'm fully vaccinated and previously had covid so I wasn't really afraid to catch it. I was so surprised at how vibrant the city is, it had been so long since I was in a bar full of people. It's nice to see the US going back to normal, I hope other countries reach that too, sooner than later. Just now people in their 50's are able to get vaccinated in my home country.


We went to Vegas and it was crazier than before. It's still a little lockdown here in LA even though we have some of the lowest rates in the entire world. Only like 100 new cases out of the 10 mil people that live here.


Still crazy traffic on Sunday heading back?


I was in vegas both in April and in May. The difference from both trips was insane. On April, there was low number of people (for Las Vegas standards), everyone had masks on and you couldn't clump up on casinos or stand next to a table. By May, most people on the street were not wearing masks and the grouping up restrictions on the casinos were not being enforced.


Is it true Miami basically never shut down haha


As a Miamian, we shut down pretty hard. DeSantis fought it hard, but we have an actually intelligent mayor.


You guys definitely shut down more than other parts of Florida, but you were no where even close to as shut down as California. I remember seeing people getting bottle service on Instagram in Miami back in January when I legit thought America was going to fall apart.


By January we'd opened up more again. I'm talking about mid 2020.


Times Square was like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie. Not a soul in sight or sound to be heard. It was the most eerie thing I've ever experienced in my life


I live on Miami Beach and we hardly shut down. The party roared strong all covid long. Insanity.


NYC came roaring back to life this spring. It was funny watching people call the city dead.


I dont see this happening in my country any soon (india)


I had my first really sick COVID patient in awhile yesterday, and shocker he wasnt vaccinated. I have yet to have a COVID+ patient who was vaccinated yet (I know they exist, but I havent had any)




A friend of mine has this issue. Organ transplant years ago, been on immunosuppressant drugs ever since so his body doesn't reject the transplant. He got the vaccine, Pfizer, both doses. 3 weeks later he goes to get an antibody test: no antibodies. He doesn't have enough immune system to create the antibodies in reaction to the vaccine. This is why everyone needs to get vaccinated because for some people it simply won't work for them.


Yeah, I think the medical recommendation for people who are either immune compromised or on immune suppressants is to get the vaccine but not assume it's going to work and continue with the social distancing protocols. I thought it just came down to a lack of data and doctors being conservative in their advice. But that story makes me think that once we get more data the advice may not change.


That's a bit of a special situation. That wasn't the vaccine failing to protect them, that was their body's immune system being too damaged to make use of it. They got the vaccine, but they weren't really vaccinated, if that makes sense.


Thus the importance of everyone else getting vaccinated...to protect those who can't take the vaccine.


This 1000x. Anti-vax is like saying "I don't care about other people"


I mean, you didn't need a pandemic to tell you that about this subset of individuals


All the vaccine in the world won't help much if you don't have the functioning white blood cells to fight COVID.


A couple weeks is the like the minimum time for a healthy immune system to build strong immunity through vaccination. The comorbidities surely didn't help. But he sounds like a poor risk already.




Gaah. That's sad. Doing the right thing, and some asshole basically murders her. Martin Luther wrote this: >If one makes no use of intelligence or medicine when he could do so without detriment to his neighbor, such a person injures his body and must beware lest he become a suicide in God’s eyes. . . . It is even more shameful for a person to pay no heed to his own body and to fail to protect it against the plague the best he is able, and then to infect and poison others who might have remained alive if he had taken care of his body as he should have. He is thus responsible before God for his neighbor’s death and is a murderer many times over. " https://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2020/may-web-only/martin-luther-plague-pandemic-coronavirus-covid-flee-letter.html


That quote needed to be coming up all through this pandemic.


My friend and his wife are both 2+ weeks past their 2nd doses. However they have 2 year old twins who go to daycare. Twins came home with covid and both parents got it. Mild cases all around. Dad was asymptomatic after 12 hours. Sounds like non-hospital symptoms are the “norm” for the rare vaccinated case.


I wonder what the long covid situation is for fully vaccinated people. I read that it can help some people who had long covid before vaccination. But still haven’t read if folks are developing long covid after being fully vaccinated.


Pretty much par for the course for most diseases. Vaccines are amazing, but don’t stop the virus from getting into your body.


There was almost no testing in March 2020 - cases were really much much higher back then than they are now.


This is true, but sewage data (like [the biobot data in Boston](https://www.mwra.com/biobot/biobotdata.htm)) is a reasonable proxy for overall case load. The signal/noise is not great, but it paints a good historical picture.


This. We have other good proxies to indicate that cases truly are falling. Hospitalizations, deaths, sewage data, etc. Also there are still many, many places that are doing mandatory tests for anyone going in or out (hospitals, many employers, etc.). They would stick out as outbreak clusters if cases were still spreading but going untested because people were asympotmatic.


The fuck is sewage data


Exactly what it sounds like. You can test wastewater for COVID infections to see how prevalent the virus is in that community. You shed the virus in your body fluids.... all of them.


Yes, they started publishing our covid wastewater levels in the middle of last year and it was super interesting. A rise in levels in the sewage would come right before a spike in hospitalizations


The people above weren't saying that the cases might not really be falling -- rather that back *then* they were almost certainly a lot higher than what the numbers show, so we're *even better off* now than before.


Test results are not the only way to model how many people were sick. Unusual upticks in hospital visits for the most common symptoms also help build an accurate model




Sounds like my family. We all got sick in February of 2020. I have never had the flu before, or at least I haven't been symptomatic if I have, even though I have taken care of multiple people with the flu. Whatever I had in February took me down for a week. At one point I had a fever of nearly 104. I went to the doctor and had a flu test, but it came back negative. They told me it was probably the flu anyway. Was it COVID? Or did I just finally run into a strain of the flu that I am susceptible to and had a false negative test? Either way, it really sucked.


Let's get vaccination rates to 70%+ well before the end of summer.


FREEE BEER! I don't care if it's Budweiser, free beer is free beer. Let's GOOOO!


I was checking Bloomberg’s page. They estimate how long it will take for herd immunity assuming current vaccination rates continue. Vermont is closest, ~1 month away. Alabama looks to be the last to get there, ~3 years. It really looks like 6 months from now COVID will be pretty much confined to the developing world and the Deep South of the US.


> It really looks like 6 months from now COVID will be pretty much confined to the developing world and the Deep South of the US. Ah but you repeat yourself.




I mean, can we really say they're developing though, at this point?


You're right, it's more regressing.


Developing new strains? 😬


Vermonter here: can confirm, we’re actively kicking COVID’s ass here.


Not even close lmao; there are plenty of first world countries with less than 10% of people vaccinated. Supply is still a huge problem. In Australia, they are targeting mid 2022 for herd immunity.


I’m going on Tuesday with my SO


Washington Post had an article that basically said rates are down but if you strip the vaccinated people out of it the numbers show that the infection rate among non vaccinated was still raging.


Can you post a link to article




Honestly, I don't really care anymore. Those people chose that situation. They can enjoy it.


Mostly. We (vaccinated parents) have to still social distance and be careful because we have a 9 month old who cant yet be vaccinated. With no idea what the long-term effects of covid will be, nor how it will impact his development, we want to be extra careful.


Same. I have two kids who can't be vaccinated. We're going to keep going like we have been. It's summer, so there's plenty of stuff to do that's relatively normal for us. Hopefully we will be in a great position for fall, but if not, we'll step back up to keep them safe.


It’s not that I don’t care about them, it’s that I don’t care about them enough to meaningfully effect my life


Hubs and I had Covid in March 2020, but didn't find out until an antibody test months later. They wouldn't test us at the time because test kits were in short supply and we weren't that sick. I'll bet there were more cases than we know of, which makes this an even bigger achievement.


I think it's going to be a low level in most areas until winter 2021-2022, and then in areas with low vaccination levels we'll see a resurgence.


You already see that effect in the New York Times state maps of counties with the worst recent Covid cases per 100,000. The worst are almost always rural counties that voted for Trump and few wear masks.


Anti-vaxxers want to win so bad they're willing to die for it.


Covid rates amongst the unvaccinated are actually still pretty bad and I think all hospitalizations and deaths are from the unvaccinated. If you’re willingly unvaccinated at this point you made your bed https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/interactive/2021/covid-rates-unvaccinated-people/


Good I guess


Natural selection in action. They're proving vaccine efficiency and evolution at the same time.


the phrase "this is the hill(see curve/wave) you're willing to die on?" has never been more appropriate.


Herman Cain was willing to die in his attempts to prove covid is no big deal. Republicans are fucking insane


Maybe this winter they will get their end goal.


It's nice to see this finally come to a close




I would also like to point out that back in March of 2020 we didn’t have nearly the testing capacity we do now. So in all reality we are a lot closer to pre-pandemic levels than asserted in this article!


I don’t know about everywhere else, but my county is REQUIRING a doctors referral with a scheduled appointment with that doctor to get a COVID test. I called my family HMO to get an referral and they are booked out two whole weeks before we can get an appointment. I called half the labs doing covid testing in our county and they all confirmed you must have a Doctors referral to obtain an appointment to get tested. I contacted my local health department and they were absolutely shocked by this information and they promptly sent me to the Washington state health department who was completely unaware of this new change of practice, they then explained that it’s against the law to require pre authorization to get access to covid testing. They then requested I also report this information to the Washington Health Benefit Exchange and the Attorney General’s office. Where I live we have a major shortage of availability for OB’s, HMO’s, OBGYN’s and clinics in general. The population has grown by five fold in forty years from 40k to 96k and no new schools, hospitals, clinics other than one adult dental clinic dental have opened to address the growing need for more health care practitioners to meet public need or demand. Before the population boom here it was 1 in 4 couldn’t get access to a doctor even if they were fully insured in 2005, those numbers now must be abysmally worse since the vacancy rate is now lower than 1.0% for home owners and 2.0% for renters. Even if doctors wanted to move here they would have to wait upwards of 3-5 years just to buy a house. I see a dangerous precedent being set where some counties might be altering their data by obstructing access to testing to make it appear as if covid 19 is under control when it is actually it’s being swept under the rug, quietly burning through the community unchecked and undetected.


I just called up a Wallgreens near where my friends live in Seattle and was told that I could walk in and get a test done without a problem. I'm gonna be visiting in a few weeks so I wouldn't mind knowing if I can get tested after traveling so this is useful information for me. They simply gave me a list of times tomorrow to come in, no need to get a doctor referral. Checking online at https://www.doh.wa.gov/Emergencies/COVID19/TestingforCOVID19/TestingLocations#region2 found me another few places that were free and had no appointment needed, mostly Wallgreens. If that's changed, the person on the phone and state website doesn't seem to know it has. You seem to be getting stonewalled for no reason.


That's crazy because they actually have vaccine sites near bar districts where I live that anybody can walk up to.


Which county is this? I’m assuming East side?




If you really need one, get a home kit - https://www.pixel.labcorp.com/at-home-test-kits/covid-19-test-home-collection-kit


Can’t you go to a local CVS?


Uh what county would that be?


A county with 96k population with no Walgreens, CVS, Walmart Pharmacy, or Rite Aid that offers drive thru testing in a 200 mile radius. I'm going to guess it probably doesn't exist or for some reason he's decided he only wants to be tested by his state's health department.


Well in March 2020 the number of cases was almost assuredly higher. There was barely the ability to test for Covid.


Now let's get more people to get the vaccine...the people who are the loudest about not wearing a mask and hating the restrictions, are the ones who are the most apprehensive about the vaccines. It makes no sense. The more people that get the shots, the faster we go back to normal. I mean, shit, life is pretty normal for vaccinated people. It's been about a month since I've been fully immunized, and shit's pretty great! I can see my mom without the risk of killing her, I can go to the store or amusement parks without a mask, and starting yesterday, I don't have to wear one at work. I still carry one in my pocket in case I'm asked to wear one, though. Not a huge deal.


Life is normal for non-vaxed as well. Folks on that side never locked down and definitely do not alter their life in any impactful way right now. Ever day is a normal day for them.