Oregon House expels state Rep. Mike Nearman, plotter of state Capitol incursion

Oregon House expels state Rep. Mike Nearman, plotter of state Capitol incursion


Close vote though. >The resolution passed by a vote of 59-1, with only Nearman voting against. He also hopes to be the answer to a Jeopardy question one day.


I’ll be honest, kind of weird that he was allowed to vote on that subject, but would have been funny if it was unanimous even with him there


>kind of weird that he was allowed to vote on that subject We let Republicans vote on the January 6 inquiry


Matt Gaetz is still on the Judiciary committee.


When he's not on your little sister.


Hey! Don't accuse my sister of being underage!


Hey he didn't only drug up and fuck underage girls. Some were barely legal.


The absolute state of our world "leaders". Disgusting. Its a testament to strength and will of the average person that we still persevere despite being pawns in a rich man's game. Edit: Yes. It's not a new thing, I also didn't say that it was.


And was recently allowed to question the head of the FBI in a committee session. Y'know, the guy in charge of looking into his alleged rape of underage girl(s) including interstate trafficking. Yknow, the things the GQP says democrats do yet Republicans keep getting arrested for.


The FBI has a liberal bias... Or was that reality that had a liberal bias?


It was reality. I can fucking *promise* that the FBI doesn't have a liberal bias.


When you start honestly asking yourself "Does the FBI have a "liberal bias"?" you know things are *really* screwed up.


Facts are usually proven to have a liberal bias.


We let police investigate complaints against themselves.


We let people upvote their own comments by default.


The real chad move is to instantly downvote your comment to not appear biased towards your own opinion


On my quest to be my best self I will absolutely do this from now on (yeah right go fuck yourself I need every point of digital validation I can get how dare you... he said to himself)


A committee investigating campaign finance violations recently voted to stop investigating the trump campaign because they already charged the supposed master mind -- Trump's personal lawyer. One of the committee members was appointed by Trump. Before being appointed to the committee, he worked for the trump campaign. He voted to stop investigating the trump campaign. The committee then stopped investigating the trump campaign.


Ever notice how every Trump appointee is either corrupt or incompetent or both?


The Republican standard operating procedure is for any government task-leading position to be filled by someone with a personal interest in stopping that task from succeeding. Typically it is done to sabotage that task to show that it should be privatized, funds directed toward a company coincidentally owned by the person sabotaging the task. Another way is to skip that first step, and contract that private company directly. One or the other reasons is these cases, controlling law enforcement to commit crimes. Another aspect of why they get caught doing these things so often is that they *want* you to know they’re doing it. They enjoy knowing that you know they’re doing something wrong, and that you cannot do anything about it. They’re the real life Dolores Umbridge making your Harry Potter scar himself, “I must not tell lies.”


The vote to strip Steve King of his positions in the House after he defended White Nationalism was unanimous, he voted for it. As a side note, Democrats had been saying he was a White Nationalist who was using dog whistles for years and Republicans always defended him, till he said the quite part out loud.


As a person who has had to serve Steve King food and had him represent me for years, fuck Steve King. Absolute embarrassment. He's a shit tipper btw.


They usually are.


Republicans: "Waitstaff don't need to be paid anywhere near minimum wage, they make plenty of money in tips." Also republicans: stingy bastards at tipping.


I got to serve the real Stephen King food thru a secret window. I’m hoping he writes a book about it


Not really. Until he's removed, he remains a member and should be able to vote on any motion, including this one. Any alternative would be ripe for abuse. Imagine you got a group of members together to declare "*Every* member but us is a traitor and should be expelled". They'd be able to instantly hijack the assembly if the 'accused' are excluded from voting.


This is the very reason why we have quorum requirements.


Could work, but that would still leave a simple majority able to pull this trick. Expulsion of a member usually requires a supermajority in most legislatures, with good reason. This way the rule is almost impossible to abuse (in the sense that when you *already* have a supermajority ready and willing to go along with insane plans, you've already overcome all other checks and balances and kicking out the remaining opposition will make little difference).


Woah that gives me big Catiline Conspiracy vibes [catiline conspiracy ](https://www.google.com/search?q=catilline+conspiracy+painting&rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS800US800&oq=catilline+conspiracy+painting&aqs=chrome..69i57j0.8870j0j4&hl=en-US&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=C5p8tvPhr70qcM) Picturing him sitting off by himself while Cicero gives a banger of a speech


Cataline conspiracy could have been Cicero making a big deal out of things to boost his own career however.


Didn't Cicero end up passing the sentence of death unto the conspirators by his own hand, potentially being in the position of committing murder under its legal definition?




To be fair he was exiled based on a law passed by Clodius due to a personal dispute with Cicero where he had beat him in another court case (something involving Clodius dressing as a woman to get into some female exclusive ceremony), and so when made Tribune? Clodius passed that exile law which was basically rewording of 'no killing people' and added 'without a trial. Roman history, especially 100 years either side of 0 AD is like a fucking fantasy novel.


He snuck into that religious ceremony because he wanted to bang caesar's wife btw, while ceasar was pontifex maximus.


And Caesar took advantage of the situation by, divorcing his wife even tho she might have been innocent and didn’t testify against Clodious avoiding making him an enemy.


Don't you mean... the question?


D'oh! Good catch.


““Someday you’re gonna be watching ‘Jeopardy’ and somebody’s gonna say, ‘Who is Mike Nearman?’ And that’s gonna be the right answer,” Nearman said.” The question should be “Who is the traitor who was expelled from the Oregon House”.


Pah, it just says disorderly behaviour. This guy was expelled from the US Senate for literal treason (it was 1861, he was a Senator from Kentucky, and he joined the Confederate Army when the Civil War broke out): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_C._Breckinridge He was a former US Vice President too. Quite a biography.


Now I know 2 senators from Kentucky that I don't like.


McConnell and Rand Paul are the current senators from Kentucky. This guy is my 3rd least favorite Kentucky Senator.


*Just* 2? So before you heard about Breckinridge was it McConnell you were OK with or was it Rand Paul? Because I've never liked either of those last 2.


Is Rand Paul from there too? Is there something in the water?


probably lead


Probably coal


For everyone as high as I am: Question: This man was the only one to vote against the ousting of Rep Mike Nearman. Answer: Who is Rep Mike Nearman?


What is "traitorous garbage that got rightly thrown out on his ass"?


You'll have to be more specific.


Thats like saying the jury came back with a guilty verdict of 12-1 with the defendant being the sole dissenter


As an Oregonian: Good, fuck that guy


As an American: Good, fuck that guy


As a Canadian: great job, neighbours!


As a human, elsewhere on the globe: good, and about fucking time, people.


As an Aussie: On ya cunts.


As a snake: ssssssssss.


Go on, git!


As a microwave: hmmmmm


Ditto. What a moron.


> Good, fuck that guy Never has the placing of a comma been more important.


*“About five weeks ago, as one of the closest colleagues he has in the Capitol, I asked ‘is there ANY further video or other evidence?’” Post wrote on his personal website. “He said ‘no.’ That is the crux of the problem: he lied. To me personally and to the Republican caucus.”* No, the crux of the problem for Oregon republicans is that the evidence *exists*. Had he been able to lie and maintain plausible deniability, they would have continued to drag it out. It's only after the very clear video of him plotting this showed up that they found their morals.


Yes, that is one of the more fucked-up sentences in there. Glad that you noticed too. The other republican asked if there was any further evidence. Are you sure you did not get caught? If you didn't then it's OK. Fuck these people


Nothing Republicans hate more than law and order....except maybe democracy.


You’ll notice that Republicans and a lot of their voters will often talk about how something is a “bad look”. Not that the thing itself is bad, but it makes them look bad. When Trump would say something insane or heinous, it was always “I wish he would shut up, it makes us look bad.” There was never any concern over the thing he was saying or doing *being* bad. You can be a truly vile person, but please don’t embarrass us by being yourself in public. Morally, they’re just bankrupt. There are no standards. But they’re obsessed with public image, which is funny because they’re terrible at PR. But I suppose when you have the social skills and emotional intelligence of a reptile, you’re probably not going to be great at public relations.


It’s not that they’re bad at PR, it’s just that their propaganda isn’t targeted at people like you and me, it’s targeted at thick fuck conservative know-nothings who are allergic to facts and who let their under-developed, childish emotions drive every opinion they hold and every decision they make. For that demographic, the GOP have been wildly successful in radicalising and weaponising stupidity.


Don't need PR when you can televangelize to your flock on Fox


It's amazing how much proof Republicans need when it's one of their own versus an unarmed black guy in the streets. Really speaks to how vile they are.


This part jumped out at me too. It wasn't the act of planning an armed insurrection that upset his GOP buddies, it was that there was evidence. Disgusting.


What about “did you let protesters in?”. For republicans it’s only wrong because he got caught


"The distinguished gentleman will hereby get rekt"


Look, Federal Government, see how easy it is?


Apparently it is difficult. I'll never understand this. It's almost enough to make one give up following politics, but this former McCain Republican now Democrat, won't stop sending emails to my state reps in Congress and talking with my kids about what the Republicans did during the impeachment hearings and subsequent election and Capitol riots. Especially bc I'm in a beautiful, but very red state and want things to get better. Capitalism has benefited my family, but it's NOT WORKING anymore. Not terribly thrilled with how Biden is doing things so far, but at least that batshit orange evil nightmare is gone. How this country thought he'd be any kind of leader also keeps me up at night. I'm so disappointed in my fellow Americans for letting things get that out of hand. . I truly hope the rest of the world understands that the majority of us still believe in a kind, benevolent and hopeful America. We're trying!


Capitalism started failing with the unshackling of corporations. If we reinstated the original corporate laws, our economic system would see a boom it hasn't seen since WW2. What corporate laws are those? - A corporation must exist for a public good or service - The board of directors were criminally liable for the actions of the corporation - Corporations had to have a set time limit to live or justify its existence to Congress every 10 years. - Corporations were not people - Corporations part of a criminal act were liquefied, the involved tried, its assets sold off to recoup losses or shift them to a new management group. Corporations have too much capital, many of them have more capital than entire countries. It is insane to allow a private entity to have personhood rights, zero criminally liability beyond fines, and more economic power than a state it does business with.


If FDR was able to get the economic bill of rights passed I feel like we'd be sitting pretty right now. The DNC picking Truman over Wallace is probably one of the biggest travesties in modern American politics


> The DNC picking Truman over Wallace is probably one of the biggest travesties in modern American politics Bigger than the last presidency?


Of course it's hard to predict the course of time but I'd be willing to wager we wouldn't have ever had a Trump presidency (Reaganomics likely wouldn't have happened)


>Of course it’s hard to predict the flow of time… The TVA would like a word.


I'd argue the TVA don't predict the flow of time. They ***know*** it. They operate outside of the timeline, so they're not encumbered by pesky things like "the future" as a concept.


The last presidency would not have happened if things weren't fucked up decades ago.


But that capitol encourages job creation and innovation! or some other nonsense people keep bringing up anytime you mentions all this capital and wealth accumulation of money just sitting there doing literally nothing while people die and starve.


> If we reinstated the original corporate laws, our economic system would see a boom it hasn't seen since WW2. Isn't it pretty widely accepted that the post WWII boom in the US was due to the US being the only industrialized power that didn't have to rebuild and that head start lead to the US having literally half of the world's total wealth? That's not something we really can or want to replicate.


Trumpism is what caused me to leave the Republican party. I don't agree with their stances enough to consider myself a republican. I don't consider myself a Democrat, but I lean further left than I ever have in my life and it's all because of Trump.


Alternatively, you lean (roughly) where you always have, but now realize Republicans are further right than you ever knew.


Same. But according to my family that means I’m a raging liberal now.


Right. Because I didn't bend over for daddy Trump, that means I'm a liberal.


Seconded! Jan 6th and the failure to respond are sickening. GOP is in time out. Good outcomes need to be the goal, not ideological purity or religious piety.


>Especially bc I'm in a beautiful, but very red state Reminds me that I once considered moving to West Virginia because the scenery was gorgeous, but decided I couldn't get past the fact that it was West Virginia.


This is my idea of a true American^ : growth, understanding, fairness, caring for your country, and standing up for your beliefs (when you actually have a leg to stand on and arent just trying to contradict people baselessly to *conserve* your biased way of life).


I like how his friend said the Crux of the problem is that he lied about there being more videos. Like it's a lie that did it? Not letting the armed mob into the building?


I was thinking the same thing. “I was ok with him letting an angry mob into the building, but then he lied to me about it. And I don’t like when people lie, to me.” -Bill Post, probably.


To be clear, Bill Post isn't mad that fuckface lied about letting them in. He's mad that fuckface lied about there being evidence. Post would have been perfectly happy to let fuckface get away with it scott free if there wasn't a video to embarrass the team with. He's not mad about the violence or criminality, or potential loss of life... he's mad at the loss of face. Bill Post should be expelled next for his complicity, with a string of other silent Republicans who were fine with the obvious wrongdoing until a smoking gun was found. Fuck every single one of these quisling traitors.


Isn't this the same state legislature where all the Republiqans ditched work so they wouldn't have to vote on environmental reforms they knew would pass anyway, twice? Then when the governor said she was going to start rounding them up and making them do their job, one of those motherfuckers (Brian Boquist) threatened the police! Expel all these traitors. If they don't want to do the work they were elected to do, then kick their asses to the curb and bring in people who aren't petulant, tribal partisans.


> Isn't this the same state legislature where all the Republiqans ditched work so they wouldn't have to vote on environmental reforms they knew would pass anyway, twice? Yes. Every time it happens the people are like "hey, Democrats, how about you fix the stupid quorum rules so they can't just shut everything down by playing hooky any more" and the Democrat legs are like "noo..... we have to keep the loophole in case we ever need to use it ourselves".


Well yeah. You can tell by what his buddy said that really they were just mad that he was sloppy enough to leave evidence, not that they were mad he let the terrorists into the building with his co-workers.


>“He said ‘no.’ That is the crux of the problem: he lied. To me personally and to the Republican caucus.” Not the fact that he conspired to violently overthrow the government. It would have been all right if he had just been more upfront about being a terrorist.


Came here to comment on the same thing. Nice to see that at least one other person read the entire article. But seriously, that comment about him lying to the other Republican reps makes me sick. They don't care about him being a traitor or putting the lives of everyone in the building at risk. They only cared that they didn't have the chance to cover up his crime because he never told them about the video. These people are so broken that they don't pretend to care about anything but the tiny amount of power they have chiseled out for themselves. Fuck. Them. All.


Oh they do care about him being a traitor very much. just not that he was a traitor against the United States. He was a traitor against his fellow Republicans who weren't made aware of his actions. And that pissed them off.


>he was a traitor against the United States. Well, the State of Oregon, anyway. This was a *different* event than the January 6th insurrection.


Guys guys guys. You gotta read the article about the video footage to know how sincere he was about just letting people into the capital on a cold, cold December day: > “There might be some person’s number which might be [his cell phone number], but that is just random numbers... that’s not anybody’s actual cell phone. And if you say, ‘I’m at the West entrance’ during the session and text to that number there, that somebody might exit that door while you’re standing there.” I mean, he CLEARLY knew nothing about "Operation Hall Pass." He said so himself. And he just happened to be standing by that door to pop out for some air. So what if he let those poor Oregonians into the closed capital, just like they would stop at the grocery or get their oil changed.


Wait, Republicans have an anti-lying stance now?


Just within party apparently?


Close, they have an anti-loyalty stance. They always had it, it just gets misinterpreted as anti-lying now and then.




needs more prison


Charges are still on the table


With the number on the table it is starting to sag.


I've been fucking *hating* that goddamn table lately.


Now to expel the traitors in the us house and senate


Still can't believe the representative who was tweeting the location of Nancy Pelosi during the siege didn't get any punishment from that. She even still has her committee assignments.


That boebert woman is fucking mental I’m in the UK and I’ll celebrate when she’s removed


If you want a rabbit hole, check out the research into her father actually being a pro-wrestler that knocked her mother up when she was 17 (a crime in Florida). I thought it was going to be a silly conspiracy, but it has serious legs.


I prefer the fact that Lauren Boebert married a convicted sex offered that flashed his dick to her and her friends in public when they were underage


TBH, daddy issues makes the rest of the story make more sense.


What about MTG, the one who said something about Jew Lasers in space


I tap two islands and cast counterspell on the Jew lasers.


Won't work, activated abilities aren't spells.


Magic the gathering said what now?


Bobert or Greene?


Boebert tweeted that Pelosi had been removed from the House floor.


Pretty sure she was also leading tours the day or two prior as a freshman in congress. I know some are going to claim tin-foil hat and all, but I'm still skeptical of why a freshman (literally days after she just started her term on Jan. 3rd) would be leading tourists around the capitol.


IIRC there weren’t even supposed to be any tourists in the capitol because of that whole covid thing.


There was already video evidence showing him opening the doors to let in the “protestors”, but they didn’t get rid of m/charge him. It’s only when the video comes out of him giving out his phone number and directions. It’s a joke!


Oh wow, this is my first time hearing about the directions! I thought he was just the purposeful/possibly incredibly dumb door guy. A phone/directions is definitive proof of intent.


The best part is, all the mental gymnastics he goes through saying "this is just a random string of numbers I'm reciting" proves not only did he do it, but he knew it was wrong.


It was so over the top. “Text this number with your location and someone 😉 will come open the door”


It’s in the linked article: > In video footage of the meeting, Nearman begins by guiding members of the group through some basics about following the Legislature. But when discussion shifts to the upcoming special session, and the fact that the Capitol will be closed to the general public, Nearman brings up something he calls “Operation Hall Pass.” “Which I don’t know anything about, and if you accuse me of knowing anything about it, I will deny it,” Nearman says in the video. Nearman continues, saying, “There might be some person’s number which might be [his cell phone number], but that is just random numbers... that’s not anybody’s actual cell phone. And if you say, ‘I’m at the West entrance’ during the session and text to that number there, that somebody might exit that door while you’re standing there.”


The video of him talking all hypothetically and giving out his phone number is one of the most unintentionally hilarious things I've seen in a while I hope he's been made to see the video of himself and realize what a complete moron he looks like.


These kind of people have lost the ability to feel shame or self reflect a loooong time ago.


Dude thought he was some super-secretive master political operative.


It's insane how someone can be stupid enough that this gives you plausible deniability, and on top of that, that he cares so much about not being involved.. and is fine with having the meeting filmed (or even livestreamed). Treason aside, he should be kicked out for sheer stupidity.


AKA Operation Hall Pass. No, seriously.


A video showing him opening the doors doesn't carry the implication of intent, and could have been interpreted as poor judgment. The *other* video that came out last week shows clear intent, with him spelling out exactly what he planned on doing, how to signal him when it was time to act, and multiple claims of denying any knowledge or involvement -- *while* telling people exactly what to do and when. When that came out, they had all the evidence they needed.


A joke is right, the video of Nearman letting people into the building was indisputable. It should not have needed corroborating information, he knew exactly what he was doing. What a joke the Republican Party has become. They are only doing it this time because now there is super duper evidence of pre-planning, so they can't squirm their way out of it. I used to be a centrist voter, but it is very hard to respect anything the Republican Party has been doing recently. Untruthful, unpatriotic, unscientific.


>“About five weeks ago, as one of the closest colleagues he has in the Capitol, I asked ‘is there ANY further video or other evidence?’” Post wrote on his personal website. “He said ‘no.’ That is the crux of the problem: he lied. To me personally and to the Republican caucus.” If this video hadn't come out, republicans would not have had a problem with it.


They STILL don't have a problem with it. If you read that statement, they only have a problem that he lied to them about it and made them look bad, they don't care about the fact that he actually did it.




Because there aren't many exceptions to legislators having immunity to prosecution when going to, attending, or leaving a legislative session. That means it's a pretty high bar and you need a pretty concrete evidence he's more than just an idiot. Hence him being expelled instead.


Would be great if this were the start of a trend - holding traitors to account.


Why hasn't he been indicted?


>Nearman also faces two misdemeanor charges stemming from the incident. The next hearing in the case is scheduled for June 21, exactly six months after he opened the door for demonstrators. Pretty minor charges for allowing an armed mob into their Capitol but it's something


i feel like this DOJ is asleep at the wheel


Too afraid to be seen as "partisan"


Especially after it came out that Barr’s DOJ tried to dig up dirt on Adam Schiff by forcing Apple and putting a gag order on them so he could do it with nobody knowing


“You’re considering expelling a member, for the first time in history, because he thinks that people should have access to their Capitol, especially during session,” Nearman said. “After this session, we’re all going to go out to dinner or stop at the grocery store, or maybe tomorrow we’ll shop and buy clothes or get our oil change, because all these places are open, but not this building.” Ah yes... just looking over my to do list for today. 1. Grocery store 2. Kohl’s for a new shirt 3. Oil change 4. Walk around the state capital building 5. Take doggo to dog park 6. Dinner at Chipotle


"But oregon was destroyed every single night by BLM" Its ALWAYS projection with GOP huh




I take whataboutism as conceding the point. "Trump did a bad thing." "BuT sO dId BiDeN!" "Then you agree what Trump did was wrong? "


"Yeah, but I'd rather have Trump" It's meaningless to concede the point.


It shuts down their attempt to reframe the debate. They're often much more prepared to attack "the other side" than they are to defend their own.


I've always felt that the Republicans purposely made the protests for George Floywd worst by unleashing their police thugs, so they can have something to point to after they attempt their insurrection. The projection, etc... Fits right in with their tactics.


Trump used videos of fire and riots going on while he was president in commercials saying “this is what Biden’s America looks like.” What’s the next level up from projection, because that’s what that was.


I just wish people in general weren't so shitty to each other. It would be nice if nobody really cared what anybody else did as long as nobody was diminished as a result of whatever actions happened. Instead you have so many people who, for them at least, to pursue happiness and their own self satisfaction simply must go out of their way to make themselves great by making others small.


Didn't Amon Bundy try to secede in western Oregon?


As an Oregon resident, that sounds like more of an eastern Oregon thing


Also, I'm drunk but surprisingly coherent. I just mix up my basic geography. Which is why I'm no longer qualified as a fancy lad.


Revoke this man’s fancy lad card, forthwith


Damn it Woodhouse! I said revoke!


I ate the London broil.


When I was in highschool I fucked up a compass in physics by switching east and west on a test Still passed thankfully as I did the formulas right, I just missed the target (question involved a cannon) by a long long way.


It absolutely was an eastern Oregon thing.


As someone not from Oregon but still on the West Coast, the general rule of thumb is everything anyone thinks about the 'Left Coast' is west of the I-5. East... that's no man's land. West of the I-5 is Franklin or Michael from GTAV, east is Trevor from GTAV.


> the I-5. The. *The.* $10 says I know where you're from. Also no, that isn't the dividing line at all. The mountains are generally considered the dividing line, with Bend/Sunriver becoming this weird purple politics pocket.


Currently eastern Oregon is trying to split away and join Idaho.


Imagine believing Idaho will solve all of your problems.


It's because they would rather be voting with the Idaho white supremacists than against Portland liberals.


I've yet to encounter a problem that can't be fixed with enough potatoes


Are they trying? Or are they just making noise about it like they do every so often?


Eastern Oregon. And now he's pulling some bullshit down in Klamath County in Southern Oregon/NorCal in relation to the drought.


Eastern Oregon. It wasn’t about secession, but they tried to take over the Malheur refuge. And yes, Ammon Bundy and friends. ETA to add this article. The Malheur occupation was not about secession. Bundy isn’t from Oregon. [wiki](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupation_of_the_Malheur_National_Wildlife_Refuge)


My main memory of that event is that when they asked people to send them supplies so they could hold out, the internet came together to send them a [big pile of dildos](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxGQUcoJd1M) and a [55 gallon drum of sex lube](https://www.sfgate.com/nation/article/Oregon-militia-will-get-55-gallons-of-lube-for-6762936.php).


Rugged men’s men asking for handouts. GOP through and through.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Good times!


>And yes, Ammon Bundy and friends. Would it piss him off that I misspelled his name on the internet?


Well he can’t read very well so probably not.


And... now he is plotting to destroy a lake that is critically low on water and home to rare fish.


Yes. ANTIFA is being blamed for the recent rash of grass fires where I am in California. Not the fact that it’s dry as hell, we have little water, and rocks everywhere that spark easily if a metal object touches them. Nope, it’s domestic terrorists (which I know we have, because many people have been arrested lately after being caught lighting brush).


Im not sure if this is better or worse than when the far right was blaming CA wildfires of Jewish space lasers.


Who is to say that BLM have not not rented the laser?


> ANTIFA is being blamed for the recent rash of grass fires where I am in California. And [Jewish space lasers](https://www.vox.com/22256258/marjorie-taylor-greene-jewish-space-laser-anti-semitism-conspiracy-theories). It’s most definitely the Jewish space lasers. /s


Same brain dead allegations were made up here in Oregon during our late summer fires last year.


Yeah, people also confused Black Lives Matter with the Bureau of Land Management while listening in on emergency fire radio traffic and hearing about 'BLM resources' 🤦🏼


They were literally setting up armed check points looking for Aunt Tifa.


It’s that dang final fantasy!




I want to hire the construction crew that managed to repair Oregon every single night


Ever see the movie Dark City? Not workers, just aliens that put everyone to sleep while they used their magic to rebuild the city.


A June 2020 study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) reported that over 25 years of domestic terrorism incidents, the majority of attacks and plots had come from far-right attackers. The trend had accelerated in recent years, with this sector responsible for about 66% of attacks and plots in 2019, and 90% of those in 2020 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domestic_terrorism_in_the_United_States#Right-wing_extremist


Wow, this asshole actually managed to get Democrats and Republicans to agree on something and work together!


Democrats voted because that's kind of an insurrectionist thing. Republicans voted because he "lied" to them about more evidence. Because if there wasn't more evidence, they might have been able to keep it in the family and push it under the rug.


Only expelled? For organising a riot that attacked a government building full of governors and such? How much do these people need to fuck up before they are actually held accountable for it?


Why is he not in prison?


Great, now arrest him!


Rep. Bill post is quoted in this saying: > About five weeks ago, as one of the closest colleagues he has in the Capitol, I asked ‘is there ANY further video or other evidence?’” Post wrote on his personal website. “He said ‘no.’ That is the crux of the problem: he lied. To me personally and to the Republican caucus.” A wonderful example of where republican’s priorities lie. They were concerned not whether he actually *did* conspire with insurrectionists, only if there was any more *video evidence* they needed to know about. And then when there, in fact, *was* such a video, all but proving he did, indeed, do *exactly* that; the only issue that they took with that, was that he had lied about it to his fellow Republicans.


Is he going to be prosecuted too?


Even if he was right that it’s unconstitutional to close the capital, the remedy is through the courts. What these rightwing fascists don’t understand is if you’re going to take matters into your own hands, thats not law and order that is tyranny.


are you allowed to do that, just like, have consequences for criminals in the government? weird.


TIL The State of Oregon functions better than our Federal government


so is he facing jail time or what?


Now throw the book at him and send him to jail